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Shemale GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex with a twist is something I enjoy. Many callers think that because I have a cock, I must be a freak and freaks are for fucking, not for loving. That is a far cry from the truth.  One, I am no freak. I am a sexy tranny with a big cock. Two, I am not some subby or desperate bitch just because I am a chick with a dick. Third, I want a relationship like any other girl. I won’t settle. I won’t be a submissive whore just because I am different. I don’t need to be because my phone is always ringing. I am not talking about my phone sex number either. That one rings nonstop regardless if I am available or not, but my cell phone rings constantly too. Every man I meet out and about wants to take me out. Most of those men have no idea that I have a cock in my panties. It is never an issue when they do find out either. I will argue that it makes 95% of the men more attracted to me. Why? Because every man has bisexual fantasies and the discovery that they hit on a transsexual means they hit the lottery. They can explore those fantasies without feeling gay because I look like a woman, and I even have tits. I bet even you are cock curious. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I love discreet sex with straight men, especially if they have nice cocks and I can be a bottom for once.

Fucking the janitor

big tit photoIt was a late night at my office everyone went home early, and I stayed late. I was in such a horny mood I couldn’t stop rubbing my pussy. I noticed from a distance a guy who was watching me. I knew instantly it was a janitor. I knew he was probably taking big tit photos of me since I had my shirt off and was pinching my nipples. He wasn’t shy he invited himself right over. I let him come in an join me. I must have been losing my mind that day. I was beyond horny and wanted dick right there in my office on my desk. I let him use my holes and give me that milky jizz I need. It was probably the most bizarre things I have ever done. It felt so good to be a rebel and fuck the janitor. Usually, I fuck my bosses or any of the supervisors above me, but on this particular occasion, I was craving a dick I typically don’t get. He wasn’t the cutest, but he sure did know how to use that dick.

Dirty Age Play

Age Play Phone Sex My girls can’t go anywhere without people stopping in their tracks to admire their cuteness. Their father is white giving them beautiful light brown skin and long curly black hair. Both of girls look a black Shirley Temple. I’m a very materialistic person, and I like the finer things in life but I don’t have a job. I use my girls to finance my high maintenance lifestyle. Men play a lot of money for two tiny girls with tiny tight holes. I’ve trained them both to be amazing lovers. They suck cock better than most pornstars. They love meeting new men and making them happy. Most men can’t get past a blowjob from one of my angels before busting a load. The girls love watching a dick pop off like a firework squirting cum everywhere, it’s their version of a Jack-in-the-Box. Pay me enough money, and my girls will make your wildest fantasies come true.

Your Phone Sex Fetish is Me

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? Is it a sexy shemale like me? You aren’t the only with a dirty little secret. Men love a pretty face and a big cock. Girls like me are in this kind of business so you can explore your shemale fantasies safely. Very few of my callers have any real experience with cock. That is all right, because I can teach them the basic on a call. If you want the full shemale experience, I suggest you get a garden vegetable or a dildo and some lube. Lots of lube. I love hearing a guy insert something in his ass, especially when it is the first time. We can watch mutual masturbation porn together while simulating my sexy tranny cock up your virgin ass. Trust me, you will be glad you talked to a sexy tranny before you get the real thing in your ass. I can assist you in knowing where to make your phone fetish a reality. Some callers are too afraid to get the real thing up their ass. I understand why. Once you have a prostate orgasm, you will wonder why you never took a dick up your ass before. Tranny phone sex is just fore play for the real thing.  Think you can handle the real thing up you ass?

Cock control over my ex

Cock controlI ran into my ex at the grocery store the other day and even though he’s seemingly happily married now, I didn’t let that stop me from having my way with him. Even after all of the time that has passed, I still have total cock control over his manhood. He came home with me to help me unload my groceries and see my new place that I just moved into. Of course I had ulterior motives though and he knew it. Turns out he isn’t so content in his marriage after all, he misses the fuck out of me and I don’t blame him. How the fuck would anyone ever be able to get over someone like me?! Literally you’re gonna go from me to who?! It’s an automatic downgrade, lol. We slipped into my bed and I whipped out his big dick that I have missed ohhhh soooo much. It’s just as thick and long as I remember it being and tasty as ever of course! He skull-fucked my pretty face and slid it into my tight little pussy slit. I love the feeling of him stretching me out and making me moan for more. He made me promise that this would be our dirty little secret and that his wife could never find out about our sexual rendezvous. I don’t know, should I keep our lovin hidden under the sheets?? I think I may blackmail his ass to keep him coming back for more and to satisfy my every need.

Head Job at the Bus Stop

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I ride the bus to work every morning at the same time and god knows I hate getting up, getting dressed and dragging my ass out to that bus stop. My car has been in the repair shop for three whole weeks now and it’s driving me insane. I met this guy Allen who sits with me and keeps me company, he said he saw me from his window and wanted to make sure I was safe from bad strangers. I think he’s cute and he sure has a nice body. I asked Allen did I turn him on because his pants look like they have a distinct rise in the front crotch area. Allen responded to me by grabbing my hand and placing it on his super hard cock and saying you make me hungry, he wants to give me head before I go to work. I am going to let him eat my fucking ass out too. My cunt got soaking wet thinking about his proposition.


He’s a piss drinker and he loves it

Fetish Phone SexThe most depraved, disgusting and filthiest pervert that I have ever talked to loves to have extreme fetish phone sex with me and I can’t blame him! You see, he’s a nasty piss drinker and he loves making it known to the world. The more people that are aware of his sick addiction, the better. He strokes his thick and throbbing penis while I squat over his face and spread open my bad cunt lips right above his mouth. I always enjoy giving him the perfect view deep up inside of my pink little fuck holes. It’s so fun to hear and watch him moan while I explode my shower of urine all over his face and body. The wetter and messier I can make him be, the hornier he becomes. He has a never-ending addiction for pornography and he’s truly the only person I can really let my porn fantasies flourish with. What may seem taboo and sick in the head to most is normalcy and vanilla for us, lol. He guzzles down my pee like it’s urine, he loves the way I taste! We really are a couple of mentally deranged motherfuckers!

More Country Boy Dick Please!

Fantasy Phone SexOne day when I was out hitchhiking this fellow by the name of country boy came and picked me up and at first he seemed quite sweet, I had no idea that he has a ravenous desire for my pretty little cunt. After this day I know I will be walking along this road again to get more of that nice fat cock. He brought me to his little house just on the outskirts of town and of course I was dressed up like a slut. I went into the house and he immediately told me to undress like the whore I am, I did and he came up and started kissing me and rubbing on my pussy. He loves hairy pussy so I need to grow more out for him next time. He got down and was licking my sweet wet pussy and his big dick was so hard. He laid down and had me get on top of him and riding his cock so hard it felt so damn good. He cock and loaded a big one deep inside of me and then he put me on his face and scooped it out like someone trying to get the last bit of ice cream of the tub.

Mommy’s pimped out whore

Biggest cum shotMy Mom has one very kinky special request for Mother’s Day and that is to have her naughty slut of a daughter take the biggest cum shot while she pimps me out to her super horny co-worker that has been dying to get his filthy hands all over me. I of course want to make my Mommy happy so I went ahead and did as she so badly wanted. He paid her a hefty lump sum to use my fuck holes however the fuck he wants to use them for a whole entire evening and to be honest I couldn’t be more excited. I wore some skanky lingerie and drove over to his house so that I could give my body up to his depraved desires. It’s been a little bit since my Mama has used me to her advantage and sold me for some quick cash but it sure does feel good to have her do it once again! I just wanna make her the happiest Mother of all on such a special day.

Cheap Phone Sex

cheap phone sexI ain’t trying to fool nobody or be something I ain’t keisha know she ghetto and I’m proud of it I’m from the projects and yes I gang bang and be out in these streets. I love drug dealing music and sucking dick oh how keisha loves to suck dick. I might be 5’5 but my throat is 6’2 I can suck dick for hours listening to my drug dealing music. What people don’t know is I like sucking white cock the best I don’t know something about them gets this pussy so wet and horny I just can’t control myself . If he don’t mind being with this sexy chocolate slut I will even let him put it in my but and bust my little tight but hole open a lick it off because I such a dirty slut. That’s all I want is a white man all to myself to suck him dry every chance I get.

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