Biggest cum shot on Caprice

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot on caprice, please! Yes all over my face let me lick it off and clean it all. I won’t let a single drop go to waste. If I do feel free to punish me and put me over your knee and spank me very hard. Then you can begin to ram your full cock in my tight bum. You can laugh and call me names and you can go even harder and rougher on me. I will do whatever you want me to, I will wear that cum shot on my face all over my ass and thighs, and titties of course. I want to be a greedy girl and I want more than one cum shot on me. Please make it  four or five even ten just soak me in cum. I just want to be a cum princess. I have always been fascinated by loads. I love how it feels and looks all over me.I love to feel it dripping all over my body.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Caprice
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Interracial Phone Sex: I Like Black Cock and Black Pussy

interracial phone sexInterracial phone sex is sort of my specialty as a black cock whore. My callers love hearing about my sexual escapades with big black cocks. I like black pussy too. I am not a lesbian, not even bisexual. I’m too addicted to black cock for that. However, there is this saying, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I picked up a sweet ebony girl at a party last night. I was high on medicinal strength weed. Black guys have the best weed as well as the best cocks. She was a lesbian. Very pretty one at that. She hit on me. She told me when I was finished banging her brother and his friends that we should hang. I thought she meant smoke some weed. She did but she also meant bump and grind pussies. She was so pretty that when she kissed me I kissed back. I was in shock only because I didn’t see it coming. But, damn, she was a good kisser. That is something black men don’t spend much time doing. They just want to fuck. It is all I need from them. I rarely want to make love. I want to be fuck.  Layla’s long fingers found their way to my pussy as we were making out. I had a wet pussy from kissing her, but I had a hot squirting pussy from her fingering me. When she replaced her strong fingers with her tongue, I came even harder. Her brother is a good fuck with his 11 inch cock, however, he has never once licked my cunt. He is no foreplay and all fucking.  I couldn’t wait to lick her ebony pussy. She was bald like me. She tasted sweet. Sweeter than anything I had tasted. She came all over my face half a dozen times. I am still a black cock whore, but I may be using Terry just to get at his sister’s sweet pussy again.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Vinny
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World’s Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexI’m a really popular babysitter in our trailer park. I’m really good with young kids, but that’s not why my schedule is full of babysitting gigs. I give great blowjobs and the father’s really appreciate my skills. I put the kids down for a nap then it’s time to please their Daddies. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their hard cocks. I have no gag reflex and they can put their cocks into my throat. I’m really good at keeping secrets, no one will know that they come home early every day to fuck the babysitter. Bend me over and fuck me from behind, I want to feel your balls slapping my bald wet pussy. I’m young so all of my holes are tight. And the fathers aren’t the only ones that want a taste of my sweet pussy, some of the mommies love to put their faces between my thighs, too.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Bambi
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Party Girl Phone Sex P-Mommy

I’m all about my party girl phone sex fun and as a p-mommy my daughter is also an awesome playmate for my guys. Fucking that young bald pussy and watching it stretch open as those big manly cocks penetrate her sweet cunt hole really turns me the fuck on. I’m always open to letting guys play with her and even more open when they want to fuck mommy and daughter together. Having my young daughters naked body on my naked body is super fucking hot especially when we are sharing a big hot cock.

If you never considered the p-mommy and her daughter gig then look me the fuck up and we can guarantee you a blasting cum shot of a good time. I promise we will both suck your dick together and kiss sharing that cum shot.

Party Girl Phone Sex


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Haley
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Foot Fetish Phone Sex With Natalie

foot fetish phone sex


I love when you’re going down on me and you do that thing where you put your fingers between all my toes and spread them apart. It kinda hurts but feels like an intense massage. Then you kiss down my thighs and legs, making your way down to my pretty pink toenails. Sucking and kissing all over my delicate tiny feet. You look up at me so adoringly and you worshiping your sweet kittens paws. Sometimes you even treat me to pedicures similar to that scene in Lolita I’ve always loved so much. Sometimes you even just sit at the end of my bed and massage them for me for hours with lotion, making your cock grow quickly and large. I then proceed to wrap my feet around your dick and give you the best foot job you’ve ever had. You explode all your cum over and onto my toes, then going down to clean them up with your mouth. Kitten’s paws hurt again tonight- can you help me out?


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Natalie
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I’ll fuck you up!

Adult phone chatDo you want some adult phone chat? This sexy crazy beautiful Latina is ready for you. The question is, are you ready for me? I’ll chop off your dick little by little to make you feel that fucking pain. I love making you suffer. This time I’m bringing my big black dick friends so they could show you what a real dick is! When I’m done chopping off your dick and balls you will now be pussy man! I will have my friend Stallion ass fuck you so hard you will be begging him to stop fuck no mother fucker take that big black dick! Then I will have my friend Clyde fuck your man pussy, so that’s what I call a double penetration! Lets make it a triple, don’t you think? I’m going to put on my nine inch strap-on and face fuck you so hard making you choke till you pass out!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Alanza
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Cock control Caprice

Cock controlCock control caprice that sounds so hot right? I mean who doesn’t want me to be the head bitch in charge of their dongs? I can guarantee you will love me just driving you insane. I am so into teasing you til you can no longer handle it and just explode. Don’t worry I will let you come up with a safe word something that will stop you from completely losing your shit. I mean I like to be bad but  I also understand how hard it is not to come when you have my cute mouth all over your cock. As long as you let me control when and how you bust your nut I will be a very happy girl. I can’t wait to see you on the edge and just begging and yelling out your little safe word. When I’m satisfied I might just let you have some mercy. Well, I did say might, Maybe I will drag it out. Depends on my mood.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Caprice
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Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI wish I had more naughty neighbor phone sex calls. I am a naughty MILF next door to this teen boy. We are both loving it. At first, he was my dirty secret. His mother Mary had no clue. Neither did my sons or my husband, but now everyone knows. I like them knowing because I like them watching. I’m highly voyeuristic. Are you? Anyway, Friday night I invited my hunky neighbor boy toy over to service my mother who is visiting. If a boy gets a boner for a MILF, he will get a boner for a GILF too, right? I wanted to watch them fuck. I sometimes see him and his mother fucking from my bedroom window while fucking my sons.  I passed around some nose candy for everyone to help enhance the mood. My mom introduced me to coke when I was an age I can’t mention. My neighbor boy was hard instantly seeing my mom’s old hairy snatch. I have a smooth beaver, but my mom has the 70’s shag carpet. He clearly had never seen a hairy wet pussy. He went down on her quickly. Mama spread her legs wide and pushed his face into her hairy puss. She was moaning loudly. She even told my boys to take notes. My husband was jacking. My boys were jacking. I was fingering my wet bald pussy. The neighbor boy was stroking his cock as he ate out his first hairy pussy. Everyone got to eat mommy’s pussy, even me, but the neighbor boy was declared the winner of hairy pussy eating. My mom came like a dozen times. She was drenched in cum and sweat. Multiple orgasms can take a lot of out of a mature woman.  Would you go down on a granny with a full bush? I would and I do.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Blair
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Cock Control Cock Sucking Cum Whore Loving Tina

Cock ControlI am such a cock sucking cum whore. Maybe the reason I love sucking cock so much is because I feel like I have total cock control of you when it is in my mouth. I just love sucking on a big thick cock. I like to lick up and down your big thick cock finding it getting harder and harder with every lick. I take my hand and softly roll your balls around while still licking your big hard cock. Then I start to suck on just the head of your big cock tasting all that yummy salty pre cum. I hear someone come into your office. I wonder if they know that I am under your desk sucking on your big thick cock. I don’t care if they do, but apparently, you do because I can feel you tense up. You even try to discreetly pull out of my mouth, but not a chance in hell I am giving up this big cock of yours. Not until you explode in my mouth showering my mouth in all that scrumptious warm salty cum. The thrill that one of your coworkers might find out is making my pussy soaking wet. It is also quite fun hearing you try to talk in a normal voice as I am deep throating that big hard cock of yours. They leave and you tell me that I am such a naughty girl for not stopping when I heard the door open. I just give you a wicked little laugh and continue sucking on your big hard cock until you explode in my mouth giving me all of your warm salty yummy cum. I lick every last drop of your yummy cum off of your big cock before straightening myself up and returning to work.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Tina
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Bring My Lingerie To Work

GFE Phone SexI’m so sexy and irresistible, you are never able to get enough of me and I can’t blame you! I’m the best girlfriend in the world and I know that you miss me so much while you’re gone working all day long. To make your day better and friskier, I want to give you some of my lingerie to keep inside of your work bag, that way you can take out my naughty panties and bra and use them for your pleasure whenever you’re feeling horny for me, which is all the time, hehe! Smell them and lick them, taste how fucking delicious my wet pussy juices are! Your cock throbs for me non-stop so I can only imagine how hot and heavy you feel while you’re hard for me at work! Use my bra cups to bust your load of cum into, fill them up! Make my bra overflow with your gooey cock cream, that shit is so fucking hott! It can be our dirty little secret, no one at your work has to know about how kinky you’re getting behind closed doors!


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Hope
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