Biggest Cum Shot Late-Night Craving

biggest cum shotLately, I have been getting the biggest cum shot to my face from a certain black lover. My husband is obsessed with creamy facials. He loves watching big black cocks explode on my face. I must admit that I love a nut explosion all over my pretty face. Most of my studs want to come inside me because they don’t have to worry about getting a 46-year-old woman pregnant. I had my tubes tied years ago because I never wanted to be anything but a black cock whore. Brats take away from sucking and fucking black cocks. Last night, I had a late-night craving for black cream. My husband called up this stud that enjoys shooting his seed on my face like it’s a canvas and his dick is Jackson Pollack. My guess was that my husband had the same late-night craving I did.  My young stud always craves white milf pussy. Even though my husband and I both had to be up early today, we had an itch that had to be scratch. I blew my young hung stud until he nutted on my face. My husband couldn’t wait to snowball that creamy fresh load with his slut wife. My stud left because he too had to work early, but my husband and I stayed up playing with the mess that was left behind. My husband is such a creampie slut. Phone sex with me is all about cuckolding, BBC and cream pies.

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