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I let my uncle paint my face when I was a youngin. Its one of the nastiest things I have ever done. i had an uncle

Who owned a car dealership. I wanted a new car and knew he was the way to get it. I went after school to see if I could get a good deal. To my surprose my uncle was offering me a brand new car if I did something he wanted for a while. I was wondering what could be… Before I asked he made his way over to me and guided my hands on his cock. He wanted the biggest cum shot on my face…. A cum shot for a new car. I didn’t think twice I went to work and kept it between us.

Mature Phone Sex Chicks

mature phone sexWant to have mature phone sex with a dirty mom? Guys call me for all sorts of reasons, but mostly they want to fuck a mommy with no limits. I can’t image being a vanilla housewife. My husband married me knowing my dark side, knowing I trade my pussy for drugs and I fuck young boys. He was out of town this weekend for a golf trip with his friends. He took the boys with him, so my mommy and I were bored. We wanted to see what kind of trouble we could get into. I called up my dealer and said we were willing to do anything for a fix. He was feeling dark too. He showed up with a bunch of gang bangers and told us to put on a show. He wanted a milf and a GILF to entertain him and his friends. My mommy sucks BBC now because of her whore daughter. She may have a second addiction to BBC. My mom has never had a gangbang. That is no longer true. Marcus and his band of brothers ran a train on us both. My mom and I were next to each other on all fours getting black dick up our asses. Damn, Marcus was in a hardcore ass fucking mood. My mom is not the seasoned anal whore I am. I can take two big black dicks crammed up my shit box at once. My mom could barely handle one! I gave her some coke and a shot of bourbon as she muddled through the pain. Marcus was so impressed with how we handle his friends, he gave me the biggest bag of blow ever. A bag big enough to make Pablo Escobar jealous. I am taking care of my mommy’s swollen holes with my mouth today. Her grandsons are helping too. My youngest son said he would push her asshole back in with his dick. My boys are so cute.

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Young Wet bald pussy it is what most men’s wet dreams are about. There is just something so erotic about a young chunky bald pussy. The way it feel so smooth and soft. The way the wetness glistens on it. That fresh baby girl smell. As if all of that is not enough to make your big thick cock hard. Then there is the taste and nothing compares to the scrumptious taste of my baby girl’s hot wet pussy.

While I may pimp my little girls out to make some cold hard cash, I am still a P. Mommy at heart and enjoy playing with their hot wet pussies. Plus I know how much it turns you on to see me licking on their smooth bald pussies. My tongue enjoys the feel of their soft little bald pouty pussies. Giving my little girls pleasure always makes my mommy cunt soaking wet and your cock hard and throbbing.

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I truly understand why men will pay so much money to experience my little girls. You get so excited watching me tongue fuck my little girls that your big hard cock starts oozing pre-cum. You come up from behind me and thrust your hard throbbing cock deep inside my wet mommy pussy. You start fucking me hard and fast causing me to scream out in orgasmic bliss.

You whisper into my ear that as much as you enjoyed my hot mommy cunt that you still want to fuck one of my little girls.You told me it was so hard to choose because they are all so cute with their big blue eyes, long blonde hair, and tan tone bodies. I said to you why choose. You can dip your cock into all three of their hot juicy tight little pussies. You can fulfill all of your desires with Demi.

I Love Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexI love being a submissive phone sex slut. I was born submissive. Daddy trained me right. I was at this new fetish club over the weekend.  I wanted to check out the men. A girl like me can never have enough masters, right? This tall handsome man spotted me the moment I walked in. Girls can go solo to the club, but men need to be accompanied by a woman. Odd right? We are the subs but the masters can’t get in the club without us. This guy was with a sub but the way he was looking at me, I knew he wanted to trade her in for a younger model. He wanted to trade her in for me. I approached him to let him know I was down to play if he was. He blindfolded me, and we went into a room. I was nervous. I didn’t even know his name. I could feel him restraining my arms behind my back. It was exhilarating not knowing what was going to happen next. I heard him crack a belt. The next thing I knew that leather strap hit my back like I was a slave. I wanted to be his slave. For a couple hours I was his submissive slave.  I got about fifty lashes on my back. I could feel the welts forming and the blood trickling down my back. My young bald pussy was soaking wet, but I was forbidden to touch it. He took off my blindfold and skull fucked me. His cock was hard as a rock from whipping me. I gagged on his cock. He was ramming it in with such force that I came close to puking on his dick. When he finally nutted, I could breathe. He took off my restraints and thanked me for a pleasurable time. I was hoping for his name and number, but it was just another random encounter at the fetish club.

Girls just wanna have fun

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It was a boring day and I was raiding my moms closet with my best friend. No one was home and our minds wandered and we got into my moms special chest. We found all sorts of toys and fun gadgets. We wanted to know all about it. The night ended with me and my best friend having hot ass sex together. We explored everything there was to find in my moms secret chest. We saw plenty of anal beads and vibrating gadgets. My favorite was a double end dildo that got both of us off together. Girls just wanna have fun you know the saying. I liked my experience with my hot girlfriend. We were able to orgasm over and over again.

Fun on Friday the 13th

wet bald pussy Friday the 13th was a fucking blast. Literally! They say that it brings out all the freaks and I was so happy. I got four guys to come home with me. I know they didn’t believe that they were going to get to run a train on a hot bitch like me. Once in my door I did a strip tease for them making sure their cocks were nice and fucking hard for me. I had them all strip and line their cocks up for me in a line I started sucking on one while stroking on another. I guess this hurt the other guys feelings he bent me up onto my knees and started slamming his pretzel cock inside my rosebud asshole. The other guys took his lead and turned me into a lifesize fuck doll. I secretly had been hoping this would happen. Thanks for the fun Y’all.

My Littlest Baby Girl is a Cocksucking Pro

Adult phone chat You woke up this morning to find my littlest baby girl sucking on your big fat mushroom head. She can never get enough of your warm salty pre-cum. You told me that you wished you could wake up every morning to me and my little girls. After my little baby girl finished sucking your big hard cock and eating every last ounce of cum from it. You got up and showered.

My other two little girls joined you in the shower to help you wash up and even though you did not think you would be able to cum again so soon. You were surprised at how hard your cock became with the help of my two little girls special touches. You enjoyed both of their tight young wet bald pussies and managed to bust your load for the second time this morning. You enjoyed your stay at the pool house with me and my little girls so much that you went ahead and booked a stay for the next time you are in town.

Having this pool house to use for the escort business is going to totally change our lives. I can’t wait to throw a pool party for select clients. Just imagining all the sucking and fucking going on with my little girls is making my mommy cunt soaking wet.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone SexI love being daddy’s girl. For as long as I can remember, I have been his little angel. Mommy use to mind, but I think she has come to accept the fact that I am daddy’s #1 girl. One time, when I was still a school girl, he had a surprise for me. He had a friend who wanted to meet me. This friend was daddy’s age. Mommy was passed out from valium and booze. She wouldn’t have heard an earthquake, let alone my screams and moans. Daddy had never shared me with anyone before. I was confused, but being a good girl, I always did what daddy said. I still do. Turns out daddy owed this friend a hefty sum of money and he didn’t have any means to pay it back. That is when daddy came up with the idea to rent my baby girl pussy out. He told me that if I loved him, I would do whatever his friend wanted. I was scared as fuck. This man was black and burly, extremely tall. He seemed rough, not like daddy at all. His cock was huge. I tried to hold back the tears as daddy’s friend penetrated my bald little cunnie. Daddy’s dick was half his size. This was the first dick other than daddy’s I had ever had. It was like losing my virginity all over again. I cried as his big black cock pushed its way into my tiny pink cunnie. Daddy gave me a shot of something called Fireball to help relax me. Daddy was watching my little holes get violated. He must have enjoyed watching because he was stroking his dick while he watched me try to take that monster cock in my itty bitty pussy. It hurt like hell, but I focused on being a good girl for daddy. That was the first time I was daddy’s little hooker. But, it was not the last. Daddy quickly learned that selling my little pussy and ass was the solution to poverty.

Phone Sex Tranny: Let’s Explore Your Bisexual Fantasies

phone sexPhone sex with a transsexual is an experience you won’t soon forget. I have a pretty face, nice tits, and a beautiful 10-inch cock. Like what you see? I am a good first step in exploring your bisexual fantasies. Most guys who call me have only given head in the minds. They dream of cock in their mouths and their asses. Usually, they are married and consider themselves straight, but there is just an attraction, a fascination with T-girls. My callers are not that different from the men I hook up with. I meet a guy out, he is attracted to me, but unaware of my panty surprise. At first, they are not sure they want to fuck, but when I assure them I will be gentle or it’s our little secret, they relax and let me take over. You have the benefit of knowing my secret. Guys I meet out usually never guess. But they consider the discovery a pleasant present. I am a dominant tranny, however, so don’t think you can treat me like a bitch. Not saying you can’t fuck my tight ass if you have a big cock. I am just saying that you can’t treat me like your bitch. I am your gfe or you mistress, never your bitch. Think you can handle tranny phone sex with me? We can explore your bisexual fantasies together.

P-Mommy and Her Little Angels

Age Play Phone SexI brought the girls a little pool because summers in Texas are so hot. I let them play topless in the water. My angels have made so much money this month they deserved a reward. I watched them splash each other and it turned me on. I spread my legs and started fingering myself. My youngest noticed me masturbating and jumped out of the pool. She loves the way I taste and whenever she sees my pussy out she can’t resist me. Her tiny tongue flicked across my swollen clit and it felt amazing. I’ve trained this little girl to eat my pussy like a pornstar. Over time she’s developed a taste for my cunt. I grind against her small face and make it shine with my juices. My oldest joins in because she gets jealous and put her face between my thighs, too. Both of their heads in my crotch licking and sucking my pussy under the hot Texas sun.

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