Daddy’s Cheerleader

Daddys girl phone sexI made the cheerleader squad and I couldn’t wait to tell Daddy and my two older brothers. Daddy gave me a really big kiss right on my lips. Daddy’s a really good kisser, he’s a better kisser than both of my brothers, too. Well anyway, Daddy was really proud of me and he wanted to see me in my new cheerleader uniform. I went to my room to change into my uniform and heard my brothers come home. I wanted to have some family fun and didn’t put on the panty-like bottoms that went underneath the skirt of my new uniform. I walked into our small living room and their jaws dropped and I could see the huge erections growing in their tight jeans. I did a quick cheer making sure to kick my legs high, showing them that I wasn’t wearing panties and I needed to be fucked. Daddy got out of his pants faster than I’d ever seen and nodded to my brothers giving them permission to get naked, too. They put me on my hands and knees and entered me at both ends. Daddy stuffed his huge cock into my mouth, and my oldest brother filled my tight cunt with a hard cock while my other brother stood to the side waiting for his turn. If I knew becoming a cheerleader would get this response from my family I would have joined the squad a long time ago.

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