Biggest Cum Shot at the Glory Hole

biggest cum shotI swallowed the biggest cum shot this morning. I was feeling horny and kinky. We had a tornado come through town last night, but that didn’t quell my need for cock and cum. I went down to this truck stop that has a glory hole in the last stall of the women’s bathroom. The truckers know to stick their dick in and horny sluts like me and lot lizards will wait to suck them. When I went into the stall, there was a dick already waiting for me. It was thick and appeared long too. It was a white dick, but I don’t discriminate. Big is big and cum is cum. I slurped on that anonymous shaft like a dirty whore for about 20 minutes before I got a jet blast of cum down my throat. I wanted more. I wiped the dripping seed from the corner of my mouth and ran out the door to see if I could figure who that yummy cock belonged too. There was a guy standing there with his arms crossed. He stopped me. He informed me that he was waiting for me because anyone who sucked a dick like I just did, needed fucked too. He was so right. We hopped in his cab and fucked. I have never fucked in a truck cab before. I felt like a lot lizard whore. It was hot, just like a dirty phone sex call. His cock felt better in my pussy than my mouth. It started storming again, but we rode the storm out fucking in his cab. Lot lizards watch out, this sexy BBW is moving in on your turf.

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