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Banging BBQ


exhibitionist phone sexA friend of mine invited me over for a BBQ last weekend, because I tend to give gatherings a happy ending! It was a hot day, made even hotter by all the new people for me to meet…and fuck. It started out innocently enough, with all of us eating tasty food and drinking beers from the cooler. As it got later though, I was feeling a bit tipsy and very adventurous. I walked to the middle of the patio and whipped off my tanktop, freeing my enormous tits. Everyone stopped to stare, but then one by one the other guests started losing their shirts! A couple men approached me and started to fondle my luscious breasts and ass. I pulled them down to the ground with me and guided one mans cock inside me, and had the other start fucking my mouth. The patio planks were kind of rough and scratchy, but that just made me even hotter. While I was getting my holes filled, I could see other guests starting to fuck each other too! People were bent over tables, riding on patio chairs, and propped against the railings! Once I finished taking my dual dose of cum, I joined in on other people’s fun! Pretty soon, the entire party was  one writhing, licking, sucking, fucking, moaning pile under the stars. I made sure to eat my fill of cocks and pussies until I passed out. You gotta love a good BBQ.

Biggest Cum Shot from that Cock

biggest cum shotI was not expecting the biggest cum shot from Dan. He was not very tall. In fact, I was taller and bigger than him. His hands were small, so were his feet. Even though nothing about him screamed big dick, he was cute. He was a foreigner with a sexy accent and a bald head. I picked him up in the subway of all places. He asked for directions and the next thing I knew, I was going south on his cock. It surprised me that his cock was thick. It wasn’t a monster cock in length, but it was more than average too. I really liked his dick. I am a good cock sucker. I put my all into dick sucking. I use my big tits, my hands and my mouth to drain a man’s balls. I also licked his taint, tossed his salad and let him tea bag me. I was obsessed with his cock. It was the hardest dick I have been around in a while. He said it was because I was such a sexy BBW. Whatever the reason was, I enjoyed draining his balls. I also enjoyed the hot squirting pussy he gave me when we fucked. Looks can be deceiving. I am so glad I didn’t count him out.

Cum Shot For My Facial

Wet bald pussyWeekly facials are a must and no I do not have to go to the spa for these types of facials. All I need is a rock hard cock with nice big balls to go with it. Yea I might need to put a little work in to get the product for my facial out of his throbbing dick but that is what I love about it most. The men I choose to give me facials are handpicked by me. Not just any man can walk up and blast off all over my face and mouth. These men have to take care of themselves. I want thick warm dick spit on my face. I need your cock to be hard even after you give me your formula.Cum Slut Phone Sex I will use your cock to rub all of your good cream right into my skin. I will even drink a little of your white protein. I do not ask for much, just stay healthy and make sure your cock cream is up to par. In return, you will have me every other week giving you the best blowjob you could ever imagine. I make sure your cock goes deep down my throat, I am trying to suck all of your man creams right out of those sexy big balls of yours. Then you get to erupt on my face and let me use your cock as a beauty tool. I also clean you up, making sure you do not leave with my facial cream and protein drink. I am always looking for new men who think they can give me what I need to keep my beautiful face glowing, and my sexy body fit. I love finding new men to add to my spa regimen.

Double Dicked = Double Piss and Cum

toilet slave phone sex

Master wanted this lowly sub slut to be humiliated to the max. He picked up two homeless men under the overpass and brought them back to have their way with his pretty sub slut cum lover!  They were filthy and as soon as they saw my sweet fresh body they were hard. I took those dirty cocks because I do as I am told. I got a face full of piss and was made to suck both cocks clean so they could fuck masters little whore. I was given a face full of two cum loads at once as well yum!  My tongue was made to clean both bodies head to toe and I served both a hot meal and ran hot baths for homeless men. Then I was used as my ass was fucked and my mouth gagged until I vomited on my tits. This submissive slut was made to bow down to drugged up homeless men to assure I know That I serve cock no matter the status. I love being Masters sex slave and will always do as his cock wishes it makes my cunt so wet to please!

Cock Sucker

Tranny Phone SexI snap my fingers and point to the ground right by my feet. My sissy bitch crawls over quickly and kneels before. I pat him on the head and tell him he is a good slut. I put my heel on his thigh and twist slightly. Worship my feet with your mouth. Your lips are so soft pressed up against me. He loves on my toes sucking them into his mouth. Awe, I stroke my dick above his head shoving my toes deeper into his mouth. I love the drool that pours out of his mouth down his slutty body. His dick is as hard as mine. I wipe my precum on the top of his head. I grab him by the hair and bring his mouth up to my hard tranny dick. His mouth falls open and takes my dick with such grace. I fuck his mouth like his tight asshole. Pumping in and out of His mouth. Aww, gawd he makes me cum in his warm mouth. My dick jerks in his mouth as I get the last drops of cum out. I pull out of his mouth and kiss him softly touching tongues and tasting my own cum.

Nathan is Hot


Cum Slut Phone Sex

Nathan is a bashful fellow he prefers to take his time, and I surmise that it is okay. I don’t know how to work out in my mind that Nathan isn’t jumping all over my tight bubble ass. I need to find a way to get Nathan to have wild, raw sex with me. I keep thinking about how Nathan and I are going to have unadulterated splashy dripping cum guzzling sex. I crave for Nathan to feast on my yummy fucking ass until he is all filled up. I want him to dig that pretty little tongue into my asshole and twirl it around until I go insane with pleasure. Nathan didn’t know, but after tonight he will not ever forget. I am an offensive fucking whore who loves to be handled like a slut so don’t hold back. I am not the damsel who is in distress, and I’m not the sweetheart who desires you to wait for my pussy. I don’t want to wait I relish in fucking on the first night.


Anal Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex Faggot

black cock phone sexMy black cock phone sex lovers love going to the glory hole with me. I have one special black cock faggot who is so desperate for big black cock, he will go to the homeless shelter in his town to score some. He was inspired by reading an erotic story by a nurse who was surprised by how hung the black men in her local shelter were. She was there to give some basic medical services to homeless men. She saw a few big black cocks and it changed her world view. I have long said, “Seeing is believing.” Most white men in denial about their small dicks, think the big black cocks on the internet are computer enhanced or just a fake dildo made to look real. Once they see one up close; once they have one in their mouths, however, they become black cock faggots for life like my caller and my husband. My caller loves going to the glory holes with me to suck some BBC, but he is prepping now as I write this blog for his excursion to the homeless shelter tonight. He preps with big black dildos in both his fuck holes like a good black cock faggot. I am so proud of my black cock loving faggot. He is going to get himself a black horse cock tonight. He is going to be a black cum catcher and a black ball washer. He was already out there scouting out the talent and found one homeless man with a black monster dick and plotted his return to get the biggest cum shot down his black cock loving mouth.  Like my husband, my caller knows once you go black, you don’t go back. I haven’t gone back since 1988. I am such a black cock whore that I want to help the white men of the world be black cock faggots.

biggest cum shot

Nude and exposed while sunbathing

Wet bald pussyThe weather is warm and that means the clothes are minimal which is nothing new from my every day to day lifestyle! I am so thankful that I have a nice big balcony to lay on whenever I feel like it and can get some much-craved vitamin D from the sun, hehe! My wet bald pussy is so bare & fair skinned, my sensitive skin tends to always get a little pink & sensitive after i’ve been outside all day long. The best part is that I lay out naked, completely nude for all to see! My balcony is not private either, you can definitely see me laying there basking in the sunshine if you were to look over at me! I have stopped traffic so many times, I will just put it that way! I love being exposed for anyone who walks by to see me on display. It’s so erotic to me to show off my sexy body and my perfectly tight, wet little fuck holes. It makes me horny knowing that I am getting gawked at while working on my tan!

Sexy Tranny GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I am a spoiled princess at heart. I know I have a 10-inch cock tucked in my panties, but I love being spoiled. Most of the men who call me or try to date me, however, don’t have the means to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to living. Once I realize that, I just want to fuck them in the ass. Not gently, either. My dominant side is in full force when I encounter broke ass losers and small dicked shmucks. Every now and then I do meet a prince. Jason is a prince. I met him at the gym three weeks ago. He has been spoiling me ever since. He bought me this new bathing suit recently. I immediately took a selfie in it. He is taking me to Jamaica next week. His firm has business there and I am going along for the ride. He will work during the day while I work on my tan and we will play at night. He is married, so I am the dirty secret. I would be the dirty secret even if he was single because I am a shemale domination porn star. Most men never want to admit openly that they like cock up the ass. Guys who want to be with me aren’t gay. Gay men don’t want a sexy tranny because they aren’t attracted to femininity. Straight men, however, are a different breed when it comes to sexy shemales.  I can be on the down low about my panty surprise if he man knows how to spoil a special girl like me. Like the one 90s song, I don’t need no scrubs. So if you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home or bend over for an ass fucking.

Bugle Blowing Cuckold Lover

cuckolding phone sex

Bugle Blower?

This Cock Loving whore knows a military man who loves to see his wife fucked by other men when he is away. She does the boogie-woogie with any man who has 8 or more inches and loves to Blow that bugle and tell her husband all about it!  They have an open relationship. He is by all accounts a stand-up cuckold. So, when this slut entertains him, I get to hear all the fucking nasty details of his wife banging every man she can get her hands on. And I get to down 10-inch cocks for his enjoyment. I dress up in my USO striper outfit and reenact his slutty cock loving wife’s shenanigans. Gulping Men in uniform turns this Slut on so much. I make sure he gets the best cream pie form my sweet cuckolding pussy! I proudly salute my strong and sexy men who want to fuck the shit out of me after I have been in a nasty gangbang for them. I always do my part for my Country.

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