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Redhead Sissy Trainers!

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As the saying goes, two redheads are better than one! My sister from another mister, Brooklyn is one of the best sissy fag trainers. We’re double the trouble for sure! Turning you into our perfect faggy fuck slave. Boy do we have so much fun planned for you. Brooklyn has helped me pick out the bestest, frilliest ruffled pink dresses to stuff your sissy body in! We bring out a teeny pink cock cage for you! We can’t wait to train your sissy faggy mouth and boy pussy to shove our massive strap-on cocks in! Worship us, little faggy slave! We’ll show you how to be the perfect sissy cock slave for our boyfriends! We know how much you love to worship massive cocks, but first you need to practice on our rubber swinging strap-on cocks! Let Brooklyn and I stretch that mouth and boy pussy, we can’t wait to gag that throat and gape that yummy sweet boy pussy!

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Solo time

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I love sex, but I have a high sex drive and don’t always have someone around to help me get off. That’s okay though, because I have pretty much every kind of sex toy you can think of. I love playing with my Wet bald pussy with a vibrator or my fingers. Or sometimes I really like to stretch my cunt out and fuck myself hard with a nice thick dildo. I could spend hours in bed making myself cum over and over again. This morning when I woke up, I was so horny, but alone. I had the whole house to myself and so I decided to watch porn on the couch while playing with a vibrator. I found a nice hot video to watch while working my pussy with the vibrator and pinching and rubbing my nipples with my free hand. I came so hard and so many times that I left a big wet spot on the sofa cushion. Oops!

Snakes on a plane

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Hot ass sex is my specialty. I have a nice ass, and it gets plenty of attention. My long flight to the big apple was nothing short than adventurous. After the hustle and bustle of being in the TSA line and getting to my terminal, I was over ready to chill out and try to get through the five-hour flight. My seat had a mixup, and I was stuck between two annoying men. They were loud and making so much ruckus. I paid little to no mind. I took a benedryll and was hoping not to wake up till the flight landed. With the turbulence, I was getting woken up every few minutes. I noticed both the meatheads were watching porn. I was amazed at the girth of their dicks. One of them whispered in my ear. I knew he had figured out I was a nympho. He whispered if I had ever seen snakes on a plane. My eyes beamed and I grabbed both their dicks and jerked them and even let them mount me. One at a time. We had limited space, but it worked out. This spinner got fucked hard and rough. The turbulence was a great disguise. The naked teen pictures got them going. They were so happy a hot thing like me got seated with them.

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Stretching Out That Mouth

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Most of the little brats I babysit for have the tiniest little mouths! I sometimes wonder how they even fit food into these little itty bitty lips. These training whores can’t be cock sucking slaves if their wee mouths can’t even fit a cock properly! That is why their mommies and daddies make it up to me to stretch these teeny mouths open. Proper cock sucking sluts need to fit thick the biggest cocks down to their throats. First, I start by shoving my fingers in their slutty mouths, pulling those lips back and getting that mouth wide open! If I have to, I will make a tiny whore in training wear a mouth widening speculum all day long until she can fit a fully mature, big black cock straight down her throat. Dildos come in handy too. I love shoving a massive black dildo down their mouths to get those whores ready to take real big massive black cocks.

Guided masturbation with a horny slut

guided masturbationGuided masturbation has been so much fun. My stepdad has helped me learn about my body. At first, I was a little nervous and scared. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I had to keep all our one on one secret hobby. I learned so much form him. I had no idea I could myself feel so good. My little clit was real gold. I never knew I could feel all that pleasure. I was a young girl ready to do anything to get attention. I didn’t have to look too far. My stepdad had his eyes on me and wanted to make me a girl with experience. I knew our fun times together would pay off, I perfected the blowjob with him, and I was able to show it off that skill to all the boys in the class.

Cam-whoring for cash

Sexy college girl porn

College is expensive. If I didn’t sell my pussy in various ways, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to school at all. I started thinking of ways I could use my naturally high sex drive and sexy body to make money. It’s fun, fast, and easy. I just get paid to get fucked by horny men or play with my little hot squirting pussy on camera and let them watch. Men practically throw cash at me for a chance to get get a peek at this tight little cunt of mine. It’s a lot of fun for me to get off on camera while guys are watching too. I get a kinky little thrill out of knowing I’m being watched by strangers who are stroking their cocks thinking of me. I just spread my legs and finger my pussy while the camera rolls and make myself cum over and over again!

Spying in the Shower

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As you know, when I babysit the wee little brats, things can get very very messy! Often times, we all end up covered in squirt and cummies. Of course, I take it upon myself to make sure we’re all cleaned up. But just the other night while I was washing up I saw your little brats’ little faces pressed up against the glass watching me lather up my naked teen body. These little perverted tots can’t seem to get enough of hot babysitter Isis! I called them in and decided that the best way to clean up after a rigorous nasty session of cock training is to have their little tongues cleaning me up from head to toe! I laid on the shower floor and made these little whores lap up all the cum and their pussy juice off of my naked body. I made sure the little whores licked every crevice! They cleaned my used holes so well too! They slurped up and licked all the sweet drizzling cum from my cunnie and ass.

Cucumber fuck

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I was home alone and feeling really horny and naughty and wanted to try something new to try. I have lots of toys, but I’ve gotten kind of bored with them. Then I had a really devious idea. My roommate had just bought a bunch of fresh veggies, including a couple cucumbers. I grabbed one from the fridge and took it to my room to have some fun. It was cold from the fridge, but that just added to the new experience. I teased myself with the big vegetable at first, before sliding it into my tight cunt and pumping it in and out . It felt just as good as any dildo, and soon my pussy was creaming hard and dripping all over it. I came hard and soaked the cucumber with my cum. Instead of washing it off, I just popped it back in the fridge for my roommate to eat. Maybe she’ll enjoy the special sauce I added to it.

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Silk Stockings

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

I guess you could say I have a little bit of a pantyhose fetish. I just love the way the soft silk feels on my skin and the way it clings to my body. I never feel sexier than when I’m wearing a pair of silk stockings. I was meeting with a special guy friend last night for Valentine’s and so I wore a sexy pair of white thigh high silk stockings under my dress. He loves it when I wear stockings, so when his hand reached under my dress and felt my silk clad legs, he was instantly hard. He took me home and pulled my dress and panties off and fucked me in nothing but my stockings. He sucked on my toes through the stockings and ran his hands up and down my legs while he plowed in and out of my pussy. He pulled out and shot ropes of cum all over my legs and the pantyhose, covering them in little pearly droplets.

Shyla stretches Haley’s pussy

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I met a hot chick at a party named Haley and I just had to have her. We both had a little too much to drink and went back to my room. It was the first time I’d met another girl as freaky as me. Haley told me she couldn’t get off unless I really worked her pussy good, so I gave it my best shot. I climbed on top of her and put my pussy in her face while I licked her cunt in the 69 position. She made me cum almost instantly, but she was a tougher nut to crack. I bent her over and started working her pussy from behind. I slid in just two fingers at first, then three and four, and then finally I had my whole hand in her pussy. I was wrist deep in her tight cunt, pumping my hand in and out when I finally got her to squirt. The wait was worth it though, she gushed so much cum I couldn’t help but run my tongue between her pussy lips and get a taste of it.

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