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Lie back and let me do everything…

Cocksucking Phone Sex

You worked hard today, didn’t you? Need some R&R and a nice slow blow job? Well, let’s hope I can make your day better.
Lift your butt so I can slip your pants and jockey shorts and watch as I slide them down your cock starts to stiffen. I love that sight, as it starts to get hard and stand up I can feel my pussy starting to ache. I am going to tease you and edge you as long as I can and if you cum without my permission there is going to be some consequences like taking a finger up your ass or some clamps on your balls. Don’t like that idea? Then don’t cum and we won’t go there! I look at you, my lips parting and I put just the head of your cock in my mouth and let go. Up and down only about an inch or so with my wet mouth. You look frustrated like you need it to go down my throat. I can feel your urgency; you want your hands on the back of my head pushing me down, don’t you? So I do just what you want, I push your cock all the way down my throat as far as it will go. I look at you, you’re looking right at me watching your cock disappear into my mouth and come back out with plenty of lubricating spit. That’s when I really dig in and I deep throat you over and over and over. I can feel the cum starting to pulse into your shaft and suddenly you are cumming in my mouth, down my throat and then even a bit more on my face. Tsk tsk tsk, you came without permission.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Brooke
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Cum Slut Phone Sex : Cody

Cum Slut Phone SexCum slut phone sex has been on my mind lately. Don’t you just love cum on a slut? I definitely love it all over my body rubbing all over and feeling that hot load in my tight holes. I have really been trying my best to orgasm at least five times a day. I like to feel good and really just let my cunny get off at all times. I’m working on squirting as well it’s my mission to make my cunny explode in ways it never has. Cunny cum camp is kind of my mentality. I have been pushing the envelope with my cunt and have been training it to cum all day. I get so upset if I don’t reach my 5 point mark by the end of the day. I hope to double it very soon. I just want to be trained to get off at all times of the day. Wouldnt you love a hot slut who cums nonstop?


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Cody
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Biggest Cum Shot of Your Life

biggest cum shotWhen I picked you up at the club I don’t think you realized what a kinky girl I am. I brought you back to my place and after I had helped you out of all of your clothes. I pulled out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs from my dresser drawer. You were not too sure of being handcuffed to my bed but I talked you into it. Then I started licking on your nipples and running just my finger tips along your inner thighs. I lightly brushed my fingers over your balls watching your big cock get so hard. You told me how turned on you were and that you really wanted to fuck. I smiled my little-wicked smile at you and told you that I knew. But what you didn’t know is who much I love to tease and denial. I want to spend hours playing with your big thick cock and balls before I finally allow you to come. Knowing that when I do allow you to cum, it will be the biggest cum shot of your life.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Monika
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Freaky and Kinky

Queen of the freaks is what they call me. There is nothing I will not do, there is nothing too nasty for me. I enjoy the taboo sexual acts that people cringe at. I want to be fucked good so that I will remember it and come so fucking hard while I am fucking. I can not tell you how many new experiences I have had and enjoyed every single one. I have eaten scat, been pissed on, been tied up and raped fantasy by a huge cock in my cunt and my ass hole. I have been the dominant as well as the submissive and  enjoy both. I love having my cunt and my ass hole licked until my ass hole is so wet I would be able to lube myself up and get off over and over. I have always been a freak since I could remember when. Guys have always loved that about me that I was willing to try things that other girls were to squirmy about.

Adult phone chat



Written by Fuckalicious Freak Janelle
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Adult phone chat with stephanie

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat baby? I wanna talk to you and listen to you jerk your cock while I talk dirty and nasty to you. I want to bring over your friend and let me suck and fuck both of your big fat cocks. I want to feel you guys in all of my holes and make sure you fill me up over and over again. I know you want me to hop on your cock and bounce my little ass up and down while my cunt grip your shaft. I am pretty much into every fetishes and I just want to get fucked and filled with cream. I want you to treat my like dirty slut because that exactly what I am. I am just a nasty phone sex whore here to be used by you.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Stephanie
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Mutually beneficial rim job

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

I’m feeling so frisky and adventurous lately. Everything seems to turn me on, well almost … watching a car go by not so much, but you get what I mean. Even if I am wearing a simple thong, it rubs against my pussy and I am getting wet, no matter where I am.
So can I invite you to enjoy some long drawn out foreplay? Talk to me about what you want to do to me and I’ll tell you all about how I am going to ignore your cock. Ignore my cock? You bet, your balls taint and asshole are priority of the day. My tongue is going to caress your balls ever so gently and let the drool make its way down over your asshole. I’ll explore with my tongue to find that just perfect spot. Maybe it’s your taint, maybe it’s your asshole, either way, I want to hear you moaning and enjoying it. Stroke that cock while my tongue wiggles and teases you. I want to hear you cum real bad.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Kaye
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Lady in the sheets

Coed Phone SexHey sweet sweet man try something new and let me give you a little taste of what this lady has to offer. You might just like it better! Hope you let me show you what I’ve got and for you to enjoy this joy stick! Even better lets both enjoy each other at the same time. You should lay down and I will get on top of you and start sucking your dick massaging your balls with my hand holding your dick at the base of that huge shaft with my other. Then when its all in my mouth I will let go and slowly, and start to finger fucking your ass. Then when you least expect it I will shove this dick down your throat, start face fucking you so hard making you deep throat this peace of meat between my legs. Don’t be a pussy and give me a try. I promise you wont regret it.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Louise
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Biggest cum shot on Caprice

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot on caprice, please! Yes all over my face let me lick it off and clean it all. I won’t let a single drop go to waste. If I do feel free to punish me and put me over your knee and spank me very hard. Then you can begin to ram your full cock in my tight bum. You can laugh and call me names and you can go even harder and rougher on me. I will do whatever you want me to, I will wear that cum shot on my face all over my ass and thighs, and titties of course. I want to be a greedy girl and I want more than one cum shot on me. Please make it  four or five even ten just soak me in cum. I just want to be a cum princess. I have always been fascinated by loads. I love how it feels and looks all over me.I love to feel it dripping all over my body.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Caprice
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Interracial Phone Sex: I Like Black Cock and Black Pussy

interracial phone sexInterracial phone sex is sort of my specialty as a black cock whore. My callers love hearing about my sexual escapades with big black cocks. I like black pussy too. I am not a lesbian, not even bisexual. I’m too addicted to black cock for that. However, there is this saying, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I picked up a sweet ebony girl at a party last night. I was high on medicinal strength weed. Black guys have the best weed as well as the best cocks. She was a lesbian. Very pretty one at that. She hit on me. She told me when I was finished banging her brother and his friends that we should hang. I thought she meant smoke some weed. She did but she also meant bump and grind pussies. She was so pretty that when she kissed me I kissed back. I was in shock only because I didn’t see it coming. But, damn, she was a good kisser. That is something black men don’t spend much time doing. They just want to fuck. It is all I need from them. I rarely want to make love. I want to be fuck.  Layla’s long fingers found their way to my pussy as we were making out. I had a wet pussy from kissing her, but I had a hot squirting pussy from her fingering me. When she replaced her strong fingers with her tongue, I came even harder. Her brother is a good fuck with his 11 inch cock, however, he has never once licked my cunt. He is no foreplay and all fucking.  I couldn’t wait to lick her ebony pussy. She was bald like me. She tasted sweet. Sweeter than anything I had tasted. She came all over my face half a dozen times. I am still a black cock whore, but I may be using Terry just to get at his sister’s sweet pussy again.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Vinny
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Party Girl Phone Sex P-Mommy

I’m all about my party girl phone sex fun and as a p-mommy my daughter is also an awesome playmate for my guys. Fucking that young bald pussy and watching it stretch open as those big manly cocks penetrate her sweet cunt hole really turns me the fuck on. I’m always open to letting guys play with her and even more open when they want to fuck mommy and daughter together. Having my young daughters naked body on my naked body is super fucking hot especially when we are sharing a big hot cock.

If you never considered the p-mommy and her daughter gig then look me the fuck up and we can guarantee you a blasting cum shot of a good time. I promise we will both suck your dick together and kiss sharing that cum shot.

Party Girl Phone Sex


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Haley
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