Wet Bald Pussy in the Da Club

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy was all the rage at the Pleasure Palace last night. Mondays you would think would be slow nights at a strip club, but they are the busiest. I think it because married men can say they are going to watch the football game with a friend and instead they come to the strip club to watch football and naked ladies. I learned a new trick recently. I can pick up tips with my pussy. A guy saw me do it, and he called me over for a lap dance. We got a little carried away, but I know the new club owner very well. He will let me get away with murder! We went into the VIP room. He laid on the private stage with hundred dollar bills in his mouth and I picked them up with my pussy. I made a grand in tips that way last night. I made a lot more, however, bending over one of the tables for a hardcore ass fucking. This gentleman is a big movie producer in town and just my luck, he likes blonde bimbos. I stayed the night with him in his hotel suite. Not because the fucking was that good. His cock was average, and he had old man problems. I was in it for the money and because he promised me a cameo in his movie. I am a great stripper because I make even dirty old men feel special.

Pantyhose Shemale

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Robert is a thug hardbody with a fucking nice hard cock that can last for hours. I have wanted to make him my butt slut for so long. Until tonight I have only been able to suck him dry with my whore tranny mouth. My lips and throat will be raw after sucking him and having my throat fucked for so long. It was my pantyhose that turned the tables for me tonight. I was on my knees sucking him guiding my fingers to his ass and one hand down my pantyhose. He kept watching me stroke my cock under the red see through the silky hose. He demanded me up and bent me over but only let me roll the hose down so far. as he gaped my pretty ass he kept stroking the nylon and fucking me harder. All of a sudden He pulled out pre-cum dripping down onto my pretty legs. He was panting and I pulled off my hose and lifted his feet and rolled up my hose all the way. He was still so hard! I turned him around and ripped a hole in the pantyhose so I could butt fuck him. He moaned so loud. I rubbed his aching cock through the material. I felt his spunk release just as I gave him my load. I patted his ass and told him to keep my pantyhose. Who Knew? 

Big Tit Photos for Veterans and Soldiers

big tit photosIt was Veteran’s Day yesterday and I celebrated our vets with my big tit photos. I have a cousin overseas serving in the army. I Skyped with him last night and some of his troop buddies. They all got such joy jacking off to my big tits. I showed them more than my big boobs too. I enjoyed rubbing my bald pussy while they jacked off. They were all gathered around my cousin’s computer rubbing their dicks to me. Made me feel so good too. I am an exhibitionist slut. I get off showing my big tits and sexy BBW body off to American soldiers. They deserve to have some hot fun for all they do to protect us. My wet bald pussy is always wetter with men in uniform. I told them how to stroke their cocks for me. They told me how to rub my pussy for them. I fucked my cunt with a camo dildo in honor of them and veterans everywhere. I made a few soldiers happy and they made me very happy too. Happy Veterans day to all the active and retired soldiers.

Young Bald Pussy At The Strip Club

Young bald pussy

Young bald pussy drives the men at my Daddy’s club wild. So once a month I take my little girls to my Daddy’s club for an afterhours VIP only strip show. My girls always get super excited about dressing up and showing off their dance moves. Plus lets face it having money thrown at you makes every girls pussy hot and wet. I put my girls in black crotch less fishnet stockings with a clear vinyl corset and matching panties. I want everyone to be able to see their luscious bald pussies and cute perky nipples.

My little girls were up on stage twerking and shaking their hot young asses just like professional strippers. They used their mouths to undo each other’s corsets. Once they were totally naked I grabbed a can of whip cream from behind the bar. I decided it was time to spice things up. I shook the can of whip cream up and then I sprayed it all over my naked little girls. Watching them lick that cold whip cream off of each others puffy tits and bald young cunts made my pussy soaking wet. So I wasn’t surprised to see that your cock was about to burst out of your pants.

So I told you that if you would pull your cock out of your pants. I would be happy to cover it in whip cream and as you can already see my little girls would love to lick it off. I called my sweet little baby girl over and she started licking up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She even slide her baby soft lips all the way down to the base of your cock. As she deepthroated your hard throbbing cock and slurped the last of the whip cream off of it, you blew your load giving her young warm mouth a hot salty cream to wash it down with.

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Anal Training Whores

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Everyone knows that once you stretch out a little whores’ cunt, it’s hard to feel that same tightness. That’s why I train my girls to take cock in all their holes, so they’re never completely used up. Anal training is probably my favorite part of being a little slut trainer. First, I start with making their teeny rosebuds really wet with my tongue. Then, I make them stick their own grubby little fingers in there one by one.

These little brats always have the tightest assholes, sometimes it’s hard to even stick a pinky in. But I make sure to work at it until the little bitches are squealing with delight. Once they’re ready to move on to the next step, I stuff cute little plugs inside them! These petite whores must wear them all day every day under their wee school uniforms and panties to get them nice and ready for the final step.

The best way to stretch out a wee piggy whore rosebud is with a thick fat cock! Wouldn’t you love the honor of being the first thick cock inside a tiny tot asshole? Popping a little slut’s anal cherry is such a momentous occasion! They’ve been training for quite a bit. I bet you can get their little cunnies to squirt all over your thick, mature cock! Getting those tiny asses stretched over your juicy cock graduates them into the next tier of tiny prostitute whores. Now they’re ready to get all their holes fucked by my customers!

I Love Big Dick , I Can Not Lie!

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OH My God! Look at the dick, Must be a Rapper!  It is So long and strong! Damn, It is Juicy and I am nasty! , I need me some of that! I like big black cocks I can not lie. They pull up and I get stuck. I just want to fuck. Bend me over in the sauna give me your Anaconda! I am a black cock whore and I always want more. Give me your stick and I will make it cum quick. Slide that big black dick deep inside me baby, I know you like it nasty. My ass is meant for tearing up. I know how hard a BBC can fuck! On my knees begging for that anaconda Please! SO Long so strong, so juicy put it in my pussy. You other cocks cannot compare I like BIG Black Dicks! So If you have a small weenie I don’t want any! My pussy only wants the big ones to suck and fuck. But I will share if you put your ass in the air! So Pull Up and suck, Grab a BBC to fuck.

Sassy little spinner

hot ass sex My brother kept bringing  a trail of not so cute girls to the house. I was enjoying busting his chops. You may say I might have been a bit jealous and salty. I just know my brother too well and what he deserves. He isn’t the star quarterback for nothing. He is popular and he has quite the big dong. I see it all the time. Last night I got m my point across when I brought him to my room.

I wanted to give him the best fuck ever. Show him what he is missing. Most girls in our school aren’t the best fucks. Why not have some incest fun and hot ass sex together? After all I know I surely am the best fuck he will ever have bro. After bringing him to my room I had him close his eyes. I was on my knees pulling his gym shorts down.

I began to stroke him and play with his cock. He tried to stop me but failed miserably. I knew he wanted me. My lips were wrapped around his cock and he was feeling the rush thru his body. It was pure nirvana for him. I teased him some more by pushing away and pretending I was going to stop. He wasn’t having that. He rammed my head and started skull fucking me. Once my big brother had a piece of heaven he wasn’t going to stray away.

I have always been his sassy sister and would always bother him till I got what I wanted. Now I was getting my big brothers pecker and I was spinning on it like the good sexy spinner I am. We both agreed he wouldn’t bring anymore boring sluts around the house. When you have the best why settle.

Sexy Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex? Look at me? I bet your cock is hard looking at my selfie and you have not even seen my 10-inch cock yet. This was how I looked before I went out last night. I was in the mood to snag a hot sugar daddy and I did. I always get what I want.  I went to this hotel bar. High end bar, best hotel in town. Easy to pick up rich men there. I wasn’t setting at bar alone for long. Ted set next to me, asked what I was drinking. My drinks the rest of the night were on his tab. We had instant chemistry. Of course, I always spark with married men from out of town who look rich. We did some idle chit chat, the basic get to know you stuff before we were back at his place having drinks and making out. He asked how much. I didn’t know what he meant. Then it dawned on me, he thought I was a pro. I told him I wasn’t an escort, just a sexy T-girl looking for a fun night with a handsome man. He seemed disappointed. I thought he was upset that I had a ten-inch cock. That was not a problem for him. What he was upset about was the fact that I wasn’t a hooker. He gets off on paying women to fuck him.  He enjoys thinking he can’t get laid without payment. Whatever your fetish, I don’t care. I will happily indulge you. Since his fetish was paying for sex, I had no problem taking his money. I took a lot of it too and gave him the biggest jizz shot up his ass. He was just a sugar daddy for the night, but it was a hot encounter. Very profitable too.

I made him eat it all

humiliation phone sexLittle bitch boy came to me for humiliation and I gave him more than he could handle. He thought that I was going to just laugh at him a little bit or maybe compare my lover’s cock to his cock but I had a little more in mind. First of all I made him get down on his knees and suck my lover’s cock until it was rock hard, then I made him guide it inside my pussy too. He had to watch me get fucked for hours, every hole getting filled with load after load of creamy cum and in the end… he had to eat all that cum from my fuck holes. He cried like a little bitch the whole time but I didn’t care, he got what he came for! It’s not like I would ever be fucking a man like him anyway, he’s lucky he got to touch my pussy at all!

Drown Me Master

Please drown me master! I am not worthy to be in your presence. I deserve to have to beg to breathe because I should have never told you know. I know I am just your worthless little sex slave, and I have absolutely no right to tell you know ever about anything. It was very nice of you to reward me for being a good little whore with a trip to the beach, and I am extremely sorry I ruined it master. It was a beautiful day, so I begged you to take me to the beach. I had been so good since you let me out of the basement, so you agreed that we could go. We were having a beautiful time splashing around in the water. When we got back to the beach, you got some sand in your shorts, and you told me that I was to lick all of the sand off of your cock and balls. I refused because it was the middle of the day and there was people around. I could tell how angry you were when I said no. You pulled me up from the sand by my hair, and forcefully ripped my bikini off of me in front of everyone. You reminded me that I was your toy, and you could do whatever you please with me. You pulled my to the water, and held me under until my lungs had almost completely filled with water. When you pulled me out I was choking up water and gasping for air. While I was struggling to breathe, you plowed my tight teen ass right there for everyone to watch. I deserve the humiliation master! I deserve to be shown just how worthless I truly am. You came in my little ass while everyone watched because all that I am is your personal cum dumpster.

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