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Snuff Phone Sex

snuff phone sexI am a sadistic bitch. I don’t like people. I especially don’t like brats. Annoying soul suckers. I many of them while I was at the mall. This little devil’s spawn spilled her fancy Starbucks drink on me. Brat never even said she was sorry. He mother tried to yell at me when it was her fuck trophy to blame. I gave her my evil stare and she backed off. My looks do kill. They are lethal. I followed thing one and thing two home from the mall.I waited until it was dark. I am patient. Then I snuck in through an unlocked window. I would have killed them both in their sleep. But where is the fun in that. I put on a creepy clown mask to hide my identity. Little brats hate creepy clowns. I scared the crap out of her when I pulled her from bed. She cried for her mommy, but I had tied her up already. I dragged the little bitch to the living room to teach her some manners in front of her mommy. Mommy was helpless as I carved up her bratty little beauty queen. I wanted to snuff them both out, but how would they learn their manners dead? I opted to spare their lives. Both are disfigured for life, but maybe their will learn a valuable lesson. Oh, did I mention that I sexually mutilated their pussies, so neither can reproduce too? We don’t need more devil’s spawn in the world.

Cocksucking Phone Sex with a T-Girl

cocksucking phone sexI am not often on the sucking end of a cocksucking phone sex call. Every now and then I am equal with a man. Emphasis on equal because I am never a bitch. Usually, I am top dog when it comes to men. I have a 10-inch cock when fully erect. Most men who love me have half of what I have if not less. Not Oscar, however. We met golfing of all things. I am a member of a local country club. I find that it is a great place to meet wealthy men. Oscar was not wealthy but he had a nice cock, so I overlooked the fact that he was the help. I didn’t want to date Oscar. I just wanted to suck his cock. I did drain his balls into my mouth but I fucked his ass too. He had a nice cock, but I couldn’t let a bartender fuck my ass. No way, was I going to take a hardcore ass fucking from a minimum wage worker, no matter how big his cock was. I am a snob. I know this. I have standards. He didn’t want to fuck me anyway. He wanted what all the small dick losers want too. He wanted my sexy tranny cock up his backdoor pussy. Even when I try to be equal with a man, I end up on top.

HOT Phonesex Cuckold

hot phonesex

I love to bring your Cock to the edge. What does it feel like to watch my pathetic husband lose his load again and you, my big dicked freak, are stuck on the very edge of orgasm?  I’m not letting you cum, still toying with and touching that hard cock. Your favorite position is sitting on the stool in the middle of the room. I make you undress and sit there exposed for me with hubby looking on, dick in his hand. I release my huge tits, rubbing them in your face even letting you suck on my nipples for a second. My rule your hands better be at your side. I like to watch as I slowly get your manhood alive. I let my long red hair dance over your body as I slip between your legs and start stroking you. Faster and faster until I am sure you can’t take anymore. Then I stop and back away.  Once I’m sure It has been enough time I lower myself and lick your dick slowly. All I want is for my husband to give up cummies as I suck you dry. I love to take my time and get you the hardest you’ve ever been. I want a massive load spewing in my mouth and all over my tits for my small dicked cash cow of a husband to clean up! Now, are you my small dicked husband or a man who loves fucking married women? Both will make me squirt baby!

Pass The Teen Pussy

teen phone sexBest part of Summer is all the fun parties that are always popping up. I get to sleep all day and be up all night, getting up to no good. The truly great thing is these hot Summer nights get all the men and boys around here super horny. When they see me walking by in my short-shorts and white tank top with no bra they are quick to invite me to all their late night parties. They like to hand me shot after shot before pulling off my shorts and rubbing my cute soft panties. I feel their hands on my ass complimenting have nice it would feel on their laps. “Wouldn’t it be better against your cocks” I always tease so they know they have to go ahead to rip those pretty panties off me. Before I know it my little teen pussy is being stretched and passed around by every dude at the party. Sometimes they have little wanna be me bitches to get on their knees and clean out all of the loads of cum they leave in my sweet teen pussy. I love laughing at them while they lick and kiss all over my used cream filled cunnie.

Not the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotMaybe it wasn’t the biggest cum shot I have ever had but it was a sizable load. The funny thing was the guy wasn’t very tall or very big. He didn’t have a small cock, but it wasn’t an anaconda either. It was a date. Well, less a date and more a sex for money arrangement. I was doing a favor for a friend. I owed her a solid and this was how I paid her back. Her stepfather wanted a hooker. She had no idea how to find him one that wasn’t a diseased skanky whore slutting her ass off on the corner. She figured since I was a stripper and a phone sex whore, I could fuck the man for money. It was his 60th birthday and he wanted a younger whore. I am a far cry from jailbait, but he was almost twice my age. I was excited for the money because I am going out of town for a couple days next week and it would be spending cash. I was surprised by how handsome and rich he was for his age. My friend made him sound like a loser. Stepdaddy issues, I guess. I found him sexy as fuck even if his cock was underwhelming. I mean he was 60. I am sure there was some shrinking over the years. He was impressed with his “date.” He took me out on the town. We danced, kissed, danced, kissed, did shots and ended up at my strip club where I gave him a private dance and a great blowjob. He nutted a huge load for his age and size. I swallowed because I like making men feel special. It was his birthday after all. We ended up back at my place fucking into the wee hours of the night. I owe my friend a big thank you. Now I have a few grand to waste in Vegas.

Golden Shower Phone Sex

Golden Shower Phone Sex

I’m such a filthy fucking whore for you and you know I’ll do anything you ask no matter how dirty it is. I never knew you were into golden showers but I jumped at the chance to try something new with you! You had me strip naked and get down on my hands and knees in front of you and use my mouth and hands to get your cock nice and slobbery wet and hard. You pushed my head down into the carpet and came up behind me, sliding your thick dick into my tight pink pussy. You thrust in hard and fast and deep until you grabbed me and came all over my face and tits. You held my hair and told me to look up at you. That’s when you covered me with steaming hot urine, a stream so forceful it nearly washed the cum off of my face! I gotta admit, it was hot being used like a dirty toilet and I’d gladly do it again!

Let’s Play Master and Servant

teen phone sexMaster Has let this submissive slut play here for all to abuse. My ass and twat are no longer my own. I serve the Cock in every way.  My mouth is for facial abuse. Your cock fucking my throat and using my eyes, cheeks and mouth for you cum dump. I am not shy at all when I serve. I beg for cum. And I live to serve with my body. My pink ass is no longer puckered after you and your friends have reamed me and deposit load after load of cum deep inside me. My pussy has been stretched to its limits bringing me to the worst pain imaginable. I live for pain. If I am being whipped and beaten, then my job is being done. My only goal is to bring you complete happiness and to milk yours and every mans around jizz. Think of me as the whore who is never far from the floor. On my knees and hands, I serve as I am punished just for having cum dump holes. I’m waiting at the door all day master just for you. I eat and drink nothing but your cum and piss. I live to be the submissive whore I am.


Black Cock Phone Sex: I Get Great Service

black cock phone sexDo you like black cock phone sex stories? Here is one for you. Yesterday, I was out running errands. It was hotter than hell out in Chicago. My car broke down. I thought perhaps it was over heated, but it wouldn’t shift. My mechanic is a black god. He Face Timed me to see if he could trouble shoot my issue. He didn’t want me out in the heat melting for too long, so he sent a tow truck to get me because AAA was going to be a 4 hour wait. I get personal service because I am a hot white woman who can handle his big black cock. He has been fucking my white pussy for a decade. Ever since I had a finder binder and his shop was a block away. I rode with the tow driver to the shop. My Lexus needed a shift cable and my pussy needed a fat gear shift. While Don’s workers fixed my car, I road Don’s fat black cock in his office. I could see the guys working on my car while I fucked that big black cock. It was just what I needed after a rough morning. I was squirting all over my hot mechanic’s fat fuck stick. Don loves fucking my married white pussy. He told me I class up his dick. He doesn’t get many women like me in his shop. I go anywhere if the service is great. I may have money, but that don’t make me a snob. The boys in the hood have always taken good care of me and my fuck holes. And Don took care of my car and my pussy. I drove my Lexus back home with the biggest cum shot up my married cunt and the biggest smile on my face. I get excellent service in the hood.

GFE Phone Sex BBW

gfe phone sexBBW girls make excellent gfe phone sex babes. More of us to love you! I picked up this out of town business man at a hotel bar. My girlfriends and I love this bar because of the high class men who stay there. When I started talking to this one handsome man, he asked me if I was a pro. I assured him I was no hooker. He told me he was not accustomed to paying for sex. I retorted back that I was not accustomed to being mistaken for a whore. I left. There were plenty of other attractive men in the place. He followed me apologizing. He bought me and my friends drinks the rest of the night. As the bar was closing, he invited me up to his room for a nightcap. I couldn’t because I drove and its hos before bros lol. He called and paid for an Uber for them. My girls assured me it was fine. With their blessing, I went up to the penthouse suite with my handsome older man. He was definitely married but I didn’t care. He was visiting and I just wanted a night of hot fucking. I got it too. That man had skills. He ate my plump pussy until it was a hot squirting pussy. We fucked for hours like porn stars. It was passionate and sexy. We both came so many times, we lost track. I spent the night with him, enjoying every minute of him. You never have to pay this sexy BBW to fuck if you are handsome and hung.

Shemale Fucking

Tranny Phone SexAll the boys love my tranny body. Even the straight ones! They like to pretend they haven’t a clue I am a shemale. And I just seduce them with my girly charm. But when they see my dick there is never much resistance. And the little bit of resistance I do get is more for show than them wanting me to stop. They say “no your a man” but they bend over and show their sweet pussy ass to me. These men are the ones that secretly play with their wives dildo. Jerking themselves off as they plunge that dildo in out of their asses. But when that is not enough they coming looking for me or anyone of my sexy shemale friends.

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