Bottom Sissy

shemale phone sex zettaSince our T-girl party last week, Sissy has been with me. I am actually enjoying having her around. She is always eager to please me. She cooks and cleans for me and in return I let her wear any of my clothes she wants to. She prances around the house fluttering and floating like a butterfly. She twirls and curtsies and dances to the tunes in her head that only she can hear. She loves to put on my big bangle bracelets and shake her arms around to make them jingle. She has kept me laughing like I haven’t in a long time. And the way she loves to get on her knees and take me in her mouth…she works me like a pro….she swallows every drop while finger fucking my ass and making me moan with delight. She loves to be my bottom sissy and will lift her legs high in the air, I insert a couple of ice cubes into her tight ass and tell her she isn’t allowed to touch herself until I give her permission and then I shove my cock in her balls deep enjoying the delicious feel of the cold ice and her warm ass…..

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