A hoe in heels


wet bald pussy

Daddy loves when I wear my high heels. It gets his cock ready to pop. I have always been a heel fanatic. I like how sexy I look and feel in them. Daddy would take me shoe shopping, and I would always get heels I knew he would love to see me in. It was the perfect situation for both of us. I would let him take pictures of me and watch my wet bald pussy. I liked that he would direct me and tell me to play with my wet bald pussy for him. I love getting him off and when he unstraps my heels and makes me rub his cock with my feet he practically cums all over my feet. The soles of my feet are his favorite. He always licks his cum off my feet.

Dedicated to the cock

fantasy phone sex

I can’t wait for you to share your fantasies with me. That is the biggest thrill other than that huge cock you have swinging low. We do a lot of sexy fucking roleplays together. My absolute favorite is when you want me to be your secretary who suddenly finds herself struggling finacially. Asking you for a raise leads me to doing anything to keep food on my table. That is when you pull out that thick hard cock and have me show you just how dedicated to you I really am. I lick up and down the shaft before you just push yourself down ym thorat. Fucking my face like its a cunt is what makes you cum. I dont let a single drop slip from lips. That is dedication to the cock.


Hook Up And Fuck

Tranny Phone SexI am on this one hook up and fuck site portraying myself as a full-blown bitch with no swinging nine-inch dick. I fucking love it! These men whine and dine me and they don’t have a clue. Even at the end of the night when it is time to get busy and fuck only a select few find out about my little secret. I either give them oral or my nice firm tranny ass. When a man is horny it is easy to hide my dick from him. The few that do find out I know they can handle a tranny and that they really need a cock up their ass or in their mouth more than they need to think they are with a bitch.

Lil Sissy Cocksucker Training

Sissy Phone Sex

There’s nothing I love more than teaching a boy to become a good lil Sissy cocksucker. The other night while babysitting for dear wittle Matty, I decided to invite the older neighbor. I could tell he had a thing for wittle Matty and he would be the perfect helper in training a Sissy cocksucker. I made sure to make Matty nice and pretty for our guest. I picked out a pair of frilly pink panties for him and a cute frilly dress. He hated it at first, but that’s the key, the ones that hate it at first end up becoming the perfect lil Sissy sluts. I made him up into a nice, sweet Sissy faggy and put his mother’s pink lipstick and mascara on him.

When the neighbor came over, he could hardly contain his meaty cock. He was ready for a nice cocksucking. And wittle Matty and I were ready to please. I had the lil sissy fag open his mouth nice and wide and had the older neighbor ram his 8-inch cock inside his pretty sissy pink mouth. He fought back a little- they always do… at first. But after just a bit, he couldn’t get enough of that meaty cock, he practically begged to get a shot of warm cum in his pretty lil faggy face.

Cuckolding Phone Sex Losers in Da Club with The King

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is so much more fun with my Big Daddy King. He doesn’t have a cock. He has an anaconda. So, when you have a little white loser hounding you non-stop at the club, it is way more fun to cuckold the Splenda daddy with a big black cock. This guy has been trying to get into my panties for months now. I thought he had finally gone away until I realized he was dating Destiny, a younger, newer girl at the strip club. She looks like she could be my sister, maybe even daughter. I had to have a heart to heart with Destiny. Turns out this poser doesn’t have her on retainer. He doesn’t take her to the nicest clubs and such. He doesn’t spoil her period. Destiny thought that since he was a club client, she had to go out with him. I explained that he was using her to get to me and that he is no VIP. That is when I decided she had to meet BDK. The poor girl thought he was a myth. Now I know he is too good to be true, but Big Daddy King is all real and he knows how to spoil his sugar babies.

phone sexBDK knows how to treat phone sex and stripper babes too. There is a reason he is The Living Legend. Destiny was in awe of my Big Daddy King. He gave her a bag of $8,000 just to begin her sugar baby status with a real man. She couldn’t believe his generosity. She thought I might be jealous, but Big Daddy King needs a harem of hot women worshiping him. He has a bigger cock and a higher libido than any man and requires a harem of hot sugar babies to keep him satisfied. It was in that first meeting, BDK decided our imitation Sugar daddy needed to be taught a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget. Destiny and I called him up and told him we were finally ready to make his dream cum true with the threesome he has been dying for. We had him sit in a chair in his living room under the rouse we were going to give him a sexy lap dance. We tied him to the chair and that is when Big Daddy King showed up. Our little club loser was furious. He knew he had been set up.

gfe phone sexBig Daddy King whipped out the anaconda and even semi soft, he was four times the man of our little stalker loser. Destiny was mesmerized by BDK’s huge monster snake cock. She had never seen anything so large before between a man’s legs. I assured her Big daddy King was not just any man. We made our pretend daddy watch as we worshiped the biggest and best cock on the planet. Our little cuck was tied up whimpering watching two sexy sugar babies snake charm the anaconda with our boobs and our mouths. We ravished Big Daddy King, every glorious inch of him. I wanted Destiny to have his billionaire nut sauce, but let’s be real. BDK nuts more than 10 men combined, so there was plenty to go around. We left our little Splenda boy tied up while we hit the town with The Living Legend.  Sometimes it takes a man to show a loser boy that he can never run with the big dogs when it comes to gfe phone sex. Some guys just need to stay on the porch. #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #NoSplendaDaddiesAllowed #BlondeBimbosBelongtoBDK

School girl phone sex princess got what she wanted

school girl phone sexThis school girl phone sex princess made the mistake of taking an 8am class. Being the
party girl that I am I don’t know what I was thinking. So, I am
constantly either late or missing class all together. I can’t afford not
to pass the class and I have done well on my tests. So, I was totally
surprised when I looked at my grades online and found that I have a D. I
was pretty sure that is was a mistake, so I decided to go by your office
this afternoon.

But just in case it wasn’t I decided to wear a short knit pink skirt
that barely covered my curvaceous ass along with a pair of pink satin
thong panties. I put on a white tee shirt that clung to my perky tits
and decided to skip wearing a bra. I wanted you to see my luscious
nipples through my shirt. I knocked on your door and you told me to come
in. When you saw me I could tell that I was having the effect on your
big thick cock that I had wanted. You ask me how you could help me and I
told you that I had look at my grade on line and didn’t understand how
it could be a D.

You told me that it was a D due to attendance. Due to attendance, I
tried to act so shocked and acted like there was something that needed
to be dusted off the chair before I sat down. Really, I just wanted to
bend over and flash you my hot young ass. I know that little G-string
doesn’t cover my hot wet teen pussy or tight puckered ass. I wanted to
seduce your big cock. I wanted to make sure that your cock was so hard
and throbbing that it was about to burst out of your pants. I wanted to
make sure I could negotiate my grade.

I couldn’t help but notice how your breathing had changed and that was
when this little sex kitten decided to pounce. I walked over to behind
your desk and said professor we should be able to work something out as
I unzipped your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I slid my baby
soft lips over the head of your cock. I was sucking on your big fat head
while stroking your shaft with my hand. I slowly started inching my way
down to the base of your cock. Deepthroating every inch of your
scrumptious cock into my mouth. You were telling me how good it felt and
how I am definitely an A girl when you blew your hot jizz all over my

Your Sex Slave Phone Sex Fetish

phone sex Fetish

I found out you had a phone sex fetish. I was being very bad and looking through your personal papers, not my job duties. You caught me yell what was I doing and locked your office door. I couldn’ explain as you told me I could be fired and that you would make it impossible to find work anywhere else. 

You demanded I pull up my skirt and take my top off. I know I have been dressing too slutty and I know I need this job. I was just trying to keep you, please. That look in your eye wasn’t an ordinary man with a hard dick, It was almost evil. You slammed me on the desk face down pulling at my big tits telling me you had waited for this day. I would be your sex slave and you would pay me still, but I was at your command. You fucked my ass as I pleaded for you not too, It hurt and I cried, you shoved my panties in my mouth and only removed them so I could be gagged by your giant cock. And them back to my ass so you could show me who My new master was. I could hardly walk as I went back to my task.  I knew I was doomed to serve you or risk losing it all. 

p-cock lover

GFE Phone SexI knew he had an insatiable appetite for young girls. I could tell his love for ankle biters was written all over his face. I had no doubt in my mind I was going to be his accomplice. I couldn’t say no his desires. After all his desires are mines. I like seeing him rock hard and watching him get excited put a smile on my face. I like bringing over my young cousins and stripping them down. His P-cock gets huge and ready to rumble. I spread those tots twats and let him go to town. Its sick and twisted beyond wicked but it makes our bond stronger. I can’t deny his lust and need to cum for those young cunts. My pussy gets wet and I even enjoy it more than our gfe phone sex sessions. I like being the supportive perfect girlfriend willing to go to any length to make her guy happy in each and every area.

CBT Phone Sex with a Sadistic Teen

cbt phone sexYou filthy dog whore. You do not deserve that dick! I have you tied to a throne in my dungeon. Your completely naked and your dick has been tied with then wires to jut out just enough for me to torture. I brandish a cigar cutter and give you a little snip, clipping off the tip of your pathetic dick. Blood gushed everywhere, and I rub that hot iron smelling blood all over my perky pale tits. My pussy starts to drip as I tighten the wires on your dick and see the blood start seeping out more. I pull a hot iron poker out of the fire and shove it straight down the tip of your bloody dick.  Your screams give me an instant orgasm. I climb up behind you and ask you if you are ready to meet your maker. You have one request you mutter, “My Balls I want to eat them. Please Mistress!” I oblige and get my shiny medical scalpel. I bend down and expertly cut off each nut. Your head bobs to the side and your mouth opens wide. I shove each testicle down your worthless throat. You gag and gulp them down. You have a smile as I grab your head exposing your throat and begin slicing slowly so you may enjoy your death.

Against Their Wishes

Rape phone sex fantasies

There are times when my little bitches need to learn a hard lesson.  They start thinking they are the shit because there are a lot of guys who want them.  They think they are something special.  I made a few phone calls, I had to stop that thinking pretty fucking quick.  They are nothing more than little cunts that get me what I need.  I told them that we were going to the store and to get in the car.

I drove them to a house where they had never been before.  I told them that I had to make a quick stop at a friend’s house, to just go and walk in that I had to get my purse out of the trunk.  I watched as they walked up the steps, they opened the door and were quickly snatched up, I heard part of a scream and smiled.  I walked into the house, there was a lot of noise, pleading, begging, crying, sniffling, whimpering, yelling.  

You see that phone call I made was to this guy who contacted me a long time ago.  He wanted to take the girls in a violent manner.  I kept his number in case I ever changed my mind about what he wanted.  Today was the day I changed my mind.  They needed to learn their place.  Which is on a cock, even if it is rammed into them dry.  

I sat in the living room playing games on my phone while I listened.  One of the slaps was so hard that I thought for sure there would be a huge bruise.  I started to think up an excuse to use if anyone asked about it.  More crying, more pleading, more slapping.  This went on with a couple breaks in between each assault. After about forty minutes I thought that they had learned their lesson.  I walked into each of the bedrooms and collected them. When we got in the car they were still crying.  I explained to them about what got them into that situation.  They all said they were sorry.  

I told them if they ever acted like that again that I would take them back to that house.  They promised me that they would be good, only time will tell.

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