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Bondage whore Stephanie

Bondage Phone Sex

I need to be treated the way I deserve. Do you think you could do that master? Last week I had sex with over 20 strange men and of course I didn’t use protection because the risk is what makes my little cunt wet. I went to the bar and just picked up every guy I seen and let them bang me by the dumpster and I went the next one. I love being a dirty little cock sucking slut who lets every guy fuck all my holes. I didn’t shower all week so I can feel all that cum built up in my tight little cunt and my rosebud little asshole.

I need you tie me up and give me all the pain, I wan to cry and beg for you to stop. But I need you to not stop and teach my little cunt a lesson. I wanna to learn how to be a good little girl instead of the nasty little bitch.

Mommy Phone Sex Cum & Coke Whore

mommy phone sexI love being a mommy phone sex whore. Guys often ask me what I am wearing while I work. Usually, just a robe so I have easy access to my whore holes. I love playing with myself while telling you stories about my boys or pretending to be your mommy. This morning, I was wearing cum on my face and white powder on my nose when I started work. I have not been to sleep yet. I stayed up all night doing lines of coke like an 80s hooker. My boys woke up found me passed out on the couch with coke on my nose. They decided to wake me up in their own special way. They jacked off on my face. When that hot boy batter hit my face, I was awake. I had only dosed in a party stupor. I thought about calling in sick to work so I could sleep, but my boys wanted a before school gang bang with their dirty whore mommy. They were aggressive this morning too. I was too tired and high to fight them, but I didn’t mind. I never mind a family orgy. Each boy took a mommy whore hole. I had a boy dick in my mouth, ass and pussy. Getting rammed hard by horny boys that early, perked me back up. I drank some boy sperm, did a few more lines of coke and got them off to school satisfied and happy. Now I am wide awake, doing more lines and ready to be a phone sex mommy whore.

GFE phone sex in the car

GFE Phone SexThe only thing that gets you through your long and stressful work day is knowing that at the end of the day during your drive home, I am waiting for you call me up and have some fun with me! The nasty, naughty time that we have together releases your stress and makes you feel so much better, to say the least! Especially if you have your nagging wife at home awaiting for your arrival with nothing to offer you but complaints, our nasty phone sex will have you feeling even better! I have my sexiest lingerie on and a big dildo that i’ve been fucking myself with all day long, imagining it as your cock thrusting in and out of me. I can’t get enough of you! I’ve been so patient awaiting our naughty fun, I love answering your call and unleashing all of our wild fantasies on to one another. It’s so sexy to me that you love to hear me play with my wet cunt while you drive your car out in public, hehe. Whether you want to have a quickie or really take your time with me and adorn every inch of my body soft and slowly for hours, we always have the kinkiest time when we fuck each other! It’s so forbidden and it makes me so fucking horny! I love having your big load of cum busted all over my pretty face, it’s even better when I can use my tongue to lick it all up! I’m the hottest mistress that you could ever imagine having GFE phone sex with!

Cuckolding Phone Sex Resort

cuckolding phone sexNot every phone whore can deliver cuckolding phone sex. It is a fetish that is best delivered by someone who lives the lifestyle; a mature woman. I am a cuckold queen. Even my husband knows that. We both enjoy big black cocks. I like to think that I enjoy it more, but my husband is quite the big black cock sucker. We went to a nude resort recently. White men were only allowed if a cuck. They had to wear speedos. You can’t even see my husband’s clit in a speedo! The only naked men were the black studs. This resort was for white women to fuck black men. My husband picked out my lover for the night. Marcus was a 26 year old black man with a 13 inch dick. Luckily for me, he had MILF fever. He didn’t want one of the younger trophy wives there. He wanted me. He told me, “You look like you know how to handle my meat.” Boy, was he right. Not only could I handle his massive cock, so could my husband. Marcus let my loser hubby fluff his dick. He was even impressed with my cuck’s cock sucking skills. But he was most impressed with my pussy. I got his tree trunk balls deep in my MILF pussy. I walked like John Wayne the next day. My pussy was sore as fuck. It rarely gapes anymore because I am a seasoned black cock whore. At some point I must have passed out from chocolate overload, but I guess Marcus finished with my husband because he had a gapping hole too. Best resort ever. So glad my cuckold husband could come too. Maybe next time, I can take you. Think you are a good enough cuckold to take 13 inches up your back door pussy like my husband?

Wanna talk adult phone chat?

Adult phone chatI was thinking earlier how hard it is to find the perfect fuck partner. I mean men get to pull out their cocks, get hard and stick it in a hole. But for me I actually need some stimulation. I need to feel something rub up against my clit, I need visual stimulation of some sort. I need to feel my orgasm slowly come on before I come all over. And although I am notorious for being able to squirt my pussy juice across the room when I come. That kind of dedication does not come from a quickie. I need the time taken to get me to optimal climax status where I feel the burn of wanting something shoved so far inside of me that I could scream from the urge to be stuffed full. Its so hard to get that ultimate rush and shoot it down between my legs for a good pussy squirt aiming straight for my target, usually his mouth. If I am going to eat your cock and swallow your yummy load, I want the same. Open wide!

The Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexMy friends at school are so jealous of me because I get all of the babysitter gigs in our neighborhood. They have no idea why I’m in demand. Let’s just say that I keep the fathers very happy. At the end of every babysitting job the father always offer to drive me home. And that drive home always turns X-rated. I suck the fathers’ cocks all the way to my trailer, and I always swallow. I have $5000 in my piggy bank from babysitting jobs and extra tips for my amazing blowjobs. I love having a cock in my mouth. And I love hearing men moan, it makes my pussy wet. I’m a dirty girl and I love doing dirty things. I never feel guilty because if their wives were doing their jobs the husbands wouldn’t need me. There’s a saying “Happy Wife Happy Life”. Well, Unhappy husband More Money For Me.

Bad for Teacher

school girl phone sexI got in a little trouble at school today for talking too much during class. I can’t help that I am a social butterfly and so hot that all the boys want to talk to me. So I am in the middle of flirting with this super hot boy when the teacher tells me to see him after class. Uh Oh! When the bell rings all the kids file out of the room and I walk sexily to the teachers desk. He tells me to go close the door, I make sure to shake my ass a bit for him on my way. When I get back to his desk I sit down on the edge. He tells me it is not lost on him how much I love to use my mouth while hes teaching. I only smirk. “Well Janie I have something for you to stick in your mouth. Maybe this will teach you to talk less while I’m teaching.” I lick my lips and look down at his crotch. “Well teach why don’t you show me what you are going to stick in my mouth, though I’m sure whatever it is I’d rather it in my ass.” He says nothing just pulls out his dick and tells me to suck it hard. I do just that. Lick, spit, and suck him off until he shoots his thick creamy load in my mouth. After I lick his cock clean he tells me “that is why you are such a model student.” I hope I get in trouble tomorrow!!

The Perfect GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI give a very special brand of GFE phone sex. I call myself the perfect GFE with a twist. I advertise my services on Sugar Daddy sites. There are lots of wealthy men who want a special GFE, especially one with a 10 inch cock who passes as a natural born woman! I love being spoiled and pampered. Sugar daddies are looking for a sexy shemale, but don’t want anyone thinking less of them. I am proud to be a hot transsexual, but I respect a man who needs discretion. David made a special arrangement with me for the weekend. He had a business meeting that required a hot companion. He is in the night club business, specifically he designs them for high end hotels. He had a Vegas meeting about an upscale club in a new hotel casino. The Vegas guys like talking business over drinks with significant others there too in an informal setting. Essentially, he needed a hot companion and his wife didn’t fit the bill. He has a tranny fetish, so he thought if his business pals didn’t know, then he could have some special fun when we were all alone. I am not an escort. This was a free trip to Vegas and VIP treatment. All I had to do was look pretty and be charming and fun. Maybe suck some cock and fuck a sexy man in the ass.  His business meeting went great in large part due to me. Subsequently, we had a fucking hot time afterward. I’m not just talking sex. He took me on a Vegas strip shopping trip. He spent like 10 grand on me, which isn’t much when you consider I secured him a multi million dollar deal. I let him spoil me in and out of the bedroom. Back in his penthouse suite, I gave him the hardcore ass fucking he needed and wanted. I am the perfect GFE. You can take me anywhere, spoil me and get my pretty ten inch cock up your ass too.

Blowy in a Cab

Cock ControlI went on a blind date last night and I’ve got to tell ya it was the best date I’ve been on. So I meet this guy for dinner and drinks and you can just tell he’s loaded. And the way he stared at my body so openly I knew he was a dirty boy… I love my men dirty! We eat and both drink enough that we are feeling wonderful and he says “wanna go back to my place and fuck?” Um, yes please! So we get a cab back to his place but honestly we couldn’t wait that long. I pulled his cock out of his pants and start sucking. He’s moaning pulling my hair and telling me how good it feels. Tells me I’m a good little slut. The cab driver is making weird noises up front and watching us in the mirror which added to the the hotness of the situation. Finally my date pulls my hair a little harder and pulls my mouth off his cock and shoots his load right on face. So good! It was even better when I told him I was not going to fuck him unless he licked my face clean and swallowed his warm cum. He did! Great fucking date.

Bow down and cry bitch!

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a wimpy little bitch boy like you? No sweetie, you are a loser so quit your fucking crying and bow down for your Goddess! You exist to amuse me and to fatten my wallet, that’s it. You certainly don’t get to touch me in any way other than to clean up my well fucked pussy. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and an alpha dog personality… you are nothing like that. You have a tiny little micro penis, a little bitty clitty, a useless little nubbin that could never satisfy any woman! Tell me honestly, has anyone ever looked at that pathetic specimen and not laughed at it immediately?? I know that the first time I saw it I laughed like crazy and all you did was sit there and cry. You are a useless little bitch boy and you could never have a woman like me!

humiliation phone sex

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