Breed Me And Make Us A New Toy to Play With!

breeding phone sex

My Daddy wants to cum inside my little pussy during some hot breeding phone sex with his baby girl. He says we need a little one of our own that we can turn into a tiny fuck toy. I’m going to let my naughty Daddy fuck me until he fills me up with his load. He wants to see my belly start to swell with his little baby growing inside me. We’re making a tiny whore that I can use to jerk off Daddy’s hard cock. When that little girl comes out we’re going to have so much fun, Daddy! I’ll use her like a tiny new toy that I can pump your hard dick with. Let me use her jerk you off and make you cum. Our baby girl will make you cum so hard Daddy! She’s going to be so tight for you! Come and breed my little pussy Daddy so we can make us a new toy to play with!

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