Beat Me Make Me Your Slave

Dominatrix Phone Sex


There is a guy named Dexter I know, Dexter is really fucked up he loves sadistic behaviors. Dexter began buying me gifts about three months ago expensive gifts. My girlfriend’s say not to accept his gifts they said he seems crazy. It doesn’t concern me what my friends say I like nice expensive things. I love guys who shower me with fine expensive possessions. About two weeks ago, Dexter asked me if I would do something to him that was a little bit risque. I was concerned but I wanted to know more, I wanted to keep receiving nice clothes too so, I told him to tell me. Dexter began to inform me about his fantasy of being beaten by a black girl. I asked him why did he desire to be beaten by a black girl he told me, he wanted to pay for all the beatings his ancestors gave my ancestors. When Dexter said that to me he peaked my interest, I wanted to feel like his owner for a few seconds. I agreed to beat Dexter maybe he should have thought about what he was asking me to do. I put mine all into Dexter’s naughty little fantasy. I honestly think that I’m fulfilling a fantasy of my own as well when the two of us are together. Now, Dexter buys gifts for myself and gifts for him he bought a nice leather “cat-of-nine-tails” and a host of leather Raw belts. We have a great time with each other. When I’m feeling kind, I like to tickle my pain lover then beat him it makes his cock erupt.

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