I Know Your Really A Dirty Man

Hot phonesexI love it when you try to act all innocent with me. I already know you are a dirty nasty man waiting for me to tell you how I want to see the piss running into your mouth going right down your throat. I want the real freak in you to be fucking my puffy pussy senseless. I want you to be so nasty that every word we use together will make us hornier and hornier and we will never feel ashamed. Only will pleasure will come out of me telling you how badly I want you to stick your tongue up my ass using it as a personal scraper. You will get every last morsel of shit there is left stuck up my ass. My warm piss will help wash all that gunk right down your throat. Oh but wait, now it is my turn to see what that ass has in store of me. Bring that sweet ass here and let me see how you taste. I will make sure I use my tongue to clean you up real good.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Party Whore

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex calls are great. Most guys don’t care if I cum or not. I get that. They are paying for a service. I think many of you assume that we don’t get off. I am a dirty whore. I want to get high, talk about incest and play with my cunt while you stroke your cock. Don’t you want that too? I had a new caller this week. He wanted me to call him Daddy, which was hot because he was younger than me. I think it was more of a submissive thing. We talked about our sibling fucking experiences. Mine began as a schoolgirl watching my mother and brother fuck. His happened later in life when his twin sister caught him fucking her best friend and joined in. Incest happens at all stages of life. With me it happened when I was young and when my sons were young. But, just because you never got to fuck your mother or sister when you were a school boy doesn’t mean it is too late. Just give this phone sex mommy a call. Let’s get high, masturbate and talk about incest.

My Pathetic Girl Lover

Scat Phone Sex

My perverted girl lover is such a pathetic fucking loser. His cock is permanently limp and useless! Who knew that chemical castration was the perfect solution for dirty girl lovers like my toilet slave? I just love taunting him and teasing him. I love having my little whores help me strap him to a table and punish him mercilessly for toying with a little 8thgrade jailbait. Having my little whores strip naked for him and tease him with their sweet ivory skinned bodies makes me cackle. I love seeing his limp, castrated cock twitch! When my perverted girl lover is a good boy, I love to spend the day eating sweets and drinking lemonade so that I can give him a yummy treat! Not only will my devoted girl lover eat his own shit for me on the phone, but he craves my yummy scat! I provide his special meal fresh and, in a bowl, to consume for my entertainment! He loves to slurp on my fucking anal pudding while my girls taught and tease him.

A cock tease for the boys

cock controlI’m a cock tease, and my whole family knows it very well. I walk around practically naked, and I tease all the boys in the house. Growing up in a house full of boys has its perks. I have an endless array of dick. I get horny, and all I have to do is walk by with little to nothing on, and I already have my brothers or dad ready to make me their cum slut. I got to fuck my youngest brother for the first time. I teased him to death. It took a while until I spread my pussy lips and let him slide his dick deep inside. My little brother needed some help fucking, but I was able to help him get into the groove of things. It will take sometime before he can hold off from cumming so quick. I teased him to the point he almost had blue balls.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Slut

naughty neighbor phone sex I was a naughty neighbor phone sex whore yesterday. It was a super nice day. Warm with sunshine, so I decided to wash my car. I wore a tight, see through top and daisy duke shorts. My ample ass was hanging out and my tits were visible because I made sure to get my shirt wet. I felt like such a naughty slut. Cars were driving by honking at me. Guys walking their dogs or jogging came up to talk to me. My neighbors all found excuses to come out of the house. Everyone was checking me out. I love the attention. I had no problem being swarmed by men. I could see them all pitching tents in their pants. I had about ten guys helping me wash my car. Some were neighbors, most were strangers in the right place at the right time.  I invited them inside for some morning coffee. They were each trying to outdo the other. They talked about their jobs, the cars they drive, how much money they had. All I cared about was how big their cocks were. Hell, I didn’t even really care if they weren’t huge. I had more than plenty of cocks to entertain my wet bald pussy. I got gang banged in my living room. I got my car washed. I got my pussy filled with cum and I started the day off right for my neighbors.

Panty Boy Cum For My Bull Cocks

panty boy phone sex

Black stockings, sexy black negligee and your cock stuffed into sheer black panties. Yes, this is where you belong panty boy! Let me bring in my strapping muscle-bound black cock friends. I dress you up and put you on your knees, I make sure you are begging Mistress for that black cock cream. Sexy panty boys belong sucking bull cock. Right after you have been obedient and licked my wet pussy. I will let you be my fluffer. I will even throw a nice white bull cock in the mix. I bet you are feeling kinda pathetic now? You cuckold cock never measure up to this size queens expectations. Maybe I will surprise you with your wife feeding you nice fat cock, and make you beg her for cum loads. That’s right I will teach your wife what you like a baby. Gag, gurgle and gulp a massive load for your cuckolding wife! Show her what you really are and what you really want! Make no excuses you are a panty boy with a love for large cock. Submit to your true nature.

I always have a great time with you

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I always have such a good time with you, and today was no exception. I love when we talk because we can and do talk about a broad scale of things, and you captivate me every time. I can honestly say I am bedazzled and refreshed by you because your not the average. I love our minds together it’s a feast of sexy activity, to say the least. I am crazy about you, and I wouldn’t have the feelings I feel for you any other way. I know it’s a fantasy, but you and I really move each other. You make me cum whenever you want to that’s a gift you have when it comes to my body. I dream about you and wake up wanting to go back to sleep because I want more. I think to myself, how if only I could dream and be close to you for a few more hours. You make me more than happy, you’re handsome, your giving and so smart. I want you to know that I love it.

Tranny Phone Sex Sugar Baby

tranny phone sexI am about to spend a few days as a tranny phone sex escort in the Bahamas. I am dating this new sugar daddy. Technically, I am just a sugar baby or GFE. I am not actually taking a large sum of money. When you are a sugar baby, it is an exchange. You take care of me and I take care of you. Now with that said, I am not a submissive sugar baby. I think your typical coed sugar baby likely caters to a dominant daddy type. That is not me.  I am in my 30s and I am not submissive. Never have been, and never will be, not even for a trip to the Bahamas and all the spoiling in the world. Trevor wanted a dominant special girl. One who looks like a girlfriend on the outside but is a bad ass bitch in the bedroom. I spoil his ass with my sexy tranny cock. He loves a hardcore ass fucking with my 10-inch cock. We will be enjoying the beach in the day, looking like a normal heterosexual couple to everyone on the island and at the resort. Once in the bedroom, however, Trevor’s ass will get pounded by my cock. So will his mouth. In exchange, I get wined and dined. I will be spoiled at the resort spa and taken on lavish shopping trips. What would you pay for my sexy tranny cock?

Forced Fucked

Tranny Phone SexMy submissives have been on their “A” game with pleasing and worshiping my big tranny dick that I planned a treat for them. I brought them home a homophobic man to force fuck. This man was at the bar all over me but talking about trannies and faggots needing to be burned alive. I have seen this piece of shit. several times in the bar acting all macho man but tonight I was making my move. I flirted with him rubbed my body tight up against him and whispered in his ear “would you like to come home with me and fuck me all night long?” He pulled me tight up against him I could feel his dick hard pressed against me. And we whispered back in my ear. “I am going to fuck your brains out tonight.” I giggled to myself he had not a clue what was in store for him as soon as I got him home. My submissives were waiting for us as we entered into my dark house. I was sloppily making out with him distracting him. He never heard my submissive walk up behind him and hit him over the head. When he woke up he was naked tied to a bed and he had a dick sliding in and out of his ass. He looked over at me and was shocked to see me stroking my dick and not fondling a pussy. My boys had so much fun with him they fucked the homophobic right out of him.

My Cunt Needs You


Cocksucking Phone Sex


My pussy knows you better fuck all the other whores they don’t understand how we work. I had a dream about you; it was so reckless, and it was also the best dream I had in such a long time. I woke up touching my cunt. I need it to find my vibrator so I could play with my pussy just to calm down. You are so fucking sexy your cock should be inside of me every night. I think that you want me too. I just know that you’re not gay even though you like to be fucked in your asshole. Your just a man of the world and you like to see things differently, and broader isn’t that right? So let me strap on this big fat cock it’s delicious, and I want you to get down on your knees. I think that you and I could have a perfect time for sure. Don’t you know that I know how to please you I know how to open your back end up? When I’m done with you-you are going to want me all the time I should be a crime. I’m so nasty whenever I get with you-you make me want to do the naughtiest things. Don’t do you think that we are perfect in the bed? Look at your cock it’s super fucking hard looks like it’s going to bust out of your jeans. You can fulfill all your rape fantasies with me that’s right. I will let you have an Ultimate Experience One you won’t forget anytime soon. Walk-in get this don’t turn and lie you know you want what I got to give. I’m nasty you’re horny I’m a bitch that can suck dick you’ll see your cock head in my throat print.


Cum Slut Phone Sex

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