Cockingsucking Fun

Cocksucking Phone SexI was leaving the party a bit earlier then I normally do cause I had work to prepare for. When I realized I couldn’t find my jacket. Retracing my steps I found it on a recliner stuck under then passed out college boy. I attempted to shake him, slapped his face a little he wouldn’t wake up. One of his frat friends said I could always blow him that should work. He laughed until I got down on my knees. Apparently he didn’t think I would take him so seriously. Soon a group of this guy friends were surrounding us. I took his limp cock out of his shorts and slowly started licking around the base. Jerking my hand up near his head, making it rock hard. I sucked his head hard like a lollipop while massaging my thumb on his sensitive spot right under the head. A bunch on his buddies cheering me on. He finally started opening his eyes a bit, watching me sucking his cock. He woke up more when I started to deep throat his cock a bunch of his friends started high fiving with him. He cock started to convulse under my grip so I gave them a grand finish and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I jerked the shaft into my mouth so they could all see the cum shot emptying into my mouth and face. Then I took my jacket and left.

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