Blowing Daddy’s Friends

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy invited some his buddies over to watch the game. I had to serve the drinks and food dressed in a skimpy new outfit. Daddy likes to show off his control of me. Daddy’s friends were drooling as they stared at my barely covered body. I could feel their stares and it was making me wet. Daddy recognized my lust face and he knew I needed a dick in my mouth.
“Pull your dicks out, fellas, my princess going blow everybody”, Daddy ordered.
I got on my knees and crawled to the nearest crotch. I gripped his dick and stroked it a few times before putting it in my mouth. I sucked and slobbered so much that I created saliva bubbles. Daddy taught me well and he says the wetter the better. Someone got behind me and pulled off my tiny shorts. Whoever was touching my pussy had serious skills with his fingers. He played with my clit using the right amount of pressure and a circular motion. It felt so good that I was losing concentration on the blowjob. The men cheered me on and I loved the attention. Daddy raised a good slut and the night was just beginning…

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