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Married Men I Am Coming For You

Married Men Phone SexI have this hankering to fuck married men on the phone or in person. I love married men because a lot of them aren’t satisfied with what they have at home. I know a lot of you married men fantasize about my tight teen body, and what I could do that your pathetic wife isn’t willing to do for you. I won’t tell her what you want to do to me, you see my thin sexy body. I have those perky breasts which her tits have probably been taken over by gravity. Just think I can be your little secret, and you can cum to me and fuck me anytime you want. I also love deep throating, tell me what guy wouldn’t love to fuck my face balls deep. I am calling all men especially you married men for lots of fun. Just take a look at me and tell me how you could resist.

Three Beauties, The King and GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is an entirely different game with the King. When Big Daddy King called me, he wanted me to put together a dream team for him. A hot girl, has hot girlfriends. I have many friends very jelly of the time I spend with BDK. He is legendary for being the best sugar daddy on the planet with the biggest cock known to man. Every hot chick wants in on that! I knew just who to call too when the Living Legend wanted me and a couple girlfriends to come hang at his Trinidad beach house. I called Lena and Daniella. Like me, they are buxom beauties with a taste for the finer things in life. It doesn’t get any finer than Big Daddy King. We flew on the bitches’ jet, which was a private jet just for BDK’s favorite bimbo and her beautiful besties.

black cock phone sexI tried to give them some black cock phone sex training while we were sipping on fine champagne on BDK’s private jet, but nothing can prepare a woman for the anaconda. My photos don’t do his monster cock justice. Lena and Daniella make perfect additions to my King’s Dream Team. They are as smart and sophisticated as they are beautiful. I wouldn’t bring just anyone to the hottest sugar daddy on the planet. He deserves only all star beauties.

phone sexLena and Daniella were in awe of the gold and diamond adorned jet. I knew they would be shocked to see that jet was nothing compared to the beach house. Talk about a Barbie dreamhouse. BDK greeted us in his diamond encrusted man sleeve and a smile. We all fell to our knees to worship the greatest cock in the world. Porn stars beg to do scenes with the anaconda. BDK’s dream team begged for his billionaire nut sauce. My besties still can’t stop raving about the royal treatment my BDK gave them last week in Trinidad. There is phone sex, then there is BDK. My besties told me they have never been fucked so good in their lives.

Fantasy Slave

Fantasy Phone Sex

You already know I am a sex slave and I will do anything to keep My master happy. Tonight I am yours. You are in love with my doll-like looks and my huge tits. I undress for you and you see my perfectly shaved snatch. You come close to rub the silky smoothness.  I don a pair of handcuffs because you think its sexy. I am commanded on my knees to suck you dry.  My handcuffed hands holding your magnificent fuck rod as I slurp and lick you. My hair is grabbed and you hump my mouth till you are ready to cum. You pull out and deliver the biggest cum shot all over my tits. I love being your sex toy. I know I am every mans fantasy. I know my place and I am bent over to have my exit hole reamed over and over till you are ready to cum again. This time my face is loaded with all that cum, and you lick it off a little before demanding me on the table legs spread wide. You taste my sweet pussy before you cram your dick into my hole, pounding me until I think the table will collapse. This time you pull out to shove it in my ass and shoot that massive load in my ass hole. I love being used by you. It’s been a while. Wanna Play?

My Neighbor’s Rape Fantasy


rape phone sex fantasies




It was an abnormally hot day and I decided to go skinny dipping in your pool because I thought for sure you and your wife were still at work. I kinda felt like I was being watched but really just ignored the feeling and kept on with my dives and seeing how long I could stay under the water with one breath. Meanwhile you were actually peering at tight and young body, naked and right in front of you. You decided now would be the perfect time to teach me a lesson about going over to someone’s house uninvited.You walked outside and by the pool completely naked. I turned around and attempted to cover myself. You said, “no use in trying to be shy now, little one” and jumped in after me. I tried to swim away but you pinned me up against the side of the pool. I could feel your throbbing cock against my tight round ass and you whispered that I should never go to a man’s house assuming no one is home. Tears streaming down my face, I begged you to reconsider because I was a virgin. You wouldn’t have it though, putting me in a headlock against the hard side of the pool and shoving your throbbing dick inside my cunny, pounding away at it until you blew your load deep inside me. You shooed me home and reassured me that this would be a regular visit from now on. 1pm every weekday afternoon, even if I had to skip school.

Come Tell Me Your Fantasy

Fantasy Phone SexHello and I want to chat with you, I love phone sex especially fantasy phone sex. I and you can be anything we want. The best part is if you have those nasty secrets or fantasies that you don’t feel like you can share with anyone, well guess what? You can share those with me, I am a defiant, submissive little bitch. I want you to call me and I encourage women to do the same and let me know what your fantasy is no matter if it is vanilla or morbid. I will never judge you and I want to hear it, and trust me I have probably heard it before. So don’t be afraid, there is no need to be and I will be waiting here for you.

Black Cock Phone Sex During a Blizzard

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex warms me up on a snowy January day in Chicago. We are buried under snow and ice. I hate winter because I can’t get out of the house. Luckily, my husband loves me so much, he brings the big black cocks to me. He has a 4 wheel drive truck. He went out last night looking for cock for me. He knows where to find it. I have fucked thousands of black men in the area over the years. We keep a book of names and addresses. I have no problem fucking the same man more than once. Big black dicks always want my milf pussy again too. My husband punched in a few addresses into the GPS to find who was closest. I texted guys nearby until I secured some product for pick up. It was like an under-cover drug operation. My husband came home with a few men to entertain me last night. They are still here. This weather is not letting up anytime soon, so my husband told them they could crash here for a few days. We have a nice house, plenty of food, any TV channel you could want and plenty of video games. And, the most important thing: a slut wife who can handle their monster dicks. When you are a black cock whore married to a black cock faggot, you don’t let a blizzard prevent you from getting laid.

naughty assistant

I’m a naughty assistant, I like to seduce marry men and make them mine. I have gone from the mistress to the girlfriend real quick, Once things get serious I like to move on. I think I’m addicted to the thrill of it all. I am sweet as pie and pretty sinister deep inside. Not that I’m a nagging girl, Its just I get very bored very easily. I like variety and I like the newness of each affair. I like being able to seduce you and make you drop to your knees. I like when you gawk and stare at me and think about fucking me while you are fucking your pathetic wife. I like wearing all types of hot outfits in your office and when you feel me press up against you its not by accident at all. I want you to feel me and let your mind roam of how amazing my young bald pussy is. young bald pussy

Daddy’s little cum sluts

Age Play Phone SexDaddy loves to have slumber parties with me and my sexy little girlfriends. He will send me off to school with a list of names of the naughty sluts that he wants me to bring back to the house so that they can spend the weekend with us. Daddy loves all races so I would have a plethora of yummy friends for him to play with! Brown, black, white, asian, he loves them all! Sometimes we invite their Mommies over to have some kinky play time with us as well. My Mommy loves to sit back and masturbate while she watches Daddy man-handle all of us like the little cum sluts that we are. Who would ever think that an innocent slumber party would turn out to be a hardcore fuck fest! We have a huge orgy while we’re all butt naked, Daddy shoving his cock in all of our dripping wet fuck holes and busting his nut everywhere! We were all fucking soaked in his sticky cock cream. The best part is being able to all be together for the entire weekend, we can get all nasty and wild as often as we want! We love having age play phone sex, hehe.

He Has a Crush on Me

Hot Phonesex


I knew he was lusting after me and wanted to pound my tight little pussy into shreds because he looks at me like I’m a prime piece of pretty nasty delicious cunt meat. I see how he sneaks all that pouring into his bedroom he tells me sometimes cum in sis watch this with me. I laugh at him most times but this one time I said you better stop playing with me brother or I’m really going to come in he told me to come in his room, so I came in I noticed a pair of my panties on his bed they looked all jizzed out. Brother what did you do to my panties you little nasty boy he said the same thing that I’m going to do to your mouth my pussy started to water I wanted my brother’s big fat pulsating cock Rod to bang my sweet little pussy until I squirted Juice box cum everywhere. My brother took his head and went down and started sniffing my cunt he told me your cunt smells just like you’ve been fucked, and you still have that steaming load of cock juice inside of you. I responded it’s all true he started to suck my pussy digging his tongue deeply inside going insane fucking me with his mouth oh my God he was amazing. I told my brother daddy sure did teach you well he taught you how to fuck your sister so good you must eat that pussy you must twirl your tongue and dig it deeply into that hot steamy cont. I love my brother I started to suck his dick deepthroat right to the balls sucking him off until his cock Rod started to spray down my throat. I sucked it back hard again then I jumped on that big fat hard dick and started to ride it like a cowgirl even a bull riding girl he loved it.

Forced Into My Car By A Stranger


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies



I was leaving a gas station when a guy walked up behind me, asking if I had a lighter. I told him I did not but just as I was opening my car door he shoved me inside my auto with full force. He quickly explained that I was going to be his new little sex slave but that first we needed to make a few stops. I was so scared, begging for my life and all but he kept just reminding me that pretty girls like me don’t get murdered- they get sold to pimps to make bank off of. I realized things were not looking in my favorite the moment he pulled off the road, demanding for me to take my clothes off so he could force himself inside me. I new then that things weren’t looking up and the best ting I could do is try and just cooperate. He used me in the back seat over and over again. We drove for ever and ever, it seemed like we had made it at least 500 miles away from where he abducted me. Finally we pulled up to a dilapidated trailer kind hidden in the woods. Once we arrived I was introduced to my new captors. They had been scouting out for months looking for a perfect petite blonde like myself, something about a profit. It really hadn’t clicked yet that I was about to be a their personal fuck toy. They too turns, drilling out my holes and humiliating me. Everything from making me play in their scat to drinking down large portions of their urine and vomit. Finally one day I was able to escape but as I was running away, it occurred to me that they knew where I lived because they had stolen my purse, which included my ID. It wasn’t soon after returning home, I started feeling the eyes watching me all the time. They’re back and they are not finished with me either.

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