Daddy’s Treat is a Little Tease

I had a baby sitting job tonight for a family that was letting their kids have a slumber party so there were two baby sitters there tonight myself and my new friend Alley. She is just the cutest little thing…Giggle

After babysitting all night we got up and was really looking for some fun entertainment from the birthday girls Daddy, but we just could not get any alone time with him. So I had a idea. I could take Alley home to Daddy, you know how he loves pretty little girls like both of us.

I took Alley to meet my Daddy. Daddy’s cock harder than I have ever seen it soon as he laid eyes on her sweet little body. He walked over to her thinking she was just like all the other friends I brought home but she wasn’t she knew how to make men drool over her little body in her tiny school uniform.

She walked right over to my Daddy climbed right up into his lap and bounced up and down in his lap just to see how hard she could get his cock…Giggle… Then she leaned over and whispered in his ears. Tonight is only for tease but maybe next time you will get pleased…Giggle…

Daddy keeps asking when I am going to bring Alley over again. Next time we have such a big surprise just for him.


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