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Period boobs

Hot phonesexI’m on my period right now which is the most intimate experience that a woman can have with her own fertile body, I love having super kinky and hot phonesex while i’m bleeding out! It’s sexy to be going through my menstrual cycle while seeing & feeling all of the wonderful hormonal changes that occur on a day to day basis. My period boobies are my favorite, they’re so soft and sensitive & tender. I love squeezing on my nipples while giving them a twist, that shit makes me squirm! It feels so good to feel how wet my bloody cunt gets while it’s on display for everyone to see in front of my webcam. I love finger fucking my slutty slit and making myself gush out. One of my favorite dirty fetishes is that I love to suck on my tampons like they are lollipops, hehe. They just taste soooo delicious, I can’t get enough of them! It’s so erotic to lick on your own menstrual fluids when they’re fresh out of your body. It turns me on just thinking about it! Use that horny mouth of yours and clean up this bloody pussy!

Naughty Leprechaun

wet bald pussy

My wet bald pussy got a fuck to remember. I was on tinder swiping left and right. I wanted to go out and get into some trouble. I finally matched with a guy that said he could fuck my spinner body so well. I would be addicted to his dick. I wanted to call his bluff so bad. I was eager to find out if what he was saying was true. I know many will brag and not be able to back it up. I like a man who can back up what he says. To my surprise, he said he would have to meet me on his break. I thought it was odd he was coming midway through his shift. I knew it was a busy shift because it was St — Patrick’s day. My soon to be fuck buddy works at a favorite bar downtown. My hook up was a bartender, and he was eager to serve me someone on one-shots. I couldn’t wait I was practically getting a head start but rubbing on my clit and using my trusted silver bullet. When I heard the knock there, he was much cuter than his picture on the app. The cherry on top was that he was dressed leprechaun attire from work. I can mark having hot ass sex with a leprechaun from my to-do list. Happy St. Patrick day!🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


hot ass sex

Oral pleasure

Adult phone chatI love to give and receive when it comes to oral sex and having nasty adult phone chat with my callers. The more cocks that I get to suck and fuck throughout the day, the better! It gives me such pleasure to give those rock hard shafts such incredible sexual pleasure in return. I’m totally addicted to the fact that all I do is keep your dick hard and constantly craving my slutty body and delicious fuck holes. I love making hott clips too, it’s such a turn on to watch myself get fucked while gagging on thick penis down my throat! I fuckin love sucking multiple cocks at the same damn time! Use me as your cum target when you shoot your delicious heaps of sperm all over me. Bukkake this pretty face of mine while I look you in the eyes and take those jizz loads like a champ!

Biggest Cum Shot at the Glory Hole

biggest cum shotI swallowed the biggest cum shot this morning. I was feeling horny and kinky. We had a tornado come through town last night, but that didn’t quell my need for cock and cum. I went down to this truck stop that has a glory hole in the last stall of the women’s bathroom. The truckers know to stick their dick in and horny sluts like me and lot lizards will wait to suck them. When I went into the stall, there was a dick already waiting for me. It was thick and appeared long too. It was a white dick, but I don’t discriminate. Big is big and cum is cum. I slurped on that anonymous shaft like a dirty whore for about 20 minutes before I got a jet blast of cum down my throat. I wanted more. I wiped the dripping seed from the corner of my mouth and ran out the door to see if I could figure who that yummy cock belonged too. There was a guy standing there with his arms crossed. He stopped me. He informed me that he was waiting for me because anyone who sucked a dick like I just did, needed fucked too. He was so right. We hopped in his cab and fucked. I have never fucked in a truck cab before. I felt like a lot lizard whore. It was hot, just like a dirty phone sex call. His cock felt better in my pussy than my mouth. It started storming again, but we rode the storm out fucking in his cab. Lot lizards watch out, this sexy BBW is moving in on your turf.

Phone Sex with Our King

phone sexPhone sex girls like me and Lena love talking to Big Daddy King. He is The Living Legend of so many things. A star athlete with numerous Super Bowl rings; a white man rich entrepreneur; a porn star; the best sugar daddy in the world; and not to mention the man with the anaconda, a thirteen-inch thick black cock that makes girls scream all over the world. Our friend Veronica has been hearing us brag about the best sugar daddy in the world and got super jelly. She wanted to see The Living Legend for herself. Big Daddy King loves to spread the love and his wealth. Big Daddy King is more a man than an army of men combined, therefore he requires a posse of hot, sexy sugar babies. He called Lena and I while we were hanging with our bestie Veronica. I let her speak to The Living Legend and I witnessed her legs go weak just hearing his voice. Not 24 hours later, the three of us were on his private jet to South St. Padre island to introduce Lena to the best sugar daddy around with the greatest cock known to woman.

biggest cum shotLena and I have been to our King’s newest mansion once before, but this was Veronica’s first. She couldn’t believe it when we showed her his “little” mansion. It may be smaller than his other homes, but it is bigger than all three of our homes combined. Big Daddy King doesn’t do anything on a small scale. After a tour of BDK’s palace beach front home, we took Veronica to the throne room to be indoctrinated into the hottest sugar gang around. Veronica was so excited to see the anaconda. When Big Daddy King unleashed his beast, she saw the white bedazzled man sleeve and almost fainted. She couldn’t believe how big and thick the anaconda was. Hot bitches like Lena, Veronica and I thought we knew what a big cock was until we met our beloved Big Daddy King. He makes big look small! The anaconda is a monster snake that even porn stars beg to fuck. We gave the anaconda rainbow kisses and it was not long before Veronica was screaming, “Big Daddy King owns my white pussy.” He owns us all. When she got the biggest cum shot to her pretty face, Lena and I helped her lick up the volcanic load of cum Big Daddy King gave her. Veronica cannot stop talking about what a wonderful man BDK is. Lena and I took her to get her “Property of BDK” tramp stamp as soon as we arrived home. I just love boasting about my beloved King and sharing the best cock and man in the world with my besties.

gfe phone sex

Adult Phone Chat with Brian

adult phone chatUsually when guys call me for adult phone chat they are black cock faggots. Most of my callers are tiny dick losers and cuckold wannabes. When Brian called me, I flat out asked him which one he was. I was pleasantly surprised to discover he was a white man with a 9-inch thick cock. He was not a white loser. A 9-inch cock of any color gets to fuck my married white pussy. The big white cock may not be as common as the big black cock, but it is not a myth either. They exist and when I meet one, this cock size queen falls to her knees and slurps on that pulsating rod. I loved the feel of Brian’s dick in my mouth. My mouth was stuffed balls deep with thick cock. His pre-cum was filling up my mouth. Brian appreciates my womanly body. I look great for 50. He had milf phone sex fever, especially when I bent over and showed off my ample ass. I got an ass fucking to remember too. My ass and pussy got filled with white chocolate and I was squirting all over that dick. Brian surprised me with his big dick, but I heard the masculinity in voice. I don’t know why I asked if he was a cuckold or a tiny dick loser because I could hear it in his voice that he was all man. What will I hear in your voice?

Ass to mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a nasty whore too, and unlike a lot of other girls I’m not afraid to go ass to mouth. I had my ass fucked nice and hard by a big thick cock last night . After sucking his dick and getting him nice and sloppy wet, he pushed me on my back with my ankles by my head and started working his big dick into my tight back door. Once he got the tip inside, he gave it a big push and shoved the rest of his length into me. I let out a big gasp and begged him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. Before he came, he pulled out of my ass and had me clean his cock off. I sucked all my juices off of his dick like a good little slut and then let him shoot his load into my mouth.

30 minutes or less

hot ass sexwet bald pussyHot ass sex wasn’t in the plans for girls night. Then again the best times happen to be those that are spontaneous. After some time having fun and chit chatting we decided to order some food. We agreed on some Pizza and wine. There was a whole schpeel on how they guaranteed a 30 minute or less delivery.

We went on about gossiping and catching up that we didn’t realize over an hour passed on. Then it was a second hour. We were angry at this point. We waited a bit. Lone and behold the delivery boy showed up. We gave him some hell and teased him. We could tell he was nervous and worried. Great minds think alike, and we were all in synch. We were famished, and we wanted meat. We played around with him and had him begging to be taunted by us.

This young fucker enjoyed our attention. We were rubbing on the delivery boys cock together. I wanted a taste of that cum. I licked the tip and tasted all his pre-jizz. I smeared it right on my lips like lipgloss and worked my way to his balls. We passed him around like a hot potato. Not even his wildest dreams he would think this would happen. I was more than happy to have him explore my wet bald pussy. Girls night at home was quite satisfying after all.


We got our answer as to where he was the before making it to us. Our delivery boy was getting some pot and lost track of time — rookie mistake. After all of our fun, he left knowing he got the best tip ever.



The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe gave me the biggest cum shot. It was a cyber cum shot, but hot, nonetheless. My cousin is overseas in the military. We have been having cyber sex for years. Last night, however, I didn’t give a sexy show to him. I jiggled my big tits and fat ass for his Major. He is the superior officer at my cousin’s outpost. Holly fuck he had a nice cock. He is the highest ranking official I have ever masturbated with. My cousin is well above private status, but he is a far cry from being the top dog too. The Major found my videos on my cousin’s laptop. He was snooping. He knew there was nothing illegal or in violation of army code about what we were doing. He doesn’t know we are kissing cousins. He just thought I was a sexy BBW girlfriend in the states. He told me he could make sure my solider got a pass to come see me if I let him jack off for me.  I told him how to stroke his cock. I played with my pussy too for him. He had a nice cock. He is married and hasn’t had sex in over a year. Poor guy. He won’t pay for a hooker because he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife of 30 years. But he couldn’t resist bbw phone sex with me. He came so hard and so did I. I told him I would be happy to help him jack off anytime. It is the least I can do for a military man.

Sexy Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is the cure for the winter blues. While men are freezing all over the world, my sexy tranny cock is warming up men’s asses all over my state. I pick up men in non-typical places. Sure, I go to clubs, but most men I pick up, I find in every day places like Starbucks. I have a chai tea latte addiction. Just like you have a sexy tranny cock addiction. This guy at Starbucks bought me my drink and flirted shamelessly with me. I noticed the ring on his finger. I love married men. Most don’t want to marry me; they just want to have some fun. They just want to try something new. A chick with a dick is new to most men. I told him I was a sexy T-girl because, for the most part, I like to be upfront. My honesty only aroused him more. He couldn’t wait to get back to my place. He was on his lunch break from work, so he didn’t have much time. He sucked my pretty shaved cock like it wasn’t his first time. Guys always tell me they never sucked cock before, but their skills betray them. I played along; I told him he was a natural cock sucker. When I started dripping pre-cum, he begged for a hardcore ass fucking. I had no problem porking his virgin ass. At first, I doubted his virgin ass story, but he was very tight. I had to go slow, use lots of lube and really push my cock in his ass. He grunted and moaned, but I got my 10-inch rod in his ass. Didn’t take long for me to cum with his ass being that tight. We exchanged numbers because once you get fucked by this sexy shemale, you want more.

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