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mutual masturbation pornmutual masturbation pornmutual masturbation pornMy dad has always had buddies come and go around the house. He would have so many guy friends and would make my sisters, and I call them uncle.One day when my dad was too busy to paint the house he left his friend Randy to come over and finish up the project. I wish I would have had fair notice about him being in the house while I was prancing around naked.I thought I was entirely home alone. I was so wrong; Uncle Randy got a full view of my naked body. He saw quickly how I got uncomfortable and reassured me not be embarrassed. Uncle Randy asked for my help and wanted to know if I’d like to help him paint. I did because I loved painting and was bored as can be. The embarrassment faded, and I wasn’t thinking twice. Uncle Randy, on the other hand, must have been horny because I went to use his phone on accident thinking it was my phone and the first thing that popped up was mutual masturbation porn. It was no surprise moments later when I went back to painting I felt uncle randy push against me to feel his cock. I guess he realized I found out about his dirty little secret. Uncle Randy wanted me to give him a blowy and wanted me to be his naughty little helper. I couldn’t argue I love cum and I love uncle Randy.

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mommy phone sexI love having mommy phone sex. Seriously, being a phone mommy is the next best thing to being a real mommy. My sons always want to listen in on my mommy sex calls. Its like foreplay for them. Last night, I was up a late talking dirty about family fun. I was getting high with my caller and sharing true life incest experiences. My caller admitted that when he was in high school, he got his mother pregnant. His brother is his son, but to this day only him and his mother know the truth. My sons went apeshit when they heard that. If one of them were to knock me up, daddy would know. He knows I fuck our sons. I have not fucked him in years. I am a slut wife and a fan of younger cock. My husband would love me to have a baby with one of our boys. Hell, he would love it if my black drug dealer knocked me up. After my call, my boys wanted to fuck. It was way past their bedtime, but I was horny too. I couldn’t be a good mother. I can never be a good mother. I enjoy fucking and partying too much for that. You should have heard them as they were fucking me. Telling me that they wanted to give mommy a baby gave me a hot squirting pussy. I was so wet at the idea of getting knocked up again. I crawled into bed with my husband. I had our sons’ cum oozing down my thighs as I snuggled up to him and told him I wanted to have another baby. His dick got hard. I let him stroke his dick as he talked about taking me to a fertility doctor to increase my odds. I’m 40. That’s not dead but it can be reproductively challenging. Clearly, everyone in my family wants me to have another baby. Do you think 40 is too old to be a mommy again?

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Next door neighboor

hot ass sexhot ass sexhot ass sexMy new neighbor is extra yummy. I saw him moving in and knew I had to have him; I have been thinking about his big cock for days. I can tell he is hung because he’s a big black guy and he is always hanging with a different girl. I know these girls are lining up at the door. I can tell he likes my tight body and is still trying to converse with me. For now, I will have to imagine what hot ass sex with him will be like. I have been thinking about his buddies and him fucking me right in our basketball community court. I bet they all have enormous chocolate dicks ready to fill my tight holes. I like being a cute blonde who is a cockaholic. I especially love a cock that big black and comes with a pair of huge balls. I want nothing more than to be gangbanged by my new neighbor and his friends. We are going to have a lot of fun being acquainted. The naughty thoughts that roam my mind are delicious.

The Sex Trade

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My boyfriend Jasper is a world class motivational speaker with a supreme appetite for hot tight wet tiny pussies. I thought what could I get for him as his birthday was coming up soon. I decided that we would do something different something yummy so, we are going to a carnival called, “The Sex Trade Carnival Show.” This show is like none other than you have ever been to or dreamt about. Jasper likes it kinky he’s a full-on freak with no draw backs or taboos what so ever. I found out about the carnival show from this horny fucker I used to trick with named Chuck. I knew my lovebug was going to flip his dick when he saw my naughty plans come to life. Jasper is about to be up to his tongue in sweet hot tight tiny wet cunts. Do you want to know all about carnival that will have you spraying jizz everywhere? I think you know what to do, the number is in the pic.

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I am for sure what you would call a big slut, I love cocks of all sizes. I can’t get enough I suppose you could say I am a nympho. When I’m not sucking cock or fucking I am fucking my own tight pussy. I have quite a few fuck buddies that I have and of course they don’t have any idea about each other ha. I love it, it is a thrill but, it isn’t like I am with anyone. I would still do what I want even if I was. I called my favorite buddy over, he is so handsome, tall chocolate lover with gorgeous eyes. He came over without hesitation when his wife was out getting pampered. He walked right in and I said come to my bedroom he found me naked in just my red heels with blood red lipstick. He came over to me and took his big black cock out, I moaned and squeezed my thighs together. He put it in my mouth and while I was sucking, he had spread my thighs open and start fingering my cunt real rapid. As soon as I was wet enough he got between my legs and fucked me soft and deep and then a little faster. His balls were getting tight and I could tell he was going to nut. He put me on my knees as he was pulling out he started coming and instead of my face it went all over my breasts. It was so much almost like a fountain, I thought he was never going to stop.

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gfe phone sexDo you enjoy GFE phone sex? What about a sexy GFE with a twist? Can you guess my special secret? Most guys don’t know I have a panty surprise, but when they find out, they are pleasantly surprised. I love being spoiled and pampered. I consider myself a princess. I live my life as a woman. The only thing not feminine about me is my 10 inch cock. I keep it shaved but let’s be honest; my cock is bigger than the majority of men I date. It makes them want to spoil me like I had a bald cunt. I can make them feel better with a cock, however. I am the best of both worlds. Rudy is my latest sugar daddy. He is some financial wizard. Makes people millions and they reward him handsomely for it. He likes to pamper girls, especially special girls. He is a client of one of my T-girl friends. She is an escort, but when he met me, he made it clear he wanted to spoil me. I can’t say no to fancy dinners and shopping trips. I also can’t say no when men beg me to fuck their asses. We go out with his friends, but they don’t know about my panty surprise. Afterwards, we are back at his house and he is servicing my cock with his mouth and ass. I like him. He is smart, funny and kind, not to mention wealthy. His dick is not small. It is not 10 inches either, but as long as he continues to spoil me, I will continue to give him the hardcore ass fucking he wants. I think it makes some men feel better about getting fucked in the ass when the person doing the fucking looks like me. What do you think?

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tranny phone sexBeing a tranny phone sex operator is not my only job, I like to invest my money in properties in various places and the money is very good… most of the time. For the last several months I’ve been dealing with a dope fiend named Blair, she rented out one of my prime properties and this fucking whore owed me thousands of dollars in back rent. I was at the end of my rope with her, the court fees to evict her would have been more than I wanted to pay and I swear that whore knew it and took advantage of it but that all stopped when I went by there yesterday. Up till then I was always very nice in my dealings with Blair, she had never seen my harsh side so she was expecting to just sweet talk her way out of it. I was having none of that shit tho! I grabbed her by her neck and pinned her up against the wall. I told her that she was gonna pay me one way or the other so she better start figuring out how to make it happen. She offered me her pussy but I wasn’t interested in fucking some old whore, I told her to offer something better or I would cause her a world of pain! That’s when she offered me her boys’ sweet tender little assholes and promised me that I could fuck them whenever I wanted just as long as she could stay there for free. How could I turn that offer down? Two tender little bottoms to fuck? I wanted it right then! I made her bring them out and I grabbed the youngest and shoved all 12 inches of my giant cock right up his ass! He screamed of course but that didn’t stop me, his mommy owed me a lot of money and he was gonna pay every sent with that sweet ass!

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