Daddy’s Baby Girl Grows Up

Phone SexI have been away for the last month and it is time to come home.

I can’t wait for my married neighbor to see me!

He is going to be so surprised at how big my titties have gotten since the last time I saw him.

He has always loved pinching and pulling my hard little nipples.

He would stay between my legs for hours licking and slurping my bald pussy while and pulling my undeveloped tits.

He always left them sore and tender but I didn’t mind as long as he kept and licking my tiny little clit with that wet velvet tongue!

He never fucked my tight little virgin hole but he wanted to cus he would get so fucking hard eating my pussy.

When he couldn’t stand it any longer he would shove his big cock in my mouth, gagging me and squirting his cum deep down the back of my throat.

I have changed a lot this summer and can’t wait to ask him to put that cock of his between my tits and fuck them while pinching my big round nipples like he used to.

I am going to let him to slick my pussy just like old times before finally shoving his dick in it!

I am going to show him just how grown I am when I pull it out of my tight pussy and shove it deep in my waiting ass.

I know once he says how developed and hot I am, he won’t be able to say no!




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