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Double Trouble with Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI am sort of a double mistress phone sex slut. I am a mistress in the sense that I mostly talk to and fuck married men. But I am also a mistress in the sense that I am a dominant tranny. My little sissy slaves must call me Mistress Carla. I like being both kinds of mistress.  One gets me spoiled, the other one gets me deep in your ass. Sometimes I am lucky, and I am both kinds of mistress with the same guy. Meet Trey. He is a 33-year-old shemale lover. He is married, submissive and rich. He has inherited money and loves to spoil sexy shemales. He is not dominant or even equal. He wants nothing more than to be treated like a subby bitch. He is a sissy closet fag. I am sure his poor wife has no clue that he is spending thousands of dollars on tranny phone sex girls like me. He paid me a visit Sunday night, but I turned him away because he came over with no tribute for me. A hot sexy shemale with a big cock deserves a tribute. He came back about an hour later with several pairs of high end shoes. That granted him admission into my kingdom. I made him worship my feet before letting him suck my hard  fat cock. He was shaking with anticipation of having my beautiful cock in his mouth.  I made him lick my ass first, then beg a few times before I skull fucked the loser. The shoes were an annoyance tax. He needs to pay me or give me nice gifts to be in my presence. Some bottom bitches aren’t so annoying. I fuck them in the ass, let them suck my dick then send them on their way. Not all bottom bitches are created equally. Understand, that if you are a bottom or just have a small dick, you may just get fucked and sent away or you may be forced to tribute me to even to talk to you if you are super pathetic.

Neighbors know our name

Naughty neighbor phone sex   Over the past two weeks everytime I get ready for bed I hear banging. My next door neighbors are fucking like animals. I have been getting my vibrator out and playing with myself listening to them. Their moans are all I need to get off. Imagine if that was happening to me. I started to notice that they were pounding on the wall at me like they wanted to invite me over. They just moved in and now all I think about is what they look like and how good are they in bed. Well, I finally decided to go knock on the door this morning. They opened and they invited me in. They simply let me know they wanted a three sum. They are a great looking couple. Jered spoke saying how he wanted to watch his girlfriend eat my pussy. I stripped down and worked my magic. My pussy was nice and clean, I spread my cunt open for Tanya to start licking. I now have neighbors willing to fuck any time. I am so grateful for whores.

Young Bald Pussy And A Bubble Bath

Young bald pussyMy little girls and I were outside. I was blowing bubbles and they were trying to catch them without them popping. My little girls were chasing after those bubbles wearing nothing other than a skimp bikini top and short little tennis style skirts. Their little skirts were so short you could see their ass cheeks as they ran around the front yard. My teen daughter’s tits were bouncing up and down as she was running. My baby girl wasn’t wearing any panties and she keep bending over giving us a clear shot at her hot young bald pussy.

I didn’t blame you for starring after all my little girls were making this P. Mommy’s pussy hot and wet, so I knew it had to be having the same affect on your big thick cock. You came walking over and ask if you could join us. I knew you were looking for more than just bubble fun. You ask my little girl if she knew how you could make a whole bunch of bubbles at once and she shook her head no. You told her that if we came over to your house, you would show us. So we followed you over to your house and into your bathroom. You turned on your jacuzzi tub and poured a whole bottle of bubble bath in.

Fantasy Phone Sex

You were one sneaky grey haired fox. You knew my little girls would want to take off all of their clothes and jump into that bubble bath and of course, you would join us. Once we were all in that giant bubble bath. I couldn’t help but to notice how your hands where wandering. Not only were you finger fucking my hot wet mommy pussy but you were using your other hand to play with my baby girls smooth bald pussy. Then you told my hot teen daughter to come sit on your big hard cock. You wanted that sexy teen slut to take your cock for a ride. She fucked you hard and fast. While you finger fucked both me and my baby girl’s hot wet pussies. We were all being very dirty in that bubble bath!

You wish you could get with this

cuckolding phone sexTake a good look at yourself and compare that to the pure perfection that is me… you don’t even come close do you? You’re a pathetic little man with a pathetic little penis, why would a woman like me ever want a “man” like you?? Let’s be real here, the only way I’d ever even be seen with you in public is if you paid me… and you would have to pay me a lot! Don’t get confused by that though, I still won’t ever be fucking you. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and a manly attitude and trust me sweetie, that is not you. But… if you are very, very generous to me I might just let yo watch me fuck a real man. Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true for you? You’ve gotta work for that privilege though and it won’t be easy to earn! Better get out that wallet baby, you gotta pay to play with me!

Submissive for Black Cock Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex

Why do I love giving Black cock Phone Sex? It is simple Master you have taught me that taking the biggest Black cock makes you hard for my sweet pussy. I am your sex slave and Because of you, I can deep throat and gag on that cock for you. You love seeing me used and my pussy and sweet asshole abused with That black monster cock. you such a good master making my head in line and watching as I take that cock balls to my lips. Sucking and gurgling. Do you like it master when I moan around it making that big African Brother shiver as he tries not to lose his load too soon? I am in perfect form for that Black cock wanting that yummy spunk that taste just like candy!  I am in debt to you for bringing out my black cock love as your sweet sex slave. I crave your control at all times. I can never do without a couple BBC cock sucking training sessions a week. I know you desire that contrast of my pale skin against that ebony God. I will take a circle of those beautiful cocks just for your pleasure. Plus I need as much cum as I fucking love it, I am fucking submissive phone sex cum whore.submissive phone sex

My Lover loves Me


Crossdressing Phone Sex

Can you please dig in my booty and make me feel sweet and fruity like I always do when I’m with you. I want you to make me feel my inner sissy, I love you pretty baby you are my baby. I have been dreaming about you forever you make me feel so good to be queer you make me feel happy that I’m here and so glad to be gay I want you all the time. I love you I’m delighted you came around your the best guy ever, you make me feel so extraordinary. I have always loved to dress up like a slut for you. I love to wear lace, silk, and satin for you. I love when the way you come on to me when your teasing. I love the lipstick stains I put around the rim of your dick. I love the whole experience of getting together for you and with you getting beautiful for you making myself look right for you, and that’s what I’ll do forever. You are my king you make me feel like I could be loved forever you are my love you are my joy you’re everything that I’ve ever wanted. You’re a dream come true everything I want. I need and lust for you, I just can’t go wrong with loving you. And you’re so brave you make me crave your very essence I love you I need you I could never do without you. And every time we make love we make fireworks because you are the big bang in my life and I want to blow up for you. There’s no other man for me you’re mine I need you I love you I cannot get over how much we connect when we exchange. I am your Lover You are my lover we are together no one will ever tear us apart. I love you baby, and I want the whole world to know exactly how I feel for you.

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex with a Dirty Mom

forced intoxication phone sexForced intoxication phone sex calls are something I don’t get enough of sadly. Saturday night I had the first one in months. It was like he knew I was drinking already! I had a rare night to myself. My sons and my husband went camping and my mom was visiting my brother for some incest fucking. I was just drinking wine, getting high and talking dirty when Alex called. He asked me if I had any booze on hand. I was like I have it in my hand as I’m speaking lol. I had been drinking wine all day. I think that sold him on the fact that I was the right woman for his phone sex fetish. We would talk about my family incest experiences and every time I talked about fucking a young boy, I had to chug some wine. He made me mix my alcohol too. I was drinking beer and whiskey too. I think Alex was hoping I would puke, but I am a seasoned party girl. I love to talk about boy dick. I mean I am a mommy whore, so you know I chugged a lot of liquor talking about all those boy cocks I have had in my life. This was a long call too. I was sloshed when it came to an end, but I never puked. As drunk as I was, I was alert enough to stumble over to the boy next door’s house and suck his cock.  I didn’t remember molesting him. He stopped by my place on his way to school this morning for a second round. This time I was sober and I remember every moment. In fact, I can still taste his cum on my breath. I much prefer cum breath to wine breath but drinking past my limit is always fun too.

The Pussy Monster

Fantasy Phone Sex


I want to play with you, and you can be my pussy monster. I know you want to fuck me like an animal you know I want to let you like a victim would. I don’t know what the other hoes complain about they can act like they don’t want you but I know these bitches do. I know these bitches all are after you. I’m in love with you baby I want you really really bad everything that you mean to me makes the whole world turn. I could ride you real hard I want to dominate your cock. I’m just a jizz junkie slut for you will you let me be as dirty as I want or not. You can be my master I will definitely be your slave I don’t care about those other bitches they’re all jealous they want you and I got you. Kiss me and my pussy make my pussy say yes to all your demands, you know you have my cunt under control all I want is your magnificent sex. I could be with you if you want me to everything you say is necessary to me I only desire you. My mother said you were a bad boy she told me that I couldn’t trust you, I told her I don’t give a fuck bitch, I know my boyfriend sucked your pussy and then she looked at me real shocked like oh my God this bitch really knows. Yes, my mother is not to be trusted, but it’s okay because I fucked her boyfriend yesterday while she called herself fucking my man. I fucked hers, and it was good too. But any way you’re the number one in my fucking life I don’t care what kind of fucking whore I become you’re the big buck dick that’s always going to be with me. My daddy hates your guts he says that you’re just black trash I told my dad he’s jealous because you have a bigger dick than his ass. My daddy was right your trash all right, but I’m trash with you, so it’s a trashy fucking night. Let’s make love let’s fuck hard treat me like a slut slap my fucking ass put your dick inside my cunt control me cuz you can you’re my black lover I’m your White Queen will make everybody jealous we do it all the time.

Delivery Men

Fantasy Phone SexI often times order stuff from the internet. Not that I really need anything I just love to seduce the men who delivery me my goodies. I track when they should be showing up at my door and when I answer I am wearing only my lacey robe open of course and a pair of heels. I have a reputation among the delivery men the ones that come knocking at my door know exactly what they are getting tipped. I invite them in and before I sign for the package I have their package slurping in my mouth. I get a nice load in my mouth before I send them on their way. I make sure I get goodies sent to me at least four times a week.

Hot Ass Sex with an Old Rocker

hot ass sexWhen you look like me, hot ass sex is all you have. I did a gig at the strip club Friday night. This big spender was enamored with me.  He seemed oddly familiar to me. He was much older, but nice. I agreed to go to his hotel room with him. He gave me $1,000 just to show up at the door. Promised me more if I entered his room. I am not a hooker, but money is nice. He seemed like a lonely old man. I knew there was a chance he could be jack the ripper or something, so I asked Big Al about him. He was surprised I didn’t know who he was. He was an aging rock star past his prime. Music of my parents’ generation. I knew this band’s big song as soon as Big All started singing it badly. He was playing a gig in town I guess and popped into the club to end the night on a high note. He is no billionaire. His band never had success past the 60s and 70s, but he was nice and monopolizing my time all night, so I agreed to go to his hotel next door after my shift. I don’t know if he took Viagra or what, but for a 74-year-old man, his boner was impressive. I saw the wad of cash on his table for me. It looked to be a couple grand. I was flattered he wanted to pay me, but this was a man no longer rich. He had more money than a phone sex slut does, but he had a nice cock for any age and he was a really sweet. I told him I felt bad taking money for something I would do for free. I had him keep his wad of cash and I fucked his sizeable old boner for well over 4 hours. I mean if he did take a Viagra, I wanted him to get the most out of it. Two days later, my pussy is still sore, and I can’t get his band’s song out of my head.

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