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Guided Masturbation Techniques so You Can Last

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Nothing hotter than listening to you stroke your cock, especially when I tell you just how to stroke it. I have this game I like to play with quick cummers. It is an edging game called Red Light Green Light. I find lovers on and off the phone cum quickly with me. I think it is because of my sexy BBW body. I need a man to last. I want a man to last and I assume you want to last too. I understand why it is easy to be a minute man, especially on the phone. But in real life, there is no excuse. Greg came before his dick was in my pussy last night. Talk about a huge disappointment.  I had to use my edging game on him because I wanted a do over. I mean he has a 9-inch cut cock. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. He liked stroking his cock for me. He said he just got too excited because I was so hot. I took it as a compliment. I edged him for 90 minutes. He said it felt like an eternity. I will go to any lengths to get fucked properly. Second time, he lasted 40 minutes in my pussy and gave me the biggest cum shot he said he ever shot. Edging works. You may need it too if you are quick shooter too.

Guided Masturbation with a Young Girl

guided masturbationGuided masturbation is something I am good at. Normally, I am telling young boys how to stroke their cocks for mommy. Last night, I got a surprise when this little girl who is staying next door found her way into my bedroom. She is the niece of my neighbor lady, Mary. She is a cute thing, younger than my sons. She was bored so she came over to see if my sons wanted to ride bikes with her. She walked right in my room as I was rubbing my pussy. It was just a rare me moment. The boys were still asleep, and I was horny. She didn’t ask me what I was doing. She knew what I was doing. In a cute young bubble voice, she told me to rub faster. Eventually, she wanted me to peel back my panties and show her my wet bald pussy. This young girl has seen some family action before. I let her tell me just how to rub my pussy. I let her tell me to show her my pretty pink cunt. She had such a dirty mouth on her that it made me wetter. I had her pull down her little panties and play with her cunnie for me. Before I realized what was happening, she was in bed with me eating my cunt calling me mommy. Damn, I wish I had a daughter.

Santas little helpers

2 girl phone sexwet bald pussy2 girl phone sex with santas little helpers? Why not? I bet your cock will rise right up as soon as you see both of us. My best Trista is a hottie who is a squirter like me. We decided to have fun with My daddy. We were going to surprise him after a long day of work. I knew the stress of the holidays had him tensed up. Trista and I are stress relievers. We both know how to make daddy happy. We made cookies and dressed up in perfect Christmas attire. We knew his schedule like clock work. I went ahead and got Trista and I ready for Daddies big dick.

I rubbed on her pussy and she returned the favor. We were going to be naughty little sluts all night. It was a great way to celebrate the holidays. Daddy walked in on us going down on each other and he already knew it was going to be a great night. He fucked us right on the kitchen counter. We took his dick in all our teen holes. I was able to spin on his dick and feed him not only our Christmas cookies but our teen cunnies. Daddy loves having my wet bald pussy and now that Trista is a regular at our house he couldn’t be anymore happier.

Slave for you

cum shots on titsThat big dick makes me do things I never thought I would do. I am addicted to how thick it is. I am a slave for you and I am begging for that candy rain. I can’t wait for cum shots on tits. Whether its on mines or my best friends I want to lick and suck off all that yummy cum. My legs are spread wide till I feel you deep inside. Feeling you pump me till I am screaming and moaning is my definition of a great Friday night. I can’t wait till I feel your load explode deep inside me. Call me the cum collector because I am so ready to get every bit of it in my mouth.

Babysitting Fun!

Phone sex

The Wilsons were going to a movie night so that means it was my night to have fun with the boys! Dylan and Sam are the cutest pair of brothers I ever laid my baby blue eyes on. When I got there the boys were giggling in the living room. I walked in and caught them looking at their Daddy’s dirty magazine. They were both flustered when I took the magazine from their hands. I flipped through the smut and asked the boys what they liked about these whores.

They said they liked their bare asses and hairy cunnies. It turned me on knowing these horny little tikes got boners looking at naked whores. I asked them if they wanted to play a little game with me. I’d strip my clothes off for them if they did things for me. I started with my shirt and showed them my perky babysitter tits. Their wee cockies got so hard, “Alright take your cocks out for me and start stroking them from the top to bottom nice and slow, boys!”

Next, I slid my panties down and showed them my hairy cunnie, “Now I want you boys to take your hands and start stroking each other!” They did so well stroking each other’s boy cocks! I got so wet! I asked them if they wanted to finger myself like the girls in their dad’s magazines. But first they’s have to do something to get me really, really wet. I made the younger one get on his knees and I showed him how to suck his big brother off while I finger fucked my dripping wet cunnie. He was an enthusiastic little cocksucker and gobbled his big brother’s cum so well.

Masturbation Is a Lost Art

guided masturbation

Let this slut guide you to orgasm. The thing with being a big dick lover and a sissy slut trainer is that this cuckold whore knows how to stroke every size of a cock. My favorite callers are my little penis having men. They love to tell me how to play with my pussy. I even squirt for them! Those Itty bitty dicks make these men excellent masturbators and they know how to get this hot whores pussy off without touching a dick. Really why would anyone want to touch a clit slit like that anyways? Even My lipstick Vibe is bigger than your dick. Just tell me how to fuck myself and take your thumb and middle finger and rub your itty bitty dickie for me. Pinch your balls a little too. Now take your palm and rub that precum all over your little dick head. There you go, and I am so going to cheat and take out my 8-inch dildo and start fucking myself. I just have to have my big dick anyway I can get it. My big tits bouncing as I fuck myself while you stroke that tiny dick. MMM… Wanna Play with this big dick lover? 

Big Tit Photos for Veterans and Soldiers

big tit photosIt was Veteran’s Day yesterday and I celebrated our vets with my big tit photos. I have a cousin overseas serving in the army. I Skyped with him last night and some of his troop buddies. They all got such joy jacking off to my big tits. I showed them more than my big boobs too. I enjoyed rubbing my bald pussy while they jacked off. They were all gathered around my cousin’s computer rubbing their dicks to me. Made me feel so good too. I am an exhibitionist slut. I get off showing my big tits and sexy BBW body off to American soldiers. They deserve to have some hot fun for all they do to protect us. My wet bald pussy is always wetter with men in uniform. I told them how to stroke their cocks for me. They told me how to rub my pussy for them. I fucked my cunt with a camo dildo in honor of them and veterans everywhere. I made a few soldiers happy and they made me very happy too. Happy Veterans day to all the active and retired soldiers.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex First

titty fucking phone sexTitty fucking phone sex? Yes, please. My big tits are hungry. I called over one of my married fuck buddies last night. He is obsessed with my boobs. I bet you are too. I met him in the grocery store a few months ago. We have been fucking ever since. He is my titty fucking lover. He fucks my pussy and ass too, but it is my big boobs he must have first. We titty fuck, so he will cum on my boobs. He is a quick cummer. I let him jizz on my boobs the first time. This way he lasts a little longer when he is deep inside my wet bald pussy. I love his cock. It works, it’s big and it is always hard for me. The only problem is that he can be a minute man. I edge him, even deny him. Most times, however, I just let him cum on my boobs then wait for him to get hard again. In between cums, he is always between my legs eating my pussy which makes him hard again easily. He is worth working with because his cock is big for a white guy. I think the issue is he doesn’t get fucked enough. His wife isn’t fucking him, and I only see him maybe once a week. He says he watches too much porn and is a chronic masturbater too. I had to lay down some rules. No porn, no touching himself for 3 days before we see each other. He will pop quickly on my tits, but he is never completely drained, which means he is hard again quickly. He can fuck a solid 30 minutes on round two. Some men just need a sexy BBW who knows some edging and tease and denial tricks to get the most out of his cock. Do you need some guided masturbation?

Jilling off

Teen phone sex

I’m such a horny slut! I could spend all day rubbing my pussy and using my vibrator or dildo. Even if I’ve gotten fucked, I still need to masturbate at least once or twice a day. Every morning when I shower I use the shower head to get myself off a few times. Every night before bed, unless I have a “friend” with me, I have to finger my cunt or play with my vibrator for a while until I’ve cum a couple of times. I’ve even masturbated in public. In school I would sometimes slide my hand into my panties and rub myself and hope that my sex math teacher would catch me.Or I would lock myself in the bathroom stall between classes and furiously rub my clit and finger my g spot until I was squirting all over the bathroom whore. I just can’t be satisfied! I can cum over and over again, I am insatiable. I need a guy or girl who has a high sex drive to keep up with me and fuck me multiple times a day. I also love being watched while I masturbate, whether it’s in the same room, or someone listening to me fuck myself and moan and cum over the phone.

I love college

anal phone sex

I’m the perfect straight A student. It isn’t a surprise, I know why I am. I always excell at making Professor Dale satisfied. I like to stay after class and show him what a determined student I am. I don’t want to spend my weekend bored out of my mind doing research papers and wasting away. I like to party and get down to the frat house and blow those boys. If I have to spend sometime making his old cock cum then that’s just what I will do! A nice blowjob goes a long way. It surely benefits me and makes my party life easier. Professor Dale happens to be the head of the school board as well I forsea smooth sailing college career and lots of tequila and cocks for me. I love college!


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