Wicked little habits

big tit photosWicked little habits I have plenty when it comes to what I want I do whatever possible to be able to attain it. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing. I honestly think I’m focused and determined, I think my lack of patience sometimes drives me to do some pretty crazy things but its totally okay, Those crazy things end up working in my favor, I have just been hired at this new job and I am already causing trouble. My new boss has the hots for me and I think once he sees my little report came with a special treat, That crush he has on me will amplify, I honestly don’t think I’d give him half as much attention had he be not married, Wicked habit 🙂 The little surprise I left him was very similar to my last boss, an array of big tit photos, You already know very well that I broke up that marriage and I have my eyes set on this one.

A naughty secretary always swallows

Naughty Secretary Phone SexThere are many perks of having a hott and naughty secretary such as myself, not only am I the sexiest eye candy that you could ever imagine but you have the ultimate pleasure of using me as your personal sex toy all day every day! Little does your wife know about all the sexy and wild fun that we love to have with one another while you’re hard at work, hehe. So hard in fact that you need a sensual woman like me to handle you whenever your cock wants to pop up for some dirty play time! I absolutely love sucking on that throbbing dick that you have in your pants and as we both know, a good girl always swallows down every last drop of gooey cock cream! You’re not used to having a slut guzzle down your cum, your wife will barely even pay any attention to your perfect dick! That’s why you can’t get enough of me! I’m such a sexy treat for you to indulge in while we’re stuck in the office together!

My Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI met this guy online in a chat room. The first thing he wanted was some big tit photos. He could tell when we face timed that I had some big knockers. I sent him some nude selfies. He is a Marine overseas; he can’t come home for the holidays, so I brought him some cheer with my boobs. We have been texting and talking online daily for a week now. Last night, he pulled out his cock while we were on face time. Maybe the camera adds 10 inches, I am not sure, but he was hung. Seriously, hung. Suddenly, I had a wet bald pussy. He was stroking his cock thinking about cumming on my tits. I was rubbing my clit thinking of his big hard cock stuffing me. I love watching a man be master of his domain. Watching guys and girls pleasure themselves has always been something I enjoy. I am very voyeuristic. Are you? He came on his phone screen because I could see the globs of jizz. I started licking my phone like I could really taste it. Wish I could because he shot off a gallon of cum. I love cum. It was a hot time. Don’t get me wrong, I always prefer fucking to cyber sex, but if you can’t get the real thing, mutual masturbation is the next best thing!

Married Men Phone Sex with Demi

Married Men Phone Sex

I don’t date much because I have all the sex I need from my offspring, they satisfy most of my sexual needs. Every once in a while, Mommy needs a little R&R with a hot married man.  Married men are safe, they don’t want a relationship, just a fling.  I love to meet up with someone I’ve met at the grocery store or a school function in a seedy motel.  It makes me feel dirty to fuck a virtual stranger in a dirty motel, which makes it hotter.  I’ve been known to come on to a Dad who is supervising a field trip with me and we go directly to a motel when we leave school.  Isn’t it hot to get away from your regular routine and have a hot fuck in a motel room?  Would you meet with me if I came onto you?  I’ll bet you would.  I’m a lot fucking hotter than your wife and I guarantee I’m a better fuck.

Frat party orgy

wet bald pussyI have been such a little-coed slut lately. I have been visiting all the frat guys and have totally become their little sex slut. I went to a party the other day that turned in to this massive orgy. I received specific instructions to bring some hot friends and to just have a nice time. I was ready to bring my stepsister along. I knew how badly she wanted to be at one of these things. She has begged me for a couple days now. I texted her and told her her wish was about to come true. I also brought my friend Callie and wendy they were going to have a blast because they are sluts just like me. There’s no better feeling than being rammed in all your holes. We got there and the fun quickly began I had a cock in my wet bald pussy instantly and one in my mouth and tight bum. I looked over and all my friends were enjoying it too. My stepsister became the creampie princess by the end of the night.

Fuck Toy

adult phone chatI am a toy. I do whatever my master asks of me. Although I must admit sometimes I am bad on purpose, so I can be punished.  Sometimes I slip my wrist out of the restraints, so I can touch him as he fucks me. I do not mean to be so bad, I can not help it. There is something inside of me that makes me want to be punished. I need to feel the leather of the belt against my ass and thighs. My pussy reacts by getting soaking wet when I am punished. I don’t misbehave often because I like to be my masters’ good submissive girl. I suck his cock on demand and I give my pussy up as often as he likes. Sometimes he gives me to his friends, so I can be a little fuck toy slut. I aim always to please and be used as he wishes, always.  

I Love Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexI enjoy my mommy phone sex callers. I have a confession. I let my sons be in the room often when I am taking calls at night. They love to hear me telling tales of our exploits and me talking about being a subby whore for my drug dealer. They also enjoy hearing me roleplaying mommy for my callers. Last night, I was wired on coke. I had been partying all night long as we put up the Christmas decorations. It was busy too, so I was on the phone a lot. My sons were horny hearing me talk dirty so much. They couldn’t wait for me to get off this one phone sex mommy call. They started jacking their little dicks around me. When I had to simulate cock sucking, my boys tossed my dildo behind the couch and started fucking my mouth. Together!! I had two boy dicks crammed in my mouth. It turned my caller on so much. He complimented me on my cock sucking sounds. Little did he know I had some young dicks in my mouth. After the call, they rammed their boy dicks in my holes. Christmas shit was all over the floor, but they didn’t care. They could only take so much of my cock teasing them with my mommy calls. The nice thing about this job is that I can fuck my boys in between calls. Hell, I can even fuck them on a call. Best job ever.

Tranny Lovin

Tranny Phone SexGetting it on with a tranny. Ha! You would be so fucking lucky to get with my girls and I. You know how they say once you go black you never go back. Well I am here to tell you once you go tranny you never go back. We can fuck like no other switching up between our holes and dicks. Our boobs are always nice and perky. Never have to worry about sagging, or drooping. Our ass holes are just the right size for a fucking good time. Our mouths are warm and since we have dicks of our own we know how to suck like an expert on yours. And last but not least our dicks. One thing I love to do is fuck a nice man ass and make him my bitch.

P-Mommy Whore Rita for Phone Sex

Phone Sex

I’m all for phone sex and getting wasted with you is half the fun! I’m a party girl, a p-mommy whore and just totally down for a good fucking time.We can do a ton of blow and throw some shots back while we talk about whatever your filthy perverted mind desires. I want us both to get super wasted together and you start confessing those naughty thoughts you have for that hot young cuny.

You see I have a couple of little trouble makers and they are always up to something sneaky when it comes to men at the house. Both of the girls are little deviant sluts and take after their whore mommy 100% it seems!

So if you think we can party together and wish to have some sweet bald cunt then lets play.

Naked Teen Pictures Get Me Into Trouble

naked teen pictures

Taking naked teen pictures got me into a lot of trouble with the principal at my school. I was sitting in class one day and I get called into his office. He takes out his phone and shows me a picture of myself completely naked and spreading bald little pussy apart. I couldn’t help but giggle, I knew that naughty perverted old man had been checking me out and wishing he could get inside my tight little pussy. He started talking about telling my parents about the nude pictures of me that were going around the school and I begged him not to. I told him I would do anything if he could just keep it to himself. He told me to come over to him and kneel in front of him at his desk. He told me to pull out his cock and I did as I was told, I could see where this was going. He forced my head onto his cock and made me suck his cock for him to keep quiet. I swallowed his load and he told me that soon he was going to fuck my pussy and dump a load into my wet little cunt too.

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