Choke me out with cum

Cocksucking Phone SexI’m in the mood for some super nasty cocksucking phone sex so that I can be choked the fuck out with your cum! Shove that hard ass dick deep down my tiny slutty throat and make my eyes stream down with tears because of how hard you’re beating me the fuck up. My tonsils are gonna be begging for mercy from taking such a goddamn pounding. I can’t believe i’m such a skanky fuckin whore and that I am able to take cock inside of every hole like no other hoe you have ever messed with. I’m horny as fuck and I need my desires to be satisfied as soon as possible baby. You know I love deepthroating that delicious penis like it’s a popsicle. Big sticks have always been my favorite, hehe. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I have been hornier than ever lately. My sex drive is through the fuckin roof!! I want my mouth overflowing with your fresh sperm, fuckin gag me with it!! I’m gonna make gurgling noises while I try to breathe through the suffocation of it all up inside of me. I wanna be a super nasty lil hoe hoe for you. 🙂

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