Cyber Sex Get Me Wet

Cyber Sex Phone SexI prefer a more personal touch that is always true. I love hearing a man when he erupts for me, gives me the ultimate satisfaction. However last night I got a very interesting message request. He request some of my paid time but he needed to be quiet and discreet so he wanted to just message back in forth. He promised it would be worth my time and effort. That he would truly make me feel amazing with just his written words. I couldn’t turn down such a promise so it began. In just a few short sentences he describe in perfect detail the way he would tease and lick my sweet juicy pussy lips until they were dripping. The description allow my made my pussy throb. It only got hotter in detail from there. I soon found myself using one hand to rub my clit reading his words over and over again, my other hand typing quickly to respond. I ache to have him tell me more. He had me begging for each new message. He even describe to me the moment he came thinking about me. How much he craved to know about my climax, which gave me just the push I needed to cum hard. I needed to take a moment to catch my own breath, observed the little mess my hot juices made. Then sent every detail to him, with a great for thank you for keeping his promise.

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