Beat Me Right

rough sex phone sexSometimes men are boring. No man knows how to beat me right, they are always scared they will hurt my fragile little body…… boring! A woman on the other hand definitely knows how to handle me. I am not made of glass I swear you will not break me, and other women just get that. The only issue is you have to work harder for women. To get a good woman you have to dress up and curl your hair and do your makeup. So, I spent hours getting ready then I was off to the bar. When I walked in there was a tall blonde eyeing my up. I pretended to be shy, and she came over and bought me a drink. I pretended it got me drunk. We made out in the corner we eventually made our way to her apartment where she hoisted me into a contraption that hangs from the ceiling. She secured my wrists and ankles so I was lying face down suspended in the air. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion I just wanted her so bad. She took a big black case out from under her bed that said punishment box. I loved the sound of that. She started with the whip lightly on my ass, and then really cracking down on my perfect ass. She pulled out a huge black dildo, bigger than any dick I have ever seen, and she shoved it in my ass hard. While riding my ass she gripped my hair so tight I was actually scared it would come out. It was incredible, and we both climaxed at the same time. I wish I would have got her name and number.

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