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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Sexy Tranny

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex calls are extra hot with a sexy shemale. We can play with our cocks together. I sound like a woman. I act like a woman. But I have a cock. A sexy shemale cock. Talking to some one with an equally nice cock as I stroke my ten-inch rod makes me ooze cum. I love telling guys how to stroke their dicks too. I will admit I am not as good about taking direction as I am giving it.  I like to edge play. I mean if I want to nut quickly, I can do that on my own. If I have a companion like you helping me while I stroke, I want to make that last. I bet you do too, don’t you? We have cocks. It is easy to jerk off quickly but making it last is the challenge. I challenge you to a stroke off. I bet I can last longer than you. What do you think?


ethnic phone sexEthnic phone sex for all your desires. This sweet whore will have you cumming nonstop. I like working a nice big dick. My mouth is a cock magnet it has always been that. I tease men that are taken. I have been suck dick and fucking plenty since I was a youngster. I like to dress for provocative. I know how to keep heads turning. My body is a wonderland, and I want to show it off for those who have eyes. I don’t just strut around tempting men. I tempt hot girls too. I can appreciate a hot sexy slut as any man would. My sweet holes need to be pleased, and I sure as hell love pleasing as well.

The Folks I Know


Black Cock Phone Sex

Maybe you should ask your friend, Kayla, I like her she’s really pretty,” Jeremiah said grinning. “Kayla’s sort of a prude, I’m not sure she’s into that type of thing” Chiron replied. Jeremiah and Chiron were a couple who occasionally brought other women into the bedroom, and this time, they had their sights set on a beautiful friend of theirs named Kayla. Kayla was quiet and sweet, never really made too much fuss, and the lovers felt she was perfect enough to give the experience of a lifetime. “I’ll call and see what’s she’s doing” Chiron called Kayla to invite her over for dinner and a movie, “where something comfortable sweetie” Chiron exclaimed. Later on that night Kayla came over dressed in pajamas ready for the festivities, little did she know what they had in store for her tight little prude pussy. That night the trio watched movies, drank and laugh, the night began to wind down, and Jeremiah felt it was the right time to make a move, he moved closer to Kayla, “Kayla has anyone told you how pretty you are?”. He said massaging her shoulders, Kayla was puzzled, she wasn’t sure if Chiron was okay with this, but she seemed to be unphased ” not often” she replied in a shaky voice. “well we think you’re very pretty” Chiron said as she placed her hand down Kayla’s shirt. Chiron began to undress Kayla as Jeremiah kissed and caressed her supple nipples. Chiron kissed Kayla passionately as Jeremiah unzipped his pants unleashing his huge hard cock, he reached down and felt for Kayla’s cunt and all of her wetness, pleasantly surprised the sound himself inside as he made eye contact with her, “play with your beautiful cunt for me ” he demanded Kayla touch herself while he stroked her sexy pussy. Kayla followed his demands she felt like she was on a euphoria-inducing drug with these two, “what’s my name?!” he demanded “Jere–,” before she could finish he slapped her, not too hard but hard enough to get her attention “It’s Daddy, my fucking name is Daddy!” he growled “okay daddy” Kayla replied through broken moans. Chiron was getting excited just watching, but she wanted to blow Kayla’s mind, she began to suck her nipple while rolling the other one between her thumb and index finger sending shock waves to her senses. “Fuck I’m cumming!” Kayla screamed, Jeremiah followed behind her, Chiron was pleased. she stared at the both of them and exclaimed with a huge smile “NOW FOR ROUND TWO.”


Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Poolside Tease

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

I knew you’ve had a crush on me for years and I gotta admit, I sure do like teasing you! So, when you asked to come over and swim with me, I of course said yes! I dressed in my skimpiest bikini and made sure to sunbathe on my belly, top undone and ass cheeks hanging out. I knew you were staring at me and wanted to have some fun with you, so I asked you to come put tanning lotion on for me. I could see your cock get hard in your trunks while you rubbed it onto my back and shoulders. But you can’t forget the front! I turn over and see your eyes go wide when you see my perfect round tits and perky nipples. Please get the lotion everywhere! I moan out a little as you rub my chest and I see your cock twitch. I reach out and rub it through the front of your swim trunks. I’m sure you’d love more but today I just feel like teasing. I know you’re going to go home and jack off to the thought of rubbing lotion all over my body and I honestly love that you want me so bad. Maybe next time I might even give you a taste of what you’ve been imagining for years…

New Toy for My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyIs it wrong that I love playing with my wet bald pussy? We are having major storms. I mean seriously, I am about to build an arc for me and my pups because this is some biblical bullshit rain, we have going on here. Over 7 days of flooding and more on the horizon has me feeling cagey. It’s not safe to drive unless an emergency because roads are washed out in areas. I am dick starved. I have worn out a lot of my sex toys because I get fucked several times a day. I ordered a new vibrator off Amazon the other day. Get this. A drone dropped off my vibrator on my porch. A fucking drone brought me my sex toy during a storm. I was so excited. Of course, I would prefer cock, but I don’t want to risk anyone’s safety for my sexual needs. Armored with my new toy, I skyped some of my fuck buddies last night. They enjoyed the show. Some mutual masturbation porn was made because I recorded some of the sessions. I wanted something hot to watch today while I broke in my new toy some more!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Party Whore

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex calls are great. Most guys don’t care if I cum or not. I get that. They are paying for a service. I think many of you assume that we don’t get off. I am a dirty whore. I want to get high, talk about incest and play with my cunt while you stroke your cock. Don’t you want that too? I had a new caller this week. He wanted me to call him Daddy, which was hot because he was younger than me. I think it was more of a submissive thing. We talked about our sibling fucking experiences. Mine began as a schoolgirl watching my mother and brother fuck. His happened later in life when his twin sister caught him fucking her best friend and joined in. Incest happens at all stages of life. With me it happened when I was young and when my sons were young. But, just because you never got to fuck your mother or sister when you were a school boy doesn’t mean it is too late. Just give this phone sex mommy a call. Let’s get high, masturbate and talk about incest.

Guided Masturbation Techniques from a Hot MILF

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I taught my two boys how to masturbate to maximize their pleasure. I have taught a few other boys and men the same thing. Masturbation techniques vary greatly, but I think men need to learn not to just slap it and cum. Make your cock last like you were fucking a woman. I don’t like a minute man, so don’t be one with yourself either. Teddy is a friend of my oldest son. He has been sniffing around lately. He has MILF fever. He came over yesterday when I knew he knew my sons were at practice. I asked him why he came over, but he stammered. He was trying to tell me he needed help. I saw the bulge in his jeans. I knew he needed to cum. I gave him a blowjob. But I gave him more than just head. I taught him how to drain his balls. When boys are young, they just slap their dick, pull and tug until they spew their seed. When I play with my pussy, I make it last. I want to enjoy the sensation. I want that for young boys too. I made him watch some mutual masturbation porn with me, then we made our own. You are never too young or old too learn good masturbation techniques.

Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Tranny

adult phone chatMen love adult phone chat with a dominant tranny. Are you one such guy? I love telling men how to pleasure their back doors.  I helped a guy last night who bought a suction cup dildo. He was an anal virgin. Most of my callers are until the end of our call. I like helping men experience back door pleasure. The male G-spot is in the ass. There is nothing wrong with using a toy on your ass. Women do it all the time, but its men who get the most pleasure from it. All you need is an ass dildo, a lot of lube and a sexy tranny helping you. Prostate phone sex mixes well with a sexy tranny. I helped my caller breath and get the right angles to bounce on his dildo. Hearing him moan like it was his first orgasm got my big tranny cock hard as a rock. When a man has a prostate orgasm, it is a ball draining orgasm that will feel like nothing before. Plus, it will feel like the kind of orgasm I will give you with my big 10-inchh cock. This tranny wants to train your balls completely.

Guided Masturbation: Tell Me How to Play with My Pussy

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I love playing with my pussy, but I love it when a man tells me just how and where to touch myself. Masturbation is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Lets’ face it, we touched ourselves before we touched anyone else. It doesn’t matter if I am getting fucked, I still like to play with my pussy. I bet you love stroking your cock as much as I enjoy touching my shaved pussy. I was feeling sexy last night. I was alone. I wanted to be alone. I turned down several dates. I made a hot bubble bath. I came three times in the bathtub. I was still horny, so after I dried off, I watched some porn and played with my wet bald pussy some more. I love watching porn. Interracial porn, gfe porn, girl on girl porn and bondage porn are what makes me want to play with my cunt the most. I love watching porn with callers. It doesn’t happen near as often as I wish it did, so I watch it through out the day. Maybe I am addicted to playing with my own pussy. Don’t get jealous, I still prefer a hard cock to my fingers or a sex toy.

Chocolate cravings

Cocksucking Phone SexCocksucking phone sex turns me on because I am the best cocksucker ever. My lips wrapped around a big black cock is heaven. I like to spread my ass and cunt and receive every inch of your dick. I first have to prep it up and suck on it for a while because you deserve every minute of pleasure. My tongue licking your balls and cock is what you need to feel. My pretty face and eyes are staring right back at you as you think of pure satisfaction. I have wanted to be your nasty girl for some time now, and I am so happy to give you the best nut ever. My boyfriend has no idea that I am fucking his colleague. It drives me wild knowing that I am a nasty girl and will do anything for chocolate dick.

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