Bathroom boning

cum shots on tits

Daddy loves when I wear make up for him. His big Daddy dick stays erect and ready to enter my mouth. I got Daddy so horny and ready to pop out of his pants at my cousin’s graduation dinner. Daddy gave me that sign I knew what that meant. He excused himself to the bathroom, and I soon followed. There Daddy and I were in the employee bathroom. We didn’t use the public bathroom because it was packed. Daddy wanted me to bend over for him. How can I resist? I’m a true Daddies girl, and I have to make him proud. Daddy probed me and banged me I had to bite my lips to stop myself from moaning loud. When Daddy was done, he came in my mouth, and some of it dripped down. I had cum shots on tits for dessert. Daddy couldn’t help himself and started to suck my nipples clean and went to my pussy and licked it clean. I like being a tiny whore Daddy is a big guy, but luckily all he had to do was prop me on the sink and have his way with me.

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