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mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn is my favorite to watch. I love watching a man stroke his throbbing cock if it is a nice cock. Something so animalistic about watching a man cum. It might have to do with the cum shots. Men have cum shots. Not that women do not cum when they play with their sex toys and fingers, you just do not see it unless she squirts. I watched this one guided jack off movie last night that turned me on. A hot sexy woman was providing instruction to a man with a sizable cock. He was almost as big as my cock. I have been masturbating more because I cannot get cock as much. I got out my favorite ass toy, lubed it up and started to bounce on it as I stroked my cock the same way the guy in the video did. His instructor called it a deep scrotum massage. I lubricated my cock and balls with my favorite lube. With my hand I grasped my swollen cock, pointing my index finger towards my ball sac. My thumb and forefinger were closest to my body. I then allowed my thumb and forefinger to slide down as far as they could go stroking towards my scrotum. My other hand was free to squeeze, kneed, massage, even tickle my nuts. She sounded so clinical when she was speaking, but it was still hot to watch, especially as my hot tight ass felt like it had a big dick fucking it. After about 20 minutes of watching guided masturbation porn, I felt my ball sac tighten, and my ass clench, which meant I was about to shoot a huge load of spunk. I cannot get cock whenever I want right now, however, masturbation is something I can do all day long. I am still part man, and men have a sexual relationship with their hands long before they ever see pussy or another cock! What are you waiting for? Pick up your cock and give yourself some self-love today. I can help you with some prostate phone sex fun too.

I was so pampered

cuckolding phone sexFinally I was treated the way I deserve! My new favorite cucky did something very good last week, he took me and my stud on his yacht so I could have a private little cruise for a week. Everything was done for me, I was waited on hand and foot and I had everything I could possibly want. I love that even tho cucky has loads of money he still knows his place is to worship me and watch while I fuck whoever I want. I had my stud there with me and I fucked him whenever and wherever I pleased and cucky cleaned my pussy up after every load of cum. He even sucked my stud’s cock to get him hard for me. I love when a man knows his place like that, he gave me a vacation I sorely needed. All my little bitches should plan things like this for me, you all know I deserve it.

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Just the other day I had my naughty friend over for sissy phone sex. He loves playing with my mini me and was one of the first to put his penis in her young sweet mouth. He is so infatuated with her. The way she has blossomed into such a sweet little slutkin. He has helped that so much. He makes love to her with his p cock or peapod as he puts it. He loved seeing her in pantyhose. He wore some sexy pantyhose also because they feel so good. He is a bit of a sissy and always wears sissy panties under his boy clothes. But pantyhose under his jeans drives him wild, it makes his little dick throb. So for the two of them having silky pantyhose on makes their fun time amazing. The pantyhose are awesome with the friction they build up when he is rubbing on her sweet tight little bottom. It’s so sweet the way he loves my little Jasmine. She enjoys him so much because his penis is a great size for her tight little holes She has such a juicy young bald pussy. Mommy’s friend is just so generous to us also. He always gifts the little mini me and myself with gift cards to shop for some more slutty things to wear. He is a bit of a sugar daddy sissy to my slutkin Jasmine Emily. And so adores him not only because he funds her shopping but because he always brings her pleasure. She loves his goo inside her holes. It’s fun to put some of that fun stuff on his penis and lick it off. It’s exciting for both of them. When his tongue licks her little bald cuny she always giggles and moans. Mommy’s little whore is ready for more little dicks to penetrate and fuck her.

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Black Girl and Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sexI am known as a black cock phone sex whore. It is true I love big black dicks. My pussy is almost exclusively reserved for black cock. Every now and then, I like some black pussy too. Ericka is a black hot teen slut. I fuck her daddy a few times a month. He is a single dad because mommy is a crack whore and in prison. I have no daughters of my own. I have a niece and a stepdaughter. Ericka, my lover’s daughter, is like a surrogate daughter to me. She has no mommy and I help her out with boy issues, schoolwork and shopping. I was there for her when she started her period. I was there for her when her crush pranked her into thinking he liked her. I was there for her when her white loser boyfriend was treating her like shit. And I was there for her last night when she wanted to try a bisexual experience with another schoolgirl. I had to teach her a few things first, however. I ate her young bald pussy until she squirted on my face. When it comes to young black girls, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. She started convulsing as she came. It was her first orgasm. I had no idea. She was not a virgin. I explained to her that she deserves many things in life. She deserves orgasms. She deserves boys who will treat her right. And she deserves big dick. I got out my strap-on to fuck her like she deserves. My strap-on is 9-inches and thick. I told her to never settle for less than this size in cocks right before I pushed it inside her pink cunt. She was cumming again. I hit the right spot and gave her a hot squirting pussy. Last night was a first for me. Ericka is not the first black girl I have played with, but she was the first black girl to eat my pussy with her daddy’s cum still in my cunt.

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They definitely enjoyed the view

tranny phone sexI have a pretty private backyard no one can see into it except for one house right next door. They have one window that overlooks my yard and here lately I have been noticing someone standing there watching me every time I went outside. It was a little thrilling for me honestly, this quarantine has me bored and the men that live next door to me are sexy as hell so I figured why not give them a show? I put on my bikini and started watering my pants but that soon turned into me getting wet and naked back there. I could see someone watching out the corner of my eye so I kept going, I sat down in my garden and stroked my cock. I was making sure that whoever was in that window could see my huge cock grow as I stroked it, I wanted them to come down but they were just too shy. Maybe next time I will just go to him and take what I want.

No One Does GFE Phone Sex Like BDK

gfe phone sex

There is no other kind of gfe phone sex than with Big Daddy King. Everything he does is superior. That is why he is the living legend. He has been stranded down in the Cayman Islands. His jet is benched for now. He invited me and some of the other high earning strippers at his club down to his paradise mansion to weather the storm last month and we are still there. We cannot strip, so our beloved sugar daddy extraordinaire is taking care of us. I almost wish this virus would never go away, so I could live with The King 24/7. He knows how to spoil girls. He is a hands on sugar daddy. He knows how to take care of me and his other sugar babies. We were drinking top self liquor the other night and doing cam shows. Big Daddy King had a brilliant idea for how we could make money while the club is closed. Cam shows. Not just any cam show either. We give sexy stripteases to VIP clients. The men with the most money. The men who like to lavish women like me with money and attention. The difference between the men paying to watch me strip and play with another hot ass sex babe and Big Daddy King, is that BDK is the real deal. He is deserving of women like me. In fact, it is me who is not worthy of his greatness.

hot ass sexMe and the girls were a little drunk and we started telling the men watching us was that was all they could do. Watch. In real life, they could never have a woman as hot as any one of Big Daddy King’s sugar babies. We were in the throne room for this show, so we tilted the camera to show the loser audience what a real king sits on. Then Big Daddy King made a grand appearance and the camera just loves him. Everyone and everything loves The Living Legend. We swooned and forgot about the losers who paid for a strip show. We only had eyes for Big Daddy King and his anaconda. No way any of the losers watching had a cock like Big Daddy King. Our cam show turned into a Big Daddy King and the anaconda show. They steal every show! Our King sat on the throne and us sugar babies squealed in delight at the chance to worship a real man. We wanted to show the losers why they are losers. We pulled the anaconda out of his white compression shorts and gave it rainbow kisses. The Anaconda is too big for the computer screen. We shamed the little dick losers and posers watching, which made getting billionaire nut sauce on our faces, so much hotter. I do not know how Big Daddy King expects us to work with his hot ass around. He is the biggest distraction in every way. #QuarantinedwiththeKing #TheLivingLegend #PropertyofBDK #Addicted2Anaconda

They Jerked Off On My Face

Party Girls Phone SexYou know what I like to do baby? I like to party, fuck and suck cock. Is there anything sexier than a big thick stream of cum running down a hot girls face? The other night I hooked up with my neighbor. We were sitting around watching some Netflix and doing lines and shots and then we lit up a joint. Pot makes me extremely horny, so I started coming onto him. He was really fucked up and things were not going so well. I reached in my purse for my vibrator and handed it to him. He started rubbing it all over my clit as he licked and sucked my nipples. I was moaning and so close when I looked up and his two roommates were jerking off beside us. Being a nasty girl, I motioned them over. While he fucked my juicy wet pussy with the vibrator, I took one of his roommates in my mouth and jerked the other with my hand. As he was about to cum, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his load all over my face. The other roommate did the same and with the warm thick cum running down my face I immediately orgasmed. That was all it took for that dick to get hard and he grabbed me up and rammed me on top of his dick and fucked me hard as we both licked the cum from my face. It was super-hot and thinking about it makes my pussy super slick all over again.

Married Men Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex never gets old. I am just grateful to still be in the game. Married men have always been attracted to me. I am feeling a little rough. I need a hair cut.  I need my eyebrows waxed. I need a mani / pedi. I took this picture last night. Just me at home during quarantine in my favorite red teddy. What do you think? I sent the picture to a few married lovers I have not seen in a few months. I was not sure what the response would be. I was hoping it would be that they still thought I was a sexy BBW, but you never know. My ego needed a boost and I was searching for compliments. My married lover next door snuck out of the house after his wife went to sleep because he needed to see me desperately. My little home selfie got him hard and thinking about me again. I was surprised when he knocked on my back door. His wife is a super light sleeper. He always joked that if I farted in my sleep, she would hear it lol. That was the reason he has not been able to sneak out since the quarantine started. He slipped her one of his Xanax in her dinner. He saw that picture of me, and he could not go any longer without fucking me. I was flattered. I needed his cock. Out of all my lovers, he has the biggest cock. He had the biggest cum shot for me too last night. His balls almost exploded at hello. I felt like a virgin again. I have had some cock during this crisis, but not his and not as many as I need. So, when his cock first entered my pussy, I almost came instantly lol. He did not last long fucking me, but we both came hard. I will be glad when things get back to normal. I need more nights like last night.

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Little Cum Slut Phone Sex Sissy

What’s not to love about a little cum slut phone sex sissy son? I’m a young mommy, yes. So it’s reasonable to understand that my 3 little ones are young tender little playthings. I make them all up as babydolls because it’s always so much fun. I started the girls in pageants and my son got jealous and wanted to be a pageant whore also. His sisters love to dress him up and make him a her and pretty like them. I decided to get all three of them in a pageant and had the rules bent just to accept my young man in it. It’s not every day that there’s this kind of request. I know it could cause an outrage but I worked something out with the head judge and coordinators. My three little pageant princesses will be putting on a private show for them and they will get a special hands on try out with all three. These guys have a love for young bottoms and my three will serve just fine for the three of them. I think its exciting to get their little bottoms fucked and spanked. I just hope the three of them get to compete in the pageant and the other mothers need not know about the special 3rd princess of mine.

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Submit to My Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Forced Feminization phone sex

Let me tell you about forced feminization phone sex. It is not for the average sissy. Men who have been cuckolded for a few years know that those hot wives want a little something extra. These sexy women find that putting men in lingerie, panties, make-up and so on brings them sexual excitement.  Most cuckolded men are happy just to sit back and watch as pretty women get fucked by big bull dick, but that is  not everything that happens when a woman becomes a cuckoldress. Something in her changes and the dormant Mistress springs forth and she wants to own your body in  way she has never owned a person before. She may use black mail, or force to make you into the pretty faggot you were always meant to be. I am not saying every cuck goes through this transformation, only the lucky ones with a hot slut that needs to see your sissy side bloom, and forced feminization can happen before or after you begin to fluff cocks, but I warn you now,  you will be a cock whore and cum slut if you happen across a woman like me who went from cheating whore, to cuckoldress to stone cold Mistress of sissy men.

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