Trannies The Best Of Both Worlds

Tranny Phone SexTrannies are the best of both worlds. We have tits. Dick. And a asshole to fuck. We make the best dommes better than any twat out there. Any boi who has had a tranny dominate the shit out of them will agree. Any man who tries a tranny, melts beneath us and turns into a boi. Willing and eager to please. When you are with a tranny a spell comes over you and you are in awwe. You never experience an orgasim as you do with a tranny. The intensity there is when a tranny is in charge. No one can resist a tranny not even a bitch. A bitch under a tranny spell will obey just as well as a boi. We are shemales. We are greater than man or woman.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex in the Morning

GFE Phone SexHe loves catching me first thing in the morning, when I’m trying to get my day started. I don’t know what it is, but he likes to catch me still in my panties and tank, no makeup, hair down, looking like I just stepped out of a horror movie or something. He says I’m sexy as hell before I put my face on for the day. It turns me on so much when he tells me how hot he finds me, and that always leads to sex. So, as I was already half-dressed, I just finished stripping my panties and top off, dropped to my knees, and sucked his dick right into my mouth and down my throat. His hands wrapped up in my hair, and he let me have my way with his cock, holding still as I fucked him with my throat. When I was horny enough, I climbed up his body, wrapping myself around him, and slid straight down his cock. He turned us so that he could set me down on the sink, and he grabbed my hips as I fell back against the mirror behind me. Then, a wicked grin spread on his face, and before I knew it, I was facing my naked image in the mirror as his cock drove back into me. I looked into his eyes, and he stared straight into mine through that glass, as he started drilling my cunt, hard, and deep. My tits bounced, my mouth dropped into an “o” and my eyes glazed over. He reached a hand up to wrap around my throat, and watching him fuck me like that drove me right over the edge. Watching myself cum was so fucking hot, and knowing that he was cumming deep inside me as I did kept my orgasm shooting off for several minutes after. That was a mind-blowing experience!

Tranny With A Dirty Mind

Tranny Phone SexWhen you first see me you see a beautiful woman. I am a woman but I have a secret. I have a dick. If you’re still reading this, then I know you’re into special ladies like myself. You want to get on your knees and wrap your lips around my cock. Take me deeper into your mouth and let me feel your throat. Look up into my eyes as your rock your head back and forth on my hard cock. Get me hard so then I can bend you over and fuck your tight asshole. I want you to feel my tits against your back as fuck you doggy style. If you’re a good boy I’ll return the pleasure. I love to suck cock, my suction is stronger than a vacuum. And when you bend me over you can get rough, because I like a little pain with my pleasure. I’m a beautiful tranny with a very dirty mind.

Adult phone chat with Brandy’s Big Ass

I believe big is better and I can prove it. My yummy pussy is juicy and plump as are my titties and my curvy body. I think that thick women are more playful and able to take a real pounding both in their pussy but also in their ass hole. You cannot say that about a skinny twig, you will bruise them and me you never have to worry about that. In fact I will always beg for it to be harder and faster. I love rough sex. I enjoy being choked and rammed as hard as you can give it. I can take every inch in any hole including my face.  You can ram that cock into my throat and blow a big fat load into the back of my throat and hold my mouth shut so I swallow it all. I will be the perfect little fuck slut you have ever had. One try and you will never go back to skinny.


Adult phone chat

Fantasy Phone Sex with Married Men

fantasy phone sexI love fantasy phone sex. When you think about it, that is what this industry is all about. Making your naughty fantasies cum true. I am such a naughty BBW. I love playing with married men especially. I enjoy being that dirty little secret. One of my callers last night wanted me to be his mistress. The extra hot part of our fantasy role play was that he wanted his wife to catch him with a sexy BBW. His wife body shames women like me. He thinks she is jealous of our curves because she is a stick figure with boobs, but not boobs like mine. Few wives have natural big tits like mine. That is why chicks with curves are such popular phone sex whores. I love the idea of fucking a married man and getting busted by his wife. Let a skinny bitch body shame me! Her man is fucking me, not her. That says it all. In the role play, I got to cuckold his wife. Sort of reverse of a typical cuckold call. Instead of shaming a small dick, I was shaming a flat ass and no tits. It was so much fun. I love this job. It lets me do and say all the things that might get me in trouble off the phone!

Cock control cutie

cock control cutie, I have become quite a little evil thing, I have spent months paying my dues for a mistake I made this past summer, I have already mentioned how I stole from Mr. D who is like an uncle to me and we already know that I got all my holes used by him, I didn’t so much love being subjected to him and being his slave slut like he likes to call me, but I soon got very used to it and enjoyed it even, I actually got very good at learning how to take control and enjoy control, I learned from him and applied that to the guys I fuck in school, I first try to get them super addicted to me and then I tease the hell out of them because they don’t deserve to have my pussy til I say its okay, I love giving those suckers blue balls and just giggling and teasing those idiots, It has made me so happy to run the show and let them know who is in charge.cock control

And Daughter Makes Three

Fantasy Phone SexHaving an awesome three some with my daughter and a guy I met at the bar last night. He came back to my house with me to fuck. And he had a surprise waiting for him. My daughter was horny and so in the mood to fuck. So as soon as she heard I had company she came in to join the fun. I love having 3-somes with her. Her twat is so fucking tight. I love every inch of slutty body. The guy I brought home loved fucking her ass. The look on her face is priceless. He gave her no mercy while fucking her ass. And I loved every fucking moment of it. I cherish moments like these. Great bonding moments.

GFE Phone Sex with The King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is the best with my sugar daddy, BDK. He travels the world wheeling and dealing and making amateur porn, but always finds time for his favorite sugar baby when he is in town. He called me to say he was heading back to town. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The moment I heard his voice, my pussy purred. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was special delivery. I knew it was from my King. Several gifts were in the box. A pretty new Coach pink bag with 20 grand cash to pamper myself.  A diamond and platinum gold necklace that said Property of BDK and a diamond  encrusted belly ring with the initials BDK. My Big Daddy King knows how to spoil his girls. Wait for it. There was also vibrating panties with BDK on the back. I put them on immediately. My King was controlling them remotely. I felt intense pleasure before another knock on my door. There was my King. He was controlling my pussy remotely. The closer he got, the faster the vibrations and the more my pussy purred. I went straight to Instagram to brag about my porn star Sugar Daddy and his amazing anaconda.  I have The Legend as a sugar daddy; I cannot help but brag. His presence is the best gift ever, however. I love the bling and the spending cash, but neither are better than the anaconda. My sugar daddy has the best cock on the planet. Period. It is dark as night and as long as the earth.  I begged to see the anaconda. I wanted my mouth on his billionaire balls. I wanted to see the legend of cocks. His cock is so big and beautiful porn stars beg to do scenes with him. My King can’t deny his sugar baby. I motor boated his billionaire balls, kissed the man sleeve with my pretty red lips, then devoured the anaconda. We fucked for hours. I miss my king when he is gone, but he always makes up for it with great fantasy phone sex.

Bow down for my Birthday bitches!

cuckolding phone sexBow down for my Birthday bitches! It’s time for all you little dick losers to show your appreciation for your Goddess… and I don’t mean by showing me that tiny little wannabe dick either! No, I want money and gift cards and presents and maybe, just maybe if you try really hard you may just earn yourself the right to be my clean up boy after I fuck a real man. I know my little slut boy Frank has certainly earned himself that privilege already, he filled my inbox with treats so he was rewarded with a nice well fucked cum filled pussy to eat… see how easy it is to please me? I’m a greedy Mistress that loves to be spoiled by little wannabe men like you. As long as you know your place of course…

Anal phone sex with slutty teen

Anal Phone SexBouncing my ass up and down on your throbbing cock while you are balls deep between my cheeks is one of my ultimate favorite things to do! Being stretched out like a slutty tramp always feels so damn good, hehe. My wet pussy is gushing as my juices slosh back and forth between my asshole and my cunny slit. I have a fun little talent where I am able to make my body squirt cum while you are ramming your shaft roughly in and out of my butt. Yeah my pussy is ripe and tight, but my asshole is even more so! It feels so fucking good to have your boner destroying my insides! Pull that cock out of my ass and let me suck on it like a lollipop, I want to taste all of my fluids, I know how delicious I am and it’s such a treat! I am going to suck you clean and dry, you are going to lose your fucking mind!

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