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Uncle ben

hot ass sex uncle ben has always been hands on with me I was just his type. He would always tell me how much I turned him on and how badly he wanted hot ass sex with my tight twat. i was happy to oblige with his pleads as I got older because I noticed he had so many lady friends stopping by. Uncle ben wasn’t prince charming but he had something that kept the hot girls coming in and out. It wasn’t money so I put two and two together and knew he had to be packing down below. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I purposely walked in on him while he was showering one day that I decided to pay a visit. I got in with him and let him bang my pussy in the shower. Once I saw his monster cock it was game over. I needed it badly.

Plug up my wet bald pussy

Wet bald pussyI need my wet bald pussy eaten out real fucking sloppily. I wanna be dripping fuckin wet and soaking in your saliva while you munch on this sexy little cunt of mine. Twirl your tongue on my clit and tickle my g-spot while I grind my hips on your face. Lemme suck on that dick too baby, I wanna swallow that cock real fuckin deep. Plug up my throat and make me gag, bring tears to my eyes while I choke on you. Spread my legs open wide and fuck my tight little slutty slit. I wanna feel that cock throbbing and pulsating while it’s inside of me. I’m so fucking horny baby, bend me over and spank my ass while you tell me what a nasty whore I am for that rock hard cock.

Master’s Property

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Today I decided I was going to leave master, and I was severely punished for it. Who the hell did I think I was? I am his property and nothing more. I had been thinking about it for a while. I felt like I just wasn’t ready to commit to 1 master for the rest of my life, but that wasn’t really up to me. I packed my bags, and wrote a note saying I just wasn’t ready to have only 1 master for the rest of my life. I left the key and the note on the counter, and headed to the nearest hotel. I unpacked my bags, and washed my face. I went to the grocery store, and bought a few snacks to get me through the next few day. After that, I should be able to find an apartment a little further away. Right when I was about to got to sleep, there was a pounding at my door, and I was worried it was the cops which made me open the door quickly. It was Kobain, and I stared in shock and horror. I asked what he was doing here, and he said the better question was what was I doing here. He told me that I am his property, and I don’t get to just leave him. I don’t get to make my own choices like that. Then, he thanked me for getting us a hotel room for the night, and made it clear we would be going home tomorrow. He locked the door behind him, and grabbed a lamp off of the nightstand. He caught me by my wrist, and wrapped the lamp cord around my neck. Not enough to choke me at first, but enough for me to know he was going to. He pulled a gag out of his pocket, and strapped it on me. He pushed his cock into my mouth, and pulled the cord tight. He face fucked me and choked me until I passed out. I deserved to be punished I am his bitch and nothing more.

Sexy College Girl Porn For Wanking Off

It’s a end of Summer bash All Weekend Long and I want to get off with you while we watch some Sexy College Girl Porn together and judge their cum drinking skills! I’m a porn addict and why the fuck do you think i love to do what I do so much and make my little sluts act like porn stars and look like mini pornstars for their pageants? Because I’m Obsessed with porn and being a cum slut, and they are as well! Really we have some of the best times, my slutkin whores and me, we love to tease men together and entangle them in out naughty web of seductions and manipulations. Maybe this Spider mommy will catch a new fly for our naughty fun as an p-mommy of incestuous molestations with perverted fuckers.Sexy College Girl Porn



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I let my professor stick his cock into my tight little teen hole, and master beat the shit out of me. It was my first day of the new semester, and I had a new English professor. He asked me to stay after class, and he was very attractive. He was oddly young only slightly older than me, and the way he spoke to was like I was equal to him. When he asked me if he could bend me over in the stairway, I was intrigued. No man had ever asked me if he could do something my little submissive teen body. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I wanted to try and find out. I allowed him to fuck me in the stairway, but I didn’t really enjoy it. No pain to me just means no pleasure. It was just an experiment, but I knew master was going to be pissed. I am his property, and I have no say over who fucks me. I thought about not telling master, but if he found out without me telling him I knew it would be so much worse. So, when master got home from work, I asked him to sit on the couch with me. He snorted, and told me I was his bitch, not the other way around. Just hearing that made me sooooooo fucking wet. I told him what I did, and I could see the anger take over his face. I am a bad girl, and I deserved everything that happened next. He pulled me by my hair to the punishment room, and put me on all fours. He kicked me over and over again in the ribs, cracking a few. He whipped my ass so hard I still can’t sit. Then he pounded my ass, and shouted that I was his property and only his.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day with hot ass sex with my friend

hot ass sexHot ass sex with my best friend is not what I planned for on Women’s Equality Day. A couple too many sangria’s and mimosas had us feeling frisky. I ended up attending an event at a college campus and my best friend Lyndsi had on one hot jumpsuit and I was wearing a short white dress. We were touchy-feely. You can see from a distance we were feeling each other out and being more than friends. We had both ended relationships and we were exploring men together but we had never explored a hot fuck session between the two of us only.
This day changed that! We got to my house and I said I felt like a bubble bath Lynds said she did too so we both decided to enjoy a hot bath and things escalated. Her body is out of this world and she has always been fond of mines. My huge tits turn her on. We lathered each other up and went all in together. Her hands wrapping all over me feeling my silhouette was making my twat tingle. I couldn’t take it any longer I needed her tongue deep in my cunt. I was feeling her fingers find their way deep in my cunt. I followed thru doing the same. Her body felt so nice up against mines. This wasn’t the last time we had fun with each other. This was only the beginning. We were bound to fuck and have a good time Our bodies were so in synched we had plenty scissor sessions together. I truly think this was the best way to celebrate Woman’s Equality Day. Why not spend it with your best girl and celebrate girl power together. We surely made our lady bits happy with each others company. Bubble baths have never been better.

wet bald pussy

Good Bitch

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I have no problem getting on my hands and knees, like the bitch I am, and begging for masters cock. If I am a good bitch, master rewards me with the treat of his hard cock covered in peanut butter. If I am a bed little bitch, master will beat me with just about anything he can find, but secretly I think that is a reward too. Some of masters basic house rules are I must wear my collar in the house, I must walk on all fours, and I must lick whatever he tells me to. I break his rules on purpose most of the time, but he should have known that I would. I am a glutton for punishment, I want it all day everyday! If I am a super good girl though, master will tear my pussy up doggy style. I get so conflicted because I want to be a good girl for master, but I also want to be his little bad girl. I want to feel his boots against my ribs and his hand around my throat, but I also want to lick all of the peanut butter off his cock and have him pound me doggy style. Yesterday I decided to be a good girl. I followed all of the rules, and I couldn’t wait to get my treat. Master made me strip to just my collar. He started with taking me for a walk around the house on my leash. I love the feeling of when I try to hurry ahead and he pulls the leash choking me with the collar. When we got back to the bedroom, he stripped, and began covering his dick in a thick layer of peanut butter. I licked and sucked until my face hurt. He stopped me while he still had peanut butter on him, and told me he couldn’t handle it anymore. He smashed me doggy style. I think I might still have peanut butter in my pussy.

Wet bald pussy for that cock

Wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy is fuckin soaked as i’m getting all packed and ready to go on my annual end of summer vacation with my girlfriends. We have all been eagerly awaiting this trip and all the fun that we have planned and in store for us! My friends don’t know this part yet but I have a very special surprise for them! I have also invited one of my African-American fuck buddies and his massive monster cock friends to come on the trip with us as well! It will be perfect, all of us together exploring new places and each other’s body as well, lol. One of my friends is a virgin still and she promised me that she would lose her virginity by the time summer is over with. Well, it’s now the end of summer and we’re about to go on our sexy vacation and she still has not had a cock inside of her! She’s definitely more shy than I am and claims to be waiting for a special person to lose her virginity too. Well, I call bullshit! She is all talk and it’s time for her to get fucked by a big ass dick! It’s going to be so funny to see the look on her face when I show her my black friend who’s gonna pound open her hymen. Even though she will be timid at first like how she always is with everything, i’ll reassure her that with some lubrication she will be able to fit that shaft inside of her and she’ll be bouncing up & down on it in no time at all! She is gonna get the biggest cum shot ever out of that boner, I can’t wait to see how drenched she is! I’m so excited for all of the nasty shit that awaits us on our vacay, it will definitely be the trip of a lifetime!Biggest cum shot

Doggy Style

Master is so good to me, always treating me like his little bitch. Who’s a good girl? I am a good girl! My favorite thing in the world is when master walks me on the leash. Sometimes we will play with squeaky toys, and if I don’t bite his hand he will pet my hair. I am masters property forever! When I am a bad doggy, He smacks my nose, and yells at me. If what I did was really bad, he will kick me in the ribs, and choke me. It is not abuse! It is what I love, and master is just pleasing me because what I love is pleasing him. I want to be his toy, I want him to control me, and I want him to beat me. I know most people will neve understand our love, but that is ok, as long as we do. We get a lot of glares when we act like ourselves out in public, and one lady even called the cops on master for “abusing” me. That is so crazy to me, and when I was explaining that master doesn’t do anything I don’t want, he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Master and me don’t deserve all of this, people should mind their own business. I mean, who doesn’t like being choked and beaten? Our relationship is built on things like that not just being in the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, it is phenomenal in the bedroom too, but we also like it without it being sexual. I genuinely love being controlled. If master didn’t control every aspect of my life, I have no clue what I would do. I just want master to tear up my pussy, doggy style, and treat me like the bitch I am.


Spanking Machine

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I can not orgasm without at least being spanked, but that really isn’t an issue with master around. Unfortunately, master had to go to work, but he got me so wet before he left. I had to do something to relieve some of the built up tension in my stomach. It had been a long time since I had to masturbate, but I would never be stupid enough to cheat on master. I have an entire room full of toys, and in the center sits my favorite toy, the spanking machine. The only thing that can spank me harder than master. I blast music from the stereo so that the neighbors won’t hear my moans and screams. I grabbed my big black dildo and got on the bench in front of my spanking machine I turned the machine on and started working the huge plastic cock into my pussy, that master already got dripping wet for me. The spanking machine hitting so hard my body lurched back and forth. I didn’t even have to move the dildo in and out, the machine did all the work. Right when I was about to indulge in the feeling and orgasm, master walked in. The garage must have been slow because he came home early. He looked pissed, and he broke my spanking machine. He screamed at me that only he gets to pleasure me, and only he gets to punish me. He is in complete and total control of every aspect of my life. He was very clear that I don’t do anything without his approval, and I never asked him if I was allowed to masturbate. He was furious, and he ripped the dildo out of my pussy. He used the dildo to beat my already sore ass with. He came all over me, and threw me in the shower. Little does he know I love when he punishes me, and it was enough to make me orgasm.

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