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Wet Bald Pussy Gets Fisted By Wendy

Wet Bald Pussy

Last night, I set my wet bald pussy on my best friend’s face last night. We have been fooling around with each other since we were much younger and we love trying out new kinky things on each other. Last night was no different. We decided to watch some fisting porn and give it a shot. I’ve fisted myself and let a few guys get wrist deep inside me but my friend had never tried it. She was nervous at first about being stretched out so far but I promised her it was going to feel good. We started watching the video and I had her lay down while I began licking her pussy. Once she was nice and relaxed at started working my fingers one by one into her wet cunt. She was loving it, with every finger I slid inside her the louder her moans got. Once my entire fist was in her she was screaming. I started licking her clit while I rammed my whole hand into her cunt and she came so fucking hard.

Adult phone chat with Theresa

Adult phone chatI love big black cocks going deep in my cunt, and feeling those balls hit my little rosebud asshole. Feeling all the wetness drip down my little tight cunt. I love just getting railed over and over again as I scream out fuck me harder with that big black thick cock. When I am on the road working I always gets groups of black guys wanting to tear me up because I am so small and tight. They think I can’t take big cock but my little pussies eats up and takes all the inches. I can make you and your friends shot there loads faster then any other slut out there baby. I am the best fucking slut there is so you should give me a chance.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with a Size Queen Bitch

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a dream come true for a cock size queen bitch. I am not normally a mean or rude lady, but when it comes to small dicks I am 100% bitch. I had a guy recently, a white guy I met at the gym, brag to me about what a big dick he has dangling between his legs. He made sure to say dangling. When I think of a cock that can dangle, I am expecting a dick to your knees; at least mid thigh. When this loser pulled off his gym shorts, the only thing I saw dangling was his nut sack, which completely swallowed up his little pecker. “Planning on fucking me with your balls, loser, I inquired sarcastically? He was humiliated, but still insisted his dick was better than the brothers I fuck from the gym. Some white men are so pathetic. They live in a land of denial, refusing to admit a black man might be better than them. Not all white men are like that, however. My husband admits his inferiority to my black lovers willingly. This little gym loser needed a lesson. He needed to be forced into reality with a big black cock down his throat. I told a few of my gym lovers about Dan and well, the next thing I knew, Dan had a big ass black cock down his throat. His eyes looked like they were about ready to pop out of his eye socket. He couldn’t breathe well and he was thrashing about like a fish out of water. Dan was taught some respect for the big black dick, the old fashioned way; the prison way. I went up to Dan, slapped his worthless nuts and said, “Stay on the porch loser. You don’t have what it takes to run with the big dogs.”  I will put you in your place too if you think you have what I need and come up short 8 inches.

I have a new little bitch

tranny phone sexI have a new little bitch boy and I am loving it! He’s so obedient even though he is very ashamed of the fact that he loves my cock. He likes to say he’s not gay, he is just hypnotized by huge dicks and can’t resist them, isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard??? If a cock can hypnotize you like that, you’re a little gay whether you like it or not. That’s why I make sure to humiliate him every chance I get, I laugh at him and embarrass him in public and online and I force him to do all kinds of filthy things… and the best part is that he pays me for it! There’s nothing like taking a man’s money all while humiliating him in every way possible, it’s what they deserve!

After party

Tranny Phone SexThis night at the club you asked for a private dance from me, so I start dancing on you grinding on that big package between your legs. I don’t know who was more turned on, you or me! All I know is that when I was dancing on you feeling that cock on my ass my dick was getting rock hard! My shift is over and I’m going crazy looking for you and I find you with one of my hooker friends. We invite you over back to my house! We get here we all get naked! My dick gets rock hard when I see your sexy ass all naked with that huge cock! You drop on your knees and start sucking my cock, while my friend puts her big lips around that big fat cock of yours and starts to deep throat that big fat long juicy dick with a huge mushroom head!

Hot phonesex

hot phonesexI skipped school to go hangout with this college guy. He has been wanting to fuck me, so I decided to give him exactly what he wanted. I got to his apartment and dropped my little shorts and took my tank top off. I got on my hands and knees and begged for him to let me whip his cock out. I put his big fat cock in my mouth and began to suck him in my tight little wet mouth.

The veins and groves on his cock felt so good in my mouth. It was making my pussy so freaking soaking wet. He picked me up and took me to his bed where I spread my pussy lips for him. I straddles his cock and started bouncing up and down his fat mushroom head. He was stretching me so wide. I could not help my squirting pussy. I soaked him in my pussy cum.

I love man cock!

Phone Sex MILF Sheila

phone sexPhone sex is a fantastic job for a trophy wife. My husband leaves for work and I get on the phone to talk dirty. I’m in my sexual prime, so I must get my orgasms where I can. Nothing wrong with talking dirty and mutual masturbation. That’s right.  I play with myself too. That is the reason I do this. I want to cum as much as my callers want to cum. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I stayed up later than usual to have some dirty talk. I was talking to a guy who loves hairy milf pussy. We were doing a naughty neighbor roleplay, when I realized, my blinds were open and the teen boy next door was jacking his cock watching me rub my hairy pussy. I told my caller and he almost nutted right then. I pulled my chair closer to the window and spread my legs as wide as the sky. I got out a big dildo and started fucking my wet hairy cunt. My caller could hear how wet I was. The neighbor boy could see how wet I was from his window. I could hear my caller nutting while my neighbor boy shot a big load on his window. It was such a hot call because I could hear one guy cumming and see another one shooting his load at the same time, which made me cum with them. This is why I love naughty neighbor phone sex. I always have a real neighbor willing to contribute to the call.

Trannies The Best Of Both Worlds

Tranny Phone SexTrannies are the best of both worlds. We have tits. Dick. And a asshole to fuck. We make the best dommes better than any twat out there. Any boi who has had a tranny dominate the shit out of them will agree. Any man who tries a tranny, melts beneath us and turns into a boi. Willing and eager to please. When you are with a tranny a spell comes over you and you are in awwe. You never experience an orgasim as you do with a tranny. The intensity there is when a tranny is in charge. No one can resist a tranny not even a bitch. A bitch under a tranny spell will obey just as well as a boi. We are shemales. We are greater than man or woman.

Tranny With A Dirty Mind

Tranny Phone SexWhen you first see me you see a beautiful woman. I am a woman but I have a secret. I have a dick. If you’re still reading this, then I know you’re into special ladies like myself. You want to get on your knees and wrap your lips around my cock. Take me deeper into your mouth and let me feel your throat. Look up into my eyes as your rock your head back and forth on my hard cock. Get me hard so then I can bend you over and fuck your tight asshole. I want you to feel my tits against your back as fuck you doggy style. If you’re a good boy I’ll return the pleasure. I love to suck cock, my suction is stronger than a vacuum. And when you bend me over you can get rough, because I like a little pain with my pleasure. I’m a beautiful tranny with a very dirty mind.

Adult phone chat with Brandy’s Big Ass

I believe big is better and I can prove it. My yummy pussy is juicy and plump as are my titties and my curvy body. I think that thick women are more playful and able to take a real pounding both in their pussy but also in their ass hole. You cannot say that about a skinny twig, you will bruise them and me you never have to worry about that. In fact I will always beg for it to be harder and faster. I love rough sex. I enjoy being choked and rammed as hard as you can give it. I can take every inch in any hole including my face.  You can ram that cock into my throat and blow a big fat load into the back of my throat and hold my mouth shut so I swallow it all. I will be the perfect little fuck slut you have ever had. One try and you will never go back to skinny.


Adult phone chat

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