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Young Bald Pussy

young bald pussyI asked my friend what he wanted for his birthday. I was surprised by his answer. I thought he might want to fuck my young bald pussy. He wanted me to fuck him. He said he couldn’t imagine any better gift than his sexy friend fucking his tight ass. I love being a sexy switch. It was his birthday. I did have a strap-on too. I like to give men what they want, and he clearly wanted me in his ass, so he got it. I had him strip naked for me and bend over. I squirted lube in his pink puckered asshole. I even rubbed some on my dildo. I called him my birthday bitch as I pushed my strap-on in his ass deeply. He let out a loud moan and I kept pushing my dildo deeper into his tight ass. Fuck. It was hotter than I expected for me. My big tits were slapping on his back. I decided since it was his birthday and I was pegging his ass, I would let him cum. I wasn’t sure if me pressing on his prostate would be enough. So, I reached around and jacked him off until he shot the biggest load of his life. Happy Birthday to him!

perky boobies

hot ass sex

Hot ass sex isn’t what he wanted. I was the sitter for an older man who had a boob fetish. His wife lost her sparkle and stopped caring about her body. My boss offered the wife a boob job but she was against it and didn’t want any part of it what so ever. I, on the other hand, was prancing around my perky set of teen boobies. I could see him falling in lust and wanting every bit of me. One day it was late and I was collecting my check from him when he asked me if I wanted a bonus. I almost screamed out yes. Without hesitation, he told me if he could feel up on my boobs and take some pictures of my teen perky pair. I was so in and was about to make this sick fuck my cash cow.




I own You Tramp!

Blackmail Phone Sex


Bitch, you better watch yourself around me because I’m the baddest bitch in town and I want you to understand that. You are nothing, and that is why I am going to fuck you up. See I heard how you’ve been acting like you were top dog. Your, not Top Dog you are not shit you better believe that bitch. I hate you tramp, and I have not ever been jealous of you because you don’t have shit to be jealous of miss trailer prom queen white girl. I knew I didn’t like you from the very beginning because you are always a mother fucking slut; you are always the problem. I want to kick your ass, but first, I’m going to let the football team fuck you. Yes, bitch, they are going to stick their big fat black dicks inside of your pussy. And guess why you’re going to do it? Instead, let me tell you why you’re going to do it it is because I have this videotape of you riding the principles dick. You see I know you were fucking the principal I know you were fucking a grown-ass man, but you were pretending like you were not. You’re always acting all high and mighty when you’re nothing. You disgusted me to see on that tape you were sucking his dick like a maniac. And when he drives his big mighty dick into your asshole bitch that surprised everybody I’ve ever shown. You’re so young and so slutty. You didn’t surprise me though because I know you I know what kind of bitch you are because I know what kind of bitch your mama is. I bet you that you get a lot of shit just because you’re a tramp ass bitch. Well, now I am going to get a lot of shit from you and because of you because you’re my bitch now, slut. If you don’t want me to show everyone the information that I have on you and Mister principal you better do every fucking thing I tell you to. You Belong to Me Now trailer trash. Understand this you will be sucking dicks you will be sucking asses hell if I want you to you will be sucking toes from now on. I know you think I only have a tape on the principal, but that would be a foolish thing to believe because I’ve been stalking you, bitch, I’ve got way more information on you, and it gets disgusting. You know this better than I do though because you know you’re a nasty-ass piece of shit trailer trash cum dumpster tramp bitch. It’s going to be so much fun owning you.

BDK’s barbie




young bald pussyI am such a spoiled sugar baby. Big daddy king won’t stop showering his barbie. I am so lucky, and I know I say that all the time but I am. I can’t get over how much BDK is so good to me. I had my big daddy spoil me even more with a custom pink barbie Ferrari. Big daddy king does it like no one else — the Living legend and king of all kings. I am a bad little sugar baby, and I got my daddy’s name tatted right on my pussy. I let the world know on social media. Daddy is super famous and has such a huge following. Thanks to big daddy king, I am living my best life. I love anaconda and having him fuck my pretty white girl pussy is the best. My young bald pussy gets anaconda fully. It is undoubtedly a task, but I get it done for that millionaire nut sauce deep inside my barbie pussy. Big daddy king is my king, and I love getting all the haters jelly.


Blowjobs Phone Sex

Married guy mall fun!!

phone sexI went to the mall today, but I wasn’t there to shop. I was on the prowl for a sexy older guy to blow. Mature cock is my absolute favorite and I found the perfect guy, right there in the parking lot. He watched me get out of my car. I saw him looking, so I made sure to slip my panties off and pull my skirt up a little before I got out.I swung the door open and threw one leg out. I started to rub my wet pussy for him while he watched and licked his lips. He was over to my car with his hard dick in his hand within seconds! He could tell what I was after. I pulled his cock out and took the whole hard, thick dick in my mouth.I sucked and slurped on his cock like I had never before. He was almost crying by the time he finally gave in and filled my mouth with his sweet goo.I didn’t even ask for any money but he tossed me a $100 as he was getting out. I got to suck a cock and scored some extra spending cash!! When I saw him with his wife and kids later in the mall, he just blushed hard as I winked and giggled at him.

Great Customer Service

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I was out shopping earlier today and I would love to talk about my experience. I wanted to try on a particular dress but I could get the zipper all the way up without any help. So I stuck my head out and saw a guy standing near by wearing a shirt similar to the one the girl employee who let me into the dressing rooms was wearing. I explained I needed help getting my dress on and he walked right into the dressing stall with me. I did think much when he locked the door behind him to help me. He zipped it up and started running his hands down my body commenting that I looked gorgeous in it. I looked in the mirror and saw him smiling at me. He reached up the dress and put his hand right on top of my pussy. “No panties?” he asked. I blushed, and he started to slip his fingers inside me. At this put it was obvious on a closer look he did not work at the store but he made sure I received amazing service.

College Cheerleader Locker Room Fuck

Cheerleader phone sex

Being a cheerleading has it’s perks – I’d never fucked a football player before, but today was a day I will never forget! I’ve always had a thing for muscular, sporty men. Especially sweaty ones. As a cheerleader, all of the stretching, dance, and gymnastics we do keeps our tight little bodies in shape for all of the hungry men. 

As a cute girl, being alone in a football locker room can be scary. Until a player came along, to keep me company. 

College Coed Sex

He started by running his hands up my thighs, cupping my asscheeks in his huge hands under my teeny cheer skirt. I could feel his fingers on the outside of my panties, teasing me as he rotated around my clit. I was beginning to get so creamy. I tore off my uniform, revealing my cute little nipples, ready to be played with. Before I knew it, I was sitting on his face with my juicy little slit on his mouth. I decided I needed to be fucked an have my little hole stretched out, so that is exactly what I did. That cock felt so nice in my creamy cunny. I rode that cock for so long, and go so excited when I was filled up with hot, sticky cum. I really needed to be fucked long and hard, and as a skanky cheerleader, I will be back for more. The locker room may be my new favorite place. 

Sexy Fun with my College Roommate

College coed sex

My college roommate and I are really close, we’ve been friends for ages, since we were little. Allison is just the most fun person I know and damn is she fucking hot too! She has a boyfriend that comes over all the time at night when they think I’m asleep. I’ll lay in my bed and quietly pretend to sleep and masturbate while I listen to them fucking. She has the cutest little moans that she tries to stifle but just can’t. The other night they caught me listening and asked if I’d like to join them. Of course I would! I immediately buried my face in Allison’s perfect pink pussy, God she tasted amazing! She must’ve enjoyed it because her moans got louder and her hand grabbed my hair and pushed my face in deeper while she rocked her hips on my face. Her boyfriend came up behind me and slid his cock into my wet cunt and fucked me slow and deep and hard. He got faster and faster as her moans intensified and when her hot squirting pussy came on my face he came in my pussy! What perfect timing, it was sooo hot to have them using me like their own personal fuck toy. We are definitely going to do that again!



4th of july fun

wet bald pussyOlder men love young sugar babies. When I was invited on a July 4th party, I couldn’t resist. Hot girls in bikinis lots of money and lots of fun. I said, yes. My friend knows all about men with deep pockets that love to have fun with young tender girls willing to suck for some extra coed cash. My wet bald pussy was like cocaine to these perverts. Every girl in the yacht was a p-cock dream. The theme was petite girls that look like they are like youngsters. We had fun playing with each other, and the moment of truth came out. We would get paid more if we had a little fun with each other on camera. We were being recorded for their advantage. It was a fun experience, and I will never turn it down.

Bratty Girl Phone Sex with Wendy

bratty girl phone sexIf you want some bratty girl phone sex then a spoiled princess like me is who you’ll want to talk to. I love going to the mall and being a mouthy little slut that loves humiliating old men and their tiny peckers. I will get a daddy type that I know is secretly lusting after me and tease him to the point he wants to go jerk off and I secretly follow him and see what he does. Once the guy went behind some bushes at the malls parking lot back end and started jerking hard moaning some girls name. Another guy was on a bench and I went up to it and he tried hiding what he was doing with a shopping bag! I stood there and made fun of him because that is what us mean girls do. I love being a little brat and I love even more what it gets me into. I had one dude get really mean with me and he fucked the shit out of my pussy and I loved every second of it. The pathetic ones are so much fun to humiliate, they just start handing money over to get me to stop being so mean and let them jerk off. They get off on being humiliated, I bet you do to.

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