Can’t keep my hands to my self

hot ass sexI could keep my hands to myself but what would be the fun in that? I like trouble and enjoy making men weak int he knees for me. I have been having some serious hot ass sex sessions with my best friends new husband. I should go by girl code and never break the rules but that would be no fun. I have even been so conving that I fucked her husband on their wedding night. Who would of thought that I could of done such a thing on busy day. I guess bridemaid privledges come in handy. I know what I like and I always get my hands out it every single time. I have a feeling I am about to have a repeat because of my sisters new fiance. My future brother in law is looking very tempting. I have a thing for temptation and never say no to what is calling out my name. I am into spontaneous hot fucks and I never will be against what make my cunt slippery wet.

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