Bosses breeding brat

young bald pussyI have been fucking my boss for a while now. It has been fun hiding and fucking. I have a terrible habit of doing this, and it’s genuinely a kryptonite for me. On a work trip, we went to south beach together and decided to make it a weekend vacay getaway. We went to one of the southern Florida Islands and became very acquainted with some deep dark, passionate fantasies we each had. I for one just loved getting his cum in my young bald pussy. It was shocking to know he wanted to breed me in our trip. While I was riding him, I tried to get up off of him since I had missed my birth control dosage I assumed he didn’t want to nut in me, but I was so wrong. My boss held me on top of him and told me he wanted to make me his pregnant mistress. There’s nothing like fucking a pregnant twat. Well if that didn’t work, he wasn’t going to stop till it did.

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