Incest Phone Sex: It Runs in My Family

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Breeding Phone Sex P-Mommy Haley

Breeding phone sex is something special for this p-mommy and I want it more than ever right now. I’m ready to take cock alongside my young one and help her take fat loads of seed with me. One day the two of us witll be impregnated together and I want us to get plenty of practice in.

In fact I love training my girl so much to be a kinky whore that I even get some furry friends over regularly as she really loves to take that red rocket in her sweet little bald cuny. I find it super hot to watch them mount her and hump her sweet plump pussy and the way they knot up inside makes the precious little slutkin of mine giggle. I think you might enjoy a show of how the two of us play together and how I help my daughter take lots of cum in her tight hairless slut holes.

Breeding phone sex

Wet Bald Pussy Gets Fisted By Wendy

Wet Bald Pussy

Last night, I set my wet bald pussy on my best friend’s face last night. We have been fooling around with each other since we were much younger and we love trying out new kinky things on each other. Last night was no different. We decided to watch some fisting porn and give it a shot. I’ve fisted myself and let a few guys get wrist deep inside me but my friend had never tried it. She was nervous at first about being stretched out so far but I promised her it was going to feel good. We started watching the video and I had her lay down while I began licking her pussy. Once she was nice and relaxed at started working my fingers one by one into her wet cunt. She was loving it, with every finger I slid inside her the louder her moans got. Once my entire fist was in her she was screaming. I started licking her clit while I rammed my whole hand into her cunt and she came so fucking hard.

Adult phone chat with Theresa

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Phone Sex Trannies Make Great Girlfriends

phone sex Phone sex trannies are the best girlfriends. We look great on your arm in front of your friends who would never understand your special needs. They would be jealous you scored such a hot babe, but how would they react if they knew the truth? Tim is like one of my many callers. He loves chicks with dicks, but can’t admit that to his friends. I was on his arm Friday night at this big work party his boss put together on a big ass sailboat. Wives and girlfriends were encouraged to join as this was a thank you for the hard work of the pharmaceutical reps. His coworkers are ultra conservative. He claims they would never understand a special girl like me. I playedthe part of the hot exotic girlfriend. In fact, I made Tim the envy of his boss. His boss cornered me in one of the cabins below. He made me an indecent proposal to be his side piece. Tim’s boss is married, but he likes hot girls. I told him I was not up to sharing because I do like Tim, plus I didn’t want to jeopardize my sugar daddy’s job. Apparently, the CEO of the company isn’t accustomed to being rejected. He tried to force himself on me. That never goes well for men. I look like a delicate flower, but I am one strong sexy bitch in charge. I showed Tim’s boss who was in charge. He was shocked to learn I had a dick; even more shocked to feel all 10 inches up his ass. As I fucked some respect into him, I made it clear that if he threatened me or Tim’s job, I would show everyone what a sissy faggot bitch he was. The next day Tim spoiled me with a new car because he got a large bonus at work. Like I said, a tranny phone sex chick makes the best girlfriend.

2 Girl Phone Sex with hotties

2 Girl Phone Sex2 Girl Phone Sex with hotties like me and my best friend Lynsi, I can tell you all about the naughty things we do. We have always been pretty close and have always had a way of seducing different guys whenever we want between both of us there’s no challenge we can take on where we would end up coming shot, every time we set out to do something we get it done, even more so when we come in a package deal. We went to this concert and were having the time of our lives, She had set up a challenge in her head, She wanted to see if we could seduce the stage manager and score some VIP backstage passes, We had it in the bag we strut our cute bodies and giggled and flirted and score, After a long night we got home and got in the shower together of course had a little bit more fun and called it a night.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with a Size Queen Bitch

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is a dream come true for a cock size queen bitch. I am not normally a mean or rude lady, but when it comes to small dicks I am 100% bitch. I had a guy recently, a white guy I met at the gym, brag to me about what a big dick he has dangling between his legs. He made sure to say dangling. When I think of a cock that can dangle, I am expecting a dick to your knees; at least mid thigh. When this loser pulled off his gym shorts, the only thing I saw dangling was his nut sack, which completely swallowed up his little pecker. “Planning on fucking me with your balls, loser, I inquired sarcastically? He was humiliated, but still insisted his dick was better than the brothers I fuck from the gym. Some white men are so pathetic. They live in a land of denial, refusing to admit a black man might be better than them. Not all white men are like that, however. My husband admits his inferiority to my black lovers willingly. This little gym loser needed a lesson. He needed to be forced into reality with a big black cock down his throat. I told a few of my gym lovers about Dan and well, the next thing I knew, Dan had a big ass black cock down his throat. His eyes looked like they were about ready to pop out of his eye socket. He couldn’t breathe well and he was thrashing about like a fish out of water. Dan was taught some respect for the big black dick, the old fashioned way; the prison way. I went up to Dan, slapped his worthless nuts and said, “Stay on the porch loser. You don’t have what it takes to run with the big dogs.”  I will put you in your place too if you think you have what I need and come up short 8 inches.

I have a new little bitch

tranny phone sexI have a new little bitch boy and I am loving it! He’s so obedient even though he is very ashamed of the fact that he loves my cock. He likes to say he’s not gay, he is just hypnotized by huge dicks and can’t resist them, isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard??? If a cock can hypnotize you like that, you’re a little gay whether you like it or not. That’s why I make sure to humiliate him every chance I get, I laugh at him and embarrass him in public and online and I force him to do all kinds of filthy things… and the best part is that he pays me for it! There’s nothing like taking a man’s money all while humiliating him in every way possible, it’s what they deserve!

Black Cock Phone Sex with his Princesses

Black Cock Phone SexThe girls and I were just talking about Big Daddy King when he called. He was coming in for the weekend, and he was hosting a big, Grand Opening celebration with strictly VIP guests. Well, the girls and I planned out a special routine for him, and the day he came in, we picked him up in the limo. As we drove, we told him all about how much we missed him, and how we couldn’t wait to make every VIP envious of him with our special show. When we got to the club, there was paparazzi everywhere, and Desi and I took just a minute to tell them all what was going on before Big Daddy led us on inside. The girls and I took over the DJ booth long enough to set it all up for our show, and then walked Big Daddy down to his throne, which had been moved to the center of the stage. Desi and Kardashia and I helped him off with his clothes, and then they draped his robe around his shoulders. Kardashia put his crown on his head as Desi started the music up. We stripped each other out of our elegant gowns, handing our tiaras to their keeper for the night. When we were completely naked, we danced a bit more, pouring a huge bottle of baby oil all over each other, massaging that in. By then, Anaconda was ready to play, and he was making it known! So, the girls and I got to take him out, and I swear, every time we see Anaconda, he seems bigger than the last time! Big Daddy let us wrap our hands around him and stroke him for a while, making sure we had plenty of pics for IG, and then we started to kiss and lick all over it. Anaconda held back for awhile, but eventually, our hot, sexy, oiled-up bodies did him in, and Big Daddy came all over our faces and in our mouths! Ooh, we LOVE our Big Daddy!!

After party

Tranny Phone SexThis night at the club you asked for a private dance from me, so I start dancing on you grinding on that big package between your legs. I don’t know who was more turned on, you or me! All I know is that when I was dancing on you feeling that cock on my ass my dick was getting rock hard! My shift is over and I’m going crazy looking for you and I find you with one of my hooker friends. We invite you over back to my house! We get here we all get naked! My dick gets rock hard when I see your sexy ass all naked with that huge cock! You drop on your knees and start sucking my cock, while my friend puts her big lips around that big fat cock of yours and starts to deep throat that big fat long juicy dick with a huge mushroom head!

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