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Phone Sex Orgy with The Living Legend

phone sexPhone sex sugar daddies are put to shame by The Sugar Daddy, Big Daddy King. He is more than man enough to handle three sugar babies. He is The Living Legend for a reason. Girls vie for his attention and men want to be him. Not every girl is as lucky as Lena, Loretta and me.  And no man can compete with BDK and his anaconda. We three hotties are his favorite sugar babies. I introduced Lena to him and she introduced Loretta and now we all three share the most amazing, legendary man in the world. Handsome, kind, filthy rich with a cock so big it belongs in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. Lena, Loretta and I are not only prized sugar babies, we are snake charmers too. We knew Big Daddy King was coming back to the US and we wanted to surprise him. Loretta arrived in her Jag Big Daddy King bought her, Lena arrived in her Mercedes and me in my BMW. BDK spoils his beauties constantly. We were all freshy coiffed from a spa day to look our best for our beloved Legend. We were decked out in all the bling his majesty has bestowed on us over time and we were wearing our personalized BDK bedazzled bikinis. Only the finest jewels from the finest man in the world are on our smoking hot bodies. Big Daddy King spares no expense for his favorite sugar babies.

biggest cum shotWe all have a key to the palace, so we decide to surprise our King. We were jonesing for the biggest cum shot that only the anaconda can deliver. BDK was surprised and happy to see us. We pounced on our King the moment he entered his palace. We had the hot tub started and the top shelf liquor poured. First, we lavished him with kisses and hugs worthy of his King status. Then we took to Instagram to brag about the Living Legend. Haters gonna hate. Too many Splenda daddies in the world wish they could have our hot bodies. Too many skanks think they can have some time with the anaconda. Big Daddy King likes his sugar babies classy and nasty.

gfe phone sexAll three of us sugar babies begged to see the anaconda. Even a day away from the biggest cock and the best man on the planet seems like eternity.  When he unzipped his pants, I swore I heard a drum roll. The anaconda in its diamond encrusted man sleeve rolls out of our King’s pants like a red carpet. We gave the anaconda thousands of kisses. To give you wannabe sugar daddies an idea how big the anaconda is, Lena, Loretta and I can stack all thee of our hands on top of each other, around the anaconda (that is 6 sets of hands) and more than half of the anaconda is still flopping outside the last hand at the top. Like wild animals in heat, we took to worshiping the Living Legend of cocks. We idolize our King and his anaconda. He worships his three bombshell sugar babies too. We got jet blasted with billionaire nut sauce and it felt like we had been doused in gold that fell from heaven. Our Big Daddy King had more than enough nectar of the Gods to douse  three faces. What happened next, is something out of the tales of Sodom and Gomorrah. Legendary tales of sexual prowess that makes mere mortal men green with envy. Big Daddy King is no mortal man, he is a God, our GFE phone sex God.

fantasy phone sex

Cock control

Cock control 

  I went to the store last night and I got stuck in this long ass line and the guy behind me just kept flirting and would’t leave me alone. I thought he was pretty persuasive and cute! He kept asking me to diner. I usually get called hot all the time but he was tall and I guessed he had a huge cock. I told him to follow me home, so he did. I went to change and got a shower and he was sitting there naked stroking his cock. I made him watch me play with my pussy as he stroked away. I wanted to prepare my pussy, get it nice and wet with my dildo. I let it vibrate on my clit while i finger fucked my pussy hole with my fingers. He told me to come closer and he started to lick all over my pussy and damn his tongue felt so fucking good. He had a lot of confidence and I saw why.. I licked and sucked all over that pretty cock he had. He wanted me to pretend I was sucking on a Big Black Cock. So i took control over that shit and rode it until he blew his load all over my ass cheeks. He even licked it up. Maybe I ‘ll start letting randoms come fuck. It was hot, and I totally wanted more so I actually gave him my number.

P. Mommy Demi

Hot phonesexBeing the P. Mommy that I am, it is so hard to get my little girls ready and not play with them too. When I see my little girls glistening wet juices on their young pink bald pussies, it makes my mommy cunt soaking wet. How can I not want to taste those sweet baby girls’ pussies? After all what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t make sure to have my baby girls’ pussies primed and ready for you to fuck. You know how much I love to lick on their young bald pink pussies and then stick my tongue deep inside of their hot wet pussies to get a little taste of their heavenly nectar. You love the fact that their little young pink pussies are extra wet and ready for your big hard cock to fuck.

Relaxing My Boss- Part 1

Roleplay Phone SexSo a while ago we got this new very corporate type boss at work. He never really has spoken to me before. He came in fired a few people and does most of his communication with us through memos and his bitchy secretary. Well it was early morning not a lot of people were coming yet, I was only there cause honestly I had some work I procrastinated on yesterday. I went in the break room and started coffee. I was bent over looking into a bottom cabinet for some paper towels to put out on the counter, when he came into the room. At first he didn’t even say anything to me, but he walked over. As I made myself a cup of coffee I pretended not to notice him looking me up and down. He seemed to spend a lot of him time looking at my legs and ass. I offered him some coffee, he declined and invited me to come to his office. He had something to discuss. He lead me into his office and locked the door behind us. I don’t know why but I already got the feeling I was about to be fucked. He walked and sat down on the couch in his office, I walked over and he grabbed my hand. Using just a little force he yanked me down onto my knees in front of him. He started to under his pants, and my mouth began to water. He pulled out his slightly erect 10 inch cock and placed it in to my hand.

Must be doing something right

 I can be a total attention whore with exhibitionist phone sex. I love a mans attention. Once I have set my eyes on you there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to seduce you. I live in a beach town so I barely wear anything when I am out and about. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to my huge tits then you look up and meet these intoxicating eyes. I can tell your palms are getting sweaty and your dick is starting to rise. I run my fingers across my chest trailing then up to my mouth lightly sucking on it. Watching you swallow hard like that means your feeling me too. Hopefully, this all goes as I have planned and you will be feeling something else very soon.exhibitionist phone sex

Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.2

Age Play Phone SexWe finally got home and the girls walked the man into our home. My youngest turned some music on and they danced seductively for the happy stranger. I’ve been teaching them how to strip and my angels have mastered those lessons. They undressed slowly and twerked their tiny butts to beat of the music. This man had the biggest smile plastered on his face because my girls were making his dreams come true. When the song ended my tiny girls dropped to their knees and crawled towards his crotch. My oldest unzipped his pants and pulled out the hugest erection I’d ever seen. The girls’ eyes got so big seeing his big dick.
“Mommy it’s not gonna fit!” , they said in unison.
“Lick on it babies”, I demanded.
And just like good little girls my angels slowly licked up and down his huge dick…
to be continued.

AgePlay With A Sex Slave

age play phone sex

Age play phone sex is so much better when you’re a submissive whore sex slave. I love being the naughty little girl daddy dreams of. See daddy you have spent to much time seeing my sweet bald cunny press against my leggings and little shorts as I play on my phone. I have been an utter brat back talking and having a sassy attitude lately. You tell me to do the dishes and I scream no in your face, instantly you slap me. You feel your dick grow at the slap as my eyes water and I begin to cry you slap me again. You are tired of your teasing little whore brat and its time that I make daddy feel like the man of the house again. You drag me by my blonde hair to your room and throw me on the ground. You take out your throbbing dick and tell me that if I don’t get my little ass over here there will be hell to pay. You have to catch me as I try to run, screaming no! No! No!  You rip my leggings down and take my swollen cunny. As your fucking me you feel me bear down and cum for the first time in my life. You cum inside me and pull out and make me lick you clean. You tell me that I will behave or more will come and That my ass sure looks nice. 

Daddy’s Good Girl

Daddys Girl Phone SexMy Daddy loves to drink that isn’t any big secret. He never gets mean or abusive he just gets a lot more fun. Last night he was working on his truck with his friends and getting hammered like normal. I cooked him some dinner and he came inside to eat and watch tv, and I would curl up on the couch next to him. He was cracking jokes and he started referring to me like he did when I was a bit younger. I knew by his body language what Daddy wanted he got more touchy and finding excuses to tickle me. So I sat up and jumped on Daddy’s lap getting him really excited he kept calling me “Daddy’s good girl”. I bounced up and down teasing his cock and letting Daddy give me little kisses. He likes to undress me and kiss all over my body sometimes until he can’t hold it in. When he gets like that he likes me to be a good girl and kiss on Daddy’s cock and beg for his special treat. He has me hold my mouth open as he shoots his hot load all over my face and mouth.

GFE Phone Sex: I’ll Make You Feel Like Royalty

gfe phone sexGFE phone calls are my favorite. I love to spoil a man. I love to cater to a man’s every need and make him feel special. I get a lot of practice with that at the strip club. Men come to Big Al’s because they are looking for a connection. They are looking to feel special. I know guys lie all the time at the club. They claim to be sugar daddy types with enough money to put me in a penthouse for life. They have dirt under their fingernails and drinking working man’s liquor like beer in a can and bottom shelf vodka. I have real sugar daddies in my life, I can spot a poser. But guess what? I don’t care because when they are in the club, they are king in my mind. I want to make them think that they run the world. I love building up common men, hard workers who barely scrape by. They come to the club to escape reality, much in the same way guys call for fantasy phone sex. I have real sugar daddies in my life who spoil me rotten and I have the pretend sugar daddies who just need to come to the club and think they are something special. In my mind, all men are special if they don’t act like tools. A guy with a 2 inch pecker claiming he is God’s gift to women, is going to get a wake up call and a lot of humiliation. A nice man who needs a break from his hardworking and boring life is going to be treated like royalty. Josh found out last night when he came into the club. I could tell he had a laborer’s job; his hands betrayed him. He said he was an investment banker in town for business. He bought me drinks and lap dances and likely maxed out his credit card to support his illusion. He was handsome and nice, so I indulged his illusion and gave him the best head and fuck he has ever experienced. For a few hours I made him feel like he really was the rich fat cat he told me he was. I will make you feel special too. You can be my phone sex sugar daddy.

My younger brothers friend

big tit photosMy younger brother has dweebs coming in and out. One day I guess I was in the mood to have any cock because I let one of those young fuckers pound me. It started out with me finding out he was looking at my pictures. I had a secret file in my laptop and I guess I had forgotten to log off because when I checked he was was looking at all my big tit photos. Poor youngin was pale like a ghost. I liked that I caught him with his hands in the cookie jar. I seduced him right there. My brother was sleeping and I thought it was a perfect chance to get some youngin dick. The little fucker had a decent dick and I knew I wouldn’t be around much I was just visiting for the break. I wanted to take advantage of an innocent boy and I did 🙂 After not having dick for a few days I got what I needed and let out some steam.

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