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Incest Phone Sex with Drugs is Hotter

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is more fun when mommy is high. I am not like other mommies. I never have been nor will I ever be thankfully. I don’t need to be high to molest my sons, but it makes me kinkier for sure. I thought my boys were gone for the night at a sleep over. I was getting high and having fun with the teen boy next door. They came home with no warning and busted us. It is not like I was fucking behind their backs. They know their mother is a whore. They left the sleep over because some one got sick with what was thought to be the flu. Their friend’s mother dropped them off. Luckily, she didn’t come in with them or she would have busted me with a teen boy’s dick up my ass. My boys just dropped their backpacks and joined in. I am a three hole mommy after all. I got on all fours, so I could better accommodate 3 young cocks. My neighbor boy was in my cunt. My youngest son was in my mouth and my oldest boy took my ass. They had great timing too. All three boys were pumping in unison. They came in unison too. I love being a mommy whore, but when you combine boy cock with drugs phone sex, it is just much more fun.

Grand Wee Ones Orgy

I have so much love to give to my sweet grand wee ones from the wee little bitty ones all the way to the teenage ones. Ralph is one of my oldest grand wee one. When he is around I like to get him and the little sweet ones together for some kinky play. I strip them all down to their naked bodies and have them sit on the floor. Once the little ones are settled I strip down Ralph and myself. I want the little wee ones to see what their bodies will look like in a few years. I show them how hard Ralph is and I let them feel his cock. They are so cute about it giggling and so curious at the same time. Carla wanted to put Ralph cock in her little mouth. She remembered me doing it from last time. I thought that was so sweet of her. I guided his cock to her little mouth and she opened it as wide as she could. He got his cock head and a little bit down his shaft in there. The loving grandma I am I took the back of her head and pushed it further down his cock. Everybody heard her gag and choke. Awe, a tender sound that was to hear. My grandma cunt got gushy. I put two fingers in Carla’s cunny feeling along her lips and she was wet too. I prompted us all to head to my bedroom. It will be more comfortable in there for us all on my big California king size bed.Gilf Phone Sex

Cuckolding My Slave At A Sex Club

cuckolding phone sex

This Cuckolding phone sex Mistress has a golden boy sex slave with emerald eyes. I had him dress in tight leather pants and a sheer white dress shirt for a surprise. When he arrived I blindfolded him and bound his wrist behind his back with rope. I was getting wet just looking at his cock bulge in those leather pants.  I shoved him in the back of the car as the driver sped away. I teased that cock and licked my Slave pet’s neck. When we arrived My driver pulled my sex slave out of the car and I guided him inside. The blindfold was removed we were in an underground sex club. I had rented a glass-walled center room for all the salves and doms to watch us. I demanded him on his knees as I set him free. I shoved that beautiful face into my pussy under my skirt. “Pull My panties off with your teeth.” Such a good slave boy. I commanded him to undress and adorn his cock cage. Oh, I love having a slave with a nice fat cock! Three men came in in speedo thongs. They were hung so fucking well. I let each of those men cuckold my slave. From my pussy to my ass to his sweet mouth all night long. My tits were fucked and my mouth stretched open teasing my poor little hard slave in his cage. I squirted several times and could hear him whimper. Watching as I was fucked and my pussy full of cum. The whole club could see my perfect pet aching to touch me as he sat on his heels with his hands tucked like a good submissive. Golden boys only release was to be able to be my clean up slut. I wonder who needs a good mistress phone sex cock size Queen? 

Big dicks only

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

I love men with big cocks, unfortunately for men with small cocks, that means they aren’t allowed to fuck my pussy. Instead of turning me on, their little dicks just make me laugh. A tiny dick pervert contacted me and offered to pay me to fuck him. When he showed up to my room to do the deed, I couldn’t help but laugh when he dropped his pants. Instead of fucking me, I made him suck my dirty toes and lick my pussy. His cock was only 4″ long and all I could do was laugh when I saw it. I told him he wasn’t allowed to fuck me with that tiny cock, but that he could lick my asshole instead while he stroked himself off. When I was tired of having my ass licked and I had had my fun laughing at his tiny pervert cock, I commanded him to cum for me. He came all over himself while I giggled and laughed at him.

Valentine’s Day throat fuck

Hot squirting pussyI really wanna do a Valentine’s Day throat fuck video while finger fucking my hot squirting pussy and having my slutty girlfriend lick all over it. The two of us are gonna go crazy on that rock hard cock, sucking it, stroking it and slurping all over it while we give you a tongue bath. These skanky whore mouths of ours have strong deepthroating skills that we’re gonna put to good use on your throbbing shaft. Thick dick drives me crazy and makes my pussy even wetter with each stroke and each suck. The way that I look into the camera while being filmed and literally beg for your load of cum is the hottest thing you have ever seen! Look into my eyes while I get skull-fucked. Happy Valentine’s Day to you baby. My naughty girlfriend and I wanna make all of your nasty fantasies cum true!

Collar me, Own My Holes

BDSM Phone Sex

I love to be collared. It means this slut is owned. Be it for a night week or forever, I love to be owned by a strong master. A leash and collar makes sure I know that I am being an obedient slut.  ANd when I have performed well by sucking that dom dick down My leash is released and I am the fuck slave of the hour. 

You become the whole universe for me as I strive only to bring you to immense pleasures.  My ass is your personal fuck hole and my pussy is sloppy wet as you edge using my holes. You, my sexy dom command me to hang my head of the bed and throat fuck me so I can taste my ass and pussy as You ram the back of my throat over and over. 

I have no restraint, I am abouslty at your whim and fetish. I belong to you and I do as I am told. 

I will be shown off for the other slaves, be mounted by a male as if I am in heat. Flog my pussy lips, have me perform for your friends. Bring your most taboo fetish alive, I won’t tell because being collared is all I desire.

An Innocent Slut


2 Girl Phone Sex

I want a hot pussy slut to fuck all night long with my strap-on. So I was invited to a party where the guys get really fucking unhinged I had to bring somebody though someone special an innocent. My innocent was my little sister still a virgin with a pretty little bald pussy she was going to be the belle of the fucking ball. My little sister is a boiling cunt slut she just doesn’t know it yet, but after tonight she’s going to remember it forever. Yes I need to be controlled but lucky for me and the guys at the party I’m not getting controlled anytime soon I’m going to be out of control instead, and I like it. Bitches don’t know the half of my creativity I do it all. My sister, she’s so cute with her unassuming attitude and her very trustworthy ignorance it’s so appealing to the guys that I know. My innocent little sister the fruit that doesn’t know she’s a freak yet all the guys go crazy over those type of bitches. I cannot wait to get my sister on the menu in the beds of some of the wealthiest perverts known to man. I am a hot freaky slutty bitch who just can’t help myself but love situations of horniness and satisfaction for myself at the expense of others. My little sister is perfect she’s a virgin she’s never been touched by one cock in her life that means she’s really tasty. Hot whores like myself we know what to do we always know what to do. Are you important? Do you want to come to this party? Would you like to see your cock going in and out of a little tight bald wet cunt over and over again until you spray your juices all inside of that wet pussy? I have got the best treat she’s a little really little the kind of P-loving little that guys like you adore. I want you to wake up all of your demented nasty vile, perverted activities going on in your head I want you to wake them up and let them loose. I can’t wait to videotape you having that pussy.

My Wet Bald Pussy Got a Work Out

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy got a work out this morning. I met this straight guy at a Cher concert Monday. I know, right? I swear I found the only straight man in the place. He was his mother’s date and I was with my gay posse, so all we could do was fool around in the gender neutral bathroom during intermission. He is the caregiver for his mother, so he was sex starved. I thought he was cute, and he had a big dick. I get fucked when ever I want, but some how it is never enough. I guess I am a nympho! His mom had a long morning at the hospital getting some tests. Lucky for me, the hospital was around the corner from my place. As soon as he arrived, we ripped each other’s clothes off. I could feel his neglected cock pulsating through his pants. I thought he would burst through those pants if I didn’t release him. I was the first woman he had fucked in two years. I was happy to be the recipient off all that pent up sexual frustration. Horny men who have been long neglected, rabbit fuck. They ravage your pussy. It was hot ass sex for sure. We fucked in all sorts of kinky positions. My pussy not only got stuffed, it got sore. Been a hot minute since some one fucked me for over 4 hours. When his mom texted him, he had to go. I don’t know when I will fuck him again, but I know I need a few days to recuperate. He said next time, my ass is all his. He has never ass fucked a girl. If he does to my ass, what he did to my pussy, I will be sitting on a frozen steak for days.

Pussy Ass

Tranny Phone SexI love Kevin’s tight pussy ass. I was getting out of the shower and before I could grab my towel I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Kevin on his knees. He was naked and his eyes were scanning my wet naked body. His dick was hard. I saw drool coming out of his mouth. I waved him over with my finger. He crawled over like a good bitch and opened his mouth. He guided my tranny dick into his moist mouth. He knows how to suck my tranny dick. He engulfed my dick sliding all the way down my shaft. I moaned feeling him swallow on my dick head. I let him know how pleased I was by taking him off my dick and flipping him around. The lube of his drool is all I had before I pushed it deep in his pussy ass. He felt like silk against my shaft. It was not long before I unleashed my cum into him. That bitch knows what I like and he knows how to make me cum hard.

Sexy Dominatrix Phone Sex Mistress

dominatrix phone sex This is my bad ass dominatrix phone sex outfit. What do you think? I have been dabbling in the escorting world. Not so much the GFE kind of escort because guys always want to spoil me. I have been putting myself out there as a professional dominatrix. Sure, I have a ten-inch tranny cock, but men love being dominated by a sexy shemale. They pay great money for the privilege too. One of my best friends is an attorney. She investigated the laws regarding domination for hire. Being a professional dominatrix is legal, if no bodily fluids are involved. Where is the fun in that? I want to cum while giving a hardcore ass fucking to a pathetic loser. I will take the risk. Plus, men pay more money if you cum in their virgin asses. Last night, Roberto hired me. He was not what I expected. He was very short. Wealthy man with a high-powered job. Guys like that love to give up their power to a hot bitch. I just wasn’t expecting such a short man. I had him strip naked, so I could see what I was dealing with. He had a small dick too. Little man syndrome was my guess. I tied him up and hung him from a rafter.  I started with some CBT torture. There was some spanking and whipping involved too. But we both know what he wanted from this sexy special mistress was an ass fucking. My cock is a great punisher. I put a ball gag in his mouth, so he wouldn’t scream too loudly as I was ass fucking the shit out of him. I got to bust balls, shame a man and ass fuck him until he pleaded for mercy and I got paid for it. I still love being a tranny phone sex slut, but this professional mistress gig is going to bring in the big bucks.

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