Chicks and Dicks The Perfect Combo

adult phone chat alanzaI love to gamble especially with this crazy old coot. The bets are always interesting. This time he had his daughter with him. A pretty little thing, blonde, dressed in a tight black leather mini skirt and mesh see through top that showed her perky little titties with hard pink nipples. Just the site of her had my cunt dripping juices. I am sure he brought her to distract me since I always beat the pants off him, literally.
As usual the old coot was loosing his ass when he did something unexpected. He put his daughter on the line. Pretty little Avery. She didn’t act surprised at all when he offered her up. In fact she just smiled sweetly at me and didn’t say a word.
He lost that bet too. And I won that hot little honey sitting in the corner.
How could I know that she had a surprise under that tight little mini skirt?
I love dicks and I love chicks.
When I took her into my room and sat Daddy in the corner to watch, I had no idea I was about to get both.
I took her skirt off ready to lick the shit out of a tight cunt when to my surprise a stiff dick popped up. It didn’t take me long to recover and I took that dick in my mouth. I wasn’t about to let one inch of this little beauty go to waste. She was mine I won her fair and square.
I sucked her cock till she was about to cum and then made her lick the shit out of my waiting and wet cunt before fucking the shit out of her.
I hope the old coot brings her back soon so I can win her ass again!

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