Caught in a Fourth of July prison riot

Rough Sex Phone Sex


Oh fuck this is going to happen I got locked up when I was a teen still in transition, unchanged. I stayed for about 6 months the experience made me what I am today. I’ll never forget, for weeks the prison was on edge, Inmates were walking around like they were going to do something, me I stay to myself I did not partake in all of the fighting you see I was a pretty boy before I was a pretty girl. My cellmate told me it was going to go down that night and I had better find me a good hiding place. I was scared I admit I was terrified what was going to happen to me I didn’t want to fight. A few guys older than me they had plans during the riot too I had no idea but I was involved. My cellmate was setting me up and I had no idea he told me he knew a great place to hide and he took me to the showers he said everyone was going to be out not in the shower. I trusted him why I don’t know. We got to the showers and to my disbelief 12 big broad shouldered, strong guys were waiting for me they wanted all of my pretty boy ass. I screamed I said don’t but they threw me on the shower floor and told me to hike my ass up in the air or else. I was defenseless I had nothing to do but what they told me. Next thing I knew I was on the floor being gang fucked hard taken total advantage of and I couldn’t do anything so I started to enjoy it. My cock started cuming like crazy. I was moaning out of control my body buckled under the penetration of all those pulsating throbbing cocks. There were cocks being forced into my mouth I couldn’t fuck them fast enough. I wanted more dick I took as much as I could at one time there were three cocks in my mouth at once and I ate them with a gratefulness that you cannot explain. Cum juice was everywhere beautiful facial nature gel all over my fucking face, it was so intense. I will never forget the prison riot it was ecstasy for me after that I couldn’t wait to get out and get me some tits and start pleasing guys by the dozens.


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  1. Tony

    Your dick would feel great in my tight asshole baby.

  2. Keith

    I’m going to force my cock into your pretty little mouth!

  3. Alfred

    Wow what a cock

  4. Cliff

    Baby what you do with your cock is amazing.

  5. Sissy Slut

    Let me suck it I’m a sissy fag for black dick

  6. Bill

    I want to put you in my private prison and break all the rules with you.

  7. adam

    suck my dick bitch

  8. Quan

    We have similar stories, you are so damn hot. I’ll be calling you very soon.

  9. Tuvi

    I’d love to taste your nut sauce

  10. Max

    I need a girl like you in my life!!

  11. Darryl

    I want to suck that beautiful cock

  12. Harris

    Sexy trannie bitch

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