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Bugle Blower?

This Cock Loving whore knows a military man who loves to see his wife fucked by other men when he is away. She does the boogie-woogie with any man who has 8 or more inches and loves to Blow that bugle and tell her husband all about it!  They have an open relationship. He is by all accounts a stand-up cuckold. So, when this slut entertains him, I get to hear all the fucking nasty details of his wife banging every man she can get her hands on. And I get to down 10-inch cocks for his enjoyment. I dress up in my USO striper outfit and reenact his slutty cock loving wife’s shenanigans. Gulping Men in uniform turns this Slut on so much. I make sure he gets the best cream pie form my sweet cuckolding pussy! I proudly salute my strong and sexy men who want to fuck the shit out of me after I have been in a nasty gangbang for them. I always do my part for my Country.

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