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Sisters BBC Boyfriend

Fantasy Phone SexI went over to see my sister Stacy. She called me up to tell me about her new black boyfriend and his huge motherfucking BBC! She said I just had to fuck him that he was that good. He made her squirt for hours into she passed out. I definitely wanted some of that BBC if he was that fucking good. I got ready and went over when I got there he was already stroking his cock waiting for me to arrive. He had a twelve inch BBC and thick as hell. I jumped right on that dick of his! When he first shoved that thick dick inside me I could feel my cunt stretching and tearing. But once he got it all the way in my cunt started gushing.

Hooters whore

young bald pussy

I was the only high school student who had a boob job. I was barely legal and flaunting my summer job savings right on my chest. If I was going to get plastic tits I wanted porn star ones. Pam Anderson like tits. It was a perfect time to be me. My tits were getting attention and I was the most seeked girl in school. The new hooters opened right across from school campus. It was perfect! Saving up for my tits made my dreams of having a brand new car a distant hope. I was sick of using my grannies passed down Volvo. When I saw I could apply I was all in to be a hooters girl. I knew the fact that I was still in high school and had a sweet innocent but slutty look would make those horny fuckers tip me like crazy. I also put my hooters uniform for good use and made a home video I was able to market online an make a pretty penny from. Being a young slut with a sweet young bald pussy comes in handy.

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex tales, I have plenty to share. I have been cheating on my husband since our wedding night. He is my husband in name only. We do everything together, but fuck. I have fucked my husband a handful of times since we married in 1995. Our intimacy is when he licks the cum out of my pussy from another man or sucks my cunt juice off another man’s dick. He did both last night. I had two hung black lovers over for a tag team to celebrate election day. He wanted to watch. My husband is a glutton for punishment. Seriously, I think he loves the small cock humiliation as much as the cuckolding.  He sat there and watched me get double stuffed with big black cocks.  My lovers were fucking me well too. One in my ass, one in my cunt for hours. My husband my not have got the congressman he wanted elected, but he did get two black cock creampies in my pussy and ass. The biggest cum shot from each cock right up my married holes for him to gobble up. He was digging his tongue deep inside my pussy and ass to make sure he didn’t miss a drop of his favorite drink.  I love my cuckold husband.

Parent Teacher Conference

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Have any of you ever been to one of these cluster fucks?? First off they give you a time, then when you show up you are waiting for another family to get their asses out of the damn room.  I don’t even know why I had to go.  My girls bring home straight A’s, granted they aren’t in the higher grades but still, wtf?  I had to go for an interview to work at a gentleman’s club and I wouldn’t have time to go back home and change so I showed up wearing something short, tight, and with high heels. 

My girls weren’t at all embarrassed, but the other parents were looking at me like my tits were falling off me due to some horrible virus.  I was standing outside the room just waiting, and waiting.  I could hear them talking and laughing.  Laughing? I knocked on the door. The teacher came to the door, opened it and held up her finger but she took a good look at me she said, “Can I help you?” I told her I was there for my conference and I have an interview so could we please get this going.

She shut the door again without saying a word, then I heard this bitch say, “I’m sorry about that, someone is complaining but we can take our time, it’s alright.”  I’m sorry, not sorry, but no the fuck you cannot take your damn time.  I opened the door and walked in.  I was pissed.  The Dad that was there smiled at me and his little boy’s eyes were wide.  His wife however looked like she was smelling a dead rat. Fuck her.

I made it clear that I have to do the conference, now!  She said good-bye with the most pissed off look on her face to those parents.  I said to the guy, “Hey, look me up when you want to fuck something other than a pile of dirt.”  He laughed but his wife looked like she was going to cry, good.  Stuck up cunt.  I sat down and did the conference.  Learned that my girl was getting straight A’s, I told the teacher to only schedule a conference if something was wrong from now on and that if she didn’t stop looking at me like I was a piece of shit I would punch her in her damn face, then left.

I hurried to my interview, as I walked in I wasn’t paying attention and bumped into … guess who? The Dad from the conference before mine.  He smiled and laughed.  I asked him if he was stalking me, he said no.  I had my interview, got the job, then went to leave and the Dad was still there.  He asked me if what I had said earlier was true.  I told him it was.  I took him back to my place, my one daughter recognized him as one of her classmate’s Dads.  He asked me if she would say anything, I told him not to worry about it.

I told him that I always wanted to blindfold someone and he let me.  I wasn’t going to fuck this loser.  He almost cost me my job by almost being late to my interview. I motioned to my daughter to get undressed, she almost giggled, she scrambled on top of him and took his cock into her little pussy as far as it would go.  He pulled his blindfold off and was about to lift her up off of him when he saw me with my phone.  I took pictures, I’m not stupid.  Plus, he looked horrified but he sure did shoot his load pretty quick.  He ran out of my house, that’s what he gets for causing me issues, now I just wonder what I should do with these pics.

Fuck Slave

I will always be your subby fuck whore Daddysubmissive phone sex

I am a subby fuck slut. I have been given to an evil Mistress to be retrained to suit my Master even better. She knows that men love to play on my young side so tonight she has sold me to the highest bidder to be a young subby pet. She paraded me around like a piece of meat whore that I am. My only goal in life is to give pleasure. My sweet young pussy gets so wet when an older man puts me in my place. 

This master made me fetch his slippers and then lick the very bottom of his shoes. I am a good slave and I know that the street dirt I lick off the shoes reminds me that I am nothing without my masters! I took off his stinky shoes and socks and gave his tired feet a nice tongue bath. His cock was out and he told me he needed to go to the bathroom. So I squatted and opened my mouth to receive and drink his piss.  I knew he had been waiting on my mouth to relieve himself. He grabbed his tablet and said come, slave, I require your mouth as toilet paper after I relieve my bowels. I knew my duty and would do anything to Get back In my Main masters’ Good graces.

Phone Sex in Da Club with My Big Daddy King

phone sexI was super sad the other day because Big Al told me he was retiring and selling the club. I have worked for Big All for two decades. I immediately called Big Daddy King because if anyone can make me feel better, it is the best sugar daddy in the world. When I told him, he asked how much Big Al was selling the club for. Being the most generous man on the planet, he tripled the amount and told me to just take Big Al a bag of cash from the vault to make Big Daddy King the new owner of the strip club. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to tell the girls. Big Al was so happy too, he didn’t even care that the new name of the club would be The Pleasure Palace. Big Daddy King is so filthy rich he can just buy a strip club with a bag of cash. I couldn’t wait for him to meet the other dancers. He knows my pal Destiny. She has been lucky enough to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce, but the others always thought I was fibbing because he sounds to good to be true. Big Daddy King is too good to be true, but he is real. He is 100% real and more of a man then all other men combined. When he came to the club to see his newest endeavor, he immediately made me the house manager and announced that I would oversee the day to today operations. Lilly is the newest girl hired, so I had her meet my beloved BDK. She was one of my critics who didn’t think he existed. Lilly is singing a different tune now. In fact, she is getting her BDK ink tomorrow. When The Living Legend undid his pants and the man sleeve came out, I knew she would be shocked. She fell to her knees like the rest of us and begged to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce. The club was full of screaming, love struck girls because that is the power of Big Daddy King and the anaconda. Big Daddy King is almost too good to be true, but those of us lucky enough to be a part of his sugar gang posse, know he is real. I couldn’t be happier that he is the new owner of the club! I have already told the girls he is the only VIP in the club who matters. They already have a bad case of anaconda fever. #PleasurePalace #BDKsClub #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #BiggestSugarBabyPosseEver

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Fucking my professor

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II sucked my professor’s cock last night. I was failing one of my classes this semester but my professor told me he could help me out, but I had to help him out first. We met after class in his office. When I walked in, he was already hard. He told me he had to get home to his wife soon, so he didn’t want to waste any time. I immediately dropped to my knees and took out his cock. He was pretty big and rock hard. I squatted on the floor in front of him and began swirling my tongue around the head of his cock while using both hands to stroke the shaft. I needed an A in this class really bad, and I was prepared to earn it. While looking up at him from the floor, I took his cock and slid it all the way down my throat until he was balls deep in my mouth. He started to moan as I deep throated his big cock. “Fuck my face!”, I demanded. He didn’t hesitate and started to pound in and out of my mouth. I’m an expert cock sucker with hardly any gag reflex. He slid his cock in and out of my face while I reached a hand up and cupped his balls. “Oh god, I’m cumming.” With a few more pumps of his cock into my welcoming mouth, he started to orgasm and came down my throat and into my mouth.

I think I’ll be getting an A for sure in this class. Maybe I can stop by his office next week and earn an A+

CBT Phone Sex Mistress

CBT phone sex

Are you my CBT phone sex Sissy Slut? I am glad you love that small cock of yours. Most men would have gotten a circumcision to make it look bigger. Not you… My sissy slut has embraced her Small Cock life and became a little cock and ball torture whore for me.  Billie Longed to be my sweet personal sissy maid! She loves the feel of satin against her clit stick.  She begged to serve me so I put her to the challenge. I stripped her and put my stretcher on her cock and had her give me kisses all over my body. “What will you do for me, Billie?” 

“ANYTHING Mistress, I am under your command.” She was being stretched her balls we painful as I had her bow between my legs and lick me until I came in her Sissy slut mouth.”  Her moans vibrated me to climax faster and gave me an Idea. I had Billie (Yes WIth an I) get in position as I attached her Humber bar onto that small cock and if she made and movement her balls and cock would be in immense pain. I felt no remorse as she asked this Mistress phones sex whore to put her to the test. My red Vibrator going in and out her sweet ass had Billie moving and giving so much pain to her balls and Vienna sausage! She began to cry and whimper from the pain. Her dickie gave cummies as she squealed in pleasure and pain. 

I loved my sissy sluts dedication, I think she will fit in quite nicely with my cucky sissy hubby and my three other sissy whores. 

I released her from her cock bondage. Now My sweet Billie let’s see how much cock that mouth and ass can take. Put on your prettiest panties and come and serve alongside your cuckolding sissy loving Mistress! mistress phone sex

Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is my favorite. I am a dirty mom and a naughty daughter and sister. Incest is in my genes. My horny boys are getting older by the day and increasingly more insatiable. They came home from school today around 3 pm and before they did anything, they pulled their cocks out of their pants and insisted on fucking. I was in the middle of something, but they didn’t care. They are walking hormones lately. They wanted fucked, so I dropped what I was doing and got naked. They couldn’t wait their turns, so they fucked me at the same time. They are getting more aggressive with their fucking. They rammed their cocks in and out of my ass and pussy. Their young balls even slapped against each other. Fucking them with one in my ass and one in my cunt is not hard but having them both in my ass at a time was difficult. Their cocks are growing now that they are young teen boys. They can give me a hardcore ass fucking together. They filled my ass up with cum but were still hard. I was an ass to mouth slut for my boys. I licked their cocks clean of my ass juice then let them nut in my mouth. I barely have time to write this blog, because they will want a third round soon.

Sharing Daddy

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Daddy got the credit card statement and he was not a happy camper. This was not the first time I almost knocked the wind out of him with my shopping sprees. Once I get that plastic card in my hands its like a complete high. I knew my car would probably be taken away so I needed help from a friend. I know how to make daddy happy. I usually have hot ass sex with him. This time that wasn’t going to be enough. My bill had to many zeros and daddy would need something very special to get him over his tantrum. I invited my friend lexi. Lexi is a hot red headed who is a nympho like me. Together we gave daddy a fun show and pleased his cock. We shared my daddy and made his cock cum and cream so much he handed out his credit card again and gave us both permission to go crazy.

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