Cum on the Fourth of July

cuckolding phone sexWhat did you do for the 4th of July? We had a party. Invited some of my girl friends and a bunch of young studs with nice working cocks. So maybe I should say we had a swinger’s party. Just my husband did not get to swing. He did get to fluff cocks and watch, oh and clean up the messes in all us girls. All the guys in attendance knew why they were there. Stud service. It’s common knowledge I am a slut wife because my husband can’t satisfy me. The real men in the neighborhood are always willing to lend a cock to help out a hot wife. We broke out one of those old fashioned Slip N Slides and that’s when the party got started. Everyone was wet; bodies were piled up on top of one another and cocks came out hard. The ratio was skewed in my favor, but I was not the only chick. The girls started blowing cocks. Guys were stroking waiting for a mouth to feed. I was rubbing my cunt watching some huge cocks get blown. Soon I had a cock in every hole. Every girl at my party got a cock for each fuck hole and a few for her hands. Cum was flying in the air like fireworks. My husband was in a lawn chair with his hands restrained and his clit caged. After I was doused in cum, I set him free to clean me up. Like a hungry animal he devoured my fuck holes draining me of all the fuck juice. It was cum on the Fourth of July! I even made him lick it off the floor. The male guests laughed at him. My female friends taunted him. It was one hell of a party. I got gangbanged, and my husband got cleanup detail.

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