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I gave him a big surprise

tranny phone sexI was out having a few drinks and relaxing when this sexy guy came up to me. He bought me a drink and we got to talking. One thing led to another and I ended up inviting him back to my place. Well, this whole time I assumed that he knew I was a chick with a big beautiful dick but apparently he did not know because when I stepped out of my dress he gasped in shock. He was very surprised but not mad at all, he was practically drooling over my cock so I let him have it. I slid this fat cock head past his lips and he gobbled it down like he was a starving man. He begged for me to fuck him, he had been fantasizing about a girl like me for years but I was his first so I gave it to him good. I fucked the shit out of him too so I know he will never forget me.

Adult baby phone sex slut Janie

adult baby phone sex

My daddy spoils me so much! I love having playtime with him! He says I’m his extra special adult baby phone sex brat! Tonight, he had me slide my pretty, sparkly butt plug into my tiny little butthole before he put my diaper on. Daddy loves the way I look in my thick, cushy diaper. I make sure to shake my cute little bottom for him all the time to tease him. Daddy gets really excited seeing me dressed up like a tiny slutty little princess. We make such cute videos when he dresses me like this. He loves to put his hand down the front of my diaper and play with my tiny, tight cunnie. He rubs my little pussy until I’m soaked. Then, he takes a special vibrator toy he got for his little princess and teases my tiny clit with it. I love when Daddy makes me cum in my diaper. His big, thick Daddy dick gets so hard for me. He pulls my diaper to the side and forces his huge dick into my tight little hole. Daddy fills me with his hot, sticky load. When he puts me down for my nap, I can feel it dripping out. It feels so good sleeping in my sticky, cummy diaper. I reach down the front and play in my cummy kitty until I fall asleep.

Paying the Rent with Big Tit Photos

big tit photosThe rent was due, so it meant I had to pose for some big tit photos. I was not wanting to do it. My landlord is scuzzy. He looks like Ron Jeremy on a bad day. With what I am hearing in the news, he is just as pervy too. Our governor said no one could be evicted for three months, but rent was due today and I did not have all I owed for the past few months. I have paid some of my rent, but I am behind. The strip club has been closed, so I am missing that income. Phone sex has been better than I expected, but slower than usual too. I do not want to be looking for a place to live during a pandemic. I sucked it up and showed him my big tits. He snapped pictures and I started to leave. He would not let me leave. This time, pictures and ogling my rack were not enough. I owed him more than usual and I could legally be evicted, and I just could not endure that. I had to suck it up. He wanted to jack off on my tits. Although my fat, hairy landlord repulses me, I sucked it up. I just pictured someone more handsome and in better shape stroking his cock in front of me. I have a great imagination.  As I thought about a tall dark handsome man, my fat slob of a landlord did his thing. It was humiliating, but if it keeps me in my place, I will do it again, especially if I can think of you.  I should just feel lucky that the pervert does not want to fuck me. Well, I know he wants to fuck me. Look at me? He is married and afraid I will give him something or get knocked up. I know, crazy right? He is the dirty, out of shape one. All I could give him would be the best pussy and ass he has ever had.

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Auction Fun

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Auction Fun, The biggest and the baddest cocks were going to be scooping up beautiful Mistresses like me. But with a Big dick, there needs to be a sweet pathetic sissy to humiliate doesn’t there? Not only were the men picking the beautiful wives off the platform to use and show them how good it would finally feel to be fucked the way they should be. But the men who had small penis and needed and wanted a taste of the sissy life were put on display. A play boy model had her ruler out and noting the inches on the husbands and tying a string around that little dick to indicate the class of sissy that was being dealt with.  This was an opportunity of of life time for my husband.

He had a green ribbon around his cock and balls, I almost felt proud that he was in call two, 3 to 4 and a half inches. Now another woman and man would be training him for me, and all on his dime. I watched the bidding start on the sissy sluts. My husband catching my eyes as an older lady with blonde hair pulled him off the stage by the ribbon,  his hard cocklette pointing straight at her. A Black man would be taking me for the first week, and I was sold to a tall young buck with a 12 inch cock. I had made a deal to be resold multiple times as I needed to taste the rainbow and really make my husband wallow in self pity as he was being trained. This would be our year to cum the way we were meant to. Him , hardly at all and me squirting hard as I was fucked raw.  I had made sure to list in his skills how good he was at female and male rim jobs and taking double ass fucking, something my husband needed to explore more for me. 

Fucking My Neighbor While His Wife Was At Work

Party Girls Phone SexHey baby come play with me. That is the line I use when I see my hot neighbor walking down the hall. He smiles and nods and that his wife is working late, and I can expect a little visit from him around dinner time. Tonight, I left the door unlocked and yelled for him to come in. There on the couch I sat, completely naked, fucking myself with a beautiful glass dildo of his wife’s that he left last time we played. He came towards me removing his clothing as he went. I could see his dick sticking out the top of his boxers as he grabbed the dildo from me and buried his face between my legs and ate my pussy as if it was his last meal. I played with my tits as he brought me to a squirting orgasm, just like he likes. He then wrapped me in a deep kiss so I could tell just how good my pussy tastes. Then he grabbed my legs, put them over his shoulders and started pounding my juicy wet pussy. So hard that I could feel his tight balls hitting against my ass. We fucked for a few hours until I sent him back home to wait for him lame wife. He smiled as he closed the door.

Married Men Phone Sex is My Favorite

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is among my favorite types of calls. That is because I love married men. I am in my early 30s and some say that is too old to still be a mistress, but this sexy BBW is not a one man kind of woman. Look at me? I have curves for days. I am still living my life to the fullest. Maybe one day I will get married and start having a family, but I will never be a faithful wife. Hopefully, whomever I marry will be cool with that. It has been a struggle to see all my married lovers during quarantine, even the one who lives next door to me. I am trying my best, however, to juggle my horny married men now that things are opening back up. Teddy came by last night. It was late. I had sent him some big tit photos I took, and he had to see me. He is a boob man. I love showing off my knockers too. I have become a selfie queen on quarantine. I have an iPad and I can set it on a timer to take photos of me that I send to my married lovers. Teddy showed up with a bottle of good Tequila too. It takes nothing to get my clothes off, but with some Tequila shots, it is even easier. I know he did not have much time. He left his wife home sleeping in their bed. I pounded a few shots then I chugged his cock. He came in my mouth, but the load was so big, it leaked out my mouth, dripped down my chin and I ended up with cum shots on tits too. He got hard quickly, even on Tequila, so he fucked me before he had to slither back home. I woke up this morning and almost thought it was a dream. Then I saw the empty bottle of Tequila and felt the cum in my cunt.

big tit photos

Your Personal Fuck Slave

Slavery Phone SexMaster brought me here, as a present, to You. I’m Your new fuck toy. Does that please You? I know I sure am going to. Every day will start the same for us; I’ll wake You up by sucking Your cock. Bobbing my head up and down, licking and flicking my tongue over Your cock head, until You leave me with a mouthful of hot, gooey cum. You’ll find Your slippers ready, as well as Your robe. The shower is already running for You.
I’ll climb right in with You, to scrub and soap Your body, and then to hold still while You use me for Your own pleasure, like a slutty pocket pussy. After washing Your body, I towel-dry You, shave You, and serve You coffee and breakfast.
When You get home from work, I’ll be kneeling at the door, naked and soaking wet, to suck Your cock. You’ll skull fuck me, until Your day’s stress drains right down my cum-guzzling throat. After I serve You dinner, make You a drink, and rub Your feet, You allow me the pleasure of bouncing on Your cock while You watch the news.
I’ll wind and grind my tight, hot cunt all over Your cock, until You cum deep inside of me. Of course, I have to clean myself off of You, which means You get to shoot more cum, this time all over my pretty tits. How may I service You?

Sexy GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex guys like a little something extra sometimes. What I have between my legs is more than a little extra. I have a 10-inch tranny cock. I tuck well. Even in a bikini or spandex leggings, no man knows my panty surprise unless I tell him. I tell most men. In this climate, I do not want to risk being confined somewhere and they are not accepting of my big surprise. I find, however, that men alone somewhere with me always act favorably to the news that I have a bigger cock than them. I think that is because of peer pressure from other men to be macho. The problem is society. We are all born bisexual. We do not know it is not cool to hook up with people of the same sex until we get older. I am proud to be a transgendered woman. My name is legally changed. I grew my own hair and nails. I take hormones. I got a boob job. I live my life as a woman. I just have a cock bigger than your cock. Gay men do not date me. My fan base is 99.9% married men. I have a few single lovers, but married men just love to walk on the wild side with me. Tony is a married man who is well known in his community. He is a minister. I know. A man of cloth likes my tranny cock up his ass. He is hooked on shemale domination porn too. He found me on a shemale dating site. Honestly, I had no clue he was a minister. He left that part out. He is controversial and recently made my local news for his stance that women like me are abomination. Did he think I would not see the news? I sent him a text with a photo of my ten-inch cock in his mouth and asked him to reconsider his position. The next day the news reported that a prominent minister had changed his stance on transgendered people. I cut him off from my cock. He is nothing more than a closeted fag who protests to much. Those kinds of men can get my dick up their asshole, but I will not let them court me long. It is pride month and you should be proud to be a tranny lover, especially when the tranny is me.

This wet bald pussy wants your cum!

wet bald pussyLast night I caught my Mom’s boyfriend jerking his cock, to pictures of my wet bald pussy. He had taken my phone while I was in the shower and sent my pictures to himself. When I walked in, he was sitting on my bed, stroking his hard cock. My panties were in a pile next to him, on the bed. He looked so shocked and immediately started begging me not to tell my mom what I had just caught him doing. I told him that I wouldn’t tell anyone if he let me record him stroking his dick for me. I made him open his mouth so that I could stuff a pair of my dirty panties in for him to taste. His dick got even harder as I rubbed the panties across his tongue while I stuffed them into his mouth. He was drooling and even his cock was oozing pre-cum all over the place! He jerked his hard cock for me and showed me how bad he’s been wanting to get to my tight, wet fuck hole! He looked right into the camera and shot a huge load all over the pile of my dirty panties! Now, I have a little blackmail to use against him and a hot and kinky tape to watch as I play with my wet kitty later.


Master Destroys My Ass

Hardcore Ass FuckingMy asshole was so stretched out by his huge cock, I swore I’d never be able to use the bathroom correctly again. I let out a long, low moan as I came for the fifth time. I love anal, and he knew just how to use me. I was begging for more and more, even as I felt him tear my little ass.
My cunt was soaked. He pulled out of my ass, and slid himself directly into my wet little fuckhole. “You’re my bitch.” He grunted as he shoved himself into my less abused hole. “Yes, Master.” I moaned. “I can’t hear you, cunt.” He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard I was sure I was about to pass out.
“YES MASTER!” I was screaming. He was hoping the neighbors would call the police again. He got rock hard as I tried to explain my bruises and gashes. He slapped me hard across the face, and then even harder on each of my tits. I was crying, but my cunt was in control; she was soaked, and she wanted more.
He grabbed me by my face and yanked me so I was sitting up. Pulling out of my pussy, he stood suddenly and shoved his fucking cock right down my submissive little throat. He shot out long, hot ropes of cum, and I swallowed every single drop. He always came in my mouth, so I could taste how good it made him feel using his slave’s body.

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