Cockworshiping Bitch gives her take on things

      Cock worshiping bitch for you got you going and me too! You liked me fucking this dude and I have to tell you it was a challenge. This asshole couldn’t fuck and he was getting on my last nerve trying to put his fucking 3 inch cock in my pussy! I had picked him out of the crowd but he was not getting the job done. I kept looking back at you waiting for you to say something to join the party but I knew better. You liked to be the observer and watch from the distance. I think the thing I liked most about you is that you wanted to make sure that I was tortured with frustration from this little cock until you put your massive trunk in my ass and pussy. I was thinking the next time we were together we could try me fucking another guy then the one you picked out but you said you liked the curve of his balls slapping me against the ass and you liked to have my cream all over his cock before you fucked me! It was just so fucking frustrating because the more I thought about it the more I knew this shit was not going to last. If I had to grab your fucking cock and get it in my aching pussy and push this little bitch to the floor that is what I was going to do.

      I was loving your Adonis dick and there was nothing short of moving this little bitch out of the way that I wouldn’t do to get it. You loved to see me suffer and that was cool as long as by the end of this fucking thing you were pounded inside me. The conversation is like this for Passion fuck the shit out of me oh great cock monger who can fuck me supreme! Let me have that cum or I will die! For some reason you loved when I said things like that to you. I will tell you one thing and that’s between you and I, the more I said it the better I felt because it was right you do have the best cock I have ever had!

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