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Taboo Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexTaboo phone sex? I go there, with no limitations, nothing holding me back. I’m an open book, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I am submissive. I am a dominatrix and the thing that gets me off the most is being in control. I get to decide what happens, whether I am the one giving or receiving cock and whether this will be full of humiliation, toys, other trannys, or even toilet play. I am the one taking it to the next level. I go above and beyond. As all girls like me do. Sometimes they get lucky, and they get to take cock and give me their cocks too, but only if it is a huge superior cock like mine. I don’t want a tiny little dick or even an average dick near my ass or mouth. But I’ll gladly force you to take mine, sucking it dry. Making you spread your cheeks and shake under my giant cock forcing its way in. Mmm just feeling that quivering as I enter that ass, makes me want to blow my load but I have self control and want to pound that ass until it’s milked full of my warm sticky cum.

Sexy BBW Blowjobs Phone Sex

blowjobs phone sexEveryone knows it takes a sexy BBW to give you the best blowjobs phone sex of your life. I am an expert cock sucker. I love cock in my mouth. I swallow too. Every time. I love sucking the cocks of married men because they are often neglected. That means they appreciate a good blowjob more than a man getting his cock sucked often. My married neighbor has a neglected cock. His wife is gone often plus she is just a cunt. You know the type, I am sure. Maybe you are even married to one. I had him come over last night knowing his wife was gone. I put on something sexy, had candles and mood music going for my seduction plan. It went perfectly too. His cock was out of his pants at hello. No man ever rejects me. Not for a blowjob. Not for sex.  I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut who can suck the chrome off a doorknob. I drained his balls many times last night. He was in such a happy place; he even ignored his wife’s calls and texts. Why talk to a cunt when you can be blown by a sexy BBW?  I can still taste him on my lips. He is coming over latter for another ball draining before his bitch wife comes back home.

Hot Bitches Deserve Good Dick.

mistress phone sex

Micro dicked men listen up! Your Mistress phone sex size queen has demands to make of that puny thingy you call a dick.

I have spent countless hours making sure my body is perfect. I was blessed with the ability to spot a small-dicked man from miles away. I have a deep and long appetite for the best and thickest Black cock around baby. That’s right my husband knows I am a black dick loving whore! Before he put a ring on it he knew my uterus has to be blasted by a waterfall of thick hot creamy black dick sperm. Why is this important you ask? Well in my household it s understood that I am no longer on birth control and my sweet and rich husband will evidentially have to raise a black baby from my womb. Don’t let that deter you from having some of your very own black dick sperm deep in your ass or stomach. I do like to share just ask my house sissies! And well, if you keep a secret you can ask my BBC fluffer and lover Husband. Shhh, because he has an image to keep though. I look forward to putting you through the BBC fluffing skills you small little dickie deserves.

Kisses Brooklyn your Black Cock lover Mistress. Xoxox0

Milf Phone Sex: I Went Back to School

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is all the rage. I had to stop by my nephew’s high school yesterday. He is my nephew by marriage, but the boy is staying with us for a couple weeks while my husband’s sister is overseas for business. He forgot his inhaler, so I ran up to the school. Been a long time since I was in a high school. My, how things have changed. In the 80s, I was a high school cheerleader with a black jock boyfriend. My first cock was black cock and you know what they say! Once you go black, you don’t go back. I tried to date white guys in college, but I was ruined by my first cock. Anyway, the principal of the school told me to take the inhaler to my nephew in the cafeteria. As soon as I entered that cafeteria, all eyes were on me. High school boys were whistling at me and using the same old tired come on lines. I was flattered. My nephew was embarrassed. I think I upped his school cred though. As I left the cafeteria, I heard some of the comments the teen boys were making, and I smiled. A young high school boy stopped me in the hallway. He thought I was a substitute teacher. He had milf fever. Well you know me. He was a black teen boy. How could I resist his charms? We snuck into a supply cabinet and fucked. I could have been arrested. He claimed to be 18, but I didn’t check his identification. All I cared about was that 11-inch big black cock he had in his pants. I tried my best not to scream as he fucked me from behind. It was a struggle because he was fucking me like a gang banger. He gave me the biggest cum shot in my pussy. As I slinked out of the school, I just prayed I didn’t leak his teen cum on the hallways of my nephew’s high school.

Who Loves You Babe

Fantasy Phone Sex


Who loves you babe who wants to treat you right like I do? Who wants to hold you who wants to love your body so right? I don’t know a bitch who is more dedicated than me all these other whores are just scuzz buckets babe. I am the one you need in your life; you cannot do any better than me because I am the truth. I can give you what you need; I can make your fantasies come true. I am willing to go to the farthest Heights just to reach you. And my body needs a lover just like you I know you are so important. You Make Me Feel Like a Woman and I want to make you feel like a man. Kiss me, babe on my beautiful body run your tongue all the way down to my cunt. You know how to make a woman feel like she’s the only one in the world that you want to be with. When I ride your dick, it’s incredible because your dick stays hard all night long. When you fuck me in my pussy you make my pussy good; it’s so wet from what’d you do to my body. I love the way you make me feel because you make me feel so damn real. I am your love you are the one that I want forever. When you lay your dick down, I pick it up for you and suck it and slurp it and slobber all over it. I love the way your balls taste in my mouth I love to you suck them ever so gently. You do something to me; I am in love, and I’m in lust you make me want to bust. I don’t care about anything else when I’m with you I’ll take chances that’s how you make me feel. When your dick is deep inside of me and throbs, and that electrifies me, it makes me need, and that’s why I need you so fucking much. Come give me your body right now, please. I want to worship your big fat dick I want to suck it all the way to the balls and make you erupt like a volcano. When you come, I want to swallow every little bit of it.

Submissive Phone Sex with Zoe

submissive phone sexIt was a late night at the office. I had been catching up on work and realized my co-worker was eyeing me. It was only the both of us on the floor, and I knew I was uneasy. I felt chills all over, and he was watching me like a hawk. I was then trying to hurry. I knew he was waiting for the perfect time to get me alone. What strange timing was it all? I could guess this was his chance to live out his fantasies with me. I had a few things run thru my mind. I knew it was time to clock out and leave. I said a quick goodbye and left my desk and called it a night. On my way to my car, I could see it was pitch black, and there was no one to be seen. Well, that is what I remember last. I woke up in a dungeon of some sorts with my strange co-worker. I was his he told me. I was going to be his slave, and he was going to use me to his liking’s. I pleaded with him to let me go. I could hear his laughter intensify. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be out of his isolation. I was going to learn to be his slut. I could hear other cries not too far from me. I guess I wasn’t the only one there fulfilling his fetishes and fantasies. I could listen to him with different girls also.

They Both Want Me


Cocksucking Phone Sex

Chris and Marcus, they both, want to fuck my body abusively. They know each other, but they don’t know that I know that. Chris and I have been fucking now for seven years, and he decided upon his own that he wanted to spice up the situation. Without telling me, Chris asked one of his friends to overwhelm me with compliments and beautiful romantic gestures because oh, well, he knows that I like that kind of thing. Anyway, Marcus he first came to meet me about three weeks ago he wanted to do some entertainment business with me. He wanted me to write some Jingles for a new commercial he was working on. When I first saw Marcus, I saw 1/6 ft 4 in tall chocolate Adonis. He was beautiful his skin perfect his lips look like God drew them on he’s just completely beautiful. I went to shake Marcus’s hand to greet him, but he instead decided to give me a tight hug that bordered flirtation in every way. We had our meeting it lasted about an hour-long it really ran longer than the 30 minutes that we were supposed to be meeting because we were laughing and joking and he was wooing me to the fullest. Marcus new every right word to say every right thing to do, and I was eating it all up. When it was time for Marcus to leave I extended my hand to shake his hand again he looked at it and laughed and gave me a big hug even closer but this time it just felt like he wanted to do more. After that first meeting, I knew that I was going to be sweating in bed fucking this handsome man. I can’t wait to let you know every twist and turn everything that happened everything in completion. In fact, thinking about it at this moment makes me want and need more of Marcus and more of Chris.

Prostitution Phone Sex for Drug Money

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is the oldest kind! Not really, but prostitution is the oldest profession for women. Ian no stranger to hooking.  I know what I must do when I am out of drug money. I don’t ever have drug money. I just trade my body for coke. Normally that works; but when my black dealer is in jail or out of town and I run out of blow, I get my milf ass down to the red-light district and fuck for money to buy coke. Last night, I had to hustle too. It seemed like no one wanted to pay good money to fuck an old whore. One guy offered me $10 and a McDonald’s coupon for free fries to fuck. I talked him into a quick blowjob instead. I know I am not tight anymore, but come on, $10? It seemed to be a trend. Broke ass losers offering me pennies. I know I am not young or tight, but I am skilled. I have more skill in my tongue than any teen whore does in her entire body. I tried hard to sell my skills but the most I could make was $50 for a hardcore ass fucking. I took it of course. I took anything that was offered to me because I needed blow for the week. I sucked 4 cocks, gave a hand job, took two ass fuckings, let one guy piss in my mouth and another 11 me fuck my cunt. For all that, I made $485 and a coupon for free fries. It was enough to get my blow, but damn, I thought I could earn way more in a night. I guess sex doesn’t sell like it used to or men just don’t want to pay for a dirty druggy mommy with a high mileage pussy and ass.

Babysitter Phone Sex

Babysitter Phone Sex Babysitter Phone Sex Granny Rose is on the prowl tonight. I’ve got some sick and twisted things planned for this evening! Because I’m older everyone just assumes I am kind and sweet and so caring but they haven’t a clue what I’m capable of! I am so easily trusted and that leaves these little brats in my care to do whatever I please. These little ones are just starting school and they are especially whiny. Granny doesn’t like a crying brat, so it was more than easy for me to put them in their places. I take them one at a time into the bedroom. I turn the music up so the other little ones don’t hear the cries and get scared before I get to them. I start by telling this little one that this is our little secret and bad things will happen if you ever tell anyone. I even add in that no one will believe her and start touching her soft body. And work my fingers under her panties to feel that puckered asshole and that smooth little girl cunny. I am so wet and turned on. I need to feel how tight she is. So I force my finger into her ass as she screams and wiggles around begging for me to stop. I know it hurts so badly because this ass is untouched and beyond tight. I don’t show any mercy fucking her ass until I cum. And then taking my fingers out and shoving them into her mouth.

Adult Phone Chat GFE

adult phone chatI love being a sexy GFE. It certainly has its benefits! Married men keep me living in a nice lifestyle. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without married men. I recently met Ted at the bank. I went to start a savings account. I am self-employed, so I need to plan for the future and have a rainy day fund.  Things like that, you know? Ted was happy to help me open a savings account. I had a big duffel bag of cash. He didn’t ask questions about how I had so much money. I have been storing cash in my designer shoe boxes for years now. I think he knew I was an escort, but my money is as good as his! Maybe even better when you consider I didn’t have to work as hard to get it. I was flirty with him. Married men are a weakness for me. I could tell I was a weakness for him. He asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee and talk to me further about my options. I was hoping that was code for fucking. After some idle talk about high yielding money market accounts and how to protect my money, we were back at my place fucking like animals. Married men fuck like they will never fuck again. That is one of the many things I love about them. He proved to have excellent cunt licking skills too. I mean he made me squirt with his fingers and his tongue. Most men can’t do that with their cocks! By the time we were done fucking, he had some more money to give me towards my nest egg. I didn’t even ask, but when a man wants to tip me for a great fuck, why would I ever say no?

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