Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

smoking fetish phone sexSmoking fetish phone sex? Is that your thing? Let me tell you a story. A blonde walks into a bar and asks for a light. About twenty men flock to her assistance. What happens next?  A gang bang is the correct answer. Turns out men adore a sexy and buxom blonde who smokes. I am just a whore who loves cock. If smoking brings more men to my yard, then praise Mary. Anything that brings more cock to my cunt is not bad for me. I wasn’t even drunk yet. I may have been high as cigarettes were not the only thing I was smoking, but the drinking games didn’t start until the cocks started fucking me. Every time a bar patron shot a load of cum in me or on me, I did a shot. I was the only girl in the place, so I was quickly shit faced as well as high. My holes were cream filled like a Boston Crème donut from Krispy Kreme. That’s not a bad look in my opinion. I love cream pies, especially mine. Did I tell you I was smoking the entire time too? The guys ate it up. I blew smoke rings in the air as guys came on my face and tits. What is your phone sex fetish? If it’s smoking, I’m your whore.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Cassandra
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Extra Credit

School Girl Phone Sex Betty

I was having a lot of trouble in one of my classes, so I stayed afterwards to ask the professor for some one on one help. He was happy to help, but I didn’t come to class dressed like a skank for nothing! I knew this stuff was way past me, and it didn’t even pertain to my major, so I just needed to pass this class to fill the credit. Running my foot up his leg, I let him know I would be willing to find a creative way to boost my grade.

He was hesitant, saying something about academic integrity or some nonsense, so I walked around the desk and kissed him softly but in a deliciously seductive way. He may have been trying to be modest, but the raging boner ready to burst through his pants didn’t lie. Unzipping his pants, I pulled out his dick and started to lick and suck it, making him squirm. More and more of his length filled my throat until I was gagging on his thick meat. My pussy was already drenched in desire, so I dropped my skirt and kicked it to the side so I could sit on the professor’s throbbing rod.

Sinking down onto his shaft, I moaned as he filled and stretched my cunt. I bounced up and down while he grabbed my hips. I may have been bribing the teacher, but damn, I sure was having fun, myself! I bent over the table and spread my cheeks, telling him to stuff my ass. All signs of hesitation gone, he thrust into me and railed me with all his might. His desk shook as papers feel to the ground. Clenching his teeth and grunting loudly, he emptied his balls deep into my asshole. Needless to say, I passed the class and can now enjoy my summer, worry free!

Sexy College Girl Porn


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Betty
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Gang Bang

adult phone chatAbout two weeks ago three of my guy friends came over to my house.  It was a hot day so I was only wearing panties and a bra.  I was excited to see them, because I knew that meant I was getting cock in all three of my holes.  I quickly took off my bra and panties and got on all fours.  “Come on gentlemen” I said ” all three holes are open and ready for your cocks to abuse and use.”  Those men wasted no time taking off their clothes. Tom got behind me and stuck his hard cock in my ass, Roger laid down under me and stuck his hard cock in my cunt.  And of course Dale shoved his cock deep in my mouth.  Gagging me instantly.  We spent the next four hours just fucking my three holes.  Lets chat so I can tell you the rest of the story.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Reanna
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Guilty Pleasure

Slavery Phone Sex

I can be everything you want me to be and maybe I thing you hate about me is the thing that turns you on the most.  My sun kissed skin is a gift and a curse.  It turns you on because it’s forbidden for you to have. My full lips would drive you completely wild.  How my hips moved as I walked towards you.  Totally seductive are my movements.  You kissed me and my lips just melted in your mouth.  You couldn’t wait to have me.   I take your cock in my mouth, take you in deeply.  massaging your shaft with my tongue and lips.  You are relishing in the pleasure I’m giving.  The shame in your face turns me on because you hate the love you have for me because I’m nigger.  The way grind my hips my full breast and huge nipples drove you insane.  You loved the way my ass would bounce off you as you stroked deep inside of me.  You enjoyed being in control of my body.  I enjoyed the pounding of my delectable pussy.  You owned me in that moment. your forceful strokes you would slowly pull in and out of me until you could not hold your load.  You marked your load all over my face and tits and just that fast you would leave.  I always when you leave satisfied with how your little nigger bitch could handle you.



Written by Fuckalicious Freak Keisha
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Ladies first, this goddess is unforgettable

I am not your typical baby doll girly girl. I am cold and calculated, I know what I want and exactly how to get it. I also know just how to ride your cock to make you beg for me never to stop. I know how to use my mouth to give so much more than verbal expression. I can make you dick so fat just with one lick of my magical tongue. I will haunt your thoughts forever once you have tasted my pussy. I promise that I am unforgettable.

Phone sex

I am always in control because I can be, I am the most beautiful body you will ever set your unworthy eyes upon. If you want to be anywhere near my yummy pussy or my tight little asshole, you better either be a god in bed, have money or be begging s I know just how bad you want it. I will make you cum harder than ever, only after I cum first though. Rules, baby. Always ladies first!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Janelle
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Submissive Tina and the Vibrating Panties

adult phone chatI am a totally kinky submissive whore who will do whatever my master says. I allow him to use me however he pleases. He loves to tease my tits and pussy, but I am never allowed to cum without his permission. He makes me wear a pair of vibrating panties before he takes me out to dinner. Then when the waiter comes over he will hit the button and make them start vibrating. He tells me not to cause a scene or I will be punished later. I can’t help but squirm in my chair as my pussy is so hot and juicy from being stimulated by the panties. He can tell that I am on the verge of cumming and he leans over and whispers in my ear that I had better not. My panties are dripping wet and I have hardly eaten a thing. I hide my mouth in my napkin as I let out a little orgasmic scream.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Tina
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Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair

Hot phonesexPull my hair hard while i’m throwing my ass back for you on your rock hard cock babe! I want that big dick around my lips so that I can devour you down. Whenever I think about you, my insides begin crawling as I imagine you inside of me! I love when you’re weak and eager, there is nothing that you wouldn’t do to make me smile! Worship my pussy with your mouth, i’m your personal little sex toy babe! I want my ass rubbed and spanked by your bare hands, that’s my fucking favorite! Yummy, especially right out of the shower, so fresh and so clean! Eat me, gobble me up! You love seeing my titties jiggle while I ride on top of your cock as you thrust in and out of me! Wrap your hands around my neck and choke me lightly, making me gag as I orgasm all over you! You’re going to be soaking wet in my pussy juices! Sex with me will change your entire aura! I wanna make my man cum hard!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Hope
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Daddy’s Girl

Edge Play Phone Sex

Daddy has always been so good to his little boy, even more so now that I’m his little creature, so I decided to do something extra special for him. In my sexy lingerie, I waited for him to come home from work. He walked through the door and smiled when he saw me all dressed up. He sat down on the couch as crawled up in between his legs, rubbing on his already stiff cock. Pulling it out from his pants, I licked his balls as he kicked his pants off entirely.

Now that I had more access, I flicked my tongue down to his asshole, feeling his dick swell in my hand. Mmm, Daddy’s brown star always tastes so yummy! I took my fingers and slid them inside, massaging his prostate. At the same time, I wrapped my lips around his meat and swallowed it whole. Daddy’s eyes were rolling back into his head as he squirmed, pushing my head down further. He was about ready to blow, I could tell, but I wasn’t done with him yet!

So I stopped and played with myself in front of him, letting him calm down a little before I had him get on all fours so I could fuck him in the ass. He gripped the couch cushions as I thrusted into him and reached around to stroke Daddy’s big, long rod. Again, I only brought him right to the edge before I stopped and let his nut subside. I really wanted his creamy load inside my boy-hole, so I laid on my back with my legs spread in the air.

I used my hands to spread my cheeks as my ass hung just barely over the edge of the couch. Daddy held me by my legs and thrusted his throbbing fuckstick into my man-cunt. My perky boy-tits jiggled with each pump of his hips, which drove Daddy wild. He shouted and shook as a giant, sloppy batch of cum poured into my ass. Daddy had to sit down after that one, but he watched as it all oozed from my hole. I’m glad he liked my surprise!

Incest Phone Sex


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Avery
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When Your Girlfriend’s a Brat!

Bratty Girl Phone SexShe caught me in the sauna with my dildo in my cunt, steady plugging away at my pussy. On the one hand, I was embarrassed, but on the other hand, it turned me on enough that I got off hard and fast just then. I guess that turned her on bad, because she suggested we go home together, and I just knew that he would adore her. She was small and thin and her body was fucking perfect. We played together, keeping each other wet and ready for the next hour or so, until he got home. GFE Phone SexHe walked in the door to her wrapped around me from behind, fingering my pussy, our naked bodies pressing close together. His eyes lit up and his dick was instantly hard. Now, normally, I would have taken that and run with it, sucking and fucking his cock with her, but I was feeling like quite the little cock-tease, so we just told him he could stay and watch, even jack off, but he couldn’t touch. He sat in the chair, pulled out his dick, and started stroking as she laid me out on the floor. Her perfect body slipped down alongside mine, and she started off with her tongue and fingers playing around with my cunt right in his view. However, she quickly pulled my dildo from the spa out from beside her and started slipping that over my clit and into my cunt. She fucked me so fucking hard that I had an explosive orgasm, and squirted all over the floor, and even his feet. He came all over himself at that sight, and we were just getting started!Wet bald pussy


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Shannon
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Asian Tease needs some discipline

barely legal phone sexI may be a bit old for barely legal phone sex but don’t think that I don’t love it.  I’m very tiny and petite and  most people mistake me for a teen. This leads to some very fun adventures as men try to pick me up.

Sometimes I dress up like a young schoolgirl and go out walking. This guy pulled over in his car. He was driving a nice Mustang. He asked if I needed a ride. I was feeling so naughty and horny. He was older, obviously married. I told him that I wanted to go to the mall. He pulled out a flask and offered me a drink. I pretended to choke on it like an inexperienced teen. He put his hand right on my thigh and asked if I was a virgin. I giggled and told him yes. I could almost see the bulge in his jeans begin to swell.

He pulled into an industrial area and pulled me over to kiss me, his hand sliding up under my skirt. I felt his fingers slide around the crotch of my cotton panties and touch smooth pink flesh. He got kinda pushy then, unzipping his fly, pushing me back on the seat. “This is going to hurt a little.” he whispered. He pushed into my tight slit…. and you’ll have to wait for the rest of this story. Call me and be my older lover. How would you punish a naughty teen slut?

China Doll

Written by Fuckalicious Freak China Doll
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