Seven Hail Mary’s

I have a priest client that really enjoys the fuck out of my slutkin daughter and when we show up in his confession booth in the mid afternoon he gets so worked up over her little hand sliding through the door jerking off that pious penis of our beloved Father. We are given our Hail Mary’s to say and will repent to the basement where he will meet us and administer the bare bottom spankings of her young white ass. His cock throbs as he spanks her with each handful of sweet flesh he squeezes when his hand grazes down upon her bottom. He throbs for her and I give this old bugger what he really desires as I dress in a Nuns Habit and gown with my strap-on and riding crop. Demanding him to bend over as he has been a bad Priest and the head Sister will need to punish him for that.
Ring me up to see where we can take some of this fun…
Blasphemy Phone Sex

Naughty Part Time Maid

Naughty Maid Phone Sex
So my hours at the office were cut down a bit, which I assume has a lot to do with my boss’s wife showing up a lot more. Which is fine my friend set me up with this amazing gig. She cleans houses for a lot of high end clients. One of which is this man who has this huge house right across town. She told me the best part is he is hardly ever home, she sees him once or two every few months. But a few hundred is always on the table and he likes it cleaned once a week. So it would be a solid part time gig for me. So I went over there, and started cleaning off the checklist she gave me. It hardly looked like anyone even lived there, wasn’t much to do. I heard footsteps behind me when I was sweep in his kitchen. I turned around to see a nicely dressed business man staring down at me. “Your not the usual girl.” he commented. He looked me up and down and took out his wallet. He threw another wad of cash down and undid his pants walking towards me. “Can’t complain though, your prettier” he smiled pushing me down onto my knees as he pushed my mouth down on his cock.

You caught my eye

wet bald pussy
I see the way that you are looking meat me while drinking with your friends. I dropped my purse right in front of you so that when I bent over to pick it up you could see my panties. As I walked outside you followed me. Exactly what I was hoping you would do. I ask you to walk me to my car, but I am grabbing your cock and kissing you the entire way there. I unlock my door and push you into the driver’s seat. Your a smart guy so you’re already pulling your cock out so I can slide my wet bald pussy right on top of it. Using the steering wheel for leverage I am riding your cock so hard my car is rocking with us. Once you cum I let you out and blow you a kiss goodbye.

Fantasy Phone Sex in Italy with The Living Legend and his Sugar Babies

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex gets taken to a whole new level with our Big Daddy King. I had the pleasure of spending the day with the Living Legend on his birthday. My friend and fellow sugar baby, Loretta, was not as lucky and she was sad. I could hear it in her voice, but I had to pry it out of her that she thought our Big Daddy King didn’t like her anymore. I knew that was nonsense, so I called The Living Legend himself to confirm. Big Daddy King doesn’t like any of his sugar babies feeling down, so he told us to hop on his private jet and go see him off the coast of Italy.
gfe phone sexLoretta and I packed all our BDK jewels and nothing but sexy outfits. Big Daddy King flew us in style on his luxury private jet. Of course, we took to social media to brag about the best sugar daddy in the world. We are proud gfe phone sex babies. A private stretch limo was waiting on us as we stepped off the jet. OMG, the view of the Italian coast as we drove to his private mansion on a large vineyard was almost as amazing as the Anaconda. BDK was very happy to see his prized sugar babies decked out in designer duds and all the bling he has bought us. He looked like a king because he is The King. He is the king of high-class sugar babies like Loretta and me.
wet bald pussyWe showered BDK in hugs and kisses. Loretta immediately perked up when she saw the Anaconda in its diamond encrusted white man sleeve. That beautiful huge cock always gives me a wet bald pussy. I let her have the first honors, even though the Anaconda is more than enough cock for two sugar babies. She was talking in Spanish, which was so sexy, as she gave sugar baby kisses all over the best cock on the planet. When she pulled off the man sleeve, I got weak in the knees. I fell to the ground to help my fellow sugar princess worship The Living Legend’s cock. We begged for that billionaire nut sauce like starving sugar babies too. That is because a woman can never have enough of Big Daddy King.
phone sexWe spent the weekend worshiping the Anaconda and being spoiled and pampered by the best sugar daddy in the world. Loretta was cheered up instantly knowing her Papi King still adored her. Our BDK is loyal to his sugar babies. He treats us better than any man can or has. We are forever loyal to the best sugar daddy in the world with the best cock on the planet. All other men are just Splenda daddies in comparison. #SnakeCharmersinItaly #PropertyofBDK #TheLivingLegend #LaLeyendaViva


Mutual masturbation phone sex

I admitted to my fuck buddy Jr that I had dirty fantasies that I wanted to roleplay. He instantly acted intrigued. I had been craving about walking in on him masturbating to sexy school girls. My lesbian, and tranny secret is finally out to him. I love the surprise of a dick in panties and sexy little short skirts on girls. He admitted he has almost the same kind of secret. But, that he loves masturbating in public. He has always fantasized about him walking in on me playing with my self with my vibrator. We both agreed to make shit happen. So, I called my lesbian sister to ask if she knew of a pretty little she-male for us to play. She did in fact, so we texted her for about a week. I brought my girl over that I have had sex with before, and the hot she-male. I had plenty of toys and I let them know that Jr and I have had dirty fantasies. They were totally down. Jr was in the room with his phone stroking his cock while Liz the she- male was dressing up with my girl Carol. I just wanted to walk in on them doing just that. So, that’s what I did. We played a little but the sex wasn’t the fantasy. Being normal and acting like it was so so real was what had my attention and made me wet. After, I got what I wanted. It was Jr’s turn. I had to do a split while I was playing with my self. I came so hard to them all staring right at me. They all played along so very well.

Master’s Little Bitch

adult phone chat

I love when master strangles me while pounding my pussy! Me and master went to a fetish club together, but he made sure to keep a leash and collar on me so I wouldn’t stay from his side. It wasn’t long until I noticed an older uglier subby slut staring at my master. One thing you should know about me is I don’t take shit from anyone but my master. He had a tight grip on my leash, so I couldn’t attack right away. But she made the mistake of coming closer, there was nothing he could do to save her. I jumped on her, and began beating the shit out of her. He tried using the leash to pull me away, but it was too late I was in attack mode. When he finally managed to pull me off of her using the leash, she was nothing but blood and bruises. I couldn’t quite figure out how master felt. On one hand I wasn’t supposed to attack her, but on the other hand I know my master loves a girl fight. He walked me home on my leash in silence. Once we got to his house, he told me to take everything off but my leash. I did as I was told, and he told me to get on all fours. He explained to me I was being punished for not stopping when he told me to, but I was also being rewarded for entertaining my master. He got behind me and slipped his cock into my pussy, and I knew this was the reward because it is my favorite position. I love being fucked doggy style because I am his little bitch. He began pounding me the way I like it, but then he grabbed the leash. He pulled impossibly tight, and I couldn’t get oxygen into my lungs. He choked me until I passed out, but I deserved it. My master is so fair to me he knows the best ways to reward me, but he also knows the best ways to punish me.

Bonafide blowjob Babe

hot squirting pussy

School is just starting up and I am so excited. I have fucked the dean and my professors but I am always down to get my hot squirting pussy going at all times. I have a serious cock addiction. Giving blowjobs is something i have excelled since I was a youngin. My first experience was with my brothers best friend. I was at the table having lunch and I ended up grabbing his cock and giving him a handjob. It didn’t stop their when we were alone while my brother was in the shower I decided to put his cock. Deep in my mouth and show him that I am much nastier than the older girls he entertained. I quickly became him go to cocksucking slut. The good whores start young.

Black Cock Phone Sex for Cuckold Husbands

black cock phone sex
Black cock phone sex is what I am known for. So, men with little dicks are only calling me for one of two reasons, often both. They either want to have their little white dicks shamed for not being big enough to please a woman or they want some of those big black cocks I am always raving about. Most men are like my husband and they want both. My husband enjoys small dick humiliation from his slut wife, but he also enjoys sucking a big black cock and cleaning up the spunk left inside of me or on my big tits. Tony came over last night for some white slut wife fun. Tony has an 11-inch big black cock and unlike most of my bulls, he loves to make my husband his bitch. My husband is happy to be Tony’s bitch because that means he is on his knees sucking his big black cum filled balls. My husband is great inspiration for my cuckolding phone sex calls because he will do anything to please me and to please a big black cock. Will you? Tony was feeling extra alpha male last night because he skull fucked my husband with such force, I thought he might puke. Tony is one of the few ghetto type men I fuck. By that I mean, Tony has been in prison for selling drugs and he hates white men. He, however, loves white women. I normally fuck black men from the suburbs, but Tony and I go back to high school. I have known him since I was a high school cheerleader and he was a high school jock. He was shocked when I married a white man because I was always a black cock whore. I still am and always will be. My husband’s mouth doesn’t hurt as much as his ass though. Tony fucked his ass like he was his prison bitch. I love my husband and I suppose I should feel bad, but he loved every moment of his hardcore ass fucking and so did I.

My Pussy is Ready

Fantasy Phone Sex

My pussy is as wet as a lake, and I want to drown in you tonight. I’m a freak who loves to eat dick and balls, and your dick and balls are on the menu for me baby. Can you fuck me like a slut that I’ve always wanted to be? I promise I’ll please you I’ll do anything to please you I’m a come guzzling slut puppy who loves to be fucked real hard. I want to be your Masterpiece tonight I want you to come and control me we can make some holy fucking music. I’m ready to break all of the rules I love being evil. Hungry girls like me we eat meat raw, and that’s just how I want to eat your meat absolutely raw until it creams in my mouth. I want your cream to overflow from my throat to my chin. I love you, baby, I want you bad you’ve got to fuck me and please my body. Kiss me where it’s always wet, downtown I just need it so bad. Let me be your Cookie Monster I want to eat your sweets while you eat my sweet pussy. I can already feel your cum loading in my throat and falling into my belly. You know I want you-you realize I need you, I’m your cock sucking slut. I want you to cum all over my face I need it, I want it I desire it right now. I just can’t wait any longer I’ve been waiting all day already.

Cock crazed in class

hot squirting pussy

I always get into some sort of trouble in class. I am smart enough not to get caught though. All throughout semesters I have found a way to keep myself busy. I remember when I decided to give my classmate a hand job while we were taking midterms. The look on his face was priceless and I enjoyed feeling his cock grow in my hands. I had him tensed and had him wanting more.
I would tease him so bad I would work him up and then I would stop. I could feel all that precumm and it motivated me to be a bigger slut. I glanced over and made eye contact with him and put his cum right in my mouth. Not sure if he passed his midterm but he sure did pass fucking my hot squirting pussy after class. Can’t wait to see what the new school year brings.

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