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Black Cock Phone Sex During a Blizzard

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex warms me up on a snowy January day in Chicago. We are buried under snow and ice. I hate winter because I can’t get out of the house. Luckily, my husband loves me so much, he brings the big black cocks to me. He has a 4 wheel drive truck. He went out last night looking for cock for me. He knows where to find it. I have fucked thousands of black men in the area over the years. We keep a book of names and addresses. I have no problem fucking the same man more than once. Big black dicks always want my milf pussy again too. My husband punched in a few addresses into the GPS to find who was closest. I texted guys nearby until I secured some product for pick up. It was like an under-cover drug operation. My husband came home with a few men to entertain me last night. They are still here. This weather is not letting up anytime soon, so my husband told them they could crash here for a few days. We have a nice house, plenty of food, any TV channel you could want and plenty of video games. And, the most important thing: a slut wife who can handle their monster dicks. When you are a black cock whore married to a black cock faggot, you don’t let a blizzard prevent you from getting laid.

Pound my tight pussy

Cyber Sex Phone SexMy sex drive has been extremely high lately, more so than normal. I want my titties sucked on and my pussy eaten because I deserve it. I swear I need to fuck, come and rub on my back while you bend me over and eat my pussy from behind. My wish is your command! My pretty pussy is so creamy and wet, everyone wants a taste! I’m so fucking horny, I wanna be bouncing on big dick! Fuck my face until i’m gagging, let me catch that big load of nut in my mouth daddy. If your cock doesn’t make my eyes roll to the back of my head, you’re not fucking me right baby. Eat me like your last meal and fill me up with lots and lots of fresh, sticky cum! My fingers keep sliding in and out of my dripping wet slutty cunt slit. Spread my legs open wide and shove that big dick inside of me! Fuck me hard and deep, I wanna feel all that dick deep inside of this tight little pussy. I’m into all that freaky, kinky shit, try me baby!

Rim jobs phone sex

rim jobs phone sex

My big brother is so special to me, and I do whatever he wants me to. He can be so naughty and has the hottest and nastiest ideas ever. I was at my place just hanging out half naked when he randomly came and surprised me. When he saw me he had the biggest cock in his pants. Me being the good sister that I am, I dropped down to my hands and knees and un did his pants. I begged for his fat cock to fill my mouth. I opened up wide and sucked him in and out of my throat.

After I made his fat cock coated in my spit, I moved on to his balls. I juggled his ball sack in my mouth and licked all around them. He told me how badly he wanted me to give him a rim job. I started to make my way to his taint. I teased it, licking and sucking on that skin and moving my way towards his ass hole. I started tongue fucking his ass hole and really licking every inch of it.

I think my big bro is going to have a really fat cum load for his little ass licking sister!

Cum In My Back Door

anal phone sex

My ass needs a good pounding.  Are you up for some Anal Phone Sex with a hot fucking blonde?  I’m a nasty phone sex whore who loves having her asshole filled just as much as my pussy.  With a tight  ass like mine, I do tend to get the men who have ass fetishes.  Just look at my ass.  Can’t you just  imagine your hands around my waist while you pile drive my ass.  Balls slapping against my soaking wet pussy.  Mmmmm can’t you just feel how good my tight asshole would feel around your throbbing cock?  Go ahead, rub that cock while you stare at my ass and imagine how good it would feel.  Oh God, I just want to feel your hard cock inside my ass.  When you get ready to cum, don’t you dare pull out either.  I want you to fill my tight ass with all that warm gooey goodness. 

Go ahead and pick up that phone and call me.  Cum in my back door baby.

Daddy’s little cum sluts

Age Play Phone SexDaddy loves to have slumber parties with me and my sexy little girlfriends. He will send me off to school with a list of names of the naughty sluts that he wants me to bring back to the house so that they can spend the weekend with us. Daddy loves all races so I would have a plethora of yummy friends for him to play with! Brown, black, white, asian, he loves them all! Sometimes we invite their Mommies over to have some kinky play time with us as well. My Mommy loves to sit back and masturbate while she watches Daddy man-handle all of us like the little cum sluts that we are. Who would ever think that an innocent slumber party would turn out to be a hardcore fuck fest! We have a huge orgy while we’re all butt naked, Daddy shoving his cock in all of our dripping wet fuck holes and busting his nut everywhere! We were all fucking soaked in his sticky cock cream. The best part is being able to all be together for the entire weekend, we can get all nasty and wild as often as we want! We love having age play phone sex, hehe.


Phone sexI love BBC! Those big fucking black men fucking the shit out of this white slut. You know black men got some huge mother fucking dicks. I get stretched out every time I fuck a Big black man with his BBC. My cunt hurt for days afterwards but I don’t mind. It just reminds me of all the cumming I had done with those BBCs. I like watching a huge BBC pushing into my cunt watching it against my white skin. Feeling that huge cock push against my wall. Stretching me out to fit his entire cock inside me. I go freaking wild when they cram that cock in my mouth and down my throat gagging me. Trying to shove as much of their cock in as they can before I puke up.

Real Exhibitionist Phone Sex

exhibitionist phone sexI have always been a fan of exhibitionist phone sex. I like flaunting my sexy BBW body. Men never seem offended either if I show them my juicy tits or big round ass. If you enjoy this sort of fetish, you get more than just stories with me. I will actually expose myself to neighbors for you. Last night, it was fucking freezing outside. We got several inches of snow, plus ice. My caller wanted a polar bear exhibitionist slut. I was more than game. I stripped naked with the phone to my ear and ran outside. I only had shoes on. The neighbor across the street was making a snowman with his son. There is a bright street light, so I have no doubt they both saw me. I couldn’t stay out too far because my phone would lose range, plus I was freezing my ass off. My nipples were so hard I could have cut glass with them.  I made him masturbate with me to warm me up. Despite being chilled to the bone; my pussy was hot and wet. I love exposing myself to others. Whatever your phone sex fetish is, I bet I share it with you. I’m a kinky big girl.

Tranny Sex

Tranny Phone SexA guy called my escort service I work for. Looking for a girl like me with tits and a dick. He needed a big cock to fuck his ass and mouth. I got myself already looking slutty as ever. And I met him at the apartment I meet all my Jons at. He was a good looking guy. Something I can fuck for hours. I went straight for his cock shoving it in my mouth I had to taste it. Then I rolled him over and spread his ass cheeks. OH! His asshole looked fucking amazing. So nice and perky just for my cock. I asked him if he wanted my cock in his ass and if he did to push his ass back on my cock. Which the little bitch did. That is right everybody wants to get fucked by a tranny!

Fucking Pageant Slutkins Is Hot Phonesex

Hot Phone Sex

This P-mommy of two is a partying horny babe with a love of making bank off of the use of these two offspring pageant whores. They have been taught well in all areas of sex and teasing horny perverted men. You can nearly damn well do anything you want with those tight young puffy bald pussies. Just look at those tightly puckered pink assholes and that smooth cuny. Their cute young bodies with those sweet nickle sized nipples on those flat chests. You really should be feling the throb of your fuckrod just reading this and need to call this pimp of a p-mommy whore to get your chance with such sweet little snatches.

I know you wanna be the perverted p-daddy you have dwelling deep inside that mind of yours and I am offering up some perfect basis for those fantasies.

My fuck holes are ready for you

Adult phone chatHey there, how would you like to come to my trailer and fuck my tight little hole for cheap? That”s right I am a nasty fucking slut and I love fucking so much I always have been lined up paying to get into my cunt. I just like laying on my back and taking dicks all day long, isn’t that what fucking sluts are supposed to do? I was taught to be a good little submissive whore for you and make sure your cock is good and milked. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can tell you how nasty I am while fucking my cunt with a 11 inch dildo in both of my fuck holes. Please let me please you tonight.

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