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My friends boyfriend

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A girl sometimes just wants to fuck. I was bored and decided to hit up some of those hookup apps. To my surprise I just spent hours on end trying to talk myself out of it. Sometimes the vagina wins and there’s nothing you can do especially when you have cravings for some hot ass sex. I got matched to this guy and he came over right away. It took a couple seconds to realize that this guy coming over was actually one of my friends boyfriends. I was stuck in a place of wanting to get laid and trying to be a good friend. Unfortunately I had to betray my friend and I just needed to fuck her new boyfriend. It sucks that I knew, and he had no idea because we had never met, but I have seen plenty pictures. My friend was already deep in lust with this one. She probably showed me so many pictures I should have been able to swipe left immediately. It’s too bad, and my pussy just wanted his big rod, and I got his big dick at my service. How can I turn down good cock?

Now every time I see him, he looks down and gets nervous that I’m going to tell. I whisper in his ear and let him know he’s safe. I think about him just bending me over and giving me his dick everytime we cross paths. Sorry, not sorry because well sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get fucked even if it means betraying someone.



Daddies cock lover

cum shots on titsDaddy came home very stressed out about work and just needed some time to relax. I know what makes daddy super happy, so I get my pigtails on dress up like his perfect schoolgirl slut, and I end up getting on my knees and letting Daddy see my cute little face. Daddy knows what I want. I want his huge dick deep in my mouth! I love to deepthroat daddy’s dick. When Daddy gets his cock in my mouth, I start to lick the tip. Then I go down to the shaft and pull down my little panties and start rubbing on my pussy. I love making eye contact with Daddy when I’m rubbing my pussy. I want him to know that he’s the one that’s got me horny. I love being Daddy’s horny girl. Daddy loves when I spread my pussy so he can take a careful look and begin to pleasure me. Daddy sucks and licks so right it makes me crave it for days on end when I don’t have it. When I’m in school I rub my pussy, and I think back to our adventures together, and I cum at my desk in class like a cock loving slut.

Be A Good Boy And Suck That Dick

Forced Bisexuality Phone SexI can be very persuasive when I want to be. I know my hot teen body does captivate guys, a lot of guys want to fuck me and I am okay with that. There is a fetish I have however that I have gotten to fulfill that I want to do again as much as i can. I love have cock sucking contests to see which of us suck it better. I love getting the guys who are so against it and making them suck those big fat cocks for me. And the guys i have done it with the cocks have been way bigger than their own. This fetish titillates me and my bald pussy gets so wet. I love teasing the guys and showing them my perfect tight kitty. Telling them the way to get it is to suck that fat dick for me. I will take them by the back of their head and place their lips right on that cock. I also love sucking cock with guys and have our tongues massage at the head when we are both sucking for that cream. I am rubbing my pussy right now just thinking about it and much I love us licking the creampie of each others faces and then kiss with it thick on our lips like lip gloss.

I Can’t Stop Touching My Young Bald Pussy

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I am so addicted to rubbing my young bald pussy. I sit around all day and think about dick and cum and getting off. I can’t help it. It just feels so fucking good when I feel my wet fingers slinging up and down my clit. Making me fucking drip and tingle all over. Sometimes I’m finger fucking myself and I feel like I’m going to fucking explode. Just the other day I was watching some porn and flicking my clit and I felt like I was going to cum so fucking hard. All of a sudden I let go and I felt my bed fucking soak with my pussy juice. I squirted fucking everywhere. I loved it and now every time I rub my wet cunt I make myself cum and squirt all over. You should cum with me. No one likes to cum alone and I love hearing how turned on you get listening to me get off with you on the line. Let’s have some naughty fun and get off together!


Mutual Masturbation Porn with My Hot Neighbor

mutual masturbation pornMy neighbor asked me if I wanted to make some mutual masturbation porn last night. His wife, whom we both don’t like, is out of town for the week. She thinks her husband is a cuckold. He loves to fuck his sexy BBW neighbor. He is a good lover with a big cock. He is not cuckold material. I know what cuckold material is from experience.  My married neighbor has a 10-inch cock. He should be in porn not married to a bitch. I love watching him stroke his cock. He enjoys watching me toy with my plump cunt. Sometimes late at night, after the bitch has gone to sleep, he sneaks downstairs to skype with me. We will masturbate for one another. After a good cum, we both sleep more soundly. Last night we took it farther and made a hot video. I filmed him as he stroked his cock in various positions. I love watching him shoot his cum in the air. He had the biggest cum shot every time. I thought the amount of cum decreased with multiple cums, but it didn’t. Not with him at least. When it was his turn to watch me, he thought he had drained his balls, but he was hard again watching me fuck myself with a rolling pin. I fucked all sorts of things in the house: a beer bottle, a thick candle, the rolling pin and some different sized dildos. I came so many times. I think I get hotter being watched. Do you like to watch a sexy gal play with her pussy? I am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. The best part of our fun was that we videotaped it, so we had spank bank material. I have been watching my hot neighbor beat his meat all morning.  This phone sex whore wants to listen to you beat your meat too.

Cum loving slut

cum slut phone sex

I was watching some hot porn with this guy I was dating we were just messing around, and we thought we should enjoy some naughty movies together. We had been many miles apart and had a ton cum slut phone sex. He knew what the deal was with me I was all about being cum drenched and taking loads left and right. I was a cum loving slut, and he knew it. While we were watching the flick we heard a knock it was a group of guys that seemed familiar. I opened up, and sure enough, it was his best friend and cousins coming over to enjoy the show. They were coming over to cum on me too. It was about to go down. This was all set up, and I honestly couldn’t have loved it more. I was excited to feel their cocks pound me and fuck me hard and I loved the fact I would enjoy the grand finale a ton of cum shots all over my slutty body.

Lake Fun

bisexual phone sexI met this guy the other day that had a girl friend on my cousins boat. We well went out on the lake and had a great time. I met them and they were already off the bat flirty with me especially the girl. She kept telling me how her and her boyfriend are swingers and all I could do was smile because they were both just so attractive. She had nice big tits but fit her thick body so well, long tan legs, they both had white beautiful teeth, after we tubed, drank some beers we got back to land they invited me to their house. They made diner and had some liquor and we all took showers and I got in bed with them and we played all night. He had us girls fucking each other first, asses up in the air and let me tell you he could multitask like a mother fucker. I was pleased and had such a great time.

Soothing Time

adult phone chatWhen I get home from a long day of work, I love to soak in my bubble bath while I play with my pussy. The water feels so good running over my little vagina. It relaxes me and makes me wish I had someone like you, so I could help sooth you and ease your mind. Lets talk about what ever your mind needs right after we take a nice, warm bath. I just bought some oils, lotions and toys. My body, and soul feel so relaxed. I love to rub my self down slowly over my soft skin, spread my legs and pour my oils on the top of my clit rub them in real good while I rub it up to my titties when I fuck myself I squeeze on my titties and nipples, I am just so good with my hands let me show you what I can do.

Not that innocent

fetish phone sex

I love how everyone assumes I’m a sweet girl and would never do a naughty thing. My parents are so beyond proud and thrilled with their little girl. The thing is I have always been a nasty slut! They just never realized that I love to be a total nympho slut. I have pimped my pussy out for concert tickets. I have no shame in my game. I knew this guy who had backstage passes to a concert I was dying to go too. I didn’t have to do much but suck a cock or two for the extra ticket. I liked sucking him and his cousin off behind the school bleachers. I think caprice on her knees is just about the best site, don’t you? I was able to juggle their cocks at the same time like a real fucking champ.

I don’t think any slut can compete with me. I have done it all sent out naked teen pictures of me to my school dean and had gotten fantastic grace periods and exemptions from finals. I have hustled my pussy to the top of the cheerleading squad. I have made all the stupid girls at school very envious. I mean my tight little body will rise any cock in sight.

I can handle a hot gangbang too. I have no issues feeling a cock in every hole. I’m a nasty slut. I fucking love being a dirty whore. I love the taste of cum and the feeling of my twat dripping as I get extra excited.

Hurry Before Your Wife Gets Home

cheating phone sexHurry up before your wife gets home. She’s due to be there any minute.  We can’t have any fucking cheating phone sex before she gets there.  I’m sorry that she’s such a bore and doesn’t even enjoy sex any more.  Such a shame.  With such a nice cock as yours, you should be getting fucked and sucked any time you want to.  You’re still a handsome man.  She just doesn’t know what she’s missing.  But honey, I’ll fill in all the blanks you need.  I can be your GFE.  I love expensive gifts and in return, I’ll devote all my time to you.  You can call me as much as you want.  I’ll even accept your calls when I’m technically not even online.  I always keep my phone with me so we can have our special time together.  That’s all a man really wants anyway is to feel special.  Whatever she’s lacking I’m here for.  Call me and give me  a try.  What have you got to lose?  I’ll even email you pics so you can show your jealous coworkers what a hot side piece you have.  I’m available for you baby.

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