Dream slut

princess phone sexPrincess phone sex is what I can say is my specialty. I love being your dream girl, More than a dream girl your dream slut: the lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I have an appetite for men that know how to work my body. You can bet I will deliver so much bliss to your life. There is no other that can ride your cock for hours on end. I can’t wait to hop on your cock and make you cum over and over again. Feeling your dick pulsate in me while you fill me with your cum is what makes me so addicted to you. You can bet on it that I will be the perfect girl for you. I will have you feeling your best. There is nothing I won’t do to keep your cock happy.

Fat Cat Brina

Cum Slut Phone Sex


Big fat bitches like to fuck, and I’m going to tell you a story about the girl who walked up to my boyfriend and said, “I’m going to get you, Craig and I’m going to take that cock from you and you better not say no to me.” I went to visit my cousin Jamie and her big fat sister Brina, unfortunately, I went with my boyfriend, and Brina is a horny fat bitch who takes cock from the guys that she wants. Brina has big fat triple D tits, and she has a big fat wide open pussy. When Brina saw my boyfriend she got hungry and it looked like she was going to lose her mind. Brina started licking her lips looking all hungry like she wanted to take my man and eat his cock Raw. Brina is a fucking whore and she threatened me she told me that she was going to beat my fucking ass if I didn’t let her fuck my boyfriend. I weighed my options I looked at Brina I saw how big she was and I said beautiful bitch have at him you can fuck him if you want to fulfill all of your rape fantasies. I know y’all might call me bad or scary because I just gave my boyfriend up but Brina is huge and dangerous so I felt like I had no choice. Brina told me that she was going to tape it all and send me a tape of my boyfriend getting devoured by her nasty raunchy gross ass. When my boyfriend found out I was leaving him there for Brina he got kind of upset but I don’t care I’m not getting beat up for any guy.

Taking Cock In Your Ass 101

Anal Phone Sex

I am asked by a lot of you how I started making my Daughter’s into cock hungry girlies.  I am always happy to tell you.  One thing that I usually do not expound upon is how they learned how to handle a real cock.  Toys can only do so much, also, telling someone how something is done sometimes does not translate well, especially when you are speaking to someone so young.  I found the best way to teach them was to show them. Having someone fuck your pussy is pretty self explanatory, but I made them watch anyway. 

They all giggled the first time they saw a real cock. It was actually kind of cute.  They were mesmerized by it, the length, the girth, and just the way it looked.  They took turns touching it so they could see what it felt like, then they watched as it was slipped into their Mommy’s pussy.  The whole time I was relaying how it felt, how to move their bodies, that it was okay to touch the man hovering above you as they thrust in and out of you.  They did not need a lot of direction where regular penetration was concerned.

Then came their Anal Sex lesson.  They were shocked that someone would want to put their dick into an asshole.  They make these icky faces when I was explaining it to them.  Once again, I set up an object lesson so they could see what it looked like.  My partner was able to get hard rather quickly.  It really turned him on knowing that my girls would be watching so closely.  I showed them how to relax, they stuck their little faces close to my ass as they watched that large cock sink into my asshole.

I didn’t lie to them, I let them know that sometimes it hurts, but you just have to remember that you need to relax and you could always rub your clit to keep you aroused.  I also let them know that if it hurts more than they can stand they can always ask the man to reposition, unless they were being punished for something then they would just have to suck it up and suffer.  My partner told me he could feel their breath on this cock when he would pull out before slipping back in.  That made him cum pretty damn quick.

After he pulled out I had my girls get behind me so they could watch the cum drip out of my ass.  The middle one asked if she could touch it, I told her yes.  Then I explained that some men will want to ‘clean you’ afterward, or feed you their dick that was just in your ass, or even scoop it up with their fingers and make you lick it off.  All three of them pulled faces, so I had each of them take a little taste.  They didn’t like it at all, but I told them that they would have to get used to it.  I made arrangements for my partner to come over once a week for a couple of months, so my girls could get used to the taste of cum that runs out of a freshly fucked shit hole.  It took a bit of training/learning, but now they do not even bat an eye.

Phone Sex with The Most Talked About Man in the World


phone sexPhone sex with The King is simply unbelievable. As is everything with him. He is The Living Legend for a reason. When he walked into my world, he changed it forever. Any woman lucky enough to meet The King is changed for the good too. I have been missing my sugar daddy. It is like he has telepathy. He made a surprise visit at The Pleasure Palace this week. An elite magazine, Night Life, was doing a piece on the club. The Pleasure Place was a rundown townie strip joint before Big Daddy King bought it. He transformed Big Al’s into the most elite gentleman’s club in the world and the most talked about club in the world too. The Pleasure Palace was being awarded the Best New Club in the world title, so My King showed up for the interview. A few of the hottest porn stars in the industry and huge Big Daddy King fans, Kelsi Monroe and Valarie K were on hand as featured dancers and major groupies of the club owner. We all were decked out in our Big Daddy King bling and showing off our tramp stamps that say “Property of BDK” for the interview. I gave the reporter the club tour. We ended up in the throne room which is Big Daddy King’s private VIP room for only the luckiest of girls. As his sugar baby OG, I led the interview. I gushed over how much BDK has changed my life. From a poor struggling stripper to a wealthy goddess just because Big Daddy King selected me as one of his harem girls. After all the special girls told similar tales of our King’s greatness, we had her watch as we worshiped the man of the world. I thought the reporter was going to pass out when the anaconda unfolded in a diamond bedazzled man sleeve. She thought the club was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen. Turns out, the anaconda was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Every woman feels the very same way. Big Daddy King’s posse worshiped the anaconda in front of her, showing our undying love and gratitude to the most amazing man in the world. She got so jelly, I let her snowball his billionaire nut sauce with me. The Pleasure Palace is only the most talked about club in the world because it is owned by the most talked about man in the world, Big Daddy King.

His dick was so small

tranny porn picturesMy date came over last night andtried to act like he was gonna top me with his teeny tiny lil dickie and all I could do was laugh. I made him compare his cock to mine… and seeing as how I have twelve full uncut inches to work with he came up a little short. He barely had a six inch dick and he was gonna fuck me with that??? Ummmm I don’t fucking think so! If I’m gonna let a man fuck me like that, he is going to have a cock like mine and that is it! I made him ge down on his knees and suck my superior cock and then I bent him over and fucked the shit out of him! He was groaning and moaning and acting like he was dying but he never once stopped stroking his cock so I think he liked it. In fact I know he did cus as soon as I filled his ass with cum he shot his load too!

Cum Slut Phone Sex Sleepover For P-Daddies

So when your a p-mommy with a couple of little cum slut phone sex brats, it’s quite easy to get a small group of girls over for slumber parties. Well sometimes mommy will be entertaining some friends as well. The best little parties are with the girls that are always trying to rebel their parents uptight standards…. they are all skeptical of me due to how young I am, fuck them. Eh, their husbands are probably off fucking men or me. Yeah I put myself out there to get what i want and sometimes it’s just to have a smug fucking smile to these uptight PTA mothers knowing I have control over their daughters and husbands. What’s a girl to do? I have two leeches that need to earn a living also.

Seeing those young mouths suck off big black cocks is always a good warm up for me and the idea of tasting those slits as I guide in those p-daddy rods fuck I get wet and horny!cum slut phone sex

Chocolate and vanilla Swirl treat

Interracial Phone Sex

Interracial phone sex has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy being able to think about big black cocks cumming inside my cute tiny twat. My boyfriend and I are always looking for adventures.

We both enjoy pushing the envelope and trying all sorts of new things. I knew what I wanted to do more than anything. I had a friend who had a boyfriend that was packing a huge cock. My friend Tamara had a hot athletic, sexy chocolate man. I had nonstop fantasies of us switching partners. I wanted to get into the swing of things literally. I knew that having her boyfriends cock inside me while my boyfriend was inside of her would drive me bananas. We both appreciated both flavors and were very much down with the swirl. I let my boyfriend know that I had something up my sleeve. There was a specific scenario I wanted to role play, and I didn’t want to leave it to just the imagination. I knew he would be all for it and when I told him it was a done deal. All it took was a quick text to Tamara. Before I knew it, we were fucking each other significant others and rubbing our cunts together. I was so happy I didn’t keep this just a phone sex fetish. Having that big black cock was the highlight of my week. My boyfriend loves chocolate too so seeing him thrust into tam was the hottest thing ever. We love hot ass sex.

hot ass sex

Pauly Cuck


Hot squirting pussy

I’ve been a witness to great sex before, and I just have to say Paul is a great sex partner because not only do I get to fucking I also get to fuck in front of him too. Paul loves to see my body oiled up my big strong hard cock guys. Paul pays outstanding amounts of money to get me all dressed up super sexy with silky lingerie. I would think to myself if I didn’t have this man what would I do because I’m incredibly bored with plain and simple guys. Ever since I’ve had Paul, I’ve known that I can’t go back to a regular relationship, I have to have something open interesting and all-inclusive when it comes to cock that is. You could call me a whore if you wanted to after all my friends and family members the love calling me slut bitch and all sorts of other demeaning names. The thing that gets me about my family and friends though is vaping that shit hurts my feelings when I actually love for guys who are fucking me to call me those very words ever really makes my pussy squirt better and longer and harder fuck yes. Paul, he calls me his super freaky special girl and believe me I love being special so I live up to every word of it. One-time Paul got me this tremendous strong, tall football player black guy, and he had an 11 and a half inch cock that was fucking bone hard as soon as I walked into the room the first time I met him. The black guy’s name was Jerome and Jerome was so Husky and beautiful, and that cock was fear-inducing, but for me, it was just fucking yummy in every single way. I ate Jerome’s cock all the way to the balls I sucked and slobbered all over his big hard knob until he sprayed cum loads in my face that would like 3 oz of creamy hot sultry cum. Even after he came such a huge load his cock stayed on hard and he just fucking dived and into my pussy hole fucking me hard, fast and so fucking rough, it was terrific. That’s the reason why I love Paul because Paul knows how to please me completely.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


Guided Masturbation Techniques so You Can Last

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Nothing hotter than listening to you stroke your cock, especially when I tell you just how to stroke it. I have this game I like to play with quick cummers. It is an edging game called Red Light Green Light. I find lovers on and off the phone cum quickly with me. I think it is because of my sexy BBW body. I need a man to last. I want a man to last and I assume you want to last too. I understand why it is easy to be a minute man, especially on the phone. But in real life, there is no excuse. Greg came before his dick was in my pussy last night. Talk about a huge disappointment.  I had to use my edging game on him because I wanted a do over. I mean he has a 9-inch cut cock. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. He liked stroking his cock for me. He said he just got too excited because I was so hot. I took it as a compliment. I edged him for 90 minutes. He said it felt like an eternity. I will go to any lengths to get fucked properly. Second time, he lasted 40 minutes in my pussy and gave me the biggest cum shot he said he ever shot. Edging works. You may need it too if you are quick shooter too.

Panty boy strikes again

Panty Boy Phone SexMy panty boy phone sex freak has proved to be such a fuckin sissy yet again! When he called me up, he was laying in a big pile of my panties that he has bought from me over the past few months. He had my favorite pair of pink silky undies wrapped around his cock and was stroking himself hard as hell. Getting dolled up and dressed up is an every day occurrence for my panty boy. Usually i’m butt ass naked when I have super naughty phone chat but with him I get to put on a lingerie fashion show and it’s so much fun! I have so many different styles of undergarments, thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, bikini briefs and even granny panties! The list goes on! It’s pretty much a buffet of panties to choose from! The inside of my closet looks like a Victoria’s Secret store and Panty Boy can never get enough, he is always wanting more! His rock hard penis looks so much better when it’s covered in my hottness! Of course he busts his big load of jizz right inside of my favorite thong and uses it as a cum rag to clean himself up. Fuck it turns me on so much!

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