Daddy’s Pretty Little Slave

slave training phone sex

Daddy is teaching how to be such a good little fuck toy during our slave training phone sex sessions. He got me the cutest little collar and leash. It’s pretty pink just like my tight little fuck hole Daddy loves so much. He got my name, Wendy, engraved on it. Daddy loves showing me off, he loves what a well trained little pet I am. He even got me a cage to sleep in right next to his bed at night. He’s been training me to please his cock and be used like a fuck doll. Daddy even dresses me up like a little doll. He loves my pigtails and frilly dresses. He says he wants me to look like a proper little girl while he stretches out my tight ass. My Daddy owns me and he loves his little slave girl that he’s trained me to be. I’m obedient and always eager to please! I’ll ask so sweetly for your load of cum to be fucked deep into my pussy and then thank you for making such a good little slut for you.

Slavery phone sex

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