Christmas photoshoot

wet bald pussyWhile your wife is away let me tell you about something that happened to me this past weekend. I will get into it here a bit but I bet its going to make you so eager to cum with me so get ready to prime up.I was scrolling the internet and realizing it was about time I invested in some nice photos. I have wanted a portfolio of sexy shots of me for quite some time. I heard someone that lived on the other side of town was an amazing photographer and he had quite the reviews. My friend refers me to him and I was totally thinking it was going to be a great opportunity to have some Christmas style photos and I could put them up on Instagram and on my site. I drove over to the studio and I was greeted by this guy who was insanely tall and he had another girl with him. I thought it was probably just his assistant. I was a bit nervous I hadn’t done a shoot with him before so I was a little timid. He was a bit aggressive and wanted me to take a lot of my clothes off. I was telling him I was their just to take simple modeling pics but he told me if I did this for him I could get the package half off. I was already shelling out 750 for an hour so If I could slice that in half for a couple bikini and lingerie shots I thought why the hell not?

So I came out and I could see his cock was all hard and ready to burst out. I looked away for a second still nervous and timid. I looked back and he was completely naked. I was uncomfortable but I could see his cock size was enormous. I was startled but I couldn’t look away. He said don’t  be shy you are going to be acquainted with it real soon. I let out a nervous laugh, I felt a rush in my panties. I was getting fucking wet. I thought this couldn’t be happening. I was so wet it was seeping thru my little lace panties.

I think he had a feeling my pussy was getting worked up. His assistant came out completely naked as well. I was in some weird twilight zone and I just couldn’t believe this shit was happening to me. There I was half naked with two people who were completely naked snapping pics of me and directing me. He let me know I should call him Lucas and his assistant was Kimmy. Lucas was a tall motherfucker with an even taller cock. Kimmy was cute she had a nice set of tits and a hot boy and cute face. I assumed they were together because he kept playing with her and grabbing her while they were directing me. I wanted to get out but at the same time, I was just so intrigued. 

They came up to me and told me I should drop my little outfit I went for it. She began to take everything off of me and started to spread my legs apart it felt so food to have her buried between my legs while he was watching. She was eating my wet bald pussy so good. I was so excited that I was getting his cock and having her eat me out so well. The last thing I expected was my photo shoot to turn into a fuck fest.


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