Cooling Off Turns Hot

adult phone chat dixieThe ac in my car took a shit on me this afternoon. It is hotter then hell out. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to pull over and cool off. I knew of a lake just up the road that is secluded enough that I could pull off my clothes and take a quick dip to cool off. Pulling into the dirt road I noticed some nice bikes off the path. This could be fun!
Turning off the car I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I was kind of bummed out but oh well. I slipped my clothes off and laid them in the drivers seat and ran to the water full speed, diving in the cool refreshing liquid. When I came up for air there they were, five big and burly bikers smiling ear to ear at me.
I smiled back and waded over to them. As the water started getting lower I watched every dick in the group grow. I wanted all of them and that is exactly what I got!

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