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Tranny Slut

Tranny Phone SexWhen I put on sexy lace panties my cock gets so hard. The lace feels so good against my skin. I’m a sexy bitch and I love sexy lingerie. When you look at me all dressed up in sexy lingerie I want to make your cock rock hard, too. I love you because you love special girls like me. You’ve been craving a female with a cock. I can see us in the 69 position sucking on each others’ cocks. I want your whole cock in my mouth, I want your balls to touch my chin. Can you deepthroat me? Sucking cock makes my asshole twitch. I’ll need you to bend me over and fuck my boy pussy. I want to feel your chest against my back. Can we alternate between making love and fucking? Sometimes I like it nice and slow and sometimes I like it rough and fast. I’m a tranny slut and I’ll do anything to keep you happy.

Teddy is So Cute

Black Girl Phone sex


I met Teddy at a Drag Girl event I happen to be there to support my queen sister “Bonita Bangah” she was doing her first show and I was so proud of my sensational queen sister. Baby she was snatched to the teeth flawless baby, a blazing diamond on the stage. In my excitement I screamed out GO BITCH WORK, when a very handsome guy laughed at me kind of coy like he was cute so I rolled my eyes all catty like and smacked my glittery lips. He said stop being fussy with me I like your style and I want to go out sometimes with you. I smiled and softly snatched his little card. We met up a few days later and he had a great date planned plus he dresses so sexy and melted my heart with those beautiful dimples. Oh, my goodness Teddy is so cute and that’s how he got me naked and drenched in sweat and his sweet juices. 

All in your head

fantasy phone sex  Fantasy phone sex has let me explore so many different parts of my sexuality. Things that I may have never encountered or even knew of existing have been told to me. I’m starting to get inside of your minds better too. Learning what really turns you on instead of just assuming makes fucking in real life so fucking amazing. I never thought that guys enjoyed being slowly seduced, it was something I did that made me feel sexy. Now though I can watch as a man’s dick rises when I am undressing in front him. Watch as they lick their lips when I pull the stocking from my toes. Yes, that’s right I am so in your head now. Let me please you baby.

Drugs Phone Sex, BBC and Incest

drugs phone sexIt is no secret that I enjoy drugs phone sex. I am a party mom. I like to get high and talk dirty. I like to get high and fuck my sons and their friends.  I live in a gated community. My dealer is a black man. When a thug looking black man comes to my neighborhood, he is there to fuck a white woman or sell drugs to her husband. It’s not being racist. It’s just fact. In my case, a gang banger looking black man is selling drugs to me and fucking my slut wife pussy. When you are a woman, you don’t have to pay with cash for coke or weed. You can pay with pussy, especially when your dealer is black. Black men love white pussy. They like it for many reasons. It’s taboo. It’s forbidden, and it is a way to cuckold white men who have try to keep them down for centuries. I am convinced that slavery existed because white men wanted to keep their wives from knowing how big black men’s dicks were.  My husband likes that I am a taboo whore. He likes that I am a coke whore too. When I am high, I get naughtier with our boys. Marcus my dealer loves fucking me because he can call me mommy and watch me fuck my sons.  If I let my phone sex callers call me mommy, you better believe I will let a black drug dealer call me mommy too. I will do anything for free coke. In fact, last night I did. Marcus brought over about 10 of his friends to gang bang a white MILF. I got a big bag of coke in return. The looks my neighbors gave me this morning when I walked the dogs was priceless. Of course, I was walking funny and I reeked of cum.

His dick was so much smaller than mine

tranny phone sexI met up with a blind date and boy was he something else! He showed up all cocky, he knew what kind of a girl I was and was just so sure that his dick was going to be way bigger than mine… imagine his surprise when I pulled out my 12 inch cock! His was nowhere near that big! He had maybe 6 inches and honestly, I am being very generous in even saying that. I have no idea how he was so cocky with such a small dick but I humbled him real quick. I forced him down on his knees and told him he needed to suck a real cock and he just obeyed me. All that cockiness was gone and in it’s place was embarrassment! He ended up being a good little bitch boy for me tho, I stretched his ass out so good that he won’t be sitting down for a week!

Giving in

Adult phone chat

   I have to keep my body right if I am going to get back into modeling. I only do photo shoots but interested in run way but i’m to short. If i had to suck a few dicks to get in I would trust me. My last boyfriend was my photographer now I need a new one who wants to take pictures of their self? No woman ever. I am sexy enough to have any guy and any photographer that I want.  So i posted on indeed and got so many messages back, I replied to a few and met with one and damn he was just what I needed for the night. Its been to long since I had some cock in side of me. He was not expecting me to fuck but he sure was ready. I told him I needed a body building shoot done, but I had my sex swing in the same room he asked  about it and it took off from there. He ripped the clothes that I did have on right off. My body was trembling he was so tall and so strong who knew he would have ended up so sexy and so good.

Fantasy Phone Sex

fantasy phone sexMy favorite pastime is getting high and getting fucked. My kitty gets so wet when I get high it makes me touch myself. I lay back in my bed and just imagine the things I want done to me while I make my pussy purr. My biggest sexual fantasy is being with a white man but not just one but two at the Same time. I imagine while I rub my clit that they both put there cock in my Face . With one in one hand another in my mouth. One man gets behind me and bend me over so while I’m sucking I’m getting fucked too. Then while he is fucking me he puts his thumb in my tight little but whole and every part of me is stuffed. And right when I’m about to come I imagine us all coming together one on my Face and on my ass so my body can feel there sweet Man juices. Can you make my Fantasy come true.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutuak Masturbation PornI love watching porn as much as the next pervert, I called my fuck buddy over and he came right away. I was picking the porn this time, I toked up a little before hand and got out my silver vibrator. I was wearing my cute baby doll lacy bra and matching panty set. I picked a porn that was a guy and a girl lying on their bed and they were rubbing each other, I want to make this porn real. I started by spreading my legs and rubbing my vibrator all over my thigh and going over my panties right where he could see a wet spot. I told him to come over and take that dick out, I was stroking his dick and he was fucking my bald pussy with the vibrator it felt so good. I loved it that we were doing this and I love how his dick will disappear in my hand. I could feel his balls pull up and get really warm he was about to bust that nut. I couldn’t let it go to waste, I got up and continued to have him fuck my pussy and I put my mouth right on the head of his swollen cock and stroked while sucking and flicking my tongue soon enough my mouth was filled with warm jizz.

Let’s Have Some Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

ass to mouth phone sex

My sweet little ass tastes so good when I’m licking it off my toy cock. I love taking my biggest dildo and stretch my tight little asshole out. I’m such a nasty fucking whore. I rip my ass open and rub my clit until my pretty pink pussy fucking squirts everywhere. I can’t stop there though. I have to feel dirty. I take my dildo out now that it’s all covered with my shit and pussy juice and clean it up. I can’t put my toy away with all that shit on it and it needs to be cleaned and my Daddy taught me that a good slut always cleans up her mess. So I take my toy cock and lick it all up until I’ve swallowed every last bit my ass. I love to taste my asshole. Come play with me, if you need a filthy young whore to have some kinky ass to mouth phone sex with.

Submissive Phone Sex with LaShay

submissive phone sexMy purpose in life is to be Submissive to my Master. Nothing. Would make me happier or my pussy wetter than sitting  at his feet waiting on his every command. I want to wear a black leather collar with my Master Names that say property of My master. I want him to pinch my nipples and make me wear a pussy clamp and call me the Nigger slut that I am. I want my Master to Tie me and bend me over up and Spank me till I come. Making my Master happy is all I want to do. Jump on top of his Nice hard dick and bounce up and down on it while he chokes me until I Stop then pinches down on my nipples while I come all on his thick cocke. Only then will this Carmel pussy me happy.

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