Diamond Cuts

My sissys knows that Mistress Mika loves things that glitter and shine. What is a girl supposed to do with cubic zirconia and other fake shit? I need the best of the best and if I have to, I’ll beat the money out of you. I stop at nothing to get what I want when I want it. To be completely honest, my favorite accessories are rings. My puny sissy buys me these huge rings after each one of our sessions so that when I stick my finger up his ass he can feel the gems cutting open that shithole of his. Usually the stone of my rings make his asshole bleed but he loves when Mistress makes him leak. As I finger fuck a bitch boy’s ass I usually like to hear them sing my favorite songs from my youth. “Ring Around the Rosie” seemed to be the perfect theme song for today! As I opened his ass up wider and wider with my rings on the singing got louder and louder! Hahahahaa! These little sissy’s will do anything mistress says when they want to get a load off!


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  1. kim

    Hay sexy what do you want to do to me?

  2. marco resler

    I want to sock your cock and fuck you. Call me 0629908826

  3. manoj

    Pls see your coock

  4. manoj

    Your coock is so beautiful i fuck you

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