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Tiny Teen tease caprice

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Teen phone sex with a complete tease is what you need above all else. Every inch of my body drives you wild. You will do anything to get a piece of my tight ass and sweet cunt. I like to make you weak and love making you stutter. I can tell you have been jacking off to me for hours. You are my pathetic coach, diving uncle. You had to crash at our house and in the meanwhile perve on your teen niece. I can hear you in the middle of the night jerking your cock. I giggled and even played with my cunt. You have been resisting, but it is hard to do so. I think about ruining you because that is what I do to perverted men. You have won the title of creep of the year. I bring my hot friends over, and you instantly cream your pants. I giggle and smile cause I know how hard it is for you to keep your composure. You are a sicko, and I love that.

I have been getting acquainted with the idea of humiliating you and possibly even granting you a show. Its quite turn on to see a man open to doing it all for a piece to teen twat pie. Maybe I will have some sissy phone sex with you and have my boyfriend over and have him fuck me while you clean us both up.

I always have a great time with you

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I always have such a good time with you, and today was no exception. I love when we talk because we can and do talk about a broad scale of things, and you captivate me every time. I can honestly say I am bedazzled and refreshed by you because your not the average. I love our minds together it’s a feast of sexy activity, to say the least. I am crazy about you, and I wouldn’t have the feelings I feel for you any other way. I know it’s a fantasy, but you and I really move each other. You make me cum whenever you want to that’s a gift you have when it comes to my body. I dream about you and wake up wanting to go back to sleep because I want more. I think to myself, how if only I could dream and be close to you for a few more hours. You make me more than happy, you’re handsome, your giving and so smart. I want you to know that I love it.

Creampie Phone Sex with My Lover’s Daughter

creampie phone sexCreampie phone sex is the best with a girl. I love when my husband eats my cream pie, but last night, I had the daughter of my lover clean me up. That was a kinky time. I was fucking this new black man. He told me he had a teen daughter but she was not home. That was a lie because I could see her from the mirror. She was spying on her daddy fuck the white woman. I figured he said that because he didn’t want me to feel weird with her in the house. No way I was feeling weird. I fuck black guys with my husband in the room all the time. I could see her hands in her panties. I was not sure if her daddy knew or not. After he nutted inside me, she came out and asked for her treat. I looked at my my lover, then her. It hit me what she wanted. Just like my husband, only kinkier. She wanted daddy’s cum from my cunt. I spread my legs as wide as I could and she showed off her cunt eating skills. She savored daddy’s jizz in her mouth. At one time, we even snowballed with it. Fucking hot kinky family. That teen girl ate the biggest cum shot out of my cunt. Her daddy’s cum shot too. I can’t wait to fuck him again. I hope they are always a package deal.

Big Tit Fucking with a Big Cock

big tit fuckingHe wanted big tit fucking. I asked him if he had the big cock necessary for my big tits? To tit fuck me, a guy needs a big cock. My natural 44 EEs can swallow up small dicks. My boobs didn’t lose Trey’s cock. Honestly, I was not expecting him to have a huge cock. He was skinny, not that tall and had no game. Normally, a man with a big dick carries himself with some bravado. Man being the key. He was no man; he was a boy. Trey was still in high school and a virgin. I don’t think he knew what a special cock he had dangling between his legs. I demonstrated with my dildo. I have a 7-inch pink dildo. It is bigger than the average cock, but when I slip it between my tits, it gets lost. I put Trey’s cock between my tits, and the head of his cock peeked through the top. I saw his eyes get wide. He was getting the point. His cock was well above the average dick size and he was likely still growing. I titty fucked him to the biggest cum shot on my boobs. I wanted to fuck him, even though he was jailbait, but he was embarrassed he came on my boobs. He ran out of the house like he set it on fire or something. He will be back, however. He left his backpack here. And, when he does, I am fucking that teen boy.

Cum Shots On Tits To Lick Off

cum shots on tits

Oh, baby, I love how you eat these cum shots off my tits. I am your hot redheaded cuckolding lover. I am the cuckolding mistress you can carry in your pocket.

People always wonder how you got such a hot wife. You tell them your lucky and, truth be told your not a bad looking man. Just short in the dick department. Let me explain a few things this slut has learned.

I can’t help it that my own daddy opened my pussy with a huge Italian cock. I was shown early in life that white cock will never ever measure up. In high school I thought one of my teachers was white, but his dick was 9 inches and he told me as I sucked him off how proud he was of his mixed-race cock. He is also the one who introduced me to cuckolding telling me that I was better than his bosses’ wife. He brought me over to her house and came on my tits and was tit fucking me as the principle licked the cum off our huge tits right around that mixed black cock. I would come to know many pleasures that night, including how little dicks love to be humiliated and that small dicked men deserve to have that ass hole reamed.

Please Join this Mistress in welcoming our lovely Cuckolding Black cock loving Mistresses to the family. Each Of Them Just makes my Pussy so wet!sissy phone sex

Sleeping with the enemy

wet bald pussyWho would have thought I would end up boning someone I hated. Hate fucking is fun after all. I can’t stand my lead. I ditest when he acts like he is a supervisor. I  can see him always trying to one-up situations, and I certainly roll my eyes so hard I can see the back of my brain. One day at an office party things took a turn between us. Usually, I avoid him, but this time the alcohol was winning. I wanted to face off with him and give him a piece of my mind. They do say drinking brings out the truth. I got into a heated argument with him over his demeanor and walked away. I ended up joining some other coworkers at a bar, and without missing a beat, he came along as well. I got so fucked up I could barely remember my name. One thing led to another, and I was making out with him and letting him take me home. Hate fucking and sleeping with the enemy wasn’t too bad. All that cocky attitude came with a thriving dick after all.

Get me pregnant

Breeding Phone SexI’m so fertile right now, my beautiful cunt is ovulating and I feel super sexy in my own skin whenever we have breeding phone sex. This is the very special time of the month every month that I get t go through where my hormones are raging and I am hornier than ever! I love experiencing all of the different vaginal fluids that exert out of my gorgeous body during this very fruitful period. My panties literally get fucking soaked with all the discharge that comes out to play, it’s amazing! I feel so potent and full of so many crazy sexual emotions, I just go crazy thinking about a penis inside of me ejaculating all of it’s scrumptious sperm into my womb. I have a bad habit of being a cum dump but it’s how I was raised to be so it comes very naturally! Over and over again I would love to be penetrated and exploded into until I am literally overflowing with jizz and it’s puddling down at my feet as it oozes out of me. I love living this life of absolute total erotic sin!

The Biggest Cum Shot to My Face

biggest cum shotHe told he wanted to give me the biggest cum shot. Honestly, I wasn’t sure he could deliver. I was wrong. Very wrong. I have known him for a few years now. He loves playing with me and my hot sexy girlfriends. His cock is 13-inches and thick like a beer can. It was a rough oral session. I am a big dick sucker, but he was shoving my head down so hard on his thick shaft, I was slobbering all over his dick. He told me he owned me. My jaw was sore and I was drowning in his cum. He had already skull fucked a few of my hot friends that night too. I was not the first girl to get a load of his hot jizz. I swallowed every last drop though, grateful that my mouth got a good work out. I thought he was done. I mean he had cum so much in just a few hours, but he was just getting the party started. He didn’t just own my mouth, he owned my hot ass too. Skull fucking was soon followed by a hardcore ass fucking that left me walking funny. I am always grateful when a man takes charge and puts me in my place.

Training My Step Daughter for Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex can be taught. I have been teaching my step daughter the joys of big black dicks. She has a habit of dating bad boys. And not the good kind of bad boy either. She likes white men with small or average dicks who treat her like shit. She is a goddess like me. The problem is she has not fully embraced her goddess status. Last night, was a step in the right direction. I invited her over for dinner. Desert was a big black cock. A young stud with 12-inches of dark chocolate. When she saw it, she was in awe. She was shocked, however, that I thought she could handle it. Black cock whores all start somewhere, just like black cock faggots. I showed her a few tricks for handling that much meat in her mouth at once. I gave her some whisky smooth and her body relaxed. I had her watch me give a deep throat blowjob. I told her to watch and learn. This was not my first time introducing her to BBC, but this was the biggest one she has had yet. I went with a foot-long black cock to show her he was 4 times the man her loser boyfriend was. I want her to be a phone sex BBC whore like me. She is on her way. I watched her go crazy on Rex. She drained his big black balls many times while I watched with love in my eyes. Soon her young pussy will be for big black dicks only.

Humiliation Phone Sex With Mistress Brooklyn

humiliation phone sex

I love when Men call this sexy Mistress slut and I can just tell they are pathetic little losers. I love forcing men in real life to take cock and be degraded. Best Yet I absolutely fucking love a little humiliation phone sex to make that dick rock hard. You are a speck of dust under my feet. Take out your panties and jack off that stick you call a dick.  You don’t deserve to cum tonight. You deserve for me to make you a speck of dirt under my feet for you to lick off. Let me moan to my fat 12-inch black cocks that drive my hot ass made and have me coming over and over. I don’t enjoy anything more than a sissy slut or slave wannabe begging to be allowed to cum. I will use you like the whore you are and degrade you until you are so close to exploding. Do you love being the toy that amuses me? Give me one good reason you should be allowed to play with your pocket rocket or even fuck your latex pussy? I will decide if your cum load is good enough for me my slave! Looking for even more sissy training sluts like me? I invite you to SISSY SLUT HUT 

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