Bring Her To Me

gang bang phone sex alanzaI love when he comes to me because his wife needs to be punished. He brings her to me and I take her to the boys. He and I watch from the time they get her into the room to the time they are done with her and she is begging and pleading for mercy. The entire time his cock is rock hard and I take care of him while he watches her punishment. He loves taking me while he watches and I love giving myself to him while watching the boys abuse the little bitch for her indiscretions. I know I will be rewarded later for bringing the tramp to them. My pussy stays wet knowing that he rewards me for having her punished and they will reward me for giving her to them. It is a win win for all of us. Except her of course. I know that soon she will need to be punished again and it will happen all over again. Sometimes I wonder if she was really disobedient or if he likes this so much that he just makes up reasons to bring her to us. Either way I don’t give a shit I just love when I see him cumming, dragging her in tow.

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