Biggest Cum Shot from a Young Black Bull

biggest cum shotI got the biggest cum shot to the face this week. My husband took a picture of my face because he couldn’t believe all that cum came from one cock. Yes, it was a black cock, but it was not one of my usual studs. This was a boy. A teen boy who happened at our door one day looking for some odds and ends work like mowing lawn. He is too young to work a normal job in this state, but he can do yard work and household projects. He was cute, but with his age, I was not expecting a monster cock. Not yet at least. And, I had no idea that he would cum as much as a few full grown studs. I was going to hire him to do the lawn. My husband had a better idea. Hire him for stud services. He was tall for his age, plus he was black, so we both agreed he was likely hung. We knew it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to get him in my bed. Boys his age all have MILF fever. When he came the next day to mow the yard, my husband asked him if he would prefer to be paid to fuck his wife. The lad was a bit perplexed. I guess he thought it was a joke until I came out of the bedroom naked. He was too young to know about the perversions of adults. I think I gave him his first head. He didn’t last long in my expert mouth but sucking on his junior python gave me a hot squirting pussy. Seriously, his Johnson was long for his age. It was his nut sauce that really threw me for a loop. It was like a bomb explosion to my face. I need to rethink my age limit for black bulls.

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