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Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone Sex Anal Phone Sex gets you ready to blow. I love sending you pics of my tight teen ass and getting you aroused on the phone knowing your wife is under the same roof. It brings me so much satisfaction to be able to have you lust after me and know you aren’t getting what you need from your whiny wife. It all started earlier this semester when I sat in your class you thought I was a cute innocent freshman, you thought wrong! I knew what I wanted I wanted that big cock I could see your bulge poking thru in class and eventually I ended up flirting and you flirted right back. We even exchanged numbers for a so-called tutoring session but of course, you would receive endless hot photos of me and you admitted my tight bum was helping you cum while you were home with your wife. You turn her down just so you can stroke your cock for me. You think about stretching my holes and having your way with me.

Guided masturbation fun with the boss

Guided masturbationMy boss and I have been sneaking around lately and sometimes we are a bit impatient when we can’t meet up. So I came up with a way to keep us both really pleased. It actually came about one day we were fucking. I asked him if he masturbates when we aren’t together and of course I knew the answer was yes. He’s not fucking his wife so he is thinking about me. I told him everytime he cums he has to think of me and shoot me a text while he is doing it. A bit of guided masturbation fun together. It’s so hot to now he is getting off thinking about all the times he has fucked me right next to his wife. I love being able to control his headspace. When we aren’t together we are surely thinking about each other. I love sending him pics of me and my toys just to show him how excited he has me.

Young bald pussy getting fucked

Young bald pussy getting fucked with the best toy ever. I was getting ready for the Halloween party but got a little distracted. I put my outfit on and there was kind of no point in that cause it came right off. I started to think of all the naughty things possible. I got to watch some porn and the rest was basically bound to happen. I was watching a ton of porn and getting my cunt nice and wet. I brought my favorite did and went to town. I love rubbing my clitty with it. It feels so good and gets me all wet in seconds. I pulled on my tender nipples and pictured a nice big rod going deep in me. I didn’t care how late I was as long as I got off. I am a greedy girl and when I need to cum I have to cum. I will stop whatever I have going on to make sure I am pleased.Young bald pussy

My Friend’s Dad

Hardcore Ass Fucking

I had just finished up taking a nice long shower over at my friend Brit’s house when her dad accidentally
opened the door on me. The funny part was that he said, “ooops! I thought Brit was in here” as his eyes
scanned over my tight and cute little body. I dropped the towel right there, pressed myself up
against him and had my way with Brit’s dead ol’ daddy. I have always thought older men were so much more
attractive than the guys my age but what I wasn’t ready for especially was his big thick dick that filled me
to every space. I loved riding his cock on the marble vanity and even taking his huge daddy cock into my little
virgin asshole. He pumped me full of his creamy goodness and I was left on the floor of that bathroom totally exhausted.
I wonder if he’d be interested in tucking me into bed too?



Sexy college girl porn does it for you

Sexy college girl porn does it for you. Let’s be honest, When you are home alone you run to your computer and start to watch all the nasty stuff that roams your mind during the day. You just have a need for a tight teen like me. Is this the reason you stare when you are in the grocery store and you see me grabbing some produce? Your cock begins to twitch, I can tell. How about when you are driving by my school you and see a parade of hot studious sluts, don’t you just have to pull over and gawk from a distance and just jerk? When you fuck your wife you are thinking about sluts like me. That thought is exactly what makes you happy isn’t it? You just cum better when you think about us!! You just need a sweet slut who will take you to the moon and back. You have the need to just think about how bad you want to stretch these teeny cunnies out. It’s satisfying to just imagine fucking young sluts because honestly, that’s probably the only way you can cum hard.  *Giggles*Sexy college girl porn *Giggles*

Young bald pussy that will keep you cumming back

young bald pussyYoung bald pussy that will keep you cumming back for more. I like to have a good time when I’m fucking, I’m not a selfish lover I love to make sure you are having a good time. I know how addicting my body is and how much you are turned on by me, So you probably expect me to leave all the work to you, I’m probably one of the best you will ever have, for one I don’t believe in random hookups that just not me I like to build a bond and be something more than a one night stand, I like to be the perfect girlfriend for you, even if you have a wife, there’s nothing wrong with a side piece that’s way better than the entree. My sex is so addicting you will eventually just need to have me all the time, cause honestly, nothing compares to me. I have everything you want and way more than you can ever dream off.

Anal Phone Sex princess

anal phone sex princess that’s what I want to be for you. I’d love nothing more than to get my toy and watch some hot porn and play with my cute barely legal ass. I know how much girls like me turn you on and how bad you would love nothing more than to pound our cute tight bums. Shove your face right in my ass and pussy and make me cum hard. You know I’d let you play with my teeny ass, because it makes you totally weak,  I know how hard you get just by thinking about it so I will be a sweet princess and let you get your desire and I will let you shove your tongue in my tight ass lick it real good and pound it as much as you want. As long as I can bring a cute friend along and maybe even peg you too. *Giggles* Whats better than one hot coed? how about a pair of hot coeds. 😉anal phone sexanaana

Repairman Special


phone sexSo my furnace has been acting up for quite sometime but i’ve been putting it off all summer.  But seeing as it’s already starting to get cold out i knew i couldn’t put it off much longer so i called the repair man.  He  was a tall husky built man and wasnt too bad looking.  I had on a very short dress that day and when i was getting him his money to pay him i noticed an enormous bulge in his pants and without saying a word i sat him down on the sofa and pulled his dick out and got on top of him and rode him.   I rode that dick slow at first giving him a little tease.   It filled up my pussy so good and was rock hard.  Finally he tells me to get up and without warning he spins me around and bends me over the arm of the couch pulls my hair and starts fucking me from behind.  With every thrust his dick went deeper and deeper inside me.   And the deeper he went the wetter.  I moaned and arched my back and  than i felt the most amazing thing ever his cum filling up my pussy.   Soon after that my sweet cream went all over his dick and i sucked it all clean. To say the least i ended up getting a great deal on that repair deal 😉

Thanks Coach!

Hardcore Ass FuckingI got into a whole lot of trouble today in gym class trying to avoid having to run the mile. Couch Jessica was so pissed
off with me after she caught me hiding in the dugout smoking cigarettes that she demanded I come to her office after my last class.
As soon as I walked in, I noticed the paddle she normally kept behind her desk wasn’t hanging in its normal spot.
That’s when she walked up behind me from the door and just said, “Drop em!” I knew that meant my panties and shorts but I
still stood there dumbfounded as to how to handle situation. Was she a lesbian or just one for punishment. Before I could
wrap my brain around any further conceptions of the play by play, she had pulled my bottoms off me and flung me over the side of
her desk. Coach Jessica gave me the bare bottom spanking of my god damn life, going so far as to even stick her fingers
inside my dripping wet pussy while she paddled away. After she was done, she handed me a sharpie and made me sign the paddle.
Now I know how all those names got on there. Hey wait, isn’t that your little girl’s name beside mine?

Cock control cutie

cock control cutie, I have become quite a little evil thing, I have spent months paying my dues for a mistake I made this past summer, I have already mentioned how I stole from Mr. D who is like an uncle to me and we already know that I got all my holes used by him, I didn’t so much love being subjected to him and being his slave slut like he likes to call me, but I soon got very used to it and enjoyed it even, I actually got very good at learning how to take control and enjoy control, I learned from him and applied that to the guys I fuck in school, I first try to get them super addicted to me and then I tease the hell out of them because they don’t deserve to have my pussy til I say its okay, I love giving those suckers blue balls and just giggling and teasing those idiots, It has made me so happy to run the show and let them know who is in charge.cock control

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