Brotherly Love

Brother Sister Phone SexI woke up in the middle of the night with my fingers in my wet pussy. I needed to be fucked. I walked into my brothers’ room and they were sleeping. I noticed that my oldest brother had a huge erection. I couldn’t waste a throbbing hard dick so I pulled it from his boxers and started sucking. His pre-cum tasted like salty candy. Sucking his cock was making my pussy sloppy wet, I needed him inside me. I sat on his dick and started rocking my pussy back and forth grinding on his erection. My other brother was on the other side of the room jerking his cock as he watched us. My brother lifted me off his dick and put me on my back. He fucked me the old-fashion way and I dug my nails into his ass. The weight of his body on top of mine felt amazing. He long stroked his cock into my sloppy wet pussy, pulling his dick almost out of my tight hole then pushing it back inside. It wasn’t long before my pussy came causing my whole I love my brother.

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