Craving your dominance

Submissive phone sex 

 Submissive phone sex is exactly what I need. Giving my body away to you, so that you can do anything you want with it. Last week I lost a bet, so I had to let my friend do what ever he wanted with my body for a whole hour. I had no idea that I would love being a submissive bound whore. Now I can say that I would’t want it any other way. So, losing my bet he took me to his house and told me that I wasn’t able to talk, think or even move. He ripped my clothes with a pocket knife,  duct taped my wrists together,and then yelled saying I was his his slave for the next hour. I was so scared my heart was pounding. My ankles were then tied together as he spit on me. He carried my body to his bed and slammed me down. The way he slammed my pussy just made me start to soak. My legs were shaking from actually how much I enjoyed my body being used. Come use my body and make me do what ever your heart desires. I crave your dominance!

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