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Drugs Phone Sex Calls Rock My World

You wanna know what rocks my fucking world mother fucker? It’s fucking drugs phone sex, my pageant sluts, my young son and all the filthy perverts that I am blessed with in my fun and games. I could not work a real job because I cannot help but be the sleazy machine I am, and that plays so true in how I will continually use the offspring to my advantage and the perverts lust and willingness to pay whatever to it’s full advantage. Call me advantageous! This afternoon I had to run my daughters to a recital for their next pageant and ran into one of the new judges. He was younger and part of a corporate sponsoring agency, thus he wasn’t the usual old p daddy pervert types. I got his attention immediately it appears and flirted a little. I wasn’t going to let the girls have this one, nope I took it onto myself to control the situation and in less than 20 minutes we were in the judges office and I was getting that raging hard dick in every hole. He was truly what I needed for this high and I know he will do exactly as he needs to in coercing the votes to make my sluts win.Drugs phone sex


The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe gave me the biggest cum shot. It was a cyber cum shot, but hot, nonetheless. My cousin is overseas in the military. We have been having cyber sex for years. Last night, however, I didn’t give a sexy show to him. I jiggled my big tits and fat ass for his Major. He is the superior officer at my cousin’s outpost. Holly fuck he had a nice cock. He is the highest ranking official I have ever masturbated with. My cousin is well above private status, but he is a far cry from being the top dog too. The Major found my videos on my cousin’s laptop. He was snooping. He knew there was nothing illegal or in violation of army code about what we were doing. He doesn’t know we are kissing cousins. He just thought I was a sexy BBW girlfriend in the states. He told me he could make sure my solider got a pass to come see me if I let him jack off for me.  I told him how to stroke his cock. I played with my pussy too for him. He had a nice cock. He is married and hasn’t had sex in over a year. Poor guy. He won’t pay for a hooker because he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife of 30 years. But he couldn’t resist bbw phone sex with me. He came so hard and so did I. I told him I would be happy to help him jack off anytime. It is the least I can do for a military man.

Guided masturbation with a horny slut

guided masturbationGuided masturbation has been so much fun. My stepdad has helped me learn about my body. At first, I was a little nervous and scared. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I had to keep all our one on one secret hobby. I learned so much form him. I had no idea I could myself feel so good. My little clit was real gold. I never knew I could feel all that pleasure. I was a young girl ready to do anything to get attention. I didn’t have to look too far. My stepdad had his eyes on me and wanted to make me a girl with experience. I knew our fun times together would pay off, I perfected the blowjob with him, and I was able to show it off that skill to all the boys in the class.

Kinky Couple Calls a Phone Sex Line

Coed phone sex

I love it when couples call my phone sex hotline and want to have fun with me. The more the merrier! I had a guy call me last night and he had his kinky girlfriend in the room with him and the phone on speakerphone. They wanted me to direct them and tell them exactly what I wanted them to do with each other while I listened. I had him licking her pussy while she was tied to the bed and I could hear her moaning while he lapped at her cunt. Listening to her orgasm and moan in pleasure got me so fucking turned on I just had to use my vibrator on my wet bald pussy while I listened. After I had made him eat her out for a while, I directed her to get on her knees and then had him lube up his cock and slowly slide it into her ass. Hearing the sound of his balls slapping her while he fucked her ass nice and hard sent me over the edge and I came at the same time they did!

Guided Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I love it when I’m having phone sex and the guy takes control and tells me exactly how he wants me to fuck myself while he listens. I’ve got pretty much every kind of sex toy you could ever dream of, just tell me which one you want to use on my pussy, and I’ll do it. Or maybe you want me to take one of my toys and put it in my ass, it’s up to you, baby. I just know it really gets me off when you tell me how you want me to make myself cum. You’ll hear my vibrator buzzing on my clit or my dildo pumping in and out of my pussy. The best part though, is when you hear me moaning in ecstasy and having a back arching orgasm from everything you’ve made me do. Stroke your cock while directing me, and we can cum together at the same time.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

I am your slutty Neighbor. I have been watching you jack off in your window for days now. I know I have been laying nude on my patio even though it is getting cooler outside. I love to spread my legs wide for you to see me play with my  pussy. My head thrown back my toes curling because I was so wet that you let me see that hard cock as you stroked it. My favorite part would be when you came and then tasted your own cum off your fingers. You are suck a jack off addict. I fucking love it. So when you came knocking on my whore door I knew I had to let you in.  I led you to the couch. I stripped off your pants and shirt so I could finally get a taste of that neighbor cock! Oh, baby You tasted so good as I gulped your cock down my throat. I had to slow down because I didn’t want you to cum without getting my hot whore holes fucked deep and hard. I was surprised when you picked me up and started slamming my sweet holes over and over. When you came in me you were quick to clean my pussy of both of our cum loads.

Roleplay Phone Sex That Dark Fantasy

I am a bad babysitter. I am on this babysitter app and I get gigs all the time. I don’t do it for the money. Well, I don’t do it for the babysitting money. I do it because if I take naked pictures of sexually posed young boys and girls, I have a guy who pays top dollar for the pictures. Some girls my age escort, I take dirty pictures. I am just posing the girls and boys. It is all just simulation. Maybe I put a finger here or there, or a tongue, but these little ones aren’t hurt, and they never remember a thing thanks to a special cocktail I make them. The sex traffic industry is huge and profitable. I need money just like anyone else. I made over 5 grand last year just taking these kinds of photos. My best friend is a GFE escort and she made half of what I did. Sure, she gets to travel the world and receive presents, but she also must fuck old fat guys too. I don’t have to fuck anyone for money. I just take naked pics of my charges. No one is hurt and I get rich. I got offered money to set me for life if I deliver my latest little angel to my contact. She is super cute and super young, which makes her a hot commodity. I am still working on my plan. I can’t say no to that kind of money.

Roleplay Phone Sex

Cock torture

CBT Phone Sex

A sissy with a little dick wanted to cum for me. I told him he wasn’t worthy of cumming for me, he had to earn it. I wrapped a string around the tip of his cock and tied it tight. I held the other end of the string in my hand like a leash and made him lick my pussy and my ass. Every time he got close to cumming, I yanked on the string hard and made him squeal like a little piggy. I took a rubber band and wrapped it around his balls nice and tight as punishment for nearly cumming. Hearing him whimper made me so wet. I sat on his face and ground my pussy and clit onto his face and used him like a toy to make me cum. Luckily for him, he was pretty good at eating pussy and made me squirt nice and hard. Only once I had cum on his face did I allow him to cum. He jerked himself off and thanked me for being such a good merciful mistress and only using the string and rubber band on his cock today.

Cuddle buddy

young bald pussy

Having a cuddle buddy can make going to bed much more fun. I love having Daddy sleep with me. Daddy kisses me all over and makes me feel special. We don’t do much sleeping. Instead, Daddy likes to undress me out of my pjs. Who needs clothing anyways. You are supposed to be comfortable he tells me. He’s right; Sleeping nude is the best. I like feeling the breeze and not having anything on me. Daddy isn’t done there. I feel him tickle torture me everywhere. I giggle and smile. Eventually, daddy wants a massage and some of my sweet kisses all over him. The best part of it all is when he massages my young bald pussy and spread my legs to introduce his cock to my young cunt. I start to moan as he groans and pushes with all his force till I am squirting. Eventually, after going at it for hours, we take a bath then sleep then repeat.

Showing You How to Please My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. Masturbation is the best gift we can give ourselves. I know you understand that, right? I have been masturbating since I was a school girl. I played with my kitty before a man ever did. If you don’t know how to give yourself pleasure, it is not like you can tell a partner how to please you. I am not shy about telling and showing a guy how to please my pussy. I was with a guy the other night who didn’t seem to know how to find my clit, so I showed him. I enjoy guided masturbation calls. This was similar. I guided him how to please me. I gave him an anatomy lesson first. Most men don’t understand all the parts of a woman’s pussy. They think they can just stick it in, and a woman will come. Foreplay is a lost art form these days. This guy was handsome, and he had a nice cock. He was worth training. I made him watch me cum a few times before I let him lick my bald cunt. I told him how to stroke his cock while he ate me. A few hours of foreplay and understanding how my pussy works, and he was making me squirt. Sometimes, you just have to pause the action to show a man how to give you the pleasure your deserve.

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