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Mommy Phone Sex in Sexy Lingerie

mommy phone sexI have a few mommy phone sex callers who enjoy their mommy to be dressed in sexy lingerie. I was talking to one of my mommy’s boys who loves a mommy in sexy under garments last night. I thought I would dress the part. I put on this sexy garter belt and stockings. I even slipped into some heels because my caller enjoys hearing his phone mommy in high heels. As I was walking around my bedroom talking dirty, my sons snuck in to listen in. They love it when I am a surrogate mommy for other horny men. They were mesmerized seeing me in my sexy outfit. They cared less about hearing my part of my phone sex mommy call. They were pulling their dicks checking me out in my sexy lingerie. After my call, they swarmed me. Each boy took a leg and rubbed his cock up and down my stockings. They loved the feel of the nylons on their cocks. I loved the feel of their cocks on my nylons. The played with the straps on my garter belt too. They were enthralled with my sexy undergarments. Normally, I am just naked for them. They made me promise I would dress up for them too, not just my callers. They were hornier than ever. If seeing me in sexy lingerie will make them fuck their sexy mommy harder, I will live vintage lingerie.

Sub SLut

submissive phone sex

He owns me. He makes me tell him my most perverse secrets while he strokes the cum out of my wet pussy. He makes me feel like his dirty, beautiful big titty whore, and I love it. He mind fucks me and tests me all the time to make sure I am truly his. My paddles and stocks are all custom made for my baby girl ways. Bejeweled ass plugs, diamond-dripping leashes, and collars. My skin always a new shade of pink from his huge hands. Masters melodic voice entrances me. He is my one. I know this. My huge tits and round bubble ass are what attracted him to me. I don’t mind because I also know that he could smell my fear when he walked into the room and demanded me to suck his cock those years ago. I have now become utterly submissive and show my devotion in every encounter I have. I know my place as a fuck slut slave. I was only created for the ultimate pleasure for a man.  Spank me, pull on my nipple clamps. Slap my slut whore face. Show me my place as your filth under your feet.

Cuckolding Phone Sex

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is something I need as much as you. Look at me. I am still sexy. I turned 50 this year. I am 50 and fabulous. I have kept myself looking good, so I never have to settle. No smalls dicks for me period. I command big dicks because I have aged gracefully. My husband knows he has a trophy wife. He loves me and wants me happy, so we have an open marriage. Well, open on my end.  His small dick means I cheat. I used to cheat on him and just tell him about it afterwards, but now, I cheat on him in front of him. He loves watching his hot wife fuck a worthy dick, a big black dick. I have found that over the years I need to cuckold him as much as he needs to be cuckolded. Besides the obvious need I have for a big cock, I know it makes him feel good to see me getting the pleasure he can’t give me. If you truly love your woman and you have a small dick too, letting your wife have as many lovers as she can handle, is the ultimate testament of that love. My husband is perfect in every way but one. That is why I need to cuckold him. It is his desire to see me happy and I want him happy. I want myself happy with big black cocks too, so we have the perfect marriage. Do you? Do you love your wife as much as my husband loves me?

Surprise I Am A Tranny!

Tranny Phone Sex I get turned on when guys think I am a full woman and not a tranny. Watching them learn the truth when they see my fully hard dick. I love the thrill. We have a great date night than you come back to my house. I get you to sit down on the couch and I unleash your anaconda from your pants. He is already alert and waiting for my nice wet mouth to wrap around him. I slither my tongue around your cock head twirling my tongue of your little piss hole. Drool slips out of my mouth as I slide my lips down your long hard shaft. I start to gag I can feel your cock head hitting my throat and I begin to swallow just on your head. I can hear your groans as you push down on the back of my head. Making me choke on your sweet cock. All of a sudden you explode deep down my throat. I make sure to not waste a drop getting all of it down. You are sitting there completely satisfied and relaxed I lean in and whisper in your ear. “No one knows how to suck a hard dick like a tranny bitch!” with that I whip out my sweet tranny dick and the look on your face is priceless.

Devoting my life to sex

Young bald pussyI have decided to completely devote my life to sex and feeding my addiction to pornography while masturbating my young bald pussy. This is the reason for my existence, to be a filthy little cunt princess with an insatiable appetite for filth. I know that I am meant to be this way. My beautiful cunt is the center of the sexual universe. I love how fucked up I am! Having sex and watching pornography for hours upon hours on the daily is a lifestyle, not just a habit! Every morning I drink a fresh gallon of my own piss and recycle it throughout the day as I submerge myself deep into my pornographic videos. There is always going to be an endless supply of piss and an endless supply of pornography for me to indulge in, I will never have a shortage of either! I love pushing myself further and further with my sexual desires and antics. Porn and sex are such incredible gifts that I will forever be grateful for.

Tranny Phone Sex Encounters

tranny phone sexTranny phone is a popular dirty secret for many men, especially married men. Even when I am meeting people through friends or out and about, it is mostly married men who pursue me. I was at the grocery store over the weekend and met Leo. He knew I was a T-girl. We have mutual friends and have met before. He is married and was eager to have some cock. Every time I have met him, his wife was with him, so he said he couldn’t tell me how he really felt about me. At the store he was alone, and his wife was at work. He seemed so desperate for my dick. I didn’t want to deny him. He was cute and I was horny. We got our groceries and went to my place for some afternoon delight. Leo has a nice cock. He was not a tiny dick loser like many cock curious men. He sucked my cock better than many too. He claims it was his first time, but I doubted that. When I fucked his ass, I knew it was untouched. He was way too tight. He wanted me in him balls deep, so I pushed myself all the way in. He felt amazing. Been awhile since I had an ass that tight. It was a hot afternoon interlude. Chance encounters are always the best.

Making You Watch Me Play

hot phonesex

I love my stepdaughters’ sweet bald cunt.  It is the next best thing to making my Small pricked husband watch me fuck BIG cocks. I really get off on the fact that he has always wanted to fuck her sweet blonde ass. I enjoy having him watch as I make her moan and scream with my tongue. 

But tonight is different. Tonight Mick and his brother have come over with big cocks bulging through those briefs and I have SD down on her knees kissing each cock as I get it out. Before long I had her on her face taking these massive cocks deep in her pussy and asshole. I swear my small pricked hubby squirted his clit juice over his head when His daughter was cleaning her ass juice off those BBC! I decided it was time to get my Black cock fuck on and rode those hung men like wildfire until I squirted too! It was a fuckfest of BBC while hubby watched. I was sweating as I went from her pussy to cock and she licked all of that cream from my pussy. Poor hubby didn’t even get to taste my cum in my pussy. I wonder who else might want cum from two beautiful pussies? 

Fat Cat Brina

Cum Slut Phone Sex


Big fat bitches like to fuck, and I’m going to tell you a story about the girl who walked up to my boyfriend and said, “I’m going to get you, Craig and I’m going to take that cock from you and you better not say no to me.” I went to visit my cousin Jamie and her big fat sister Brina, unfortunately, I went with my boyfriend, and Brina is a horny fat bitch who takes cock from the guys that she wants. Brina has big fat triple D tits, and she has a big fat wide open pussy. When Brina saw my boyfriend she got hungry and it looked like she was going to lose her mind. Brina started licking her lips looking all hungry like she wanted to take my man and eat his cock Raw. Brina is a fucking whore and she threatened me she told me that she was going to beat my fucking ass if I didn’t let her fuck my boyfriend. I weighed my options I looked at Brina I saw how big she was and I said beautiful bitch have at him you can fuck him if you want to fulfill all of your rape fantasies. I know y’all might call me bad or scary because I just gave my boyfriend up but Brina is huge and dangerous so I felt like I had no choice. Brina told me that she was going to tape it all and send me a tape of my boyfriend getting devoured by her nasty raunchy gross ass. When my boyfriend found out I was leaving him there for Brina he got kind of upset but I don’t care I’m not getting beat up for any guy.

Phone Sex with The Most Talked About Man in the World


phone sexPhone sex with The King is simply unbelievable. As is everything with him. He is The Living Legend for a reason. When he walked into my world, he changed it forever. Any woman lucky enough to meet The King is changed for the good too. I have been missing my sugar daddy. It is like he has telepathy. He made a surprise visit at The Pleasure Palace this week. An elite magazine, Night Life, was doing a piece on the club. The Pleasure Place was a rundown townie strip joint before Big Daddy King bought it. He transformed Big Al’s into the most elite gentleman’s club in the world and the most talked about club in the world too. The Pleasure Palace was being awarded the Best New Club in the world title, so My King showed up for the interview. A few of the hottest porn stars in the industry and huge Big Daddy King fans, Kelsi Monroe and Valarie K were on hand as featured dancers and major groupies of the club owner. We all were decked out in our Big Daddy King bling and showing off our tramp stamps that say “Property of BDK” for the interview. I gave the reporter the club tour. We ended up in the throne room which is Big Daddy King’s private VIP room for only the luckiest of girls. As his sugar baby OG, I led the interview. I gushed over how much BDK has changed my life. From a poor struggling stripper to a wealthy goddess just because Big Daddy King selected me as one of his harem girls. After all the special girls told similar tales of our King’s greatness, we had her watch as we worshiped the man of the world. I thought the reporter was going to pass out when the anaconda unfolded in a diamond bedazzled man sleeve. She thought the club was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen. Turns out, the anaconda was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Every woman feels the very same way. Big Daddy King’s posse worshiped the anaconda in front of her, showing our undying love and gratitude to the most amazing man in the world. She got so jelly, I let her snowball his billionaire nut sauce with me. The Pleasure Palace is only the most talked about club in the world because it is owned by the most talked about man in the world, Big Daddy King.

His dick was so small

tranny porn picturesMy date came over last night andtried to act like he was gonna top me with his teeny tiny lil dickie and all I could do was laugh. I made him compare his cock to mine… and seeing as how I have twelve full uncut inches to work with he came up a little short. He barely had a six inch dick and he was gonna fuck me with that??? Ummmm I don’t fucking think so! If I’m gonna let a man fuck me like that, he is going to have a cock like mine and that is it! I made him ge down on his knees and suck my superior cock and then I bent him over and fucked the shit out of him! He was groaning and moaning and acting like he was dying but he never once stopped stroking his cock so I think he liked it. In fact I know he did cus as soon as I filled his ass with cum he shot his load too!

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