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Are You Down For Party Girls Phone Sex?

Down for a good time sexy? Well I have a real good time for you if your willing to just fucking admit that your a naughty p-fucker like myself. I’m a dirty p-mommy with a sweet as cherry pie bald cuny youngen that could use a naughty daddy to put her right. She has really become such a tease and I love to whore her the fuck out. Last night we got in really late because we were celebrating a little bit before my birthday. I had some buds hooking me up with speedballs and coke baggies left and right just to get a taste of that sweet pie. I think it’s time to bring some real p-daddy’s around and do it up right, fuck I have a mountain of drugs to get things right… these past Holidays have been good to me in the way of party favors. I had a guy offer me a book of ‘cid just to get a chance to fuck me while having my daughter spread her legs for him. So really, come on out and give me a ring so we can see what fun we can have I am sure you can’t turn down some mommy and daughter bald pussies to jerk off to… or something more even…

Party girls phone sex

Squirting Teen Cunt

Phone sex

My wet pink teen cunt just drips whenever I think of cock. Since I was just a wee girl, I have been conditioned and trained to have my cunnie just excrete and leak delicious nectar at the thought of cock. Once I get the thought of a throbbing hard cock in my mind, I will stop at nothing to get my cunnie pumped and fucked as hard as possible. Thankfully, it’s not hard finding a rock-hard cock to ride on. I simply whore myself to any man or boy around. My next-door neighbor has been working on taking down his Christmas lights down all morning, so I decided to pay him a neighborly visit.

I left the house practically half naked with my cunt just oozing and salivating for a hard fuck. My neighbor, Jim was in his garage packing the decorations away and his jaw dropped when I walked in. “Isis, Linda in the house and aren’t you getting cold out here in that… outfit?” He gulped. I giggled sheepishly and walked right up to him, pressing my hot, simmering teen body up against his, “I thought you could help get me warm,” I winked.

I began taking off what little clothing I had on and Jim’s cock pitched quite the tent in his pants. I crawled up on the hood of his wife’s car and began rubbing my soaking wet pussy and firm clit. Jim couldn’t take it, he whipped out his stiff cock and immediately shoved it inside my warm cunnie. He fucked me so hard and furiously, my pussy gushed and squirted all over the garage floor and Christmas decorations! I left satisfied and giggled at the fact that Jim will have a hard time explaining a spontaneous December flood and the soaked decorations to his wife. Haha!

Cum Filled Cunnie

Phone Sex

My little whores love cum. They’re practically addicted to slurping cum up with their little mouths. I try supplementing their diets by filling their wee bellies with cum as often as possible! One of my favorite ways of filling these hungry little whores with cum is to have them lick it and slurp it up straight from my cunnie. I love riding their daddys’ hard cock and having them fill me up with their gooey, thick cream. And when daddy’s all done pumping the babysitter’s holes with his creamy fuck batter, I lay down with my legs spread wide and call the little brats over.

The peckish little sluts are ready to lick my wholes and slurp out every drop of their daddy’s love batter! Their little pink tongues and grubby fingers love scooping the milky cream straight of my creampie as they moan and lick enthusiastically! They lick and slurp until my cunnie throbs and I start squirting in their grateful little whore mouths!

Naked teen pictures for christmas

naked teen picturesDaddy and I have a great tradition. Not only do we spend a great amount of time together always, We also enjoy the holidays by taking Christmas photos. It has been a yearly thing since I could wrap my hands around my daddies dick. This year daddy did 25 days of fucking theme. He is so meticulous with what he does and makes sure my naked teen pictures are the best. I know he boast to all his friends who are down with incest. Daddy brought a ton of toys for me to lay with and dressed me up and snapped a ton of pictures of me. My pervy daddy was so proud of his masterpiece he made my pictures into posters for all his friends. I love thinking about them jerking their p-cocks thinking about my hot spinner body and wanting to pound me under the Christmas tree.

Prostate pervert party

Prostate phone sexMy favorite pervert and I had a very filthy prostate phone sex prolapse party. We spent hours upon hours watching filthy pornography videos together and playing with our genitals. I am my Pervert’s amazing little cunt princess and he will do anything for me no matter what it is! I own his cock and he knows it. He loves that I have him wrapped around my bratty finger. The two of us together are a strong sexual force unlike anything I have ever experienced before! He raised his credit card limit so that he no longer even has one, he loves maxing out his cards on me and our beautiful addiction to pornography. No other pervert in the world would be as disgusting and depraved as mine is! He loves knowing that everyone is aware of how goddamn twisted he really is. I am constantly pushing him to watch more porn and stroke his penis for endless amounts of time. We love a good prostate prolapse, sucking on that shit as it gushes out of a gaping asshole. We both cum so fucking hard and happily bask in our puddle of bodily fluids. I pissed all over myself and now I get to play in it while I guzzle it down with my pervert! Mutual masturbation is so fucking yummy when it’s with someone who’s just as freaky as you are!

Pool with Master

I didn’t mean to displease master, but I certainly got the beating I deserved. I had been such a good little pain slut all of last week, so master decided to reward me by taking me out with him for pool with the guys. We were all drinking, laughing, and having a good time, and that’s when I noticed his friend Matt was flirting with me. I was never into Matt because he was just never dominant enough for me, but I guess that’s why they call alcohol liquid courage. I am a trained good little submissive whore, all my life I have been taught to do what I am told. So, when Matt told me to go to the bathroom with him, I did what I was told. When Matt told me to get on my knees so that he could skull fuck me, I did. When master found us he was fuming. He punched Matt in the face, and drug me by my hair over to the pool table. Right in front of everyone he stripped me down, and bent me over the pool table. He duct taped 3 billiard balls together, and began popping them up my tight little teen ass one by one. Then, he grabbed the pool stick, and shoved it thick side first into my pussy. He put in as much as he could before he started ramming it in and out of my tight wet pussy. My ass hole was bleeding and my pussy was sore, but he didn’t stop there. When he finally took the billiard balls out of my ass, he poured vodka into my tore up ass hole and swollen pussy. I can not really say that I walked home in pain because it was more like a limp, but I got what I deserved. I belong to my master, and only my master. 

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Thanksgiving Fuck Feast

Phone sex

It’s that time of year again! Parents are busy going to swingers friendsgivings than to bother staying home with their annoying brats. That’s where I come in. There were so many babysitting jobs, I decided to have some fun and accept a bunch of them. Parents were glad to drop off their tots at my house, so they could escape for the night.

My living room filled up with so many perfect little cock sucking sluts and sissies. My pussy got so wet as my mind raced with ideas on what to do with them. I decided to have my very own fuck feast! And I had just the right friends to invite. I had all my favorite horny neighbors come over to have a taste of all my brats. I had these slutty tots tied up in knots with cocks in every hole.

The whole event became an orgy. My little cock suckers must’ve been hungry. They gobbled every cock near them! My thirsty little whores and faggies begged to be filled and fed warm frothy cum! They couldn’t get enough until their writhing bellies were full!

Incest Babysitter

Phone sex

My mom told me that my Uncle needed me to sit for my cousins on Friday night. I had plans with my new cheer squad, but I figured that the cash and some fun would do me good. When I got there, my cousin Mikey was already fast asleep and my Aunt Tia was gone. I walked into the living room and my Uncle Ron and cousin Kiki were playing dolls.

I wondered why my Uncle was still home since I was supposed to watch the little brats, but he told me that. Aunt Tia decided to have some fun with her girlfriends and his fantasy football friends cancelled. I asked if he wanted me to just go home then, but he said he had a better idea to spend the Friday night.

He said he heard rumors about me from the fantasy football guys and thought I could help little Kiki learn “a few things.” I smirked and asked what sorts of things he wanted me to teach her.

He stood up and dropped his pants revealing his huge thick cock. He told me that Kiki isn’t very good at playing with Daddy and wondered if I could show her how to be a good cock sucking whore. I never pass up a teaching moment! I got naked and asked Kiki to watch me and play with her little cunnie while I showed her how Uncle Ron likes to play.

I started licking and sucking on his shaft while she watched. I showed her how a good cock sucking whore deep throats. I worked his cock with my hands and jerked him while I sucked on the tip of his cock. My tongue danced circles all over Uncle Ron’s cock and balls while his sweet little angel rubbed her wet clitty. Just when he was about to cum I called her over and had her open her teeny mouth to catch Daddy’s creamy surprise!

Teen Cheerleader Slut

Phone sex

Everyone knows that cheerleaders make the skankiest whores. And what better way to expand my little business than to recruit the sluttiest ones. They do it for free anyway and it’s ruining my business. But here’s the thing, if you can’t beat them, join them! And I did. With my hot, young and horny group of girls we can fulfill all your dirty needs!

Joining wasn’t all that hard, but it was convincing the principle to end my suspension and let me join that was a little tricky. I made sure to put on my little uniform and march down to his office. When I walked in, he eyed my tight young body. I made sure to hike up my skirt, so he could see my soft pale ass.

He asked me why I believed that I deserved to be in the uniform and I told him because I’ll work really, really hard for it. His eyes trailed up and down my body. And I decided to drop my skirt exposing my tiny white panties. He shifted and told me that was very inappropriate. He shut his mouth when I lifted my top exposing my teen tits. His cock instantly pitched a tent in his pants and I giggled as I dropped down to my knees.

“Please let me be a cheerleader, Mr. Johnson,” I pleaded as I ran my hand over his thigh. He asked me how I would prove that I was worthy. I took his cock in my hand and licked him in circles from the tip all the way down to his balls. I deepthroated his cock while playing with his balls until he spun me around and fucked my dripping cunnie on his office couch! He then took his big cock out from my cunnie and roughly fucked my ass, when he was about to cum, he pushed me back down to my knees and made me suck my cunnie and ass juice off his cock until he came all over my pretty face.

Sexy College Slut

Coed phone sex

Being a naughty coed slut is my thing. I love being a dirty little whore and letting men fuck all my holes, so I had an idea. Why not get paid to do what you love? College is expensive and sometimes I struggle to afford tuition. I decide to try doing porn to earn a little extra cash. It would be easy, I just set up and account on one of the many camming sites online and then film myself being a whore.

Once I had my account set up and a few sexy pictures of myself posted online, I started to get lots of messages from men asking for a show! So I turned on my webcam and got naked for them. I put a plug in my ass and played with my little wet cunt in front of them. It turned me on so much knowing all these horny men were watching me and touching themselves. I rubbed my clit and fingered myself for the camera while the base of my buttplug peeked out from between my ass cheeks. I kicked it up a notch by taking out my biggest dildo and sliding it into my soaking slit. I pushed it in and out of me while moaning and writhing in front of the camera. Then I came so hard that when I squirted, some of my wet juice splashed the camera lens! Then I laid back and licked all of my yummy cum off of my fingers and dildo. I just love the taste of my own pussy and cum and I knew the men watching me would find it so sexy to see me tasting myself. And I was right! The men loved it. They showered me with tips and a few sent gift cards and messages telling me how much they loved watching me. Easiest way to make cash ever!

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