Chinese Slave Trader

accomplice phone sexSometimes to make money a girl must do bad things. My massage parlor need young Chinese girls to make a profit. Men no like old, fat American girls. My girls must be tiny, petite, and very young. I teach them to be slaves. I love my trader, Mr. Joe. I tell him what look I want. He find me girls. Today he take me to Chinese neighborhood in slums. Many new immigrants. I buy cheap from family. No one want Chinese brat girls. Want boys only. Girls like garbage to them. I get cheap.
Mr. Joe and I go to cafe to watch young girls walking streets. Some barely legal. I want them. They make for good business. Today I want five new girls. I buy 2 for $50 each. Good bargain for me. Now I need three more and none for sale today. I must steal girls. Mr. Joe and I drive down by river. We see pretty girl and I want. Beautiful with long hair and pretty eyes. Body is nice, too. I go talk to her while Mr. Joe comes up behind her. He grab her and we stuff in trunk. She scream very loud and we laugh. Then we find two more at market. Sisters. Very tiny virgin girls. We offers candies and gifts and they go willingly. Mr. Joe offers to “break” older new girl for me so we go back to parlor.
I tie her to massage table so I can examine pussy. She is tough fighter. I slap her face until she calm down. I pull legs apart and see very hairy cunt. It must be shaved. Men no like hairy bushes. They like young girl with smooth pussy. I spread pussy open with speculum. Pussy look very nice and pink. No disease. Not sloppy or used by Chinese migrant workers. I chain her to table. Mr. Joe, he come in, look at pussy and get very excited. He pull big white cock out and stick in her mouth. She try to scream but only gag and vomit. He get meat poker very wet for pussy. Her eyes are very big when she see large cock. She kick and fight but he ram in box anyway. Mr. Joe so excited that he cum in five minutes. I am happy. Box is good, very tight. I will put to work tonight or starve until she is obedient.
You want to help me break little sister pussy? Very tiny girls with virgin pussy. Your cock like very much. You help me rape them and make them into good employee. I give to you for special price. Come see me at my Chinese Massage Parlor where Customers always Cum First.

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