Devil Dust To Fuck Me Up

Drugs Phone SexI thought about going on one of those dating sites, I was having a dry spell and am thirsty for cum filled balls. My friend and neighbor suggested I go with one of his friends which later will prove to be a big mistake. He showed me a picture of his friend and he was provoking in an arousing way. I agreed, when his friend got over he chatted with me for a bit and then said here close your eyes and open your mouth, he put some devil dust on my tongue and I swallowed. It was strange but he told me it was candy. I started feeling loopy and lost control of my body, a girl came out from somewhere sat down next to me and started rubbing on my panties hard. I was getting wet and then his friend came over and kissed my lips and shoved his cock in there. The walls were turning different colors and and everything looked like it was closing in and out. I laid down and i was drooling, I could feel I was rubbing my pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me while I was kissing this girl and our nipples were rubbing together. He pulled out and came right on our tongues, we were french kissing with thick snot cum on our lips and tongue. We swallowed it and the last thing I remember was her smothering my face with that fat bald pussy.

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