I’m the kind of girl you can take anywhere! I will show you a good time and be the perfect slut at the club, parties, and anywhere else you’d like to take me. We will drink, party and dance the night away, and if you’re a good boy I will let you drink shots off of my tight little stomach.

When we’ve had our fun and we are both so worked up that we could fuck in the car, I insist we go back to my place. When we get there I can tell you are hooked on me, and tonight you will be in for the surprise of a lifetime. As we kiss and grope each other your hand goes up my little skirt and you discover my nice hard 10 inch secret.

You try to back away, but I hold you close to me as I stroke your cock and you begin to moan. You’re struggling with yourself; I mean how can this be happening, right? You take me out – your smokin’ hot little club slut has a cock! Your plan was to take me home and fuck my brains out, but you quickly discover that isn’t going to happen.

We both know you want my cock, so relax and get on your knees. Look up at my perfect tits while you suck my cock knowing it will soon be in your ass. This pretty little slut is going to fuck that ass so hard you’ll feel me for weeks, and love it so much that you’ll come back begging for more.

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