Showing off My Wet Bald Pussy at the Grocery Store

wet bald pussyI love showing off my wet bald cunt. Usually, I just show it off online and to my lovers, but I am a huge exhibitionist and sometimes I can’t help myself. I love showing off m sexy BBW body. Sometimes, I take huge risks like last night. I was in the grocery store and I had on a skirt with no panties. I saw this hot married man checking me out and I wanted him to see more. I dropped something just so he could check out my pussy.  I heard the heaving breathing and the “oh god.” I turned around and smiled and said, “See anything you like?” He looked around to make sure no one was nearby, then he grabbed his dick and smiled. I wanted his cock up my plump pussy badly, but we were at Giant Eagle. It would get us arrested if I fucked him in the cereal aisle.  He had a better idea. His brand new SUV. I was happy to christen it, make it his cheating fuckmobile. There was plenty of room for my big ass and his huge cock in the back. Tinted windows took some of the fun out of this tryst in broad daylight, but I still enjoyed his cock in my ass and pussy. He was clearly in need of a ball draining. This was not my first hardcore ass fucking in a car, but it was the best. I am still sore, but damn it hurt so good. I need to pick up more married men at the grocery store. They fuck me so well.

Poor Bitch, Rich Fuckers

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It never ceases to amaze me what rich fuckers will spend money on.  It is just straight up crazy at some of the shit they get.  I say that, but if some rich cunt comes up to me to make an offer where I can take some of their money I’m all for it.  Some woman at the 7-11 tapped me on the shoulder which seriously irritated me. When I turned my head to see who it was I was a little shocked.  There she was, looking so fucking out of place it was almost comical.  The girl behind the counter said, “Hey Penny? You owe drug money to the Real Housewives?” I told her to shut the fuck up.  She tapped me on the shoulder again and I said, “What do you want?” Not in a very nice way either.  She asked if we could talk outside, I said sure, I mean what the fuck.

She walked over to a fucking Bentley.  Every one was looking at her, I thought for sure she was going to be robbed any minute, hell I even thought of doing it myself.  She got in and I got in with her.  She started the car up and took off before I could even say, “Let me the hell out of here!” She started to ask me if I knew some people, which I did since I bought drugs off of them on the regular.

She said they gave her my name as someone that might be interested in making some money.  I started to really pay attention when the “M” word was brought up.  Here was the deal.  She had some lingerie in the back of her car, she wanted to take me to a Hotel, where I would put it on and allow a few of male friends to ‘humiliate’ me while they jerked off on me, and used me anyway they wanted.  I laughed and said, “Hell yeah!”.

So there I am, uncomfortable as hell, wearing this fancy shit.  Walking around in front of all these guys.  Then I see it.  A table set up with all the “medicine” in the world.  I think a fucking rainbow appeared over my head, somewhere a unicorn cried, and a fairy busted a nut.  I was sucking dick, snorting, being fucked in the ass, bump, cum shot on face, bump, cum shot on pussy, bump … you get the idea.  All while those not involved in using me were watching, staying hard, getting ready for their turn. Then I see my one Dealer and he has my little ones.  Next thing I know they are being splattered too!  The hottest thing of all was when they cleaned their Mommy off with their tongues.  There bellies are going to be full of jizz for days!  Plus, I have enough money to last at least two days, so this Mommy will be high as a fucking kite!

Subby Friend Brittney

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Master loves having two little subby sluts to use and abuse; and we love when master treats us like his little bitch. We were out together at a fetish club when we met Brittany. Master was walking me on my leash, and we spotted a girl with a collar without a leash. There was lots of masters around her, but none of them seemed to own her. Master knew it would be easy to own her. He simply walked up told her come, and put the leash on her. She followed as he made us crawl on our hands and knees for hours. I suppose we didn’t crawl as fast as we could have because when we got home master crammed us in the cage together. He poured water over us, and proceeded to tased the cage. Our bodies jolted with electricity. Once we apologized to master he let us out of cage, and rewarded us. It was the hottest threesome I ever had. He pounded me and Brittany so hard that we bled.

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Mommy Phone Sex Cuckolding Creampies

Mommy Phone Sex

You get so horny thinking about mommy phone sex and have so many naughty thoughts about mommy, don’t you? The desire for licking mommy’s wet cum filled pussy after watching my milf cunt get banged really good by cock that isn’t daddy’s. I bet you would get really hard watching this p-mommy fuck strangers and have my little ones sucking those cocks clean of mommy’s pussy juice and that man goo. I can’t resist a nice hard dick to suck nor can my slutkins.

We really love to wear pantyhose together also and dressing you up in some really is hot. You in pantyhose watching me getting drilled good through the rip in my panty crotch makes for a bulge in those pantyhose of yours and you really crave to suck that cock as much as my girls crave it. Be a dirty cucky cocksucker in pantyhose for mommy Haley.

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Biggest Cum Shot To Your Faggy Face!

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I love giving him my biggest cum shot to his little sissy faggot face! He bought me an all-expense paid trip to the Keys. I was happy to go as his arm candy. I passed very well as we strolled the white sand beaches. It was very different back in the hotel room though. I had him on his Knees for Mistress Nikita and butt ass naked as soon as we hit the room. I attached bells to his scrotum and he jingled every time he moved. Such A delightful slut for me. Nipple clamps and a nice cock cage rounded him out. My Malibu Rum was never empty as My little butch served me and crawled on all fours everywhere he went. The only time he was resting was with my 7 inches stuck down his greedy throat. Gobble gobble little faggy! I only came on his face all week. Of course, I opened his slutty bitch pink perfect tight ass up over and over. But alas him sucking my shit covered dick and me cumming and blowing huge loads at that were reserved for his fucking face! Come And get it my Bitches, Mistress phone sex Nikita is waiting dick out and hard for you!

Road head slut

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I wanted to fuck my step brother so bad. We had to be in the car together for a few hours. We had a couple tasks to do. My young bald pussy was wet as can be and he was teasing me all week long. I love when he’s home from college. Especially when our parents are away. We were stuck in traffic and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I ended up jerking him and finally just giving him some good old fashion road head. I love the feeling of power I get from blowing men. Feeling them tense up and practically beg for more is the hottest thing ever. I didn’t stop deepthroating him till I got all his cream in my mouth.When we got home we didn’t stop fucking for hours on end.

Sex on the beach

Hot ass sex  I sure do have a romantic sugar daddy. He prepared lunch and we ate on the beach. He had a singer come and play acoustic for me. He knows that I absolutely love music. My pussy got so wet with how well everything turned out. I gave him my pussy on the beach. I just took his cock put it in my mouth and told him how much I love that he could make me smile but get me off at the same time. We don’t get to see each other that much. But, that’s ok I have my callers that make my nights so amazing. Little things like this are so worth it. My cunt got all juicy and I came all over his cock. Have you fucked in a public place before? I sure have. I have to say its a challenge but so hot.

I knew he was watching

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A nice cold shower in my backyard is a great way to cool off. I never realized that my neighbor could see me from his patio when I was here until today when I was showering naked. I acted like I didn’t see him as my hand went between my legs. The other hand was pinching my nipple and squeezing my tits. I had to fingers inside of me at this point and he was leaning over the fence at this point so I let a moan escape my lips. This made him jump the fence I had to laugh because this was my plan from the start. I have heard about how big his dick is and I could not wait to shove it down my throat. We almost drug each other to my pool house where he slammed his dick into my face so many times I had a cum mustache when he was done.



Tranny Dick

Tranny Phone SexI want you to crawl over to me on all fours like a bitch in heat. Grab my hard tranny dick with one hand and start jerking me off. Take your other hand and massage my balls. Take your tongue and lap up and down my shaft and twirl your tongue around my tranny dick head. Then I want you to place your lips around my dick head and slide down my shaft. I want you hungry for my dick. I want your mouth to swallow my tranny dick up. I want your chin resting on my balls. I want your nose nuzzled against my me. I want to feel you trying to breath past my dick. I want your drool pouring down on me. Show me how hungry you are for my dick.

Cum Shots on Tits is What He Paid For

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits is what they wanted to see, so it what they got. I was pole dancing late last night for some extra cash when some frat boys came in. They were celebrating one of the guy’s 21st birthday with big tits and booze. One of the guys was a trust fund baby. He had a platinum American Express and was running the tab. He selected me for the VIP room. Likely because I was older and college boys love older women. He said it was because I had the biggest rack in the club. I was doing lap dances and taking pictures with the guys, when Mr. Trust Fund asked how much to give me the biggest cum shot to my tits? Big Al lets me have all the money from the VIP room for any side things I might do, so I can set the price. I looked at him and said, “How much money you got?” He pulled out $2,000 from his wallet, laid it on the table and said, “Let the birthday boy go first.” I wrapped my jugs around his cock and gave him a titty fuck he will never forget. He deposited the first load, and his friends followed. I don’t consider it prostitution. I mean they just came on my boobs. Easiest money I ever made. I love having big tits.

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