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BJ in the PJ

hardcore ass fucking

Hardcore ass fucking is my sugar daddies specialty. I am one lucky girl, and I always make sure to thank him in every way I can. My sugar Daddy gave me full access to his private jet. All it took was a bj in the pj. I invited all my hottest friends for a Vegas getaway. We were with a real high roller so why not? We hit up all the top-notch designer brand stores. We aren’t coach girls we don’t do coach in airlines and in our lifestyle. It’s private and either Prada or Gucci, or we don’t want nada. Period point blank I get everything I desire. Fuck bitches make money is the motto, and if he wants me to be his little freak and genuinely get the production business venture going, I am so in for that.


While in Dubai with Daddy the idea sprung on him. I mean I am a hard critic, and I bring top quality babes around only. Bad bitches only 😉  He is the epitome of a genius. While most men lose their train of thought while getting head my big poppa gets ideas flowing and comes up with all the ways to make his sexy snow bunny happy. I am all for princess phone sex since I get treated like royalty anyways. My standards are much too high for the boys my age. I “crave money cum” the kind of cum that has me on yachts and private jets and endless fuck sessions.


princess phone sex

Solo time

Sexy college girl porn


I love sex, but I have a high sex drive and don’t always have someone around to help me get off. That’s okay though, because I have pretty much every kind of sex toy you can think of. I love playing with my Wet bald pussy with a vibrator or my fingers. Or sometimes I really like to stretch my cunt out and fuck myself hard with a nice thick dildo. I could spend hours in bed making myself cum over and over again. This morning when I woke up, I was so horny, but alone. I had the whole house to myself and so I decided to watch porn on the couch while playing with a vibrator. I found a nice hot video to watch while working my pussy with the vibrator and pinching and rubbing my nipples with my free hand. I came so hard and so many times that I left a big wet spot on the sofa cushion. Oops!

Ass to mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a nasty whore too, and unlike a lot of other girls I’m not afraid to go ass to mouth. I had my ass fucked nice and hard by a big thick cock last night . After sucking his dick and getting him nice and sloppy wet, he pushed me on my back with my ankles by my head and started working his big dick into my tight back door. Once he got the tip inside, he gave it a big push and shoved the rest of his length into me. I let out a big gasp and begged him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. Before he came, he pulled out of my ass and had me clean his cock off. I sucked all my juices off of his dick like a good little slut and then let him shoot his load into my mouth.

Girl on Girl

Bisexual Phone Sex

I love cock, but I love licking a nice wet pussy or playing with a pair of tits too. I guess you could say I’m bisexual. My roommate is a full blow lez and she just can’t get enough of licking this wet bald pussy of mine. She got so drunk last night she stumbled into my bedroom instead of her own. I was playing with my vibrator under the blanket. When she saw what I was doing, she climbed into bed with me and took the vibrator and started rubbing my clit with it while fingering my pussy. Soon we had stripped all of our clothes off and I was sitting on her face as she lapped at my cunt and I squeezed her big round tits in my hands. I came on her face over and over again!

Cam-whoring for cash

Sexy college girl porn

College is expensive. If I didn’t sell my pussy in various ways, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to school at all. I started thinking of ways I could use my naturally high sex drive and sexy body to make money. It’s fun, fast, and easy. I just get paid to get fucked by horny men or play with my little hot squirting pussy on camera and let them watch. Men practically throw cash at me for a chance to get get a peek at this tight little cunt of mine. It’s a lot of fun for me to get off on camera while guys are watching too. I get a kinky little thrill out of knowing I’m being watched by strangers who are stroking their cocks thinking of me. I just spread my legs and finger my pussy while the camera rolls and make myself cum over and over again!

Sexy Sugar Baby

young bald pussyI love being a young sugar baby. Guys go ape shit for my young bald pussy. I am legal age, but just barely. I am on the special arrangements site. It is not escorting, but sex for a high-class night is implied. I don’t mind fucking some fat old guy if he is filthy rich. Last night, I had a date with a grandpa. He was a total silver haired fox. He is a Hollywood producer. He likes something young and pretty on his arm for fancy events. He took me to this swank Hollywood party last night. I was having fun checking out all the stars in attendance. We were dancing and I felt his boner. For an old guy, he had a stiff dick. I told him we should take care of that before people noticed. We ducked into an empty room. I showed off my cock sucking skills. My first grey haired cock. But honestly, it wasn’t gross or anything. His cock was bigger and harder than many guys thirty years younger. He shot a big load in my mouth. That was just the first load of many that night. He said he was twenty the last time he had a boner like that. I got a super huge wad of cash from him as well as a few super huge wads of cum. I can make a dead man cum!


Girl next door

Teen Phone Sex

Guys are always so surprised to find out what a freak I am. I look so cute and innocent when they see me. I’m the girl next door that they fantasize about fucking and then taking home to meet their parents. In reality though, I’m a real freak. There’s nothing too slutty or kinky for me. I was innocent once, but once I had my cherry popped I just loved being a whore so much that I couldn’t stop. My favorite thing to do now is tease men and tantalize them until I’ve got them begging for a taste of this little wet pussy. Knowing they’re so riled up and ready to fuck me, is almost as good as when they actually do slide their big hard cock into me for the first time. I want to hear you beg for my pussy, and I want you to mean it. You’re not getting a taste of this wet bald cunt until I can hear the desperation in your voice.

Step-dad likes feet

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

I had just went for a jog and got all sweaty when I was about to take a shower. I forgot something and stepped out of the bathroom and caught my step-dad with his nose buried in my smelly sweaty running shoes. He was smelling of them and I could see a big bulge forming in his pants. I started to giggle and he turned around and saw me standing there in my towel watching him. He was so embarrassed and tried to lie and hide what he was doing, but it was too late. I told him if he wanted to smell the real thing, all he had to do was ask. I sat back on the couch and propped my sweaty feet up on the ottoman and told him to come smell of them. He walked over and pressed his face into my feet and started to inhale their scent. They were nice and sweaty and stinky. I told him to suck my toes and lick my dirty feet clean. He ran his tongue up and down my dirty feet, licking all of the sweat and grime off of them. He took his cock out and started to stroke himself while he sucked my toes and licked my filthy heels. I love having my feet licked and started to rub my pussy while he sniffed and licked my feet. Right before he blew his load, I took both of my feet and pressed them to his cock and let his cum explode all over my toes and feet. He covered my feet in his cum after he had licked them clean. I gave him my dirty sweaty socks and told him to smell of them next time he jacked off and to think of me and my feet.

Double penetration

Anal phone sex

I love being double penetrated. When you have one cock in your ass and one in your pussy, you feel so full and filled up down there. It always makes me cum so hard. I was fooling around with my boyfriend in his dorm when he asked if his roommate could join. He told me his roommate was a virgin and had never fucked a girl before. He’s a cute guy and this made me feel so sorry for him, so I said he could join. The three of us climbed into bed and my boyfriend started licking my pussy from behind while I sucked his roommate’s cock. He’d never had a girl suck his dick before, so this was his first blowjob. He had a nice hard cock and it was easy for my to deep throat and give him shivers. Now it was time to pop his cherry! He laid back while I straddled him and slowly slid his cock into my pussy. While I rode his cock in my pussy, my boyfriend lubed up my asshole and slid his dick into my backdoor. Both of my holes were filled to the brim. They both started pumping in and out of me while I rubbed my clit and let the roommate play with my tits and suck my nipples. Neither of them lasted long in my stretched out holes and I ended up with a nice creampie in my ass and pussy both.

Fisting Whore

Teen phone sex

When I fuck or masturbate, I love to have my pussy stretched out by a nice big cock or a really big thick dildo. One of my favorite things to do though, is get fisted. Feeling my cunt being stretched to its limit makes me cream so hard. When I’m having some fun alone, I like to get my pussy nice and wet and then start slowly sliding a few fingers inside of myself. I start of small with just one or two fingers, then work my way up to three and four. Once I’ve gotten my cunt nice and stretched out, I work my thumb into my pussy until I have my whole hand inside. I start pumping my hand in and out until I’m wrist deep in my own wet and warm cunt. I can really stretch and fill my cunt up. A nice full pussy is a happy pussy!

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