Bratty sugar baby

young bald pussyI have a pretty cool older boyfriend who takes me on some pretty fabulous trips. He likes to spoil me and show me I’m his favorite princess. He has some requirements on these trips; I have to always have my pretty young bald pussy on display for him. My older sugar daddy loves my sweet young teen pussy. I like being his spoiled princess and love to make his old cock hard. I love having power and control. I know my tight body and pussy does it for him. He needs me to fuck him so bad. I sometimes do some cbt on him. Nothing too extreme. I like to get his cock hard and make him wait a while before I let him release. I love getting his cock ready for my pussy. He wants to be my little bitch boy and Iike to use his American express card everywhere my heart desires. I like to blow him for new pairs of shoes and shopping sprees. I love being a tease to an old fuck like him

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