Be my Bitch

 Forced Intoxication Phone SexWhats up mother fucker! Its Friday night and my pussy knows it. I cant wait to get a hold of your worthless body mother fucker! Slap you around like the little bitch you are. I claim you as my little bitch now. I’m your owner, and you are my little bitch! You will wear a dog collar around your neck and do as I say! I will fucking kick you around, specially kick your worthless balls and that sorry ass dick you have just hanging there. Then I will spit on you piss on you, ass fuck you with my stiletto hill, till I make your asshole bleed out like the little cunt ass bitch your are! I will make you drop on your knees and start giving me sum fucking pleasure, I want you to suck on my fucking clit and pull on it a little till you  make me squirt all over your fucking face.

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