Biggest cum shot

biggest cum shotThe last few nights I have been spending the night out on my friends farm. It’s been a really good time! I am in training to be the hottest girl in daisy Dukes, a plaid shirt, and cowgirl boots.

The competition isn’t all that around here, but these girls were raised here so they know how to be filthy skanks. The boys have no problem coming up with dirty shit that we have to do to win. Tonight it’s all about the biggest cum shot. We have to put on the sexiest show for all the boys and livestock.

Boners are crucial for cum, and our goal is getting the most cum tonight and shooting it back into our throats. I know I am going to win. I love cocks and I am good at stroking and sucking those delicious fuck sticks, there is not one dick I wouldn’t touch- even if I have to roll around in a pig pit if you get my drift.

I will be making my way to all the boys, pens, stables, and barns. Hell if there is a bitch that even squirts a good amount of juice out of her pussy, I’ll get right on my knees for her to. I am the youngest little bitch with the perkiness tits, sluttiest little mouth,  and tightest pussy, so I know I have this competition won.

If you think you can help me out and give me your cum for the night, my slutty little ass would be grateful. I’m going to be milking dicks for some rich and creamy cum!

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