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Soothing Time

adult phone chatWhen I get home from a long day of work, I love to soak in my bubble bath while I play with my pussy. The water feels so good running over my little vagina. It relaxes me and makes me wish I had someone like you, so I could help sooth you and ease your mind. Lets talk about what ever your mind needs right after we take a nice, warm bath. I just bought some oils, lotions and toys. My body, and soul feel so relaxed. I love to rub my self down slowly over my soft skin, spread my legs and pour my oils on the top of my clit rub them in real good while I rub it up to my titties when I fuck myself I squeeze on my titties and nipples, I am just so good with my hands let me show you what I can do.

Not that innocent

fetish phone sex

I love how everyone assumes I’m a sweet girl and would never do a naughty thing. My parents are so beyond proud and thrilled with their little girl. The thing is I have always been a nasty slut! They just never realized that I love to be a total nympho slut. I have pimped my pussy out for concert tickets. I have no shame in my game. I knew this guy who had backstage passes to a concert I was dying to go too. I didn’t have to do much but suck a cock or two for the extra ticket. I liked sucking him and his cousin off behind the school bleachers. I think caprice on her knees is just about the best site, don’t you? I was able to juggle their cocks at the same time like a real fucking champ.

I don’t think any slut can compete with me. I have done it all sent out naked teen pictures of me to my school dean and had gotten fantastic grace periods and exemptions from finals. I have hustled my pussy to the top of the cheerleading squad. I have made all the stupid girls at school very envious. I mean my tight little body will rise any cock in sight.

I can handle a hot gangbang too. I have no issues feeling a cock in every hole. I’m a nasty slut. I fucking love being a dirty whore. I love the taste of cum and the feeling of my twat dripping as I get extra excited.

Hurry Before Your Wife Gets Home

cheating phone sexHurry up before your wife gets home. She’s due to be there any minute.  We can’t have any fucking cheating phone sex before she gets there.  I’m sorry that she’s such a bore and doesn’t even enjoy sex any more.  Such a shame.  With such a nice cock as yours, you should be getting fucked and sucked any time you want to.  You’re still a handsome man.  She just doesn’t know what she’s missing.  But honey, I’ll fill in all the blanks you need.  I can be your GFE.  I love expensive gifts and in return, I’ll devote all my time to you.  You can call me as much as you want.  I’ll even accept your calls when I’m technically not even online.  I always keep my phone with me so we can have our special time together.  That’s all a man really wants anyway is to feel special.  Whatever she’s lacking I’m here for.  Call me and give me  a try.  What have you got to lose?  I’ll even email you pics so you can show your jealous coworkers what a hot side piece you have.  I’m available for you baby.

Phone Sex BBW GFE in Charge

phone sexI love phone sex. I never thought about it as a career, but here I am being a sexy BBW phone girlfriend. I love it too. Getting paid to talk dirty and masturbate must be the best job ever. I went to college. I am qualified for other things, but I am the envy of my friends. I make more money than they do from the comfort of my home. I can claim my sex toys as a business expense and I get to have all kinds of sex with strangers. My callers love me too. In fact, some of my real lovers get jealous over my phone lovers. Sometimes, I get on a long call and I must put off a special date. Pete and I had a date last night at 9 PM. Not so much a date as a hook up. He is married and struggles to find time when his wife is gone. I was on a six hour call, however. I don’t often get long calls like that, but when I do, I am not cutting it short for some married dick. Pete was texting me non stop. I had to tell him if he didn’t stop, I would cut him off from my pussy entirely. He was being a whiny little bitch. He came over this morning before work to make up his time. He tried to tell me when he has time, I need to drop everything. I put him in his place quickly. I am no one’s bitch. I am not a beck and call girl. I told him he needed to get lost or make amends.  He can act all in control, but my wet bald pussy makes him weak. He apologized to me by eating my pussy for an hour. I teased the fuck out of him. Made him go get me Starbucks before I started my phone job. I sent him to work with blue balls and my cunt juice on his face. No man is ever going to think he owns me.

wetbald pussy

Cream filled

wet bald pussyDaddy got me a special toy I can’t wait to use it. It’s a nice big robotic cock. Whenever daddy isn’t around, I can hop on and get my wet bald pussy read for daddy. Daddy loves to leave my cunny filled with his creamy cum. I like making daddy cum so hard, and when he screams from the bliss, my tiny twat give him I’m immediately feeling like I’m winning at life. I love being daddies little special slut whore. I like to spread my legs and get my pussy ready to be licked sucked and fucked. Daddy has a special sweet slut who can’t get enough of his big daddy cock. Daddy suck on my little tits and work your way down to my twat. I wanna taste my pussy on your lips so bad. It riles me up to feel and taste you. When daddy sprays me with his load I take it like a champ. I know mommy doesn’t like cum very much and I could hear her from my room complaining about you cumming in her mouth. I learned how to take care of daddy real quick. I’m proud to be your sex lil escape daddy-o.

Pretty pussy

hot squirting pussyI always get a reaction from the guys I fuck. The first thing they see is my perfect pussy laid out in front of them. I like the attention I garner from my second set of lips. I will admit they are perfectly pouty and pink and nice and puffy. They were made to be licked sucked and fucked. I was blessed with the cutest pussy if I do say so myself. I learned quite early on how to manipulate guys with all my assets. I have some talents not many girls have, and that Is the ability to make anyone and everyone wild with my pussy and my squirting ability. Yes, baby this tiny teen squirts and she squirts hard. I like how my hot squirting pussy hypnotizes you. You just can’t believe all that pussy stream is coming out of little slut like me. I especially love when I have your mouth wide open ready for that squirty cunt.

Black Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits, especially when it is black cum and on my tits! I had a surprise visit this morning from an old lover. I have not seen him in forever. He got married and started having little ones, so fucking a slut wife was no long a priority. His wife is a black beauty queen who would not stand for him cheating on her with a white woman. I was surprised to see him, but happy nonetheless. If he was at my door, he wanted to fuck. His cock is a work of art too. Thirteen inches, thick and uncut. He told me he loves his wife, but she can’t handle his dick, not even after she birthed a few brats. I told him his cock was always welcome in my fuck holes anytime. I meant it. Tray is one of the best cocks I have ever fucked. He wanted to fuck me, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to cheat on his wife. It was sweet, but frustrating. I mean why the hell show up at my doorstep unless you want to fuck? He apologized for twat teasing me. He wanted to see if I was still smoking hot. I suggested something to him I thought would work for both of us. A little guided masturbation. I mean if he was stroking his massive rod in front of me, that isn’t technically cheating. If he came on my tits, his cock didn’t touch me. He loved the idea. His balls were big and swollen too. They clearly needed drained. Tray always had huge cum shots.  Look at my tits? I took a selfie. That is one load of hot sticky cum. It is on my face too.  Tray knows how to give a woman cum. Too bad my husband isn’t here to lick it off. Would you like the honor?

Tranny Phone Sex Fantasies

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is my specialty. That should be obvious lol. I mean, I am a chick with a dick. Guys call me for all kinds of calls, however. I even get special mommy calls. Guys like discovering that their mom or step mom is not exactly who they thought. I did this sexy role play last night with a guy who fantasized about his mom having a big dick. I caught him masturbating. Instead of the typical mommy fantasy where mommy strokes her son’s cock for him, I showed him how to masturbate. If mommy has a 10 inch cock, it is very easy to model good jack off technique. I don’t play mommy often, for the obvious reason, but it gets me thinking. I would like to get married someday. I would adopt or be a step mommy, but I want to be a mommy. If I had a son, I would show him how to masturbate. We would watch guided masturbation porn together and I could tell him what girls want and enjoy! If I had a girl, I could teach her how to suck a cock. I could tell her how to attract boys. I would raise her to be dominant and to never settle for small cock. Being a phone tranny has helped me explore things I never considered hot before, like motherhood.  Just because I am a sexy shemale, doesn’t mean I can’t deliver all sorts of hot fantasies

guided masturbation

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy Several Times a Day

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. I have been a chronic masturbater since I was a school girl. When I was young, I accidently made myself cum with my foot. I had been sitting Indian style and rocking. In hindsight, I know my heel was hitting my clit just right. In the moment, however, I thought I had peed myself. It felt good, so I was confused because I never got a tingling sensation when I peed before. I was afraid to say anything to anyone, even my friends because if I had peed myself, I would have been teased relentlessly. Instead of asking people if they had experienced something similar, I explored things. I wanted to see if I could recreate the feeling. I played with the shower nozzle. I rubbed my pussy on stuffed animals. I played doctor with the neighbor girl. I just wasn’t doing something right. I raided my mother’s shoe closet. I put on a pair of nice shoes, sat Indian style and started rocking back and forth. Boom. It happened again. I remember taking my panties off to smell them. I knew it wasn’t pee from the smell. I found a book hidden in my mother’s closet called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask.” I began reading it. That is when learned I had an orgasm. They day changed me forever.  I started using my fingers and objects to rub my clit. I would cum 10 times a day. I would read my dad’s dirty magazines and masturbate. Flash forward almost 2 decades, and I am watching Internet porn, having phone sex with strangers and playing with my pussy. Masturbation is the best gift you can give yourself. I give it to myself several times a day. How about you?

Bratty sugar baby

young bald pussyI have a pretty cool older boyfriend who takes me on some pretty fabulous trips. He likes to spoil me and show me I’m his favorite princess. He has some requirements on these trips; I have to always have my pretty young bald pussy on display for him. My older sugar daddy loves my sweet young teen pussy. I like being his spoiled princess and love to make his old cock hard. I love having power and control. I know my tight body and pussy does it for him. He needs me to fuck him so bad. I sometimes do some cbt on him. Nothing too extreme. I like to get his cock hard and make him wait a while before I let him release. I love getting his cock ready for my pussy. He wants to be my little bitch boy and Iike to use his American express card everywhere my heart desires. I like to blow him for new pairs of shoes and shopping sprees. I love being a tease to an old fuck like him

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