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Adult baby phone sex slut Janie

adult baby phone sex

My daddy spoils me so much! I love having playtime with him! He says I’m his extra special adult baby phone sex brat! Tonight, he had me slide my pretty, sparkly butt plug into my tiny little butthole before he put my diaper on. Daddy loves the way I look in my thick, cushy diaper. I make sure to shake my cute little bottom for him all the time to tease him. Daddy gets really excited seeing me dressed up like a tiny slutty little princess. We make such cute videos when he dresses me like this. He loves to put his hand down the front of my diaper and play with my tiny, tight cunnie. He rubs my little pussy until I’m soaked. Then, he takes a special vibrator toy he got for his little princess and teases my tiny clit with it. I love when Daddy makes me cum in my diaper. His big, thick Daddy dick gets so hard for me. He pulls my diaper to the side and forces his huge dick into my tight little hole. Daddy fills me with his hot, sticky load. When he puts me down for my nap, I can feel it dripping out. It feels so good sleeping in my sticky, cummy diaper. I reach down the front and play in my cummy kitty until I fall asleep.

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share, especially ones involving big black dicks. I am a slut wife. I live in Chicago, which means there are plenty of black cocks to choose from. Most black men hit on me first. Rarely, do I need to start the conversation. Black men will always be attracted to white women, even if they are married to black women. Honestly, I try to fuck single black men because there are plenty of them around, but sometimes a man is just too sexy to turn away. Taye is married to a professional black woman. One I respect. She is an author. A rich one too. Taye comes from money. They are a successful black couple. I hear African American women complaining that white women are taking all the good black men away from them. I honestly do not want to be like that because I am never marrying a black man. I am happily married to a white rich man with a tiny dick. I just need to borrow black cock. Normally, the black men I am fucking are young, hung and single. Taye hit on me hard at a political fundraiser. I was dressed to the nines. Now, he thought I did not know who he was, but I am a smart and sophisticated woman. I know who the movers and shakers are in Chicago. I told him I knew his wife, but he did not stop pushing to get into my panties. He had me cornered in an unused room in the banquet facility. He whipped out his 13-inch cock and I was like who is your wife? I had stars in my eyes for his beautiful cock. I was just going to borrow it for 7 minutes of heaven, so no harm, right? I got the biggest cum shot to the face from one the biggest black cocks even I have ever seen. I cleaned myself up while he went back to mingle. All I could do was ponder my rule about married men. If that rule is meant to be broken. His cock is the reason.

Master Destroys My Ass

Hardcore Ass FuckingMy asshole was so stretched out by his huge cock, I swore I’d never be able to use the bathroom correctly again. I let out a long, low moan as I came for the fifth time. I love anal, and he knew just how to use me. I was begging for more and more, even as I felt him tear my little ass.
My cunt was soaked. He pulled out of my ass, and slid himself directly into my wet little fuckhole. “You’re my bitch.” He grunted as he shoved himself into my less abused hole. “Yes, Master.” I moaned. “I can’t hear you, cunt.” He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard I was sure I was about to pass out.
“YES MASTER!” I was screaming. He was hoping the neighbors would call the police again. He got rock hard as I tried to explain my bruises and gashes. He slapped me hard across the face, and then even harder on each of my tits. I was crying, but my cunt was in control; she was soaked, and she wanted more.
He grabbed me by my face and yanked me so I was sitting up. Pulling out of my pussy, he stood suddenly and shoved his fucking cock right down my submissive little throat. He shot out long, hot ropes of cum, and I swallowed every single drop. He always came in my mouth, so I could taste how good it made him feel using his slave’s body.

Mommy’s Ass Got a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fucking

This is what mommy’s ass looks like after four horny boys gave me a hardcore ass fucking. I was partying late last night. My sons had two friends over. I cannot be a good woman when I am around that many horny boys, especially when I am high. I went to check on them. They were quiet. Boys their age are only quiet when they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. Even high as fuck, I know that. I peeked into my oldest son’s room which was were they were hanging. I heard female moaning. I was the only woman in the house, so my guess was they were watching porn. I peer my head in the door and I see them watching some extreme anal sex videos. Huge cocks for tiny women’s assholes. I started masturbating watching them jack off to anal porn. Because I was high, my balance was off, and I stumbled into the room. I told them not to stop on my account. They did not. In fact, they circled around me for a circle jerk. They came more than I expected for their young ages. They stayed hard after jacking off on this sexy mommy too. I asked them if they wanted to make a gang bang ass porn with me. I got on all fours with their cum ropes still all over my body. I grabbed a hold of the desk because I knew those horny toads would fuck me hard. They rammed their young boy cocks in my ass like I was a porn star. I was waiting for the biggest cum shot of my life. Their young smooth balls were tight against my ass. As they took turns fucking my milf ass, they got hornier and that made them impatient. I felt four boy cocks ram in my ass at once. It hurt so good as the song goes. I had 4 loads in me at once. And I had four tired

Submissive Phone Sex GFE

submissive phone sexIt is no secret I like submissive phone sex. I am a switch. Part slave, part gfe goddess. I met a new man recently at the club. We are open again, but we must wear masks and cannot be at full capacity. Oddly enough, his last name is Gray. No, he is not a Christian, lol. Peter Gray. He is an adult film producer. Not his birth name, but it is the name he goes by in his industry. He has family in my town and since the virus hit, he has been checking in on his parents. He rented a nice Air B and B house with an in-ground pool and a sex room. How do I know? Because I spent the weekend with him. He made me an offer I could not refuse. A few grand to make a private video for him. He likes blonde bimbo types. He is about 20 years older than me, but still handsome in a Sam Elliot sort of way. He did not tell me about the sex room, but when I saw it my pussy got wet. It was like something straight out of 50 Shades of Gray. My Mr. Gray has cock issues. Comes with age, but he discovered he can get hard tying a woman up and spanking her. Fifty Shades kind of BDSM phone sex is mild compared to some things I have done in the past. I let him tie me up. I let him spank me. I let him bind my tits. It all got his cock rock hard, which is apparently hard to do. He snapped pictures and even took a video for his spank bank. Happy to help an old man get wood again. I was also happy to fuck a porn producer and make some money too. Since the club was closed for months, my bank account took a hit. Things are looking up again though.

Black Cock Phone Sex for Father’s Day

black cock phone sexPeople ask me all the time what I have been doing on quarantine. Black cock phone sex is what I have been doing. I have done a lot of black men too. I love fucking and as a BBC whore, no virus is going to keep me away from big black cocks. I am not a mother, but I am a stepmom which makes my husband a daddy. I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day for him, so I had a black cock gangbang while he watched. My husband is my cuckold. He loves being married to a BBC slut. I wanted him to enjoy his special day. His daughter and I took him to brunch first. After she left, I had five black studs come over to really celebrate. My husband was in for a treat. I am good at multitasking cocks. I sat on one big black cock, I sucked another one and I stroked off a few others. We played musical cocks, so every big black cock got one of my slut wife holes. You know what that means? It means a lot of cum in my cunt and ass for my cuckold husband. I am always down for some messy creampie phone sex. My husband was down on his knees cleaning up my fuck holes after every load was dropped inside me. He is a great cum guzzler. I mean he was in me deep with that greedy tongue. He even sucked a few big black cocks too. My lovers enjoyed taunting him about the fact that the only time he can taste his wife’s pussy is after it has been on a real man’s cock. That is the truth too. It was a perfect Father’s Day. My husband loves helping his slut wife clean up all those chocolate treats.

Tranny Phone Sex: Why Not Try Something New

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is something new to try. I am the best of both worlds. Tits and a 10-inch hard cock. I live my life as a female. I dress like one. I sound like one. I look like one. Even naked, my cock is shaved, and my balls are smooth. No hair on my body except my head. I make the perfect GFE. I look good on your arm. None of your straight-laced friends will guess I have a panty surprise. And I can give you the cock up your ass you have long been curious about. No worries. Just because you crave a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale does not mean your gay. Gay men do not desire me. I look too feminine for them. I am the perfect mistress for men who are bi-curious or who just crave some anal action or want to be dominated. I am a sexy bitch in charge. Do not let my feminine appearance fool you. No one treats me like a bitch. I am a top or an equal, never a bitch. Now, that does not mean I do not take cock in my ass or suck cock. I do both, but I require a cock as beautiful as mine for that. It does not mean I will not date you if you have a small cock. You just need a big wallet to compensate and a willing ass for me to fuck.  Ready to try something new?

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Date

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex has kept me busy while the world was on halt. But now things are starting to open back up and I can get into the real thing. I have had a different “date” every night this past week. Last night’s date was Oscar. He is a banker I met right before the world went to hell and a hand basket. We had planned on seeing each other before now. Once the travel band was lifted, he was on a plane to my city to spoil his sexy T-girl. Until last night, we had not yet fucked. He was on a plane home the next morning after we met in a hotel bar. Unlike most of my lovers, he is not married. We have had phone sex and video sessions almost every day of quarantine. He has tributed me for mutual masturbation shows and sent me lots of virtual gift cards. He spoiled me when he arrived last night too. He is here for several more days, so I am certain I will be spoiled even more as the days pass. Last night we dined at the most exclusive restaurant in town. He rented the entire place just for us. He also gave me a hand job under the table that was wicked hot. I do not think the waiter knew my secret. Oscar has known since day one I was a sexy shemale. It was what attracted him to me. He loves my sexy tranny cock. So many men do. Once we were back at my loft, his ass was finally mine. It felt amazing to have my cock in his ass. He was a virgin. He never thought of cock, but a ten-inch dick on a feminine body, he was sold. I gave him the hardcore ass fucking he has wanted for months. He came so many times with my cock in his ass. I came several times too. I love talking to my shemale lovers on the phone, but nothing beats a tight ass.

Teen phone sex super star Janie!

teen phone sex

Being a porn star is my dream but I got my start in the adult entertainment industry, by being a teen phone sex slut. I still take calls even though I have moved on to making kinky, adult videos. I’ve made so much money off of my tight, shaved kitty and my willingness to make a hard cock spurt that sweet cream. They call me the ultimate jizz junkie because I crave cum like it’s a drug. The first time I had a taste of sticky, warm cum I was hooked! From then on I made it my mission to suck as many hard cocks and to take as many shots to the face as I could for the rest of my life. There has never been a more cum addicted dick fiend than I am. Just knowing that your hard cock is cumming for me, makes my whore hole so wet for you! I can almost taste the gooey load in my mouth as I listen to you moan and cum for me.

My Husband Loves BBC Creampie Phone Sex

creampie phone sexI offer a special kind of creampie phone sex. I am a BBC queen. Chocolate rules my world. Chocolate cocks and chocolate cum.  I am a size queen, and everyone knows the biggest cocks are almost always black. I came home today with a cum filled cunt. My pussy needed to be filled up and stretched out, so I got a few big black dicks while my husband was working from home. I came home looking well fucked and glowing. I even had a swagger about me. My husband got up from his desk and asked if I had a treat for him. I was happy to tell him I had a few treats inside my wet bald pussy with his name on them. He laid on the ground and I sat on his face. My husband is a wonderful provider for me. He is also a good cuckold and BBC faggot. He loves chocolate milk and I had a bunch to give him too. I had three loads of black cock spunk in my pussy. It was fresh too. As he laid on the floor, I sat on his face. He licked and tongued my cum filled pussy trying to get at his favorite drink. He sucked out every last drop and he cleaned my ass too because he knows I will take a big black cock up that hole too. I am a slut wife. I am a BBC whore. And I love cuckolding my black cock faggot husband.


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