Blackmail Phone Sex I have a caller that sends amazing shivers down my spine when he calls. He want to blackmail his mom. He wants to blackmail her into fucking her hard, spanking her, and use her shoes as his personal cum dumpster. He caught her fucking around on his father who is away working a lot on the road. He has all sorts of evidence. I ask him every time we chat if he has done it yet? He always says no and asks “why you think I should?” I say no but secretly I want him to do it. If she is into it then she is a good mommy. But if she is not into it and is doing it to keep his mouth shut from telling his dad. That is such a freaking turn on either way it goes. Oh that makes my pussy so wet. But until he decides to go forward with the plan I will be here for him. I will be his girl for him to do all these things for him.

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