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Come Get Your Kitten

Furry Friends Phone Sex

Come and get your sexy little kitten. I’m naked with my pretty butt plug stuffed up my ass that gives me that cute little tail you love so much. I love crawling up to you when you walk through the door. Watch me lick my little kitten paws and clean my furry ears. Your sexy tight kitten is so wet for you Daddy. I let you know by purring against your leg and shaking my little ass on you. My tail wags and you can’t help but feel your cock twitch. Looking at me wiggle my sweet little ass at you makes turns you on. Come fuck your pretty little kitten and fill me with your load. Furry friends phone sex is some kinky fun and I love getting off with you being your sexy little kitten. Make me your furry fuck toy. You can do any naughty thing you desire to tiny fuck holes.

BBW Phone Sex Threesome

bbw phone sexDo you like bbw phone sex girls? You are not alone! So many guys love a thick and juicy girl. Some prefer curvy girls like me; others want two tons of fun. What do you prefer? Mike and Tony like girls like me. I am a sexy BBW. I have big tits and a fat ass, but I am not buying my clothes at a tent shop either. I was out clubbing with some girlfriends last night. I wanted to have fun on a Thursday night. No strings attached fun. I didn’t have a threesome in mind, however. It just sort of happened. Mike and Tony were friends. They came to the club together. They both eyed me and decided I was the hottest girl in the club. They bought me drinks and I took turns dirty dancing with them until the club closed. At that point, Tony asked me to pick one of them. He insisted whomever I wanted to fuck more, the other would be cool with my decision. I liked that either way, no one’s feelings would be hurt. I wanted both men. “Why do I have to choose? I can take you both home,” I purred. They high fived each other, then we were back at my place fucking. It has been a while since I have had a tag team. At first, they were awkward about seeing each other naked, but they forgot all their concerns when they saw my wet bald pussy and big tits. I straddled Tony, so he could fuck my pussy. I told Mike to take my ass. He spit on his dick and shoved it in. Having a cock in my ass and cunt at the same time feels amazing. They loved sharing the hottest girl in the club together. I am a tad sore this morning, but I think I will be sharing those two friends again very soon.

I Want To Slob On A Knob With You

Bisexual Phone SexI am a cock hungry whore, I love all kinds of cock. I love my bisexual men, I love seeing who can take the dick better and longer. I love when we are both on our knees and when we are slobbering all over a fat dick. I like to have that thick spit all over while sucking on the head. I want both us to have the back of hair pulled and treated like total cum dolls. I bet I can suck cock better than all my bisexual men. I have been doing it for what seems like forever. I love massaging balls while I am making swirls around the head and then going all the way down and gagging. I know men love it when I make that choking sound like I am about to throw up. So where are my bisexual men that want to suck cock with me? I want us to lick a load off of each others faces.

Take My Cum

Bisexual Phone Sex I am going fuck your ass nice and raw. I am going to make you bleed as the bitch below me. You will feel my nails clawing on your back. I am going to pull hard on your ears and your head will yank backward. I will chuckle as I hear your whimpers. I am going to ride your ass until I explode all my thick creamy jizz all in your worthless ass. Then I will shove my dick straight into your mouth for your to clean with your slobber. Sliding in and out of your fuck hole on your face. Feeling you gag on my dick head I grunt out as my jizz runs down your throat. I bitch slap you across your face as you eat my cum.

BBC ballplayers for me

wet bald pussyThis stripper joint has all the best clients in town. I can even vouch and say the best on the west coast for sure. I am so stoked to be part of the team here. When I see my favorite rappers walk in I automatically cream my tight panties. My wet bald pussy can’t handle it. I just love making those BBC happy. This past weekend I had some ballplayers from the east coast celebrating a big win they had. My panties were soaked. I took some over to the VIP section and worked my magic! I went on to grinding my body on them one by one they loved my little barbie charm. I had all of them go to the secret room and gangbang me and show me not to tease grown anacondas. I came on strong and felt them pound me. Girls that tease eventually get what they ask for. No complaints here daddy. I love it and want it, My pussy and tight ass will handle whatever you bring my way. Those balls were so awesome to play with, and they kissed on my big fake tits and licked my twat and ass too. They showed sportsmen ship and were team players on my body. 

A Double Hardcore Ass Fucking in Mommy’s Ass

hardcore ass fuckingMy sons love to give their mommy a hardcore ass fucking. The problem is that they lack patience. When they are horny, they can’t take turns because they can’t wait. The first time they rammed both boy dicks in me it hurt. I have become accustomed to their brand of double penetration. They have grown a few inches since they first fucked their mommy in the ass. Last night luckily, I was high as fuck. They were in the mood to double team mommy’s ass. I let out a yelp at first because even with lube the friction of two cocks in my ass hurts. Good thing I am a pain slut. I don’t mind some pain, especially when I am high. I won’t feel anything until the next day anyway. We fucked for hours last night. It seemed they never went soft fucking my ass. They would cum and be hard again in no time. I think the friction of their cocks rubbing together kept them hard. The coke kept me up to get fucked for hours. This morning I woke up sore in the ass like I expected. My boys are on Spring Break. They felt bad when they saw me sitting on an innertube.  They made me feel better by licking my sore ass. Well, that got me horny again. No matter how sore my ass was, I wanted fucked again. Of course, my boys wanted to fuck me again because they woke up with hard dicks like they do every day. This time my pussy got double penetrated. My pussy sees a lot of cock, so two hard dicks up my wet bald pussy doesn’t cause any discomfort. It is nothing but pure pleasure. They made my mommy pussy feel so good, I forgot about my butt pain.

Brittney and I are Phone Sex King Snake Charmers

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby received a very special treat from a very special Sugar Daddy yesterday. My beloved BDK was in town. He heard about me dancing at that local strip club last week with my friend Brittney and wanted to spoil us both. No one spoils me better than my Big Daddy King. I have been bragging about him and the anaconda for a couple years now. Brittney flew into town to feature dance at the club again, but this time I picked her up in BDK’s stretch limo. Nothing but the best for one of BDK’s favorite sugar babies and her BFF. Brittney and I got ready to go to the club. I wore this lime fishnet dress that my King loves. The limo took Brittney to the club first. She didn’t yet know that she would be staying in Big Daddy King’s palace yet. When my King and I arrived at the club, he booked the VIP room for the night, so he could have a stripper threesome with Brittney and me. We shook our asses while he pulled out a duffle bag full of money for us. It was raining Benjamin’s as we gave the Living Legend a legendary lap dance. I couldn’t wait for Brittney to meet the anaconda. No matter how much I brag about BDK’s monster snake, no one believes me; but, seeing is believing. He has a thick stripped pole between his legs. Enough cock for two hot bitches. When I unzipped his pants, the anaconda in its white diamond encrusted man sleeve rolled out. Big Daddy King’s cock deserves the red carpet treatment. We fell to our knees to worship him. I let Brittney devour the anaconda because she has never sucked a cock that huge in her life. I motor boated his billionaire balls. Brittney and I are snake charmers because with two hands, two mouths and two sets of nice tits, we milked the anaconda dry. I went to Instagram to brag out my King’s legendary cum shots on tits. We closed the club down then went back to the palace to worship BDK and his anaconda some more. BDK is the real deal. Handsome, wealthy, generous, smart and hung better than a horse. The anaconda got drained by Brittney and me all night long. I am still glowing.

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I Need A Little Romance

romantic phone sex

You know what I really need tonight?  Romantic phone sex.  All I wanna do is fill up my bathtub with warm silky bubbles, light some candles.  Get me a tall glass of red wine.  Turn on some softy sexy music, and have a stimulating conversation with a man.  I don’t care if you’re married or not.  Married men are kinda my thing anyway.  Sure, I’m known to be a party girl, but I have a soft sensual side as well.  I wanna rub my hand under the water and let my fingers find my pussy while listening to your voice.  Pinch my nipples as you tell me all the hot sexy things you wanna do to me.  I’ll tell you all about me sucking that hard cock of yours while we’re driving down the highway. Maybe pull over on the side of the rode for some rough roadside sex? The kind that makes you cum really really hard with a boatload of cum all over my beautiful ass? That’s the kind of phone sex I need in my life tonight.  I’m the perfect GFE.  And it’s not really cheating if it’s over the phone, right?




I Want That Black Cock

Black Cock Phone SexI have always been a little cock hungry slut, but right now I am craving that big black cock. I want it so bad, I think I found my friend who is going to satisfy me. I can’t handle a little pin prick dick right now, I want my pussy hole gaping open from this dick. I will do just about anything for some BBC right now. My friend is coming over and I am so wet already just thinking about it, I greet him at the door in nothing but my high heels. I pull him in and start kissing him the real wet sloppy kind of kisses. I couldn’t wait, I undid his buckle and he was like woah, woah. I groaned and begged please, I got on my knees and pulled it out. I grabbed it and was stroking a little and I spit down on it. I was so happy to have this chocolate love stick in my warm, wet mouth. I love going up and down and coming up making swirls around the head of it with my juicy tongue. I felt like I slobbered on it enough I wanted to fuck and feel my hole stretch open. I brought him to the couch but we fell on the floor and I got on top and started rubbing it on my pussy that was wet like a water bottle. I put it in and I was sliding up and down, reaching back playing with his balls and then going all the way down just bucking my hips back and forth really fast. He was moaning and I could tell he was going to come. He did right inside me and I came on his dick, the thing about black cock is you can see a girl come on it.

My Sweet Little Present For Daddy

young bald pussy

I brought you a young bald pussy to play with, Daddy. I made a new friend and I told her all about how I’m Daddy’s little princess. She wants to be a sweet little princess for you too! You big perverted cock will grow so big and hard for us and I’m going to show her just how Daddy likes when we lick our tongues all the way from his big balls, up his long hard shaft, and circle our tongues around the tip. I told her to come home with me and we’re going to get all dressed up, looking so sexy for our naughty Daddy. Then we’re going to make out with daddy’s big cock and worship him with our tiny mouths. The best part is that I made sure she had a sweet bald little pussy for you, Daddy! She tastes so sweet and I can hardly get more than two fingers inside her pink little fuck hole. She’s so tight for Daddy and she wants to squeeze her little pussy around your dick. Then put us on our knees and cover us in your load Daddy! She’s going to love your cock so much, she’s going to want to come over and play with us every day!

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