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Milf Phone Sex: I Went Back to School

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is all the rage. I had to stop by my nephew’s high school yesterday. He is my nephew by marriage, but the boy is staying with us for a couple weeks while my husband’s sister is overseas for business. He forgot his inhaler, so I ran up to the school. Been a long time since I was in a high school. My, how things have changed. In the 80s, I was a high school cheerleader with a black jock boyfriend. My first cock was black cock and you know what they say! Once you go black, you don’t go back. I tried to date white guys in college, but I was ruined by my first cock. Anyway, the principal of the school told me to take the inhaler to my nephew in the cafeteria. As soon as I entered that cafeteria, all eyes were on me. High school boys were whistling at me and using the same old tired come on lines. I was flattered. My nephew was embarrassed. I think I upped his school cred though. As I left the cafeteria, I heard some of the comments the teen boys were making, and I smiled. A young high school boy stopped me in the hallway. He thought I was a substitute teacher. He had milf fever. Well you know me. He was a black teen boy. How could I resist his charms? We snuck into a supply cabinet and fucked. I could have been arrested. He claimed to be 18, but I didn’t check his identification. All I cared about was that 11-inch big black cock he had in his pants. I tried my best not to scream as he fucked me from behind. It was a struggle because he was fucking me like a gang banger. He gave me the biggest cum shot in my pussy. As I slinked out of the school, I just prayed I didn’t leak his teen cum on the hallways of my nephew’s high school.

Shemale Domination Porn

shemale domination pornWhen you are a shemale domination porn star, you are in high demand. Men love me to dominate them. I like to take back door pussies, so it works for me. Oscar is a repeat flyer. He loves himself a sexy tranny cock up his ass. He texted me last night begging to get his faggot ass fucked. How could I not do it? He has a tiny ass. Tight still, even though I fuck the hell out it often. I made him worship my ass first and suck my cock. I am the queen with little faggot boys. I make them worship my ass and cock first. Then, I fuck them. Hard too. I am all about a hardcore ass fucking, especially in a faggot ass. Oscar buried his face in my ass licking my taint and everything else in between. He is a well-trained faggot boy. I was so ready to pound his ass afterwards too. I pounded him flat. I fucked him so hard he was sprawled out like a pancake on my bed. He put a hole in my mattress! His cock, although not big, was fucking hard as a rock. That is because he had my sexy tranny cock up his ass for hours. Want your turn?

Black Cock Phone Sex Therapy

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is the best kind! The sad thing is black men rarely call me. They don’t need to because black men can get pussy anytime they want. White men with small dicks, they aren’t so lucky. White men don’t call to fuck me, however. I think most of you know better than to call for a fuck call when you see a woman with pictures of big black cocks surrounding her. Guys who call me are black cock faggots. They want to talk to a woman who understands them. A woman who has a black cock faggot husband. I don’t do phone sex to get off. I fuck black men for that! I love hearing about your experiences with big black dicks. I enjoy helping to train you to take big black dicks. I love shaming and cuckolding you because you don’t have a big black dick. Plus, I know it is hard to be honest about your desire for big black cocks. Only a few people know my husband is a black cock faggot. And he knows he is lucky to have a wife who feeds his addiction. Most wives would leave their men in a heartbeat if they knew they even thought about sucking big black cock. Not me. I am not just any woman. I am a black cock whore.

My brothers friends

hot ass sexMy brother has the hottest friends. Being his little sister, I annoy the living daylights out of him. I know he gets so jealous when he sees me in the sexiest outfits and flirting away with his friends. I like to flaunt it right in his face. I know my brother wants to fuck me bad. I am his dream slut. I can see the rage in his face whenever he sees me with his friends. My hot body pressed up against them. I let my brother know I am having hot ass sex with all his friend. My big brother can’t help himself and begins to take what he ultimately believes is his all along. I won’t fight it. I know my brother has a huge pecker ready for me.

Tranny Phone Sex Birthday Orgy

tranny phone sexI have tranny phone sex friends. Every sexy shemale has other sexy shemale friends. We tend to run in packs like wolves. One of my T-girl friends has this sugar daddy boyfriend. He had a fantasy of having three sexy trannies for his birthday. Avery made it happened. She called me up and Dani, her two closest T-girl friends. We made her boyfriend’s year by giving him three sexy cocks at once. I had the biggest cock out of everyone in the room, including Avery’s boyfriend. He didn’t seem to mind. He liked that a hot shemale had a bigger dick. Avery is not huge, but she has a pretty dick. Same for Dani. We made the birthday boy suck three dicks at once. That is like a new level for even the biggest cock sucking faggot around. He managed it with little difficulty. He took all three of us at once too. Avery and Dani put two cocks in his ass. I just skull fucked him. Because I am thick too, he admitted to being afraid of my cock up his ass. No worries, I just skull fucked him. Once Avery and Dani gaped his ass and gave him the biggest cum shot, however, I had my cock buried inside it. He loved it. He said it was better than a prostate exam. I drained him completely. We all did. We even drained his wallet. It might have been his birthday, but it was our cocks in his holes.

Gang Bang Phone Sex BBC Whore

gang bang phone sexGang bang phone sex to be done right, needs big black cocks. My husband and I both know that. He is accustomed to watching me with one, maybe two black cocks just about every day. We were out of town Friday and Saturday. We stayed in this nice hotel in Louisville, KY. It is funny because the hotel was called the Brown hotel, but all I was getting was black. Lots of black cocks. I love Louisville because it is filled with handsome black men down to fuck a married white woman. My husband and I were at a bar Friday night in the downtown district. The bartender was a handsome young black man. While I was in the restroom, my husband arranged a gathering back at our hotel room. It was a pleasant surprise to see a gang of brothers down to fuck a slut wife. My husband did well. He selected 8 men to gang bang his black cock phone sex obsessed wife. I am a black cock whore, but my husband is a black cock faggot. He enjoys watching. The bartender and my husband arranged this in a matter of minutes while I was in the bathroom. I was the center of attention. Sixteen hands and 8 big black dicks worshiped every inch of my married body. I got a lot of cock and even more cum! My husband enjoyed watching me do what I do best: fuck big black cocks.

Phone sex Druggy Whore

phone sexI am a phone sex druggy whore. I love to get high and get nasty. I was doing coke and pot long before I became a mommy. I was high when I got pregnant. One of my sons is clearly darker than my husband. We all know that my drug dealer is his baby daddy. Even my drug dealer knows that, but he doesn’t want to be a daddy. He just wants to fuck me. He does like fucking me in front of my sons, however. He makes house calls. I was jonesing for coke but the weather was bad. My husband was out of town and I texted Marcus. He came right over with a big bag of coke. Strings attached of course. I had to fuck him in front of the boys. They never mind. They know I am a mommy whore. They like that I will fuck for drugs. I only pay in pussy and ass. Marcus loves fucking an old mommy in front of her fuck trophies. They were pulling on their young white dicks while I was getting skull fucked and pussy fucked by big black cock. They were so proud that I took the biggest cum shot and got a big bag of coke for it.

Phone Sex Cum Slut

phone sexThis phone sex whore loves cum. I have always been a cum guzzler. I was out last night with this guy with an average dick. I have been spoiled by some big dicks in my life. I love a big cock, but the reality is not every man will be thick or long. I agreed to go out with Ted because he bragged about how much he can cum. He said in his profile on Tinder that he may have an average cock but he is a huge cummer. He had me at big cummer. Ideally,  a man has a big cock and a big load. I will settle for one or the other if I can’t have both. We were at this nice restaurant in town on our date. I dropped my fork and as I went to pick it up, I saw his cock out of his jeans. He was stroking it as we had dinner conversation. I wanted my dessert before my meal! I started sucking his cock under the table. I made the table rock. Well, that was him. He indeed gave me a biggest cum shot to my face, and he convulsed as he did it, rocking the table. That load was clearly overdue. I sat back up at the table with some jizz dripping down my cheek. I got some evil stares, but I am a blonde bimbo. I am use to the stares.

Shemale Phone Sex Summer

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex summer is almost over sadly. I have been living at the beach or the pool tanning my sexy body while I can. Yesterday, I was on the roof pool of my loft complex. I own my loft, but many of them are rented out as part of Air B and Bs. Normally, I am on the roof by myself, but this week I have had a woman from Chicago staying in one of the Air B and B lofts. She has been on the roof with me. The first day, we didn’t speak much but by day two we were best friends. I always assume folks know I am a tranny, but in a bikini, I do look all girl. I have great tucking skills. We decided to go out on the town last night. She came to my loft to get ready. She came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and saw my ten-inch cock. She was shocked but intrigued too. No man she had ever dated or loved had a cock as big as mine. She told me she would be a lesbian if she didn’t like cock so much. Usually, I am with men, but she was a pretty and a very  sexy woman. I stepped out of the shower and she went down on me. She was a good cock sucker. I am big and she swallowed me balls deep. She had my balls about ready to burst. She sucked my cock better than any fag boy. We didn’t end up going out on the town. She wanted to fuck after she discovered by sexy tranny cock. I fucked all her pretty holes too. It was nice and romantic. Her body was killer too. I think I should fuck more woman. Maybe your wife?

Crazy for Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexI am best know as a black cock phone sex slut. Normally, I am a ball busting size queen who cuckolds her husband. Definitely, I have an alpha personality, but the moment I am in front of a big black cock, I get weak. I just have to have that BBC and I will do anything to fuck a big block cock. Daryl was my age. I met him by chance at Starbucks. I have that jungle fever look around any black male. Many of my black lovers have cocks way too big for my ass. That doesn’t stop my black lovers from fucking my ass, however. I may not want a hardcore ass fucking from a big black cock, but sometimes I can’t say no. I don’t want to ruin the moment. I would never let a white man in my back door, but my jungle fever lets a black man do whatever he wants to me. Daryl tore my ass up. It was his thing. He likes ruining pretty white assholes. Unlike most of the white wives he fucks, however, I have a cuckold husband who will nurse my asshole back to health. My husband even loves an anal creampie.

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