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Naked Teen Pictures For My Teacher

Naked Teen Pictures

I sent some naked teen pictures to my teacher and finally got him to fuck me. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game for months and I was ready to go all the way. The pictures I sent to his email were going to be enough to ensure that his dick ended up inside me before the end of the day. I showed up at his classroom door at the end of the day. Everyone had left for the day and I was ready to play. I walked over to him sitting in his chair and asked him if he got my naughty pictures. He had and he was eager to see my sweet young pussy in the flesh. I pulled my panties down from under my skirt and sat up on his desk, spreading my wet cunt for him. He buried his face into my sweet honey pot. Then he stood up, pulled his cock out and fucked me right there on his desk. When he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, I got on my knees and took his load down my throat, drinking up every last drop of his creamy delicious cum.

Hot squirting pussy for Mr. D

hot squirting pussyHot squirting pussy was what he wanted to see from me. Mr. D has been making sure I pay my dues for all the problems I have caused him from stealing from the register. I have told him time after time that I am truly sorry for what I have done and I believe that I have more than enough paid the price for what I did. I have been an obedient sex slave for him. Sometimes his task are cruel and brutal so I try to shy away from it. Last night he made me play with my pussy for hours. I had to play with my pussy until I squirted that was the deal. I couldn’t leave until I squirted all over. I worked my pussy out hard, I tried my hardest to make it squirt fast but it took some time. When I finally squirted it was so huge it was everywhere. I couldn’t believe I did it. I was amazed that my pussy could do such a thing.

Party Girls in a Daisy Chain

Party Girls Phone Sex

My sorority is full of really sweet and beautiful girls, I love them all. I really love it when we have our “bi” monthly meetings to discuss the business of the house. The last 3 meetings we have all discovered that we love to all get naked and relieve some stress. I mean, yes that’s kind of an obvious thing to do but we never really did it before. Each girl stood at the end of the conference table and took their clothes off, then she can point at another girl and they go have fun. Once everyone was naked we went to town. Not one pussy was left un-licked, un-orgasmic, or un-wet! We all started in a daisy chain but it just turned into one big pile of pussy and tits and cum. I had a great time licking and getting licked and finger fucked. My girl picked me and we got really adventurous, I sucked on her nice big nipples and gently played with her clit, a few other girls around us joined in to make her cum. She seemed nervous and not relaxed… new pledge. So a girl on each tit, one kissing her another lightly rubbing her clit and I was fucking her with a dildo. When she finally came she had been holding it back for so long that her entire body started to shake and she couldn’t seem to control the sounds she was making. When she came back down to earth, she sat up and said: “Where can we get some cock too?” Everyone heard her and started laughing. If you can find me in the pic, call me, tell me where I am and I will email or snail mail you an autographed pic of me!

No Hair More Fun

Young bald pussyPicture me and you alone in a room. I’m sitting across from you in a tiny skirt and I spread my legs to show you my pretty bald pussy. I like to keep my pussy bald because it feels so damn good when you’re fucking me from behind and your balls are slapping against my bare pussy. And when you’re eating my cunt being bald allows you to lick all over my pussy and suck on my fat pussy lips. I spread my legs and your jaw drops and your mouth waters. I spread my legs and show you my young bald pussy and you’re putty in my hands. Have you ever seen a cunt as pretty as mine? Take your hard cock and tease me by rubbing it up and down my slit before slipping inside my tight wet hole. You can have me in any position that your dirty mind can come up with, and I’ll even let you take a picture of my young bald pussy to always remember me.

Wendy Needs To Get Some Hot Ass Sex

Hot Ass Sex

I was really needing some hot ass sex the other day. I woke up in the morning and could feel that my pussy was already wet. So, I texted one of my regular booty calls and asked him to come over and some fun with me. He was there in less than ten minutes and when he walked in my door I could tell he was ready to fuck me. He pushed me onto the bed and ripped my panties off. He smiled noticing the wet spot on my panties and gave them a sniff. I sat up and grabbed his head, telling him the real thing smelled even sweeter. He buried his face into my little cunt and licked up and down my clit. I was soaking wet when he pulled back, wiped his dick out, and shoved it inside me. He gave me the pounding I was needing to start my day off right. When he was about to cum he pulled out and stroked his cock off onto my belly and left me there to clean up the mess.

Naked teen pictures for Mr. D

naked teen pictutesNaked teen pictures were on his mind. Mr. D had sent me a message it was urgent he wanted me to get as many friends of mines in a group and he wanted nudes from them. I had no idea how I could make such thing happened. First of all my friends are all drama queens and super noisy,  They all have a big mouth and whatever I do or say with them gets around. The last thing I need is a whore reputation. I disobeyed I lied to Mr. D and promised him something I knew I just couldn’t do. Of course, he was furious and I got my punishment nice and hard on my tiny hiny, I got whipped so much my ass was beet red. He told me I could yell my safe word, but of course, I knew his twisted mind and I knew that safe word would cost me something else. So I took each whip.

Shaving My Cunny For You

female bondage


I barely have any hair on my tiny little cunny but you love showering and bathing with me and so I asked if you’d like to help me with a little trim work around my pussy. You were glad to sit beside my bathtub, running your fingers up and down my cunt and legs- teasing me but getting ever so serious once it was time to involve the razor. You helping spread and hold my legs apart so that I could reach between and make sure my cunny stays so perfectly clean and trimmed for you. I’m happy to do anything that makes you happy, even if its as simple as just making sure this pussy looks deliciously young. It makes your mouth water just looking at it and reminds you of all the other pretty sweet cunnies you’ve been able to pleasure over the years. I stand up out of the bath and you get your final look- giving you a wet kiss. Can you put me to bed?

Cock Ring Fun

Cock control I went to the sex shop today and purchased a super sexy cock ring that they had just gotten in stock. I couldn’t help myself, it was so tempting and I kept envisioning it wrapped around the hard dick of one of my callers, hehe. I need a thick cock, the thicker the better, there needs to be a big bulge that I am forced to fit inside of this cock ring. It’s going to be strapped on so tightly that there is going to be discoloration around the shaft and balls due to lack of circulation and the blood being cut off. It’s so sexy to see how a penis looks when it’s submissive to the ring around it, a great opportunity to have some sloppy wet fun with it! The best part about this cock ring is that it had a feature on it which made it vibrate, perfect for me to tease then please! The pre-cum drips out, oozing down your fuck stick and smearing over your balls, you can bet that I am going to lick it all up! You’re like a volcano begging to explode for me! When you can’t take the temptation any longer, i’ll allow you to bust your cock cream all over my tits, soaking me in your gooey goodness!

Hot ass sex with caprice

hot ass sexHe wanted me to be his sex toy. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but my boss was about to turn me into the police. I messed up big time and stole money from the cash register for several months and my punishment price was getting pretty hefty. I ended up begging him not tell my parents or call the authorities. This guy has been like an uncle to me most my life. I  made an honest mistake and now I am to be used by him and become his personal entertainment day in and day out. I couldn’t believe what I was doing just to avoid getting in hot water. I have never swallowed more jizz in my whole life than I have this past week. I am being hand cuffed tied and used because this was the deal. I have swallowed his cock hole in a matter of a few seconds and gagged on it til I had tears running down my cheeks. I am doing all this to keep him quiet. I am bound to be his fuck toy.

Fun With Diapers

adult baby phone sex


Sissy, you finally confessed something to me that I never thought would happen but here we are- You love wearing diapers and live behind the scenes as an adult-baby! That’s just so cute- so let the Princess put you into your crib for awhile until you make a big doodie in your diaper. Don’t worry, I’m going to change you but first let’s cut a hole right where your asshole is and let me fuck you through that diaper with my strap-on. Don’t cry little one, you love having that grow up man-ass pounded through your nappy. Here’s a rattle for you to shake in case the Princess pounds too hard. Here’s a bottle full of the princess’s very own tee-tee for you to sip on too, sweetie. Just let me do what I need to and make sure the Princess enjoys every moment of your messy little diaper. Good boy! Now off to sleep you go in that cradle till tomorrow. Ni ni 😉

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