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Teen phone sex with a complete tease is what you need above all else. Every inch of my body drives you wild. You will do anything to get a piece of my tight ass and sweet cunt. I like to make you weak and love making you stutter. I can tell you have been jacking off to me for hours. You are my pathetic coach, diving uncle. You had to crash at our house and in the meanwhile perve on your teen niece. I can hear you in the middle of the night jerking your cock. I giggled and even played with my cunt. You have been resisting, but it is hard to do so. I think about ruining you because that is what I do to perverted men. You have won the title of creep of the year. I bring my hot friends over, and you instantly cream your pants. I giggle and smile cause I know how hard it is for you to keep your composure. You are a sicko, and I love that.

I have been getting acquainted with the idea of humiliating you and possibly even granting you a show. Its quite turn on to see a man open to doing it all for a piece to teen twat pie. Maybe I will have some sissy phone sex with you and have my boyfriend over and have him fuck me while you clean us both up.

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phone sex mommyI love being a phone sex mommy. I was born into incest. Grew up with it and now I live it. It is only appropriate that I be a phone mommy too. My boys are home for the summer now. If I was a good mommy, I would work around my sons being home. Only take calls when they are gone or sleeping, but I am not a good mommy. I am a bad mommy. I love talking dirty while my sons are in the room. I don’t need to masturbate while they are in the room. If they can hear me having incest phone sex, they get horny. Horny boys want to please mommy. They licked my pussy and rimmed my ass for hours last night while I was on a long call. I just spread my legs as I was sharing tales of family fun and they buried their faces between my legs. I was cumming over and over on their faces as my caller was snorting lines of coke and telling me about his mommy. I was doing coke too. I am always doing coke. After my call, my sons stockpiled me. They were so horny. They had to fuck me. How could I say no? I was cock teasing them on my call. They love hearing me talk to you about how I molested them when they were younger.


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The best cocks are the really big thick and long ones. And if you want a really long and thick cock, the black ones are the best. I was drunk at a party and getting really nasty. I was flirting with two guys from the basketball team and things were getting fucking hot. My boyfriend was there, but my cunt was too wet to say no. I went upstairs with the two big athletes while he was busy playing beer pong. Things got hot and heaven inside the room and soon they were both sawing their huge black cocks in and out of my pussy and mouth at the same time. My worst fear happened though and my boyfriend walked in on me being fucked by both of them like a whore. I started to apologize and cover up at first, but something came over me and I just paused there and let them continue to fuck me. I loved being a dirty whore for these two big dicked black guys and that my boyfriend was seeing me spit roasted. I just kept sucking and fucking them and looked him in the I and told him that I couldn’t help myself. That I’m a whore for black cock and it’s so much better than what he can give me.

My boyfriend stormed out of the room and they continued their hard fucking. I was feeling like such a nasty slut that I begged them to get the rest of the basket ball team in there to fuck me with their huge black dicks. I wanted the whole team to gangbang my pussy and ass and fill me up with their cum. They sent them a text and soon I was getting exactly what I wanted, being passed around like a piece of candy for dozens of big black cocks. My poor boyfriend was probably at home in tears, but I didn’t care at all. I was getting a hardcore ass fucking by all these guys!

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Smile Sissy Faggot and gloat as you realize all that feminization was worth it. But you won’t be smiling for long! You do not know pure joy until you try black cock. It was supposed to be a BBC dare. I was going to give you that  PHAT black cock delight tonight. But I know the sissy has to be stepped up into such extravagances.  I have to keep you plugged up nice and tight. Right before I get your anal cherry popped. I mean your pussy will get used to big black daddy dick. But the first time you get opened up it has to be with a BBC that is sissy Fagg destiny. I want to do it, right baby. You are femmed out and now you must go through the cock sucking and ass fucking you so deserve my sweet sissy slut. Come and give me your money so I may do as I do best humiliate your sissy Fagg ass!

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Let me be your pussy Queen I can satisfy I’ll give you all you need, trust me. I don’t hold back not even a little bit I’m that nasty bitch always. I know how to get your dick hard, and I know how to ride your dick like a motherfucking lot lizard cowgirl slut. Let me fuck you in the back of a bus, and you can call it the best road trip ever. I want to go downtown and suck your balls from the back that’s what kind of nasty bitch that I am. All your girlfriends they are not like me. I am exclusive; I do exclusive things. Slap me in my face with your motherfucking cum filled cock. I want to be treated like a nasty whore because I don’t have respect for myself and I like it that way. Bitches like me always get the money we always get the guys that we want because we don’t give a fuck about what the other bitch just say that’s not going to stop us. I’m a freak I’m a nasty slut I like to do it in the motherfucking, but you can fuck me raw all night long too. Come get your sexy naughty slut you can have me however you want to you’re the king in this motherfucker. Have you ever met a skank who doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks I will fuck you in front of your mother and your father? I’ve got a naughty fucking crush on you, and I want to prove how good I can be. Please let me know I want you. I know you will have so much fun with me. I’m begging and pleading for your cock to fucking cum on me. Tell me, what do you think about that does that turn you on? Is your dick going crazy to jerk inside of my wet naughty cum-filled cunt? I hope you know that you really can have a good time with me there is no turning back once we get started babe not until you explode in an excellent load.

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tranny phone sexI bet you are a tranny phone sex lover. But have you ever had the real thing? I want to say about 90% of my callers are just fantasizing about my sexy cock or any cock, but the other 10% have some real experience. Which group do you fall into? I love being a man’s first tranny or his first cock period. I can pick up when a man is bi-curious or full on fag. I have a thing for married virgins. They like to think they are just trying something new, but once they have my sexy tranny cock up their ass, they can’t get hard for their wives anymore. I fucked this guy Brian a few months ago. He claimed he didn’t know I was a shemale. They all claim that, but they never protest or even question me when I fuck their asses. Never. Brian was a one night stand. A married businessman from out of town. We met in a hotel bar and I went back to his suite. He claimed he had no clue I was a shemale domination porn star. He never protested, however, even though he was married. I gave him an ass fucking he could never forget. He stalked me on social media. He blew my phone up with calls and texts. I had to ghost him until last night; he was back at that hotel. It was clear he was back in town looking for me. He told me he can’t get hard for women anymore. He told his wife he has high blood pressure and the meds are giving him limp dick. The reality is, only shemale cock gets him hard now. That is a hazard of a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy T-girl like me. I gave Brian an encore performance. I ruined him for women. I will ruin you too.

What a loser

cuckolding phone sexGod I can’t stand whiners and complainers and little bottom topping queers! So many losers like that contact me wishing to become one of my pets and you know what? Not everyone can make the cut. If the little dick loser is a whiner and a complainer and someone that thinks he is owed all of my time he will learn very quickly that I will not put up with any bullshit like that. I mean how can you really call yourself a subby if you are always bitching?? If I don’t want to speak to you I don’t have to so if you want to be a pet of mine you must be a very good boy… or you will just get nothing at all. Some people will never get the pleasure of listening to my voice and worshiping my perfection and they will just have to live with that. Sucks to be them huh?

The perfect girl

hot ass sexI know you crave me. You have tried your hardest to not fall into temptation, but I have caused you to lose all senses. You need something other than your boring wife. I can give it to you all night. I like feeding your addiction and making you happy. I can make your cock cream in no time. I know what hits the spots for you. I listen, and I make sure you are treated like the king you are. I won’t ever let a load go to waste. I make sure I swallow it whole, or I get it deep inside my bald cunt. You will be obsessed with hot ass sex with me. I give you everything you need and more.

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cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex calls are my favorite. I get calls from sissies, cuckolds, submissive men and black cock faggots. Since I am a black cock slut, I love BBC faggots the most. My husband is one, so I will always have a special place in my heart for them. My very own BBC fag boy, my husband, brought me a special treat. He met this college stud at work yesterday. A young black man who is working on one of his construction sites. He overheard the guy bragging about his 14-inch dick and all the white pussy he gets. My husband is a great man. He had the guy’s next white pussy for him. I fuck a lot of big dick, but 14-inches is rare. Most of my black lovers fall between 10-12 inches. When my husband told me he was bringing me home a present, I was thinking jewelry. When I saw Jamal with him at the door, my pussy got wet. If my husband brings home a black guy, it is always for me and he is always super hung. I walked over, introduced myself and unzipped his pants. I just about fell over when I saw his cock. I am a black cock phone sex slut, but his cock was the biggest one I have had since Mandingo. I did my best to swallow his sword. As good of a cock sucker as I am, I couldn’t get all of him in my mouth. According to him, I did the best out of any slut wife he has fucked. I am a great BBC whore. I fucked him and I got him in balls deep in my pussy. My husband enjoyed the show and the clean-up. All that cum from his big black balls was cleaned up by my cuckold husband. I had to reward my husband with a treat, after all, he did bring me a huge black cock.

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Tranny Phone Sex That dick of yours is rock fucking hard and looking mighty yummy tonight. I stroll over slowly to where you sit. We make eye contact and I kiss you softly. My hand flows down your chest. I tug playfully at your chest hair. My mouth follows my hand kissing down you big manly chest. My hand stroking your cock before my mouth gets a hold of your package. My tongue swirling around your shaft as my mouth slides down. Mm my tongue tastes your precum and that makes my tranny dick even harder than I was before. I straddle on top of you taking your dick to spread my ass cheeks wide open. I put your dick at my asshole and I glide down your shaft that was already lubed with my mouth. My ass fits your dick like a glove. I pump my ass up and down. Your dick bumping into my G-spot. I ride you faster. Jerking myself off. I am getting ready to cum hard and it is all because of you.

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