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Slutty Aunt Reanna

Adult phone chatCall me slutty Aunt Reanna everybody does. I am the Milf next door ready able and willing to please you. All the boys come to me for comfort. They know Aunt Reanna is going to drain their balls to satisfaction. I love giving them pleasure from an Aunt Milf like me. Us Milfs know how to please the older men all the way to the young ones. We have experience and are not embarrassed to spread our legs wide open for you shoving our pussy right in your faces. I love giving you young pups a real blow job from a real Milf. I get down and dirty on that cock munching on your hard fuck stick like it was the last meal I would ever get to eat again.

GFE Phone Sex Date with The Living Legend

gfe phone sexI know gfe phone sex because I am a million-dollar sugar baby to the best sugar daddy ever. My Big Daddy King is the Living Legend for a reason. He is a living legend in sports, in business and definitely in sex. Not to mention he is a living legend of generosity. No one spoils a hot babe like BDK! I was extremely excited to discover that My King wanted me to be his hot date for a very special night! Seeing how he is a sports legend in both college and professional football, his old alma matter was dedicating a $10 million building in his name.  Big Daddy King is now extra legendary. Of course, he never spares any expense for his spoiled princesses. He paid for a high-end salon day, so this phone sex sugar baby would look perfect head to toe. He bought me a $5,000 dress for the evening and I was sporting $50 million worth of jewels he has spoiled me with over the years. And lets not forget my 2g’s pair of designer shoes. I got to fly on the private gold adorned jet to meet him and The Anaconda. I was taking to Instagram the entire time to brag about The Living Legend’s generosity to his sugar babies. Big Daddy King picked me up in style, like the class act he is. When I entered that stretch limo and saw The Living Legend in his expensive Armani suit, my pussy got wet. He is such a generous man that he made the anaconda dance in his pants to tease me. BDK was proud of his blonde sugar baby because he showed me off to the university president and all the folks there. I know there were jelly men and jelly women.  But last night, it was just him and me. I never knew a real man until I met Big Daddy King. We snuck away from His party to christen his new building. This blonde bimbo wanted some billionaire nut sauce from The Living Legend in the very building dedicated to his greatness. I eagerly watched the anaconda unfold from its bedazzled man sleeve.  I had my BDK tongue ring in, so I could worship the anaconda properly. My tongue was where it belonged! I begged, and I begged, but my King can’t deny me his billionaire nut sauce for long. I can’t believe he picked me out of all his sugar babies to spend this auspicious moment with; and as long as I live, I will remember this day and how handsome My King looked for the rest of my life. #BestSugarDaddyEver #HappyPrincess #LivingLegend #MillionDollarSugarBaby #BestNightofMyLife

Affair With A Tranny

Tranny Phone SexTravis and I have a scheduled appointment every Tuesday afternoon at a trashy motel outside of town. He loves my cock and likes me to wear tiny panties with it hanging out. He stares at me like I’m a goddess. He’s married with a wife but he loves to wrap his lips around my cock. We blast the AC and watch porn while he fucks my tight boy pussy. I love it when we stroke each others’ dicks stare into each others’ eyes. It feels so intense and crazy. I stroke him faster and faster until cum spills down my hand. He shudders with delight when I lick my fingers clean. His semen tastes like sweet nectar and I want more. There’s so much giving, receiving, and semen between Travis and me. When I’m around him I turn into a nasty little cum slut who wants every single drop. Cheap motels and hot sex make my cock so fucking hard.

Pretty Little Fuck Slave

slavery phone sex

I am your slavery phone sex whore. You know that I will submit to you anytime you need my slutty pussy. My ass is always secured with a butt plug and it is only removed when a cock or fist is fucking my ass.  I am whipped and spanked for your pleasure. I take the pain for you, Master!  I am gagged on this occasion because you want to hear my gurgled moans and that is only replaced with your dick or one of the men who has come to play with this subby whore. I become a ragdoll slut when being passed around and giving my ass to each man. I know your signals when its time to collect your cum in my slut pussy or gaped ass. The butt plug is thrown to the side and I am filled to each man’s nutsack until cum is squirting out of my ass. From my ass to my slave mouth, I take so much jizz and of course the biggest cum shots on tits! Give me that pulsating boner and I will submit and please. 

Black Cock Phone Sex Whore

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I do best. I love slurping on an anaconda in need of a white slut wife. My husband loves watching me take a 15-inch cock that is very thick too in my mouth. He is a good cock sucker, but not as good as me. Not all my black studs want a loser husband anywhere near their magnificent cock. Joel is not one of those men. Joel spent 15 years in prison. While there, he had a few white bitches he used regularly. He loves shaming and skull fucking white men, especially if they have little dicks and tight assholes like my husband. I don’t normally fuck ghetto boys, but Joel is not really a hood rat. He was in prison for a white-collar crime, but he had to adopt a gangbanger persona to survive the hierarchy. That included fucking white guys incarcerated. He has been out of prison 5 years now, but he can’t shake his need for tight white male ass or subby little bitches like my husband. Joel treats me like his queen, but my husband as his little prison bitch. I must admit that I got a hot squirting pussy watching Joel ass fuck my husband until he cried. Joel doesn’t go gently on white male assholes. My husband’s back door pussy is still gaped and sore today. I love my husband, but it so hot to see one of my black bulls turn him into a sissy bitch and black cock faggot. Jealous?

Making Him My Toilet Bitch

Toilet Slave Phone SexI did something that surprised me that I wanted to share. I had to work late the other night so I was already in a pretty foul mood. On top of that I had the task of training up one of the new Summer interns. He’s a young freshman in college and had been absolutely arrogant all day long. I attempted my best efforts to maintain my composure. I was getting up to excuse myself to the restroom. Then he started complaining that women pee to much and that he was stuck at work cause I wasn’t fast enough at my job. I snapped I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the hall into the bathroom with me. I locked the door behind us and demanded him onto his knees. I pulled up my skirt, and took off my panties. I grabbed the back of his head and tilted it back forcing his mouth open as I put my pussy right on top of it. He moaned as I started pissing into his mouth, his tongue licking my clit not once fighting. I continuing holding his face to my cunt until he made me cum then I finally let go of his head. I stepped back looking at him his shirt wet from my piss, he was breathing heavy but the bulge in his pants was obvious. I smirked. “Keep complaining if you like being a toilet slave” I left with that feeling relieved and refreshed.

Trouble With My Teen Sissy Slut Son

Adult phone chatMy sissy slut son is such a teen whore. Sex with your sisters, sex with other men, sucking and fucking it is all you ever think about anymore. So I should not be shocked that when I came home from the grocery store that I found you in the living room having forced you, sister Shannon, to suck your balls. Now being the P. Mommy that I am, I am fine with my littles playing around with each other. However, I am not fine with the fact that you have not done your chores and you are keeping your sister from doing hers plus Shannon was not very happy with how forceful you were being with her.

You could tell by the look on my face that you were in trouble, but I think the punishment should fit the crime. So while I have you hold your little skirt up and bend over the sofa. I whisper in Shannon’s ear to go put on the strap-on of her choice and to bring me a cock cage. We will see how much you can play with your cock if it is all locked up. I slap your ass a few times leaving some nasty red welts. You see Shannon return wearing a big thick strap-on and you start whining that it is too big for your tight teen ass. I tell you that you took advantage of your sister earlier and now we are going to turn the tables. It seems to me that Shannon getting to fuck your tight little-puckered ass raw while you scream and cry is a very fitting punishment. Sissy Phone Sex

Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sexBabysitter phone sex calls are so much fun. I have lots of naughty tales from my years of being the sexy BBW babysitter. I ran into Kyle last night at a club. He is in college now, but ten years ago when I was a teen girl and he was a school boy, I was his babysitter. He recognized me, but I didn’t know who he was until he started talking. He was all grown up now. Just as handsome as his father. Kyle had a thing for his big titted babysitter. All school boys crush on their babysitters. I, however, only had eyes for his daddy. Now of course Kyle’s daddy was married, but that never stopped me, not even in high school.  Kyle’s father seduced me before I had a chance to seduce him. Like most daddies, he was weak for a busty high school slut. We had a hot affair for months, but Kyle found out and blackmailed us. I was not happy to see him last night. His mother was the money maker in the family as she was a doctor. She was never home because she was delivering babies. Kyle’s daddy would have lost everything if she found out he was fucking a high school student. Now, for Kyle’s daddy, the only term was to stop cheating on his mother. When I was alone with Kyle, the terms were different for me. Fuck him or he would tell his mother and my parents. I knew I would be in hot water if my parents found out. Plus, Kyle’s dad would have been arrested because of my age. It would have been a scandal, so I let a school boy with a little dick blackmail me. I fucked him a few times, but the last time I got smarter and recorded him saying he was blackmailing me. He still had the upper hand, but he didn’t realize it. I was just smarter lol. He was trying to get in my panties last night. I left him hanging alone in his car waiting for me. He was handsome like his daddy, but not hung like him. Now Kyle’s daddy, I wouldn’t mind seeing again. He was some hot ass sex.

I am addicted to her candystick


tranny phone sex

You guys know I have been making tranny phone sex calls right. Well, I finally fucking got one to meet with me. Have you seen Nikita’s huge schlong? It is fucking beautiful right! I sure think so, my snatch is twitching thinking about it now. I understand why men love her because she takes total control of the situation. She knows exactly how to torture my cunt at the same time she has its hot juices squirting from it. Nikita knows what the fuck she wants too. She made me get down on my knees and worship her cock. I was still staring at them titties though! That’s the best part of having hot ass sex with a tranny. Tits and a candy stick. Let me tell you its sweet to. She will make you suck it all night long just like she did me. Trust and believe that thick load of jizz will make you want more. I think she might be my new ass sex


Panty Boy Shopping

Panty Boy Phone SexI was out today I had given Daddy a great blowjob earlier so I could use his credit card to go panty shopping. I saw this guy there looking at a pile of silk bikini style panties. He was discussing sizes with the sales lady saying he was looking for a gift to give his wife. However when he leaned forward I saw a hot pink lace design showing slightly above his pants. He was getting frustrated with the sales woman, who had no idea he was really shopping for himself. I walked over and pretended to be his friend apologizing for being late. I chased off the sales girl and took the guy by the hand. I asked him a bunch of questions when he acted coy I kept calling his Panty Boy and told him I would keep getting louder if he didn’t cut the crap. I found out he likes cheeky panties. So I found him the sexiest blood red set of cheekies. I found a nice red and black corset to match. He was so grateful for my assistance we exchanged numbers if he needed my help any further.

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