I am owned. I have been owned by a Master for a while now. I just do not play at being a submissive woman, I am one in real time. However, I have garnered permission to play here with You, as my Master likes to know that other Men are enjoying His toy.

Some of the things that I very much enjoy are being used, being taught, being bound, and of course, being completely submissive to Your every whim and desire.

I am a sweet submissive play thing. I want You to feel like a King, feel like You are the most important Man on the face of the earth. Please play with me, make me Your phone sex submissive play thing.

I will do everything within my power to ensure Your happiness, as Your happiness is in direct correlation with my own. Please do not hesitate to punish if I do not perform to Your satisfaction. As it is expected that You do so.

I cannot wait to spend time with You. Until W/we speak again my One. I will await Your command.

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