Candy Stripper Dick Sucking Nikita

cock control
I was in the mood to be charitable and needed a bit of cock control. SO my cock and hands went on a spree today. I was in my hot little striped uniform delivering flowers and treats for my soldiers on the sixth floor. My god there are so many hot military dicks that i just gave away free hand jobs. It was so hard keeping my panty surprise a secret. It wasn’t until I delivered a bunch of purple orchids to a big black officer that I was found out. He grabbed my tranny dick through my skirt and demanded to see it. I showed him my hard dick and he got up and told me to be careful of his brace but he wanted to taste me. He had the best mouth I ever felt I came so hard right in his mouth. Lets just say I will be visiting his room everyday until he is better then I will fuck his virgin asshole.

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