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Making You Watch Me Play

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I love my stepdaughters’ sweet bald cunt.  It is the next best thing to making my Small pricked husband watch me fuck BIG cocks. I really get off on the fact that he has always wanted to fuck her sweet blonde ass. I enjoy having him watch as I make her moan and scream with my tongue. 

But tonight is different. Tonight Mick and his brother have come over with big cocks bulging through those briefs and I have SD down on her knees kissing each cock as I get it out. Before long I had her on her face taking these massive cocks deep in her pussy and asshole. I swear my small pricked hubby squirted his clit juice over his head when His daughter was cleaning her ass juice off those BBC! I decided it was time to get my Black cock fuck on and rode those hung men like wildfire until I squirted too! It was a fuckfest of BBC while hubby watched. I was sweating as I went from her pussy to cock and she licked all of that cream from my pussy. Poor hubby didn’t even get to taste my cum in my pussy. I wonder who else might want cum from two beautiful pussies? 

Pauly Cuck


Hot squirting pussy

I’ve been a witness to great sex before, and I just have to say Paul is a great sex partner because not only do I get to fucking I also get to fuck in front of him too. Paul loves to see my body oiled up my big strong hard cock guys. Paul pays outstanding amounts of money to get me all dressed up super sexy with silky lingerie. I would think to myself if I didn’t have this man what would I do because I’m incredibly bored with plain and simple guys. Ever since I’ve had Paul, I’ve known that I can’t go back to a regular relationship, I have to have something open interesting and all-inclusive when it comes to cock that is. You could call me a whore if you wanted to after all my friends and family members the love calling me slut bitch and all sorts of other demeaning names. The thing that gets me about my family and friends though is vaping that shit hurts my feelings when I actually love for guys who are fucking me to call me those very words ever really makes my pussy squirt better and longer and harder fuck yes. Paul, he calls me his super freaky special girl and believe me I love being special so I live up to every word of it. One-time Paul got me this tremendous strong, tall football player black guy, and he had an 11 and a half inch cock that was fucking bone hard as soon as I walked into the room the first time I met him. The black guy’s name was Jerome and Jerome was so Husky and beautiful, and that cock was fear-inducing, but for me, it was just fucking yummy in every single way. I ate Jerome’s cock all the way to the balls I sucked and slobbered all over his big hard knob until he sprayed cum loads in my face that would like 3 oz of creamy hot sultry cum. Even after he came such a huge load his cock stayed on hard and he just fucking dived and into my pussy hole fucking me hard, fast and so fucking rough, it was terrific. That’s the reason why I love Paul because Paul knows how to please me completely.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


Guided Masturbation Techniques so You Can Last

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Nothing hotter than listening to you stroke your cock, especially when I tell you just how to stroke it. I have this game I like to play with quick cummers. It is an edging game called Red Light Green Light. I find lovers on and off the phone cum quickly with me. I think it is because of my sexy BBW body. I need a man to last. I want a man to last and I assume you want to last too. I understand why it is easy to be a minute man, especially on the phone. But in real life, there is no excuse. Greg came before his dick was in my pussy last night. Talk about a huge disappointment.  I had to use my edging game on him because I wanted a do over. I mean he has a 9-inch cut cock. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. He liked stroking his cock for me. He said he just got too excited because I was so hot. I took it as a compliment. I edged him for 90 minutes. He said it felt like an eternity. I will go to any lengths to get fucked properly. Second time, he lasted 40 minutes in my pussy and gave me the biggest cum shot he said he ever shot. Edging works. You may need it too if you are quick shooter too.

Big tit photos were a hit

big tit photos

I sent in a ton of big tit photos to an agency and I was excited to see I got a call back. I didn’t mind doing soft core nude photo shoots. I was all in and ready to make it happen. I brought some more pictures and made myself available for the first available opening spot. I walked in and was greeted by both the talent scout and casting director. Both men were in their fifties and eager to see what I was working with. My cunt was slippery wet from playing with myself earlier during the day.

One thing about me is I can go on and on and stay ready for orgasms all throughout the day. They introduced themselves and asked me why should I get cast as a spokes model for their nude agency. I didn’t hesitate I showed them my fabulous pair and played with my twat till I climax right on the casting couch. I was moaning like a professional. It didn’t take long for them to have hard ons. I surely did get the job.

Hoochie Mama

Blowjobs Phone SexI got downtown to get my fix. I like getting so trashed and dressing up as the whore I truly am. My holes getting filled by big black cocks is all I want. Tyrone and Darwin are addicted to me. They love to pass not only the trees around but also my ass around. I like being their hoochie mama. I have no limits and am willing to be the bukkake slut they need. I am all about blowjobs phone sex. Blow jobs galore please. I like inviting all my hot friends over and together we are the cum dump of the hood. Making all the brothers feel good and taking those chocolate dicks. Sharing is caring after all. Me and my girls share it all even dick.

I Can’t Say No to You


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I dreamt an utterly super sensual dream about you where you made mad crazy love to my mind and my body, I knew you would never do that, but I still wanted to tell you about it even though I know you have no fucking love or concern. My dreams must have called you because when you showed up at my doorstep, it still made my pussy soaking wet. All I ever yearn for is you to treat me like you genuinely want me and lust for me. I could suck your huge throbbing cock all day long with no issue what so ever. The only thing I have wanted these past weeks was your big fat dick to be stabbing my throat and feeding me your creamy cum. I want you to suck this cum-dumpster cunt all night long until the crack of dawn. You and I can do the most intense 69 that you have ever had in your life. What I most desire is for you to show me how much I mean to you. I will ride your face while I suck your cock so good your cock better than a porn star in heat. You are so fucking tasty to me; I merely am addicted to choking on that big white cabbage head cock of yours. I need for you to see that beautiful cock rod of yours filling my mouth up completely. Babe, I’m in love with your big thick hard solid cock I love it so much. You can have this cum-guzzling cream filled cunt bunni pussy whenever you want. As long as you know that you can have all of my sweet chocolate pussy I also want to see that you will give me your huge fuck pole. I will forever obey your desire to dominate my slutty cunt without question and if you crave to fuck me doggy-style that is what you will get. I dreamt of my legs being up in the air as you drained you cum soaked cock into me forcefully. Every single way we fuck is right to me I’m going to turn around, and I’m going to let you mount my back and drill my asshole doggy style. I need you to blow my gaping asshole into oblivion. And at the end of the day, I will always require you to know that no matter how mean and distant you are with me I will submit to you.

Best New Year’s Eve

Biggest cum shotIt felt incredible to receive the biggest cum shot at the stroke of midnight while ringing in 2019. I literally had the best New Year’s Eve with my man. We had dinner, drinks, a second drunk dinner and amazing sex all night long. We were in bed together at midnight when the ball dropped. Meanwhile he was dropping his hard dick deep inside of my wet cunt. I’m really gonna make it a point this year to be even nastier, even dirtier and even more slutty than ever before. I didn’t think it was possible to become even more of a whore than what I already am now but there is still so much that I sexually want to accomplish. It’s going to be a personal mission of mine to see just how much I can do this year to blossom into an even skankier bitch.

Ring in the New Year with Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex rings in the new year with a bang. My boys are still off from school. They will go back Wednesday.  Until then, I can be a mommy whore. I hooked up with my dealer last night to ensure my family had enough blow to ring in the new year. I worked for that blow too. I had to get gangbanged by Marcus, his nephew and several of his nephew’s friends who wanted to fuck a suburban milf. I don’t say no to a gangbang with black teen boys, especially not when a big bag of coke is on the line. They fucked my ass and pussy, sometimes I had a few dicks in a hole at a time. Black boys fuck a druggy whore harder, I think. They wanted to make sure I could feel everything. I felt it. Boy did I feel it. I walked into my home a little wobbly from the ass pain. That was okay though. I did a few lines of coke and let my boys soothe my sore holes with their tongues. My mother joined in too. They wanted to party with me. I let them all do a bump while they cleaned the mess up left by Marcus, his nephew and friends. Once I was cleaned up and they were high, we started ringing in the New Year early with some family fucking. Happy New year my fellow party perverts.


Phone Phone sexKelly ex-boyfriend pissed her off. She caught him cheating with a younger bitch and he is with her now. She wants him to pay and she is going to use me to get the job done. I am going to meet up with him at his favorite bar get him drunk, seduce him, take him home with me. He will not know I am a tranny. Not into I have him securely tied down then I am going to force my hard tranny dick into his tight virgin ass. Taking pictures so Kelly can post them on social media and completely humiliate him. She wants the world to see him begging almost craving for more of my sweet tranny dick.

Holiday Break Family Fun

Family Fun Phone Sex

What a great Christmas we all had.  My sweet sluts enjoyed all their toys, as they should they in essence bought them.  There was one thing though that they asked for that I couldn’t put under the tree.  They wanted me to be a fuck toy for a little while on Christmas.  I had no problem finding someone as some of the guys who hang out at Marcus’ place always try to get into my panties.  I don’t do anything for free, and the only thing I would gain from letting them do so is cum in my twat.   Yeah, that is not enough of an incentive.

I phoned up one of those guys who was the nicest looking of the bunch and asked him to come over.  He was just partying by himself so he said he would.  When he got to the door my oldest one opened it and said, “Hi Jake.  You are going to fuck my Mommy today.”  I could hear him say, “What!?!?”  He walked in and I was already naked.  My other two darling whores were sitting on the couch smiling at him.  I explained that this was one of their Christmas presents.

He walked right over to me and tried to kiss me.  Fuck no! No kissing … ever!  He got undressed and I was very much impressed by his cock.  It was better than I had anticipated it would be.  I went over to him and bent over.  I could feel him stroking his cock against my ass, then he pressed it hard into my pussy.  He fucked me for a few minutes then came.  Lame.  Not only were the girls disappointed but so was I.  He said that he had wanted to fuck me for so long that he couldn’t hold out.

I rolled my eyes at my girls and they laughed.  I turned around, got on my knees and coaxed his cock back to life with my mouth.  The girls got up and stood by us so they could have a better view.  I could see the middle one paying really close attention.  She is a fantastic cocksucker in her own right, but she could always get better. 

He was getting hard so I started being more aggressive, the girls started to chant, “Cum on Mommy’s face, Cum on Mommy’s face!” over and over again.  Talk about pressure. He did though and he came hard!  I showed the girls the cum then they helped me clean it off my face, scooping it up on their fingers and licking them clean, or putting some of it in my mouth then kissing me.  When the girls and I were though he was beginning to get hard again from watching us, but his time at my house was over.  I grabbed a robe, put it on, gave him his clothing then had him leave. 

I love my girls, and I think giving them that present was proof!

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