I Play with My Wet Bald Pussy When Sucking Dick

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. Men love hearing how wet I get giving them a virtual blowjob. I can suck the chrome off a door knob as the expression goes. I have been a cock sucking slut forever. As a submissive whore, I take my pleasure in pleasing men on and off the phone. I have an array of dildos I suck to simulate your cock. I have little dildos and a big black dildo and every size in between. Of course, I want to impress you with how much cock I can take down my throat; however, I will gladly suck little dicks too. When you are submissive, you never say no to the cock dangling in front of your face, even if it is the size of one of those snack size carrots.  If I had my druthers, however, I would only suck big dick. It is more of a challenge to take an anaconda down your throat than a shrimp dick. Since I can swallow a sword, I never gag. Some men like me to gag on their dicks, so if they want me to gag on a 4 inch dick, I have to fake that! I have some well endowed lovers who have ruined me. I had a caller this morning who wanted me to puke on his 5 inch dick. Clearly, he had no clue who he was talking too! I had to put my own fist in my mouth to make it sound like I was gagging on something that size! Don’t worry however, if you have a small dick or even an average one, I will still worship you because that is what I do! I just prefer a big black dick in my greedy mouth, but this cock sucking slut is grateful for any and all cocks full of cum.

Spanking phone sex

spanking phone sexI love getting my daddy’s attention. My brother has been wanting my wet pussy all day long, so I gave it to him. I met him in his bedroom and do what I do best! I sucked his cock into my mouth and made it sloppy wet for my pussy hole. My brother could not wait! He grabbed me off his cock, and pushed me down to all fours. My pussy lips were wide open, begging for his cock to fill me up.

He pushed his cock inside of me and started spanking my ass so hard. His hand smacked into my ass cheeks over and over again. I guess he got my daddy’s attention because all of the sudden my daddy barged in. I slid off my brothers cock and braced myself for my daddy’s wrath. He whipped his hand over my ass. Cracking it over and over down on me.

Daddy took his cock out and rammed himself into my pussy. I know better! Daddy gets my pussy first!

Sleepover sluts

hot ass sexMy friends and I love to spend some time together we tend to have a ton of sleepovers, I love having a massive blow out sleepover with all my favorite girlies but you will be surprised my favorite sleepover thus far would have to be the one with my friend Lina and her boyfriend. It was so much fun because we got off by giving the poor guy blue balls, eventually he got to fuck us but not before us having a zillion orgasms. It was very selfish but it was a huge turn on that I was having hot ass sex with my best friend right in front of her boyfriend and he couldn’t even touch us all he could do was watch. It was hot and fucking exciting to see him want so badly to rub one out. We did feel bad and allowed him to rub it out and finally fuck our holes eventually after being tense for such a long period. Poor guys, 😉 he should have known sleepovers are for girls only 😉

Teen Phone Sex With October

Teen Phone Sex

I am one of the nastiest teen sluts you will ever come across. The only problem is I have a secret, I obsess with the idea of being dominated by a strong alpha male. I am defiant, so I am that little bitch that you would need to tie down and hold my face. Just thinking about that makes my kitty moist. You know you want to be that one to tame so me and make me your subby slut.I have a sweet, silky pussy, I want you to come taste give me that pleasure with that wicked pain. Pin me down and shove things up both my holes while making me choke on a BBC. I have to lay here and can’t get enough I am addicted to making myself get off while thinking about choking on a juicy, fat cock. Can you be that man to make choke? Make me submit myself completely. I wonder if there are any men like that out there. Until then I will sit here and fantasize.

Small Cock Humiliation

Small Cock Humiliation Brooklyn

Today, Harmony and I saw your tiny cock in the co-ed showers at the gym. Harmony had a great Idea to seduce you and give you and your small cock a treat. We invited you back to our place, and who were you to resist our big tits and hot bodies. “He needs small cock humiliation,” I told harmony as we left.   Later that night after you arrived we offered you a stiff drink and demanded you strip and change into a black lace crotchless pair of women’s panties. Boy, did that little peter of yours jump to attention! Harmony demanded you sit on a stool in the middle of the room. “We have a treat for you, Mr. Small Dick.” She whispered in your ear.  “Brooklyn, doesn’t he have the smallest dick you ever seen?” She asked me.  I laughed and told her I can’t even see it!  Three of our big dicked guy friends came in the room at that time only wearing their underwear. Our black friend had the biggest dick we ever seen. We had them stand around you and made you kiss every cock. Boy, all these men were hung and made me wet seeing them.  We laughed and laughed at how small your cock was compared to theirs.  You were our bitch and we made you lick and suck each cock all the while laughing at you.  We made you our bitch that night call us to hear more of or juicy tale.

Black Cock Phone Sex for Faggots

black cock phone sexAre you a closeted black cock phone sex faggot? Your secret is safe with me. I won’t rat you out to your unsuspecting wife. I’m no fool. I know when you call me for a slut wife or cuckolding role play, you are hoping you will get to suck some big black dick in the process; at the very least, watch a big black dick go in and out of my white fuck holes. I won’t delude you, however. So many men think it doesn’t make them a fag if they suck cock to please their wives or for humiliation. The reality is that most men, my husband included, think cuckolding is a way to safely explore their gay fantasies. If you are a real cuckold, I bet it was your idea that your wife take a lover. You didn’t want her cheating on you behind your back. You wanted to watch. You may claim it is because you want to watch your wife get the pleasure she deserves; watch her get the pleasure you can’t give her. I know, however, it is because you want to see that big fat black dick going in and out of her. You may also try to convince yourself and your wife that you only want to taste her juices on that cock when you beg to suck it after it cums inside your wife. We both know that is just the excuse you give to be a cock sucking faggot. How do I know all this? Because I was a just a cheating slut wife when I married my husband. He was the one that insisted I fuck my black lovers in front of him. He was the one who claimed he just wanted to taste how wet I was when he put his first BBC in his mouth. I will give you the cuckolding phone sex therapy you need. I will accept the fact that you are just a black cock faggot.

GFE Phone Sex in the Morning

GFE Phone SexWhat could be better, first thing in the morning, than teasing your man into a hellacious round of morning sex? I’m nearly always up before him, and I love to get ready just as I know he’s due up. More often than not, he’ll walk into the bathroom, still half-asleep, to find me in there in nothing but my socks. I love the tent his robe makes so early for me, as I run my hands up and down my body in the mirror. I’ll even cock one leg up on the counter, and make sure he sees full well how wet and ready I am for him, if he just comes closer and has his way with me. It never ceases to thrill me when he does. He walks right up behind me and spreads that robe to show his completely bare, totally hard cock, just before he thrusts it deep into me. With my leg still cocked up on the countertop, he drills me, both of us watching our fuck in the mirror. That is the biggest thrill of all, I think. Watching him get hotter and hotter, and more and more lost in the intensity of our lust as my own eyes glaze over. His hands massaging my tits, my hips, all over my body. And, when we cum together, I get to watch our bodies tense and release together. It’s so fucking hot!

Sexy Time With My Lesbian Teacher



School Girl Phone Sex

Miss Morris is like totally the hottest teacher at my school. She has these giant tits that you can totally tell are fake, super sexy full lips and a nice round ass. She’s seriously like a total Betty! I’ve masturbated a lot at home thinking about her super sexy bod and generally very flirtatious manor but today when she asked if I wanted to stay after class to help her put up Christmas decorations, I hoped that maybe this could be my chance to at least get a little closer to her. She welcomed me in right after the last bell and we got started. She asked if I would climb up on to her desk and hang some snowflakes up on the ceiling. Miss Morris helped brace me by holding my legs but that’s when I started to feel her fingers wandering up my skirt inch by inch. I looked down and he had already removed her blouse, exposing those beautiful juicy MILF-y titties to me just like I had always fantasized while finger fucking myself. I leaned down as she pulled me toward her and we started hard making out, tongues and everything! She helped me take off my uniform and we sprawled out on the desk so that she could eat my bald pussy like she had obviously been craving to do as well. We scissored each other on the desk, using a large marker as a double-ended phallic toy and came over and over again. She made me swear not to tell anybody about what we did. Obviously I’ll be keeping me and Miss Morris’s fuck fests all to myself. Well..except I guess it’s okay with her if I tell you. 😉

Blackmail Phone Sex Has Him On Edge

blackmail phone sex

This guy calls me for blackmail phone sex. He has to and he knows it. He called me a while ago because he needed to have a sexy young girl like me help him to get off while he stroked it. I wouldn’t let him cum for me and he knew how badly he needed to. I saw his weakness for me as an opportunity to have some fun. Before he knew it, he was giving me everything I needed. I had all the tools to ruin his life if that’s what I wanted. Now he knows that he has to keep calling me and making sure he keeps me happy or else I might just have to tell his dirty little secret. He still loves it though and that makes it even better. His cock is helpless to me and he needs me to let him cum every time he gets hard. I have complete control over his cock and his orgasm and now his entire life. I love my new little plaything!

Cocksucking slut

Cocksucking Phone SexCocksucking phone sex is my favorite! Being forced to swallow loads upon loads of cum while choking on a thick dick down my throat gets my pussy so fucking wet! It turns me on so damn much when he can fuck my mouth balls deep with his huge, throbbing cock! It’s so funny how the more I pretend and act like I can’t take that yummy cock, the more my throat gets skull fucked even harder and deeper! I love getting fucked like a slut, that’s why I always dress like a slut, i’m a walking slutty advertisement! Long, deep strokes make my body quiver! I know how good my blowjobs are, that’s why i’m the best dick sucker around! My head is so addicting, I love when he just explodes a huge load of cum down my throat and makes me swallow it! There’s something so fucking sexy about a guy grabbing a big grip of my hair and telling me that i’m going to take it all like the filthy cum whore that I am! Being treated like a nasty hoe in bed is such a huge turn on and makes me beg for more!

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