Pain Is Fucking Sexy

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I am a pain slut that loves every aspect of pain during our sexual experience. Even just a slap to my face is sexually stimulating to me. I crave the humiliation and pain that My sexy Master puts on me! I love to feel how hard I make his Dominant dick is when he fucks me from all the pain and pleasure I get from it. A squirting pussy is my reward. An audible whimper of pleasure for him as I get on my knees and beg for his dick with a red whelp across my face. Or my ass cris-crossed with whelps as he fucks me in my ass and tight bald pussy like the whore in heat I am for him. I beg to be fucked and claimed as his Angel of fire and passion offering my body to soul to master in return to be at his feet forever! Forever Yours, 

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Road trip fun

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Hot ass sex after a long road trip in the car wasn’t what I had planned. I was teasing you and even giving you road head. You couldn’t keep your hands off me. We were swerving all over the place, and it was like we had a death wish. We finally decided to pull over out of the freeway and onto one of the stops. We didn’t care who was watching we were going to release our built up tension. We had a little fight and ever since then we both have been on edge. We are so sexual that our arguments lead up to make up sex that is so good and out of this world. It was not unusual for us to fuck the brains out of each other. It was the first fucking on the side of the road in broad daylight. It was so taboo and so much fun that I was dripping down my thighs. I had never come as fast and as frequent as I did. Who knew a car fuck could be so good.

He was so humiliated but he paid

humiliation phone sexOh I fucked with a loser hardcore the other day and I guarantee that he will never forget it! I totally set him up, I invited him over and acted like I was going to let him fuck me with his pathetic little toy sized penis and he fell into my trap so easily. He was blinded by his lust for me, he never questioned anything, he just showed up with a stupid little grin on his face. Well, I got him to undress and even gave him a little striptease to really get him excited… the I pulled out my strap on cock and told him that the only way I would let him fuck me was if I got to fuck him first. He was nervous but that pathetic little faggot agreed to let me fuck him and even spread his cheeks for me. I gaped that ass wide open with my huge strap on cock and that little bitch boy loved it! He was shamelessly begging for more until his tiny peepee finally squirted, he was a total whore. That stupid little bitch was completely blindsided when I told him I recorded the whole thing, he cried and told me no one could find out or he would lose everything. So I made him pay up, I took everything he had and made him go get more too. Now I’m on the payroll and he will be paying me well for a very long time unless he wants all of his business put out for the world to see.

Sexy Tranny GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexMen love gfe phone sex calls with a sexy shemale. Most of my callers like the element of surprise with me. They know I am a chick with a dick. It is hard to miss the sexy tranny cock in my pictures. But, acting like they missed it makes them feel less gay when we get down and nasty. It is the same way in my personal life. I can tell a man several times to his face that I am a transsexual but when we are back at my place, they all act like they didn’t know I had a cock. I play the game of the dominant shemale because I am a shemale domination porn star. If it makes you feel better about wanting cock to act like you didn’t know my panty surprise, then I won’t ruin your delusion. I will fuck your ass and your mouth, however. I may be a sexy GFE, but I have a cock and I want to cum. So, act surprised and like you have never done anything like this before all you want. My cock will be in one of your holes before the night is over, most likely both holes. This hot tranny always gets her man and his ass.

Period boobs

Hot phonesexI’m on my period right now which is the most intimate experience that a woman can have with her own fertile body, I love having super kinky and hot phonesex while i’m bleeding out! It’s sexy to be going through my menstrual cycle while seeing & feeling all of the wonderful hormonal changes that occur on a day to day basis. My period boobies are my favorite, they’re so soft and sensitive & tender. I love squeezing on my nipples while giving them a twist, that shit makes me squirm! It feels so good to feel how wet my bloody cunt gets while it’s on display for everyone to see in front of my webcam. I love finger fucking my slutty slit and making myself gush out. One of my favorite dirty fetishes is that I love to suck on my tampons like they are lollipops, hehe. They just taste soooo delicious, I can’t get enough of them! It’s so erotic to lick on your own menstrual fluids when they’re fresh out of your body. It turns me on just thinking about it! Use that horny mouth of yours and clean up this bloody pussy!

MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexI love milf phone sex. Not all the young guys I fuck are black. Many are, but I can spot a future porn star cock at any age. I know cock size and when I meet a young lad with growing potential, I am happy to be his Mrs. Robinson. I met Jeremy at the mall over the weekend. I was doing some shopping when I realized I had an admirer. He was following me from store to store. Handsome boy. I was sure he was still in high school, but I love attention and he was giving it to me. I confronted him at Victoria Secret’s. When he told me I was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, I got wet. For a moment, it didn’t matter what his cock size was because he was cute and crushing on me big time. I pushed him into one of the changing rooms. I stripped him naked and was happy to see he had a nice sized cock and was still growing. The boy was a quarter of the age of my husband and 4 times his size and growing. I felt reckless. I mean anyone in the store could have seen me push this boy into the changing room. He wasn’t screaming for help, however. He was happy to be molested by a sexy mature woman. I blew his cock and it grew another couple of inches. He was plenty big enough for my mature phone sex pussy. I rode his cock until he exploded inside me. He wasn’t black. He wasn’t my age. He wasn’t the biggest cock I have ever fucked either. But he was one of the best lays I have had in a long time. Maybe I have been wrong counting out young guys. This teen boy had a surprisingly big cock for any age.

Redhead Sissy Trainers!

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As the saying goes, two redheads are better than one! My sister from another mister, Brooklyn is one of the best sissy fag trainers. We’re double the trouble for sure! Turning you into our perfect faggy fuck slave. Boy do we have so much fun planned for you. Brooklyn has helped me pick out the bestest, frilliest ruffled pink dresses to stuff your sissy body in! We bring out a teeny pink cock cage for you! We can’t wait to train your sissy faggy mouth and boy pussy to shove our massive strap-on cocks in! Worship us, little faggy slave! We’ll show you how to be the perfect sissy cock slave for our boyfriends! We know how much you love to worship massive cocks, but first you need to practice on our rubber swinging strap-on cocks! Let Brooklyn and I stretch that mouth and boy pussy, we can’t wait to gag that throat and gape that yummy sweet boy pussy!

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Naughty Leprechaun

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My wet bald pussy got a fuck to remember. I was on tinder swiping left and right. I wanted to go out and get into some trouble. I finally matched with a guy that said he could fuck my spinner body so well. I would be addicted to his dick. I wanted to call his bluff so bad. I was eager to find out if what he was saying was true. I know many will brag and not be able to back it up. I like a man who can back up what he says. To my surprise, he said he would have to meet me on his break. I thought it was odd he was coming midway through his shift. I knew it was a busy shift because it was St — Patrick’s day. My soon to be fuck buddy works at a favorite bar downtown. My hook up was a bartender, and he was eager to serve me someone on one-shots. I couldn’t wait I was practically getting a head start but rubbing on my clit and using my trusted silver bullet. When I heard the knock there, he was much cuter than his picture on the app. The cherry on top was that he was dressed leprechaun attire from work. I can mark having hot ass sex with a leprechaun from my to-do list. Happy St. Patrick day!🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


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Opening Up To Mommy

fantasy phone sexPeople like to pretend they are normal,  Well what is normal? This is what I have been telling my client for some time now. He has so much anxiety over his fantasies. The things that get him turned on. He does admit that when he is not horny he will not think about them. The problem with him is, if he gets triggered by something little, his cock swells up with so much desire. He wants and thinks about things that he feels he shouldn’t be wanting or thinking about. Well, today that all changed. Today he not only brought the person who always makes his cock so hard, but he also stuck his hard thick cock right in it. His mom, he brought his mom to our session and did all the things he has been fantasizing about. My client and his mother have always been so close. Even in his adult life, he is still living in the same house as his mother. He remembers as a child having a crush on his mom and he always thought she might have had one on him too, even as an adult his feelings still remain the same. He would spy on his mother fucking other men or watch her masturbate in the shower. He even admitted he gave her some strong sleeping medicine one time to knock her out cold for the night. He went into her room while she was knocked out and started licking her pussy, sucked on her titties and stuck his growing cock inside of her. He started feeling guilty as he got older. That is when he decided to come to see me. He said he is crazy for thinking she has the same feelings for him, he said if she did, she would have tried to do something with him by now. I told him maybe she feels the same way and he should test her. Well, that is exactly what he did when he got home. He made sure his mom would see him rubbing his meat. The moment she caught him his mother got so turned on she couldn’t hide her true feelings for her son any longer. They spent the whole session in my office fucking, sucking and licking each other. He has finally been set free and is now able to live out his fantasy.

Oral pleasure

Adult phone chatI love to give and receive when it comes to oral sex and having nasty adult phone chat with my callers. The more cocks that I get to suck and fuck throughout the day, the better! It gives me such pleasure to give those rock hard shafts such incredible sexual pleasure in return. I’m totally addicted to the fact that all I do is keep your dick hard and constantly craving my slutty body and delicious fuck holes. I love making hott clips too, it’s such a turn on to watch myself get fucked while gagging on thick penis down my throat! I fuckin love sucking multiple cocks at the same damn time! Use me as your cum target when you shoot your delicious heaps of sperm all over me. Bukkake this pretty face of mine while I look you in the eyes and take those jizz loads like a champ!

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