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Taste me while I taste you

Young bald pussyWow I love huge dicks, it makes me so horny to bounce up and down on a yummy boner. I wanna shove my young bald pussy onto a wet mouth, taste how fucking delicious I am while I grind my hips all over your face! I’m gonna shove your throbbing cock deep down my throat and moan loud while you make me squirt cum all over you. Lay me on my back and spread my legs open wide so that you can use your fingers to gape open my little cunt lips, showing my pretty pink insides. It turns you on to watch me swallow up that big fuck stick. It’s so hott to see and feel you slobber all over my clit, nice and sloppy wet!  Fill my holes up with cum, I wanna look like a glazed donut when you’re through with me, hehe. I’m every man’s fantasy every fucking day. Being this horny should be illegal, I love when a nasty pervert is able to keep up with me and my sex drive!

Student seduction

naked teen picturesnaked teen picturesnaked teen pictures

I love playing with naughty sluts who can get real dirty and make two girl phone fucks a hot experience.  Reminds me of Denise and me back our freshman year we would dial up our professor and try to get him to cave. Eventually, he would as soon as he got our naked teen pictures. He could not help himself he had to have us. I’m sure he had a mini heart attack every time Denise, and I would send him a dirty hot pic. Mr. Daniels couldn’t help himself he messaged us an address, and we were there. It was a hotel of course and Denise, and I both had the time of our lives fucking our way to an A. Sometimes you just need a hot sidekick to help you get the mission done. I loved spreading her perfect pussy while I fucked finger fucked her. Mr. Daniels was pounding my pussy while I ate Denise out. Then we switched positions. It was an experience to remember.

Cum Give Me What I Want, or Else.

blackmail phone sex

I used blackmail phone sex to finally get the cock I was after. I had been babysitting for this guy for awhile and I knew he was into young pussy. I could just tell by the way he stared at me. Every time I came over he was undressing me with his eyes. I knew I could find something to use against him, I just had to do some snooping around. I found exactly what I was looking for. It was a file that he thought was hidden but I’m a clever little slut. I printed off the pictures he had on his computer. They were naughty enough to get him in some real trouble. When he walked through the door later that night I was sitting on his bed in just my bra and panties with the kinky pictures he had been jacking off to spread out on the floor. His jaw dropped when he saw me. I told him that I had been trying to fuck him for a long time. I knew he wanted it anyways. what was the point in resisting? He was going to make me cum all over his big pervert cock or I would tell his nasty little secret. That he can’t help himself when it comes to sweet tiny bald fuck holes. He threw me down and gave me just what I was looking for. I got my pretty little cunt pounded and filled with a load of cum. Now I’m on the hunt for my next dirty victim that I can force into making cum!

Cum Take Advantage Of Me

rape phone sex fantasies

When you think about rape phone sex fantasies, does your cock start to ache a little? I know whats been lurking deep in the back of your filthy and perverted mind. You want forceful, hot, taboo, kinky, and just plain dirty sex. Those pretty young girls with their tight clothes and tiny bodies. You just can’t help yourself. Your kinky mind takes you a place where you are luring her away. Taking her to a dark alley, your basement, or the back of your van. When you get her alone, you can feel your power over her. Forcing her to her knees and shoving your cock in her mouth. That sweet virgin pussy will be your new little fuck toy. Let me take you to these dark places. Let me be the sweet girl you turn into your nasty little cum dumpster. You know you can’t resist me. Make me fuck you. Make me yours. Make me do anything you wish.

Threesome fun

Wet bald pussyGirls just want to have fun. When my parents sent me off to college, they had no idea I was going to be experimenting the way I am. I mean I’m sure they know I am but to what extent they are left in the dark when it comes to that. I have done it all my freshman year of college. I have been with guys that I like guys that I don’t whoever and whenever I want I get. I have been with girls and guys I even fucked a tranny, but that’s a story for another day. I just can’t help myself I like what I like, and I have no complaints.

So when my friend Alexa texted me about a possible hook up I was down. She and her boyfriend wanted to fuck a cute slut like me, and I was in. I got there, and things kicked off pretty quick they were completely naked, and Alexa already had a throbbing pussy her wet bald pussy was so ready for more cock, and her boyfriend wanted it all. I was able to fuck both of them, and we switched positions all night. There is nothing better than having fun and trying new stuff out. I was able to squirt and keep orgasming all night pretty much. The college life has made me a nympho slut.

I Won’t Let You Cum

Tease & Denial Phone SexSince we are in the new year now, don’t you think we should make this the sexiest for both you and I? I want to be the one walking into your bedroom with my little satin panties on and wrapping my juicy lips around the head of that cock. I want to press my tongue hard on the head and lick around and suck gently like I am licking the tip of an ice cream cone. I want to slide my mouth down as far as it will go and massage your big balls with my soft hands. Just keep going up and down when I feel like you are close to climaxing just take my mouth off and slap those balls gently and deny you of the most amazing orgasm you could have had.

New Years orgy party

wet bald pussyEvery New Years my family decides to head out while I decide to invite some friends over and have a nice time being bad. This year I have a little orgy party idea. I like having a ton of guys and girls be extra naughty and daring. I like being able to invite all my friends and participate in a couple games. Strip poker is always fun but I think stepping it up a bit will do us a favor and make it even more fun. My idea is to have a couple cocks lined up and see which of the girls can make a cock explode the fastes. Also, which girl will squirt first after having a cock in their wet bald pussy. Trying to push the envelope and make some fun games that equal naughty results its nice way to ring in the new year. I can’t wait to see what the night unfolds. I also can’t wait to have a fun orgy and multiple orgasms, It’s a win-win 😉

Naked Teen Pictures Make My Teacher Explode

naked teen pictures

My and my friend kept sending naked teen pictures to our teacher. We heard him giving his number to someone and we couldn’t help ourselves. We had been making jokes about wanting to fuck our hot teacher for so long and we saw him checking us out all the time. So, when we got back to my place we wanted to have some fun. We started with pictures of us in our bras and panties but without our faces in them. He kept asking who it was, and we just kept sending dirtier pictures for him to look at. After we got him to admit that we were turning him on we took our clothes off and started sending pictures of us naked. He seemed to really like those and asked for me. It wasn’t until we went him pics of my face on my friend’s sweet little pussy that he knew it was us. He wrote back and begged us not to tell anyone that he had been jacking off to our pics and begging us for more. I guess he’ll just have to wait and see what kind fun we can have with him to keep us from telling!

Naughty list

I have been on the naughty list this year. I have caused some chaos everywhere I have went. It started out early last year when I got a crush on my daddies best friend. He was trying to resist me but he couldn’t resist me for long. It was inevitable he would eventually cave. He loved my young bald pussy and jumping when ever I said jump. I broke his heart and his wallet early last year because I was getting sick of his pathetic wife and he would always try to make it up to me with gifts. A couple months later I fell for a boss and I loved his hard dick but he got too attached and I had to nip that in the bud real quick. It was fun while it lasted but I get bored easily. I never learn from my mistake because I’m currently breaking my boss right now, he’s breaking like a little bitch. I love using him and making him pay for not being on my schedule. Love giving blue balls and breaking marriages, I start of sweet and like a fantasy come true, but once you mess up I break your balls and heart. I love having a guy beg me to give in to his games. I love having you all hot and bothered and cumming and not letting you have your just because I want to get even. You can say I have been a very bad girl this year Santayoung bald pussy.

My brothers best friend

I was hanging out with my brothers best friend and we were watching a movie and I was waiting for my brother to come back and make the situation less awkward. I could see his friend staring at me and getting rock hard from he another side of the living room. I was trying to ignore him but my eyes were glued to his bulge in his pants. I was really loving the view. As much as I thought he was total freak and perve I was getting turned on by watching him watch me. I can’t possibly believe he didn’t think he was being noticed. I think he totally liked that I was watching him like a hawk. I can imagine the thoughts running thru his mind because quite frankly they were running thru mine too. I’m sure they were very similar. I was thinking how nice that rock hard cock would feel in my young bald pussy. young bald pussy

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