Bambi’s Favorite Pie

Fetish Phone Sex

February is National Pie Month. Don’t ask me why, pie is fall food. Oh well. There are so many different kinds of pie. Coconut is my mom’s favorite, and chocolate is my dad’s. My brothers both like pumpkin and my Aunt Sunny likes cherry. My favorite, you’ll never guess it…creampie! I love taking a big load in my box and squeezing it out for everyone to see. Most pie tastes good with coffee or milk, but my cream pie is good all on it’s own! It usually starts with beer or liquor though, LOL! I love the squishy feeling as it oozes out, practically begging to be slurped up and spit back into my waiting mouth. By then it’s cold and clumpy and hard to swallow, but I take it like a champion! After that, I can go for some banana pudding pie, topped with a lot of whipped cream! It tempers the gummy salty cum taste in my mouth. Mmmm mmm good! What’s your favorite pie?Fetish Phone Sex

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