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I love being daddy’s girl

daddys girl phone sexI love being daddy’s girl. I have him wrapped around my little finger. Mommy has never liked me much. My sisters aren’t fans of mine either. That is all because I am daddy’s favorite. I am the youngest girl in the family. Daddy’s girl from the day I came into this world. I got myself into some trouble last week. I took a car for a joyride. It was a super sweet Jaguar. Belongs to this guy I used to fuck. He is married but I was his dirty little secret for a year. His bitch wife made him stop seeing me. She made him stop paying me too. He was giving me great money. When I saw the car with the keys in it at the supermarket, I just wanted to scare him a little. Mother fucker called the cops. I thought I could suck my way out the legal hot water I was in, but no such luck. Daddy was my one call. I knew he would bail his princess out of jail. I did owe daddy, and he made sure I paid him back. We were in the parking lot when he told me I was in a lot of trouble. As soon as we were in the car, he was not as mad because I was sucking his cock. It was daylight and I am sure it was risky, but all I cared about was making daddy forget he was mad at me. Worked like a charm. Took a few loads, but once daddy was drained, he forgot all about being mad at me for joyriding.

First class slut

naked teen pictures

I saw a guy looking at naked teen pictures, and I knew I was going to be his type. My sweet cunt will always be used and fucked. I got my first class ticked by only teasing the flight attendant. I enjoyed being his cute little fuck. Fucking first class is a must. I will never fly coach again. My young cunt will make everything and anything possible. Hot girls have the world wrapped around their fingers. I like being able to get everything I need. I also was given a couple of stacks just for making a stranger bust a nut on my teen tits. At first glance, you will never guess that I am such a slut. I blow minds and cocks. 😉

Let’s Play Master and Servant

teen phone sexMaster Has let this submissive slut play here for all to abuse. My ass and twat are no longer my own. I serve the Cock in every way.  My mouth is for facial abuse. Your cock fucking my throat and using my eyes, cheeks and mouth for you cum dump. I am not shy at all when I serve. I beg for cum. And I live to serve with my body. My pink ass is no longer puckered after you and your friends have reamed me and deposit load after load of cum deep inside me. My pussy has been stretched to its limits bringing me to the worst pain imaginable. I live for pain. If I am being whipped and beaten, then my job is being done. My only goal is to bring you complete happiness and to milk yours and every mans around jizz. Think of me as the whore who is never far from the floor. On my knees and hands, I serve as I am punished just for having cum dump holes. I’m waiting at the door all day master just for you. I eat and drink nothing but your cum and piss. I live to be the submissive whore I am.


Double blowjob

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I hooked up with two guys are the weekend and brought them back to my dorm to spit roast me. Before I let them both of them fuck my wet bald pussy silly, I dropped to my knees so I could worship their beautiful cocks. I’d never given a double blowjob before, but I wanted to appreciate both of their rock hard dicks up close. I sucked them one at a time at first, before sucking the tip of both of them into my mouth and swirling my tongue around both of them at the same time. I tried fitting both of their cocks in my mouth to see how far I could suck them both at the same time. They fucked me silly that night, but their first load of cum they deposited, they shot directly into my mouth at the same time. I’d never had so much cum in my mouth before!

Let me be your whore

Teen phone sex

I want to be your whore. I want you to use me like a piece of meat. Fuck me however you want, just as long as my body is being used as your cum receptacle. I hooked up with a guy last night who totally dominated me sexually. He made it clear he just wanted to cum and didn’t care about anything else. He was tall with a really big cock and pushed me up against the wall and pulled my panties to the side and jammed his hard cock into my wet bald pussy. He pounded me while holding me like a doll and used me to milk the cum out of his big dick. I don’t know why, but being used like a slut just made me even wetter and more turned on. I want to experience something like that again. Call me and use me.

Teaching Whores to Take Turns

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My cock whore training has really paid off. These itty bitty whores are so cock hungry, they have seemed to lost their fucking manners. These little skanks have been practically tripping over themselves for a taste of those pre-cum dripping hard cocks. As my nanny cock trainer always told me, periodic training is needed to keep these sluts in line. I don’t blame them at all for being addicted to juicy thick cock! But these whores must maintain their manners and learn to wait their fucking turn. So, I decided these little young sluts needed to be retrained. I lined up all their little naked asses in a row, cute little pink pussies just dripping wet. Then I brought in a good old friend of mine to make sure these whores waited their turn to get fucked hard. Any impatient thirsty young whore that moved out of turn got the hardest lashing from my bull whip! It was simple as that. All it took was a couple cracks of my whip to get these sluts in line.

You gotta get with my friends

hot ass sexA guide to a girl’s pants always begins with her friends. The saying is authentic. You want to make it past them you have to show them what you consist off entirely. Unlike other friends, we share way more than ordinary interest. We are a group of nymphomaniacs that enjoy good fuckings. We don’t spend time with guys that can’t please us in every way. My friends always test out the waters before I will even begin to consider you someone who can hang out with me. Hot ass sex with all of us is a recipe for disaster for a guy with a short dick a pathetic stamina rate or a guy who is a minute man. You may think having some hot girls all over your dick is the dream, but in reality, if you can’t please one, you can satisfy none. You have to pass the test to get access.


Cum watch me

naked teen picturesWhen I get bored and horny, I tend to send a ton of naked teen pictures and get into some trouble. I love being able to be watched by randoms on the net. I like undressing and revealing myself. I know I will never know who is watching and that is quite alright. I want to play with my cunt rub on my clit and tits. I like to be able to get off and be watched. There is something about my most valuable moment being spied on that turns me on. I could be being viewed by people I know even family members of mines. I don’t care. It turns me on so much and makes me feel like a slut.

Daddy issues

Naked teen picsI will be the first to accept I had daddy issues. Ever since my dad left our family and started a second one I have always been pretty much empty. I have also used it as an excuse to whore around and get fucked by older guys. Men love girls with daddy issues. I use that to get away with all the fucked up things I do. I have fucked all my aunt’s husbands and even my friend’s dads. One day I was caught red-handed sending my naked teen pictures to my godmoms new boyfriend. There is something about a middle-aged man who likes to spoil young sluts like me. It gets me every time. Older guys know how to fuck and know what feels right. I am always tempted and usually act on that temptation. The situation caused a rift between my godmom and me but I could care less. I had the best fuck of my life and will do it again in a heartbeat. My asshole and cunt got stuffed by a big daddy dick.

The Naughty neighbor

hot ass sexHot ass sex with the girl next door is your fantasy. You can’t keep your eyes off me. I give you an instant boner at first sight. I know I drive you crazy when I dress up like a complete blonde bimbo. I do it all to get you excited, and I do it so you can dream about me. I like to know that I stay in your mind all the time. You have a boring girlfriend, but you want me. You need to feel me and grip your hands tight all over me. My tight ass is the perfect view. You wonder all about the nasty things you can do to me. I have seen you try to hide your hard-on for me. I smile and flirt and keep you going. I like knowing you think about me when you are screwing your plain jane girlfriend.

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