Bad Step Mommy Sheila

creammpie phone sex slut wifeI was a bad step mommy. I woke up horny. I mean super horny. My husband is pretty much worthless; well his cock is at least. We have to schedule fuck time so he can take his little blue pill first. Sometimes, hell most times, I cannot predict when my hormones will start to rage. I snuck into my stepsons bedroom and started sucking their dicks. Crawled right under the covers and started blowing them. Even asleep, at half mast, their cocks work better than their daddy’s dick ever did. They started coming to life in more ways than one. Their cocks doubled in size as they woke up and asked what I was doing. “Mommy needs some medicine only you boys can give her,” I said.

They were more than happy to help me out. The youngest boy took my ass as his cock is not quite man size yet and my ass is my tightest hole. His older brother fucked my cunt. They double stuffed me so well. Two sets of little balls smacked against me in unison. Didn’t take long to fill me up with boy batter. They were so eager to please me, they went down and ate me out to make sure I came too. They didn’t even care that my snatch was filled with their boy seed. I love guys who don’t mind licking their own cum out of my twat. If I can suck your dick after it’s been in all my fuck holes, then you can clean up my pussy. Don’t you agree?

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