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Cocksucking Phone Sex

I have been such a bad girl. I notice my roommate had an insatiable appetite for big black cocks. To be frank, I hadn’t been with one just yet. I have to admit I was losing my battle trying to fight off the urge to fuck my roommate’s hookups. I know she wouldn’t mind, but I believe in girl code. Even if its a one night stand, I don’t want to impose. Well, One night she brought home a guy with a dick bigger than my forearm. I knew I couldn’t resist. I had to have it in all my holes. I was practically gasping for that chocolate magic stick. My roommate gave me a wink, and I knew I had the green light. Something came over me, and I decided I had to have my chocolate. I went up to him and got on my knees and performed the be fellatio ever. I got cock cream all over my face. I also got fucked till I orgasm and squirted. I think I picked up a new appetite. 

Step-daddy secret

Biggest cum shotI didn’t know I was being watched by my stepdad at night. I would go and sneak the laptop and go to my room and binge watch a ton of porn. I always get lost in the hot scenes I’m watching that I never notice my surroundings. One night I guess my stepdad couldn’t help himself. My stepdad told me he had been watching me for months on end and he knew I was a nympho whore. He wanted to fuck me so bad and I was more than okay with it once I saw his huge cock. We had too much fun together we would fuck all over even when we had a full house. All it took was the biggest cum shot to my mouth and I was hooked.

Biggest cum shot for a new car

biggest cum shot

I let my uncle paint my face when I was a youngin. Its one of the nastiest things I have ever done. i had an uncle

Who owned a car dealership. I wanted a new car and knew he was the way to get it. I went after school to see if I could get a good deal. To my surprose my uncle was offering me a brand new car if I did something he wanted for a while. I was wondering what could be… Before I asked he made his way over to me and guided my hands on his cock. He wanted the biggest cum shot on my face…. A cum shot for a new car. I didn’t think twice I went to work and kept it between us.

Streaming slut student

naked teen picturesI heard about a new site online from some classmates. It was a site that allowed you to connect with others while getting a peak of their rooms. Things would get nasty quickly. We knew the teachers knew about it and we had plenty of nasty p cock professors. They were always scouring the sites looking for naked teen pictures and looking for some of us doing some nasty things on camera. My English professor would leave subtle hints, and I knew he was watching so I decided to up the ante and give a more risque show. I ended up using my dildo live on camera. I liked playing with my twat and knew I would most possibly pass with flying colors. I have never been shy about working my cunt on and off cam. I like being labeled the cities slut. I’m not the only one there’s plenty of youngins doing all sorts of nasty things and streaming it.

Gangbang My Cum Slut

I am always looking for something different and kinky and decided to get my slutkin in a hot gangbang this afternoon. She is tiny with the tightest holes and it’s always amazing watching them holes get stretched by the multitudes of big dicks. It’s always good to have some cocaine on hand to numb that sweet cunt. Getting that sweet pussy, asshole and mouth all nice and jizz filled is some of the hottest shit I have watched. I get wasted as I watch this little whore daughter of mine please all those dicks.

Would you like to get a chance with this sweet little whore daughter of mine, one that has been trained from a young age in the pleasing of dick? Well we can have a lot of fun then.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Daddies bad girl

hot squirting pussyI’m daddies, bad, good girl. I like showing Daddy he is the best. Whenever daddy comes home late from work, I am waiting for him with the cutest outfit ever. This weekend was a three day weekend, so I knew I would have daddy home longer. I was going to take full advantage and make daddy feel like the king. Daddy indeed is my king. I worship daddies dick and daddies fuck. No one brings pleasure to me like my daddy. I have always been such a daddies girl since I could remember. I like to spread my legs for daddy and let him push his massive rod in me. I am his spinner willing to take his cock and spin all over it. I love having a hot squirting pussy, and I am always ready to show daddy why I am the best personal slut for him. No one teaches me better than daddy-o. Can’t wait till a fun-filled week of fucking.

Sorority sluts

hot ass sexyoung bald pussyI can’t thank my best friend Lexi enough for letting me in on this secret sorority. It has become the best thing I have ever done. My sorority sisters and I enjoy having a good time. We do it all, and we appreciate the college experience entirely. We are taking full advantage of what campus life has to offer us. We attend all the events and functions that keep us being great sluts. The frat boys invite us over to indulge in some daily dick dosage, and we can never say no. The only requirements is being in this sorority are to be a sexy slut with an increasing appetite for dick. We are never dick deprived even if it means we have to get daddy dicks or professor penises. We are cock tease princesses always willing to spread our legs for a nice cock. I love seeing Lexi, and the girls fuck and having guys beg to fill our holes. We can never get enough! Hot ass sex is a must in our books.


I Licked a Girl and I Liked It

bisexual phone sexSo I recently discovered how into girls I really am. I was at an Easter Egg hunt event and saw this beautiful young woman bending over helping a kid pick up an egg. She had a summer dress on that the wind caught and I could see her camel print fat pussy lips through her little white cotton panties. All I could dream of was her pie creaming in my mouth. I could see her nipples poking straight through that top, I wanted so bad to glide my tongue across her supple breast, sucking on them softly, kissing my way down. Pushing her thigh up so I could twirl my tongue all around her sweet spot! Kissing her soft skin, and soft lips.

Young Blad Pussy

young bald pussyI seen you looking at my fat camel toe. Do you think you can handle it? I need a huge, hard, throbbing cock to penetrate this pulsating, fat cunny. If you dare to slide it in, you better be willing to give up all power to me. I want to take over and tease you first, make you lick all over my tit’s and play with my clit. Rub my sweet, pink, juicy slit all across your fat dick, til your pre cum is dripping down your shaft. Then I’ll slide you inside this fat, tight pussy and give you an explosion you have only dreamed about after you take care of mine. I want to juice all over your rock hard cock til I’m quivering!


Cum loving slut

cum slut phone sex

I was watching some hot porn with this guy I was dating we were just messing around, and we thought we should enjoy some naughty movies together. We had been many miles apart and had a ton cum slut phone sex. He knew what the deal was with me I was all about being cum drenched and taking loads left and right. I was a cum loving slut, and he knew it. While we were watching the flick we heard a knock it was a group of guys that seemed familiar. I opened up, and sure enough, it was his best friend and cousins coming over to enjoy the show. They were coming over to cum on me too. It was about to go down. This was all set up, and I honestly couldn’t have loved it more. I was excited to feel their cocks pound me and fuck me hard and I loved the fact I would enjoy the grand finale a ton of cum shots all over my slutty body.

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