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Poor Bitch, Rich Fuckers

Exhibitionist phone sex

It never ceases to amaze me what rich fuckers will spend money on.  It is just straight up crazy at some of the shit they get.  I say that, but if some rich cunt comes up to me to make an offer where I can take some of their money I’m all for it.  Some woman at the 7-11 tapped me on the shoulder which seriously irritated me. When I turned my head to see who it was I was a little shocked.  There she was, looking so fucking out of place it was almost comical.  The girl behind the counter said, “Hey Penny? You owe drug money to the Real Housewives?” I told her to shut the fuck up.  She tapped me on the shoulder again and I said, “What do you want?” Not in a very nice way either.  She asked if we could talk outside, I said sure, I mean what the fuck.

She walked over to a fucking Bentley.  Every one was looking at her, I thought for sure she was going to be robbed any minute, hell I even thought of doing it myself.  She got in and I got in with her.  She started the car up and took off before I could even say, “Let me the hell out of here!” She started to ask me if I knew some people, which I did since I bought drugs off of them on the regular.

She said they gave her my name as someone that might be interested in making some money.  I started to really pay attention when the “M” word was brought up.  Here was the deal.  She had some lingerie in the back of her car, she wanted to take me to a Hotel, where I would put it on and allow a few of male friends to ‘humiliate’ me while they jerked off on me, and used me anyway they wanted.  I laughed and said, “Hell yeah!”.

So there I am, uncomfortable as hell, wearing this fancy shit.  Walking around in front of all these guys.  Then I see it.  A table set up with all the “medicine” in the world.  I think a fucking rainbow appeared over my head, somewhere a unicorn cried, and a fairy busted a nut.  I was sucking dick, snorting, being fucked in the ass, bump, cum shot on face, bump, cum shot on pussy, bump … you get the idea.  All while those not involved in using me were watching, staying hard, getting ready for their turn. Then I see my one Dealer and he has my little ones.  Next thing I know they are being splattered too!  The hottest thing of all was when they cleaned their Mommy off with their tongues.  There bellies are going to be full of jizz for days!  Plus, I have enough money to last at least two days, so this Mommy will be high as a fucking kite!

Biggest Cum Shot To Your Faggy Face!

biggest cum shot

I love giving him my biggest cum shot to his little sissy faggot face! He bought me an all-expense paid trip to the Keys. I was happy to go as his arm candy. I passed very well as we strolled the white sand beaches. It was very different back in the hotel room though. I had him on his Knees for Mistress Nikita and butt ass naked as soon as we hit the room. I attached bells to his scrotum and he jingled every time he moved. Such A delightful slut for me. Nipple clamps and a nice cock cage rounded him out. My Malibu Rum was never empty as My little butch served me and crawled on all fours everywhere he went. The only time he was resting was with my 7 inches stuck down his greedy throat. Gobble gobble little faggy! I only came on his face all week. Of course, I opened his slutty bitch pink perfect tight ass up over and over. But alas him sucking my shit covered dick and me cumming and blowing huge loads at that were reserved for his fucking face! Come And get it my Bitches, Mistress phone sex Nikita is waiting dick out and hard for you!

Cum Shots on Tits is What He Paid For

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits is what they wanted to see, so it what they got. I was pole dancing late last night for some extra cash when some frat boys came in. They were celebrating one of the guy’s 21st birthday with big tits and booze. One of the guys was a trust fund baby. He had a platinum American Express and was running the tab. He selected me for the VIP room. Likely because I was older and college boys love older women. He said it was because I had the biggest rack in the club. I was doing lap dances and taking pictures with the guys, when Mr. Trust Fund asked how much to give me the biggest cum shot to my tits? Big Al lets me have all the money from the VIP room for any side things I might do, so I can set the price. I looked at him and said, “How much money you got?” He pulled out $2,000 from his wallet, laid it on the table and said, “Let the birthday boy go first.” I wrapped my jugs around his cock and gave him a titty fuck he will never forget. He deposited the first load, and his friends followed. I don’t consider it prostitution. I mean they just came on my boobs. Easiest money I ever made. I love having big tits.

My Lover loves Me


Crossdressing Phone Sex

Can you please dig in my booty and make me feel sweet and fruity like I always do when I’m with you. I want you to make me feel my inner sissy, I love you pretty baby you are my baby. I have been dreaming about you forever you make me feel so good to be queer you make me feel happy that I’m here and so glad to be gay I want you all the time. I love you I’m delighted you came around your the best guy ever, you make me feel so extraordinary. I have always loved to dress up like a slut for you. I love to wear lace, silk, and satin for you. I love when the way you come on to me when your teasing. I love the lipstick stains I put around the rim of your dick. I love the whole experience of getting together for you and with you getting beautiful for you making myself look right for you, and that’s what I’ll do forever. You are my king you make me feel like I could be loved forever you are my love you are my joy you’re everything that I’ve ever wanted. You’re a dream come true everything I want. I need and lust for you, I just can’t go wrong with loving you. And you’re so brave you make me crave your very essence I love you I need you I could never do without you. And every time we make love we make fireworks because you are the big bang in my life and I want to blow up for you. There’s no other man for me you’re mine I need you I love you I cannot get over how much we connect when we exchange. I am your Lover You are my lover we are together no one will ever tear us apart. I love you baby, and I want the whole world to know exactly how I feel for you.

My Cuckold Hubby Got the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotI was sucking Trevor’s dick when he unleashed the biggest cum shot in my mouth. It was premature for him. My cuckold husband was watching and salivating. I knew what he needed. I snowballed him with Trevor’s premature load. As my husband was swallowing a big load of black spunk, I started to pump Trevor’s big black dick back to life.  Trevor is one of my few black bulls who will fuck my husband’s pansy ass. I wanted to watch my husband take a load in his back door pussy. My husband is a black cock faggot. He will do anything to taste or feel black cock. Confession. I love watching him get a hardcore ass fucking from one of my black lover’s. Trevor has a 13-inch fuck stick. It is a fucking snake. Even I struggle getting every inch inside me. I can’t swallow him balls deep. I sure do try, but I am lucky that I get about ¾’s of his cock down my throat. I gave Trevor the signal and he started pumping his black mamba snake up my husband’s ass. By the look on my husband’s face, you would have thought someone pierced his ass with a spear. I guess a tree trunk 13-inch cock would feel similar! I enjoyed watching my husband get fucked in his sissy ass. I made him eat my pussy as he got fucked. My husband is my cuckold sissy bitch. Once Trevor came, my husband shit out the cum and licked it up like a good bitch. He is a good cuckold husband.

Guided Masturbation with a Sexy BBW

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Telling you how to stroke your cock for me, makes me very hot. Makes me soaking wet. Nothing turns this super nasty sexy BBW on more than hearing you slap your meat, especially while I am fingering my plump pink cunt. I have been masturbating since I was a school girl. I played with my bald cunt before I ever fucked a cock. It started when I was over at a friend’s house. I was a young girl and I caught her older brother jacking off.  The first couple times, I just watched. Once he caught me, things changed. He wanted to fuck me, but he was afraid to because of my young age. I would have fucked him, but I settled for something else. Mutual masturbation. I would tell him how to stroke his dick and he would tell me how to play with my young bald pussy. I loved watching him stroke to my voice. We played this game called Red Light Green Light. It was an edging game. I still use that technique with my callers. I just love helping a man achieve the best cum of his life. My friend’s brother was putty in my hands. I may have been younger, but he would do anything I told him, even put a finger in his ass for a prostate massage. I had read in my daddy’s Penthouse forum that a prostate massage gives a man a thorough ball draining. Many of my callers love it when I tell them how to play with their prostate properly. I mean who doesn’t want a hard cum? I bet you do, especially now that you know I am gifted in the art of telling you how to jack off. I love giving any man the biggest cum shot of his life.

Cum Slut at Comic Con

cum slut phone sex

Some Times I can be such a cum slut phone sex Tranny! I mean who else would hit up Comic-Con Just because those Nerdy, Dirty Men can give me so much hot sticky cum. I know I would be amidst so many ass virgins and shy men. SHy ass virgins tend to be my favorite. I love being bold and flirty. I know my thick seven inches will make those ass holes feel so good and I am extremely sexy. I saw three guys cosplaying the Hulk, Spiderman and Batman, They seemed to be in a hot dispute over Marvel or D.C. Hot Af to be told. I was Wonder Woman and I strutted right up and asked if I could help settle this. Mouths agape they nodded. I said I will give you my room key only if all three show up to my room, “All three, 30 min. Costumes on.” I whispered as I walked away. An hour later I was waiting thinking they had chickened out. 

A timid knock and All three were here. I let them in offered drinks and began seducing each. First with mouthy tongue filled kisses making sure my boner brushed each of them, Once I was sure they knew I proceeded to suck and fuck each of them until all I could smell was sweat and cum. Costy pieces littered the floor as at on point we circle fucking and the moans and ball slapping was all I could hear. I quietly slipped out as the morning dawned, Knowing this tranny phone sex whore gave those nerds memories to last a lifetime. 

Uncle ben

hot ass sex uncle ben has always been hands on with me I was just his type. He would always tell me how much I turned him on and how badly he wanted hot ass sex with my tight twat. i was happy to oblige with his pleads as I got older because I noticed he had so many lady friends stopping by. Uncle ben wasn’t prince charming but he had something that kept the hot girls coming in and out. It wasn’t money so I put two and two together and knew he had to be packing down below. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I purposely walked in on him while he was showering one day that I decided to pay a visit. I got in with him and let him bang my pussy in the shower. Once I saw his monster cock it was game over. I needed it badly.

Come to Me for Your Black Cock Phone Sex Therapy

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is why you call me. Just like my husband, you like thinking you are a submissive cuckold, but really that is just a rouse to cover up the fact that you are a black cock faggot. I see through my husband, just like I see through you. How? There are some tell tall signs that you are a black cock faggot. Does this sound like you? You watch BBC porn when your wife is not around. You have no desire to fluff a white lover she may have. You only want to fluff big black cock. Sometimes when you are fluffing that big black cock, your wife must remind you that you are just the fluffer not the main course. You two end up in a tug of war over who gets that big black cock. When your wife is fucking her black lover, you are watching as closely as you can. There is no apathy; you want to be watching. In fact, you are trying to figure out ways to get that big black dick up your back door pussy. You can’t wait to eat your wife’s creampie when it is from a black lover. You find yourself bringing your wife lovers to fuck, but they are all black men. These are all signs that you are more than a cuckold, you are a black cock faggot. I know the signs. You don’t have to hide your black cock loving side from me. I can be your phone sex therapist and help you embrace your BBC loving side. My husband went from a cuckold to a black cock faggot with my help. I saw the signs and I nurtured them.  I will nurture them in you too. A black cock faggot is a terrible thing to waste.

Groupie slut

Roleplay Phone SexI love rolepay phone sex. I have had some crazy real life events that I like to talk about. One of my favorite things to reminsice about is when I had a huge black mamba in my mouth. Long story short I got to blow my favorite rappers of all time. He had a huge pecker and I knew getting dressed up like the perfect bimbo would get me noticed in no time. He spot me in the crowd and sent over the stage manager to grab me. I was looking hot as fuck in my short skirt and heel boots. I knew I was going to get to hang out in the V.I.P section. All I had to do was earn it and I surely did earn it with my cute mouth. He was was so impressed by my blowjob skills he invited me over to stay in the tour bus and that where I was able to get some more of that famous nut. I also inspired a few of his new hits.

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