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Let me ride it

               adult phone chatYes daddy I love the feel of your thick white cock sliding in and out of my creamy wet bald pussy. Do you feel my pussy squeezing around your thickness the way my ass slap your thighs Oh yes baby keep sucking on my tits the way you are doing and let me ridee you a little longer I know you want to bend me over and pound into me but not yet honey I love this the way your cock keeps hitting my g spot I swear I am going to bust right here. Your hands on my fat ass squeezing it like that god baby you are really driving me crazy. You really know how to keep my pussy juices flowing.


hot ass sexhere I am sitting here thinking about my new part time job as an exotic dancer men like to take me to the back room for a hot little strip tease they sometimes tip me to give them a blowjob while the guard stands outside. Depending on if they are a big tipper or not I would deep throat the hell out of a cock.

Now one of my regulars came in last night and asked me how much it would cost for him to fuck my ass and let him suck the cum out my dirty little hole. Now every girl has her price for something she would not mind doing so I let him fuck me and gave him my panties as a present if he ever wants to drop a grand on me again he knows where to look.


Asss Ass Ass

Hardcore ass fucking          Just a thought but how many guys would actually jump at the chance to fuck me up the ass. No, seriously I want a guy to just grab me by my hips and pump his cock so deep inside my ass until I scream out I mean really hurt me. Call me a dirty little cock whore while you are at it completely humiliate me. Tease me with that cock.

                     Do not just tease my pussy with your tongue I want the full fucking experience turn me into a pussy squirting whore. I am pretty fucking insatiable right now so I really need a guy to give it to me like his damn life depended on it. Can you be my somebody please.


adult phone chatDays like today make you look at your life and say what in the actual fuck am i doing like come on Zoe are you freaking serious right now. So my friend Trixie convinced me to go out with her and a few guy friends obviously i said yes since i have not been out in a while. New year no more Mike so what the hell. So we went to a country club after a few drinks im doseey doeing and doing a little four square having fun. Then came the freaking bull. I just freaking had to do it. I planted my ass right on top and held on for dear life for four seconds before sliding off laughing in a drunken stupor. great night haha.

Oh jeez..

young voice phone sexSo the most embarrassing thing happened to me today! Oh my gosh I was just bending over to tie my shoe when all I heard was a loud RIP. I felt a cold breeze on my ass when my jeans ripped this guy placed his cold hands on my ass to hide the tear in my pants and my flushed face turned even redder. I asked him how bad it was and he assured me my cheek was nearly all the way out. Ugh oh my gosh super embarrassing well that is the price i pay for having such a fat ass. He was super friendly too but I suppose that was because he got to feel up my ass with out getting slapped up haha.

Slutty Lil Helper

adult phone chatAll of you know that I love my ass to be worshipped and pounded like no tomorrow because let’s face this fat ass of mine has gotten me out of a lot of trouble. This year I volunteered at a local charity facility with Matt he was dressed as Santa while I was his little helper. After most of the little ones and adults took their photos of Santa Clause I pulled him to the back because he made a very sexy Saint Nick and I want him to slurp on my pussy until I squirted and gushed like a waterfall. From the look in his eyes he wanted to tie me up under the mistle toe and fuck me senseless.. Don’t you just love the holidays 🙂

Car Sex

Barely legal phone sexI’m a girl of many talents when my man says help me out back you’re damn right I’m going to be getting greasy, dirty, and smelly right beside him but not before I get a little treat before we start working. I don’t care if the neighbors can see us let them watch hell they can join us if they want but I’m getting a little motivation before I start working beside you on this car. I’ll wiggle my nice round ass out of my shorts teasing you a little bit making you follow me into the back seat of this car to fuck me until my legs give out. Sounds like a great plan right? Call me up baby I’ll tell you everything I’ll do you in the backseat of that Impala.

Please pound my Ass

hot ass sexRenting a hotel for the weekend to  get away from our annoying family so we can get some much needed closeness while he wants to do mutual masturbation before sex I just want his thick cock pounding into my fat ass. I’ve been craving him like I was craving my Nana’s stuffing for thanksgiving. He’s really playing games with me if he thinks I won’t snatch his cock from his hand and ride his cock with my ass until I catch my nut. I want him to fill my ass hole up with his cum and watch it drip out slowly maybe have him suck the cum from my ass too. But as I rub my clit I scoot closer to him about to give into my impulses and force him to bend to my will.

Two Girls have never been better

2 Girl Phone SexEver dreamed about pounding two tight pussies at the same time? Well how about making that dream into reality why not just call us up two sexy young girls or older mature vixens of your choosing let us entice you with a hot two girl fantasy. Best money you would have ever spent. My yummy little cunt is just waiting for your mouth to suck on my clit while you pound the fuck out of her pussy. God I’m so excited I wouldn’t mind doing a little role playing with just the two of us or you can invite an extra girl and we can definitely get this party started. We have a special going right now Two girls 15 minutes for $50 US  $75 INT give us a try I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Part II Zoe & Jill Chronicles

              2 Girl phone sexTossing my brown hair over my shoulder I finally spoke “What the hell is going on?” I looked at both of them as they began to speak at the same time I guess my voice was a lot sharper than I had realized.
“I was giving her a ride home..” Matt started to say as she began “I lost my purse and he offered to…” They both stopped and looked at each other laughing. I’m glad they found it amusing to be in my damn house laughing it up like a bunch of fucking chipmunks. Just chipper than a snicker. I cleared my throat raising my eyebrow giving him that look that meant I was dead fucking serious. “Zoe I was just giving her a ride home” he said
“The bitch definitely doesn’t live here Matt, I should know I pay the fucken bills” I said
“Well obviously this isn’t her damn house Zo I stopped here to hop in the shower hell she lives pretty damn far out.”
“And you couldn’t make that drive? Instead you bring this bitch here to MY house as if you both pay bills here?” Matt’s face heated up I could tell he was getting angry since I was embarrassing him but I didn’t give one lovely fuck at that moment.
“Zoe..” He grinded out through clenched teeth. “Just shut the fuck up.”
Being the little bitch I know I can be I stepped closer to his 6’3 frame looking up at him in my tiny glory hands on my hips my plump lips curved in a “try me” kind of way.  Of course he dwarfed me but i didn’t feel one bit threatened. If anything he was probably more afraid of what I would do than anything. “Or what Matt? What the fuck are you going to do if I don’t” I said a little to sweetly with the cutest smile curving at my lips. At this point this bitch decided she wanted to intervene.
Big Tit Fucking

    “Sorry uhm Zoe? I just needed a ride back home but I live in the next city over. I was just walking down the road trying to hitch hike and Matt stopped to pick me up on the back of his bike. I know he had just got off from work and he said he wanted to take a quick shower I didn’t mean for y’all to end up fighting” Jillian said in the sweetest voice ever it was like an angel was teetering back and forth when she spoke. So shy for such a buxom woman.
          Sighing I stepped away from Matt and he smacked me on my ass the jerk aimed for my one weakness and I moaned allowed before I could stop it and he smirked. Jillian looked between the two of us a little unsure of what to say next but whatever it was she came to terms with it and shook it off “Zoe.. If you want I don’t mind treating you to a few orgasms if you’ll forgive him he is a very nice nice guy” she whispered looking at me with a little heat to her gaze. I smiled sharing a look with Matt because A. I wasn’t upset with him and B. He was definitely about to get a show tonight. So before I even got a chance  to get this bitch’s name I got into her panties.

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