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Dangerous Pussy

Wet bald pussyCaution, my wet bald pussy is dangerous as fuck, you might just screw around and get hooked! I’ve been told by men in the past that I need to just stay single because my cunt will cast a spell on you and you won’t know how to break loose! I want you to eat me out like i’m your last meal and make me squirt cum all over your fucking face, yummy, that’s so damn sexy! Stick your tongue out and let me suck my tasty juice out of your mouth you dirty boy. My tight, wet little slit is so soft and drenched, I need you to come and fuck me now! I want to feel you explode inside of me like an erupting volcano! Let me suck that big hard dick of yours all night long, slide my panties to the side and slip yourself up inside of me, hehe. You nasty pervert, show me how dirty you can really get!

Get on your knees and suck this cock!

tranny phone sexGet down on your knees and suck my fucking cock! I have no time for all of your ridiculous excuses like it’s too big or I’ll choke on it… blah, blah, blah just shut up and suck it! I am all out of patience today faggot, you know as well as I do that this is the cock you’ve been dreaming of, you’ve been longing for, the cock you wish you had so what the fuck are you waiting for??? I am not a very patient woman and the one thing I hate more than anything is a wimpy little bitch that refuses to do what he so clearly wants to do! So what if you gag on it? So what if it hurts when I shove it up that tight little puckered up asshole of yours? You will learn to love it lover, just like everyone else has!

Phone sex fetish with Theresa

Phone sex fetishHave you missed me? I was on a long fucking vacation, like actual fucking.. I probley fucked over 30 guys over a couple days, and I fucking loved every second of it. All of my holes got fucked so many times and my little pussy and asshole got all stretched open so I could fit a couple of big hard cocks at one time. I like being used like a little fucking whore, can you do that for me? Can you treat me like a nasty bitch, and call me names? I love when I feel degraded and like a nasty bitch. I have been one since I was a little youngin. If you see me during the day I dress like a prostitute on the corner.

The Photog and the College Coed

College coed sex

I needed some new pictures taken, but I have been so broke lately. Tuition is killing me and I have a few classes mates that are in photography classes. I enlist this guy I know for help, super sweet guy but not the prettiest guy. I don’t care about that kind of thing especially when you are as talented as he is.
I got to the house we were doing the shoot, his parent’s house was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get naked and get to work. I started to take my clothes off near the patio table and the photog asked if I would come over in front of the lens and take off piece by piece. I agreed 100 percent! He had me posing in all kinds of positions and was so creative with how he was shooting my pictures. He was so knowledgeable it was really quite a turn on. The guy in charge and knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it, talk about a panty dropping wet bomb! I love an intelligent, confident guy who knows what he needs. As the photo shoot went on he was having me touch my pussy or clit or my tight little asshole more and more. After the third time of telling me to slide my hand down my front and into my suit, I said fuck this. He gave me another position to move into, but I just kneeled there playing with my clit. I wanted to get off so I could concentrate on my work here. I stood up and went over to the patio table and chairs, sat down, put my feet and legs over each arm of the chair. With my legs splayed wide open I played with my clit begging him to come fuck me, lick me or let me watch him jerk off. He grabbed a chair and sat down directly in front of me. As he started to unzip, my eyes started to see the huge bulge in his pants. When that thing popped out I thought it was a big zucchini or something…not quite the right color I know but I was thrown off guard. He got everything out, balls, cock and was stroking it while I played with my clit. I would open my pussy lips nice and wide every so often so he could see how wet he was making me. Eventually, we got sick of watching one another and made a B-line straight for the pool house. We fucked until we were almost all fucked out, but young and full of cum you know. So we finished the shoot, ordered a pizza, Netflix and chilled for the rest of the day.

My Daughter And Me

Mother-Daughter Phone SexMy girl is such a good whore. Has been ever since she was a little one. Always interested in what I was doing with the men that showed up to play with me. I remember one time when she was just a little wee one. I was getting fucked by this guy I just met in the bar that night. We were making a lot of noise as we came thru the door. Trailing back to my bedroom we were making a loud rucas. My daughter came popping in the room. At first we did not know she was there watching us from the bottom of the bed. I was so into sucking this guy I was not even paying attention to her. When I looked up I spotted her watching me give head to this guy. (Sorry I keep saying this guy, but I do not remember his name. One night stand and all.) She smiled at me and jumped on the bed. I sat up and brought her to my lap undressing her from her clothes. I took her hand and wrapped it around his fuck rod and was sliding it up and down. I took my tongue and licked at his shaft. He was totally fucking enjoying this, his precum was seeping out. I told my daughter to take her tongue and lick up his precum. She did and she really enjoyed it. I think this is the point when she knew she wanted to be a whore just like me. Ever since this time she has wanted to join in when I was getting fucked as much as possible. And now she is a great little whore. Always wanting to fuck. Never says no to anyone or anything. And knows most of all her best asset is her body.

Phone Sex Sugar Baby and Her King

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby was so excited to hear from her sugar daddy this week. The living legend also known as Big Daddy King, is safe from mother nature. He lost two houses between Harvey and Irma, but my BDK has homes all over the world and plenty of money in the bank. I was just grateful mother nature didn’t do any damage to him! My Big Daddy King is irreplaceable.  I love flaunting him on social media. It makes men and women alike so jelly. I have girlfriends eager to meet him and The Anaconda. Some don’t believe me when I tell them just how huge The Anaconda is, but my sugar daddy is a porn star too. The hottest porn actresses all over the world beg to do a scene with him. He knows I love watching other bimbo Barbies trying to take the biggest cock on the planet, so he sends me clips. My King is a gentleman on the streets, but a gangsta between the sheets! I have men who are jelly of my King and his anaconda too. White guys be thinking they can compete with The Anaconda between the sheets, but it is simply not possible. My King is a living legend for a reason. Porn stars don’t beg to fuck just anyone. When BDK arrived back in the states, his favorite sugar baby was waiting for him in nothing but high heels and red lipstick. I hugged and kissed all over my sugar daddy. Of course, I begged to see The Anaconda. I was a bit jelly that so many hot adult actresses were getting a hot squirting pussy and billionaire nut sauce.  I begged for my turn. He cannot deny his favorite sugar baby. I fell to my knees like his humble servant and kissed the best cock in the world in its white man’s sleeve. I motor boated his billionaire balls and deep throated The Anaconda until I was drowning in billionaire nut sauce. I don’t mind sharing My King, there is plenty of him to go around, just as long as I always get that liquid gold too.

Hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy I went to my boyfriends family party and it was fantastic, I got to meet all of his family including his really handsome father. He looked at me in such a way where all I wanted to do was squirt all over his cock with my wet tight pussy. I got a chance to get away from my boyfriend at the party by saying that I needed to go to the bathroom. I carefully walked into his father’s house and walked around until I ran into him. I pretended to spill wine all over my dress so I could get him to try to take me to a place more secluded. We walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind us and it was was on. He was kissing me up and down. He hand his fingers inside of me while we made out on the sink. We fucked all over that bathroom on the floor against the all in the bath tub on the toilet. There was nothing holding us back. I laid on the floor on all fours as he pounded my pussy in over and over again it was feeling so good! So great in fact that I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I came on his thick long dick with my tight wet pussy. He had no problem filling me up with his delicious warm sticky cum.

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex With Wendy

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

Taking a dildo from my tight hole then down my throat is so much fun during kinky ass to mouth phone sex. Do you get off hearing me take my huge toy cock and shoving it inside my asshole? I love to ram in it while I listen to you stroke your cock. Hearing your breathing getting faster while you pumped your hand up and down your shaft and at the same time I’m pumping that huge dick inside my fuck hole. If I rub my swollen wet clit while I fuck myself in the ass, you can even hear me squirting. Then just when you’re reaching that edge of cumming, I’m going to rip that cock out of my ass and shove it right down my throat. Listen to me gag and choke and take that huge mock man meat down my throat. I love tasting my own ass and it’s even better when I’ve already came. The mixture of the flavor from my asshole and my own squirt and cum, it’s amazing. Then I want to hear you shoot that load and cum for me during our hot and naughty ass to mouth phone sex session.

Naughty Secretary Phone Sex: I’m in Charge in the Office Too

naughty secretary phone sexNaughty secretary phone sex with a special girl is the hottest. Who better to take dicktation than a chick with a dick? My naughty secretary role plays are not without a basis in real life. I tried to do the traditional work force thing. It just never worked well for me. A few years ago, I tried my hat at being a paralegal. I am certified for it. Handsome lawyer specializing in personal injury hired me knowing I was a transsexual. He said he didn’t care about my lifestyle if I was a good paralegal. Then, he went through a divorce. A nasty divorce too. Because of the stress of his job, he started watching a lot of porn, often in the office. I accidentally busted him watching tranny porn one day. He was embarrassed, but I knew he was curious about me. “Are you thinking of my sexy tranny cock,” I asked him. He was speechless, so I showed him what I was packing under my pencil skirt. He started salivating when he saw my 10 inch cock. “Why don’t you make it grow,” I purred. He leaped over his desk and fell to his knees to be a cock sucking slut. He had some teeth involved initially. It was clear I was his first cock. I taught him how to give head. For months, I was the real boss of the office. I would show up to work to find him waiting for me with my Starbucks in his hand as he was on his knees. He sucked my cock several times a day at the office, until he became obsessed with me. He wanted to marry be, but he wasn’t even legally divorced yet. He didn’t want me to see other men, yet he was dating young coeds to keep up appearances. I had to quit. But for a year, the boss was my cock sucking bitch. I may just be the secretary, but make no mistake of who is really in charge.

His Reward

Phone sexI Am a very sweet person. But only to a very few. I Am very strict and expect complete obedience. My pets will tell you this. They will also tell you that I Am a sweetheart when I get what I want. I have a sadistic side and caring Mommy side. My one pet likes it rough really rough. Which is pleasing to Me. So to punish him I must ignore him and put him in his cage. That is punishment to him. If I were to beat him. He would enjoy that too much. But when he is good and my sadistic side hits. He is My favorite pet to play with! I love to fuck the shit out of him. And to torture him. A bunch of My sweet Shemale friends came over to visit Me. And since My pet was behaving so well I decided to let him be the toy We play with. We binded him up tightly to a stripper pole, so that he could not move on his own. We put tape over his mouth so that he could not speak. And we had our way with him. He was whipped. Pissed on. We teased him to the edge and then denied him his pleasure. How did he asked for permission to cum you ask? Blinking 3 times when he wanted to cum. Over and over We denied him that. Putting his dick in Our mouths. Sliding his dick into our ass. Fucking the shit out of his ass, The two girl kneeling on the floor both had their cocks in his ass at the same time. You could hear his ass tearing, as it was forcible stretch opened. Just watching that and hearing ass tear. Seeing the marks from the whip across his body. Hearing his screams of pleasure echo the room. All this made Me shoot a fucking huge load of My cum right in My pets face. Making sure to hit his eyes and hair. In fact all My friends and I orgasm several times playing and torturing My pet. After We had Our fun and was done with him. We released him from his ropes. And allowed him to clean up the cum that made it onto the floor with his tongue. And yes he was allowed to jerk himself off until he unloaded his load. But of course he had to clean that up also. And all this was his reward for his obedience

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