GFE Phone Sex: I’ll Make You Feel Like Royalty

gfe phone sexGFE phone calls are my favorite. I love to spoil a man. I love to cater to a man’s every need and make him feel special. I get a lot of practice with that at the strip club. Men come to Big Al’s because they are looking for a connection. They are looking to feel special. I know guys lie all the time at the club. They claim to be sugar daddy types with enough money to put me in a penthouse for life. They have dirt under their fingernails and drinking working man’s liquor like beer in a can and bottom shelf vodka. I have real sugar daddies in my life, I can spot a poser. But guess what? I don’t care because when they are in the club, they are king in my mind. I want to make them think that they run the world. I love building up common men, hard workers who barely scrape by. They come to the club to escape reality, much in the same way guys call for fantasy phone sex. I have real sugar daddies in my life who spoil me rotten and I have the pretend sugar daddies who just need to come to the club and think they are something special. In my mind, all men are special if they don’t act like tools. A guy with a 2 inch pecker claiming he is God’s gift to women, is going to get a wake up call and a lot of humiliation. A nice man who needs a break from his hardworking and boring life is going to be treated like royalty. Josh found out last night when he came into the club. I could tell he had a laborer’s job; his hands betrayed him. He said he was an investment banker in town for business. He bought me drinks and lap dances and likely maxed out his credit card to support his illusion. He was handsome and nice, so I indulged his illusion and gave him the best head and fuck he has ever experienced. For a few hours I made him feel like he really was the rich fat cat he told me he was. I will make you feel special too. You can be my phone sex sugar daddy.

My younger brothers friend

big tit photosMy younger brother has dweebs coming in and out. One day I guess I was in the mood to have any cock because I let one of those young fuckers pound me. It started out with me finding out he was looking at my pictures. I had a secret file in my laptop and I guess I had forgotten to log off because when I checked he was was looking at all my big tit photos. Poor youngin was pale like a ghost. I liked that I caught him with his hands in the cookie jar. I seduced him right there. My brother was sleeping and I thought it was a perfect chance to get some youngin dick. The little fucker had a decent dick and I knew I wouldn’t be around much I was just visiting for the break. I wanted to take advantage of an innocent boy and I did 🙂 After not having dick for a few days I got what I needed and let out some steam.

Anal gang-fucked

Anal Phone SexI wanna have some super nasty anal phone sex where your mouth is sucking on my booty hole. I know it’s a somewhat sick fetish but I really don’t give a fuck. Strip me down naked while I invite over all of my slutty girlfriends so that they can watch me get gang-fucked by all of these monster cocks that are anxiously awaiting to plunge deep inside of me. I’ve been craving big thick white dick stretching out my insides and gaping open my holes from every angle. My ass juices are squirting out while I get tossed around like a fuckin toy. I want all of those cocks shoved down my throat after they have been inside of me so that I can taste all of my bodily fluids off of them! I taste so fuckin good, I can’t get enough of how delicious my freshly fucked holes are!

I’m Going To New York Soon!

Cocksucking Phone Sex


I’m so excited I can’t wait for what’s going to happen to me really soon. I’ve been thinking about being fucked all kinds of ways I’m going to get locked down to some sex Contraptions and treated like a whore and I love it. I’m a cum guzzling hot sex fetish lover, I really like to do it wild yes, I can get insane. He’s going to make me his cum slut and he’s going to dip inside of my asshole with his big throbbing cum-filled dick I can’t wait. I’ve been thinking about the ass to mouth that we’re going to do, he’ll be all inside of my fucking ass and I will be inside of his ass as well baby my tongue belongs to him he can do whatever he wants to do with it and that’s for sure. I can’t wait for his cock to drill me really fucking hard my cunt is throbbing thinking about it. I want him to fuck me so forcefully that he drives my pretty head into the headboard. I can’t help myself everytime I think about him I think about how he totally takes control of me. I’m going to New York soon that’s where he’s at and we’re going to fuck so wild and crazy. I can’t wait we’re going to get all coked up and have a good fucking time all week long. If you’re anything like me and you like to fuck until you can’t move oh my God you turn me on. I could suck all of the juice out of your cock for you that’s what kind of cum dumpster skank that I am. I can really get that cum guzzling for you. I can feel your dick getting hard looking at me getting plowed. Think about how I’m going to get fucked when I go to New York. I honestly wish that I could fuck about 20 or 30 guys in New York because they’re wild, rude and they fuck hard. I’m wondering right now do you fuck hard?


Panty boy

hot ass sex 

  My best friend Christina and I have been friends since high school, her name used to be Chris . She still has a penis she’s slowly transitioning. I always laugh, mock and shake my head at her. Not because she wants a pussy but because she dresses like a fucking hooker. I had to explain to her being a girl doesn’t mean you dress up in hooker heals, revealing outfits and act like you want to sell your pussy that’s just trash. Why not be a sexy, classy trans gender woman..  I have been telling her this for years, but nothing will change her hard headed ass! She told me she’s going to dress how ever the hell she wants and I cant stop her.

Well last night we drank a little bit, and we have never done anything sexual EVER!! but uhm last night was a little different. We were doing a little run way fashion show trying on each others clothes. What to keep and what to get rid of, cleaning out my closet.  Christina wanted to try my panties on and she was strutting around all cute and I guess because of the drinks I started calling her a little faggot, humiliating her and she started to get more confident the more I talked down to her I cant lie it turned me on a little bit. I had her dance around on her toes like a little ballerina I just kept pouring one glass, and another, and another .. So, she then started to touch all over her body she spanked her own ass and just watching her rub her hands over her small little penis made me wet.. I then started to rub on mine. I had a strap- on up stairs that i used on my ex I ran to my room to grab it. I got back and she was in all fours bent over opening her ass wide, begging me to pound her man- vag . I then realized that I was not only about to fuck my best friend but I was about to open a door that I wouldn’t imagine ever going down. Or even like it for that matter. I strapped up licked that ass hole, poured lube in her gaping ass hole and rubbed my strap- on cock back and forth thinking to myself god damn this is sexy. I started talking dirty telling her she’s a dirty little bitch and to let me fuck that hole any time I wanted. I repeated how she acted like a trick ass skank and that her dick was so small that that’s the reason shes having her privates removed she would never be able to please a man with that small ass Vienna sausage hanging between her legs. She just moaned louder and louder.

I saw that pathetic little teeny thing in high school when us and a group of friends went to our friend Nicole’s pool. We went skinny dipping everyone’s big dicks were flopping all around in the water then you have chris over here limp dick shrimp Schmuck. How sad right? After I got done fucking her I made her walk around in all my dresses and heels with my butt plug in. I just love looking at her walking around with my butt plug shoved in her ass hole. I can’t lie I had a fun night and I would love to experience it again. 

Drugs Phone Sex: Coke is Mommy’s Helper

drugs phone sexI am known as a drugs phone sex addict. I am always snorting coke on calls. It is mommy’s little helper to be a nasty incest freak. I spend a lot of hours talking dirty and fucking dirtier, so I need a lot of blow. My coke use would make Pablo Escobar worry. I can’t afford my habit. Not many folks could, but when you are a sexy mommy, you don’t need to pay for drugs in cash. Pussy and ass are the preferred currency. Marcus is my dealer. He has been for decades. I paid for my stash in cash before I was a momma. Now he says, I have something more valuable than cash. I have wet mommy pussy. Even black drug dealers from the hood have mom fantasies. First, he just gave me a deal if I fucked his big black cock and let him call me mommy.  That graduated to fucking my boys while he watched and masturbated. Now, I fuck his teen nephew and let him call me mommy. I do it all the time. Confession. I love the taboo fucking as much as I love the coke. That is my second addiction, boy cock. The coke allows me to molest all those young boys. I have no sensor when I see a young lad. So, one addiction fuels the other. Last night, my mom joined me. She is as big as a coke head as I am. She gave me my first taste for it. She told me a little toot would open my mind to all sorts of possibilities and she was right. It also opens my pussy for young black cock. My dealer’s nephew had a few friends over who had MILF fever. My mom and I were such dirty whores for those young black cocks. This phone sex mommy is full of young black sperm and coke. We can talk dirty all night long. Fuck all night long too.

Be the First to Pop My Girl’s Cherry

Adult phone chatOne of my little girls is getting to that special place in her life where she is ready to lose her virginity. While my Daddy took my virginity and would love to take my girls that will never happen. I realize how special it is not just to her but also to all of you men out there.
Getting to be the first one to pop a girls cherry is something that you will pay a premium for. After all nothing is like getting to be the first one to ever put your big hard cock into her young tight pussy. That is an experience that a girl can only give you once in a lifetime.
That is why I am going to hold a silent auction for her virginity this weekend with the highest bidder getting to bed my sweet little girl.You will get to be the first to ever stroke her slit with a dick. Yes, other than a finger she has never been penetrated. You will be the one that gets to see her blossom from little girl into a full fledge woman.


Blackmail Phone Sex David is a sexy man that I know. We have a special bond together. He caught his mother fucking another man behind his father’s back. And now we blackmail her into being our little whore. It is so fucking hot just thinking about it makes me super sloppy wet. David loves to take her shoes, his favorite is her clogs. And he will masturbate on her shoes and force her to put them back on her feet. As David is jerking himself off I got her head between my legs licking away at my juicy cunt. After David puts her shoes back on her feet he takes his mother and forces his messy dick in her mouth forcing her to suck on him and make him hard again. We love having her as our own personal whore. She is so afraid of David telling his dad about her affair she will do anything we want to keep him quiet.

Nude resort with Daddy

hot ass sexDaddy took me to a nude resort over the weekend. It was the perfect way to kick off the summer. I was excited to prance around topless for Daddy. I liked having daddies undivided attention. It was such a nice fuck right along the beach. I enjoyed being his sweet girl who was willing to do anything to make him happy. I like having hot ass sex with Daddy. I have always been pretty close to him. After hours of fucking by the beach, we decided to try out another bold thing. The nude resort had other daddy daughters, and many were into orgy fun. I liked making daddies fantasies come true. I enjoyed that nasty orgy. I was a good slut and took plenty of dick right in front of my pops. 

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Roleplays

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex roleplays have been popular today! I was sunning my self on my rooftop not expecting it to be a busy phone day, but I was wrong. I was happy to interrupt my tanning to satisfy some men with shemale daughter fantasies. I must admit that I find it sexy to be your special daughter.  T-girls are starting to transform at younger and younger ages these days. I was 18 when I started the physical transformation, but I knew as a schoolboy I wanted to be a school girl. I did a couple daddy / daugter roleplays this morning. Think about it. It is a special twist on the typical daddy daughter roleplay. When you add to the mix that I am a dominant tranny phone sex slut, you get a wicked hot roleplay. Daddy sneaks into his baby girl’s bedroom late at night with naughty intentions. Instead of finding a bald little pussy, daddy finds a big hard cock on his angel. The other surprise is that daddy’s girl knows what daddy is up to and decides to punish his ass with her big 10-inch cock. Do you think you would like a special daughter punishing your P daddy ass?

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